Guess Who? Whose Formal Living Room Is This?

Living Room


Only some places have a formal living room for guests only…. I would LOVE to be a permanent guest in this room!  Love the comfort meets luxury feel.


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32 responses to “Guess Who? Whose Formal Living Room Is This?

  1. Aunt Sis


  2. Stephanie

    Kim Zolciak

  3. Yep – Kim Z. It’s stunning. Understated but with an opulent feel. Kim Z seems to be quite good with money. None of her co-stars live like this. I know Kroy got a hefty pay cheque, but that money has to last his whole life, however they seem relaxed and have a wonderful lifestyle.

  4. JanM

    It’s on Kim Z’s Instagram. Along with a beautiful refrigerator she designed. I’d love to see her and Kroy do a fix it and flip it show.

  5. SaraSally

    Yes, to everything sans the halo lighting above. That’s a total monstrosity of a dust collector!

  6. microop

    That’s Atlanta outside that window. Kenya?

  7. I’m afraid of the light fixture though, it might try to beam me up!

  8. Dee

    Gorgeous room!!

  9. It’s pretty except for the chandelier, which looks like a giant sprinkled donut.

  10. Sunshine

    Kim Zolciak……

    • jen

      All I think when I see this beautiful white living room and her name attached is oh no all of those dirty sticky kid fingers lol. I have kids and we would have this destroyed in 10 minutes lol

  11. AmyinLasVegas

    Those drapes and that chandelier. … I am dying. This is everything.

    • peachteachr

      So agree, Amy. I think the drapes are a quiet punctuation mark on a beautifully done “parlor.” I adore the circular chandelier which is the opposite of something I would have guessed I would like. With all of those cute kids, it’s difficult not to really like Kim. She was a favorite of mine from the beginning of RHOA. The Nenestans use to really hate on her here at TT’s place.

  12. tamaratattles

    Traditionally, in southern homes there was always a room near the front entry that was kept in pristine condition. Kids are not allowed in the room EVER. The room was only used to entertain certain guests, mostly the preacher, who would stop by. In that same tradition, the kids are banned from this room. They do have a friend who is their pastor. I reckon when he drops by they will use it. LOL. Neither are southern though so who knows. My next door neighbors who have lived in their house since it was built in the 1950 have added a living room on to the back of their shack, but the front room is sort of a travel back in time where the same furniture, curtains, etc have been the same for as long as I have been alive. Nothing every wears out because it was very rarely used.

    • Sammie

      My grandma had exactly this type of formal living room, off limits except for company and keep in pristine condition (including white furniture). One of my happiest memories of childhood is sneaking into that room where the encyclopedia set was kept and sitting on the floor in the corner reading them.

    • Leelee

      That’s not a Southern tradition– It’s an English one. We had one growing up, as do most people I know (in California)

    • sarcasatire

      AKA every single house in my family. We live in NY now but still keep the formal living room, no TV, no kids, just (usually light colored furniture) ready for guests and entertaining. In the 80’s, it might have been covered with plastic, lol. But thankfully, not anymore. I’m younger and have kept the tradition in my home. I have a small den for TV watching and a larger sitting room with a play area for my daughter.. there’s literally no reason to use the living room. lol My mom has the same in her country house, plus a sun room/solarium, because, again, southern. lol

    • jen

      I love that! This room is gorgeous. I llike when people add a little old with a little modern style. Kim nailed it. Keeping up the Southern tradition you speak of is awesome.

  13. Snowflake

    Kim Biermann! She shared a photo of the gorgeous chandelier on her Instagram. I copied that for my inspiration board!

  14. HappyGal

    I adore it ! TT love that story. I grew up with a room just as you described. The children were allowed in this room once a year, Christmas morning to open presents. Period. That room was for receiving guests of which my parents had very few as they were private people but still they had ‘the room’.

    Kim Z’s room is a dream.

  15. tamaratattles

    I’m also super impressed because this is a round room. So hard to decorate, and so well done.

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