60 Days In: Shakedown!

Robert plots his escape...

Robert plots his escape…


I hate that I can’t watch this show as soon as it comes on. I finally have a minute to watch it in semi-peace.  It’s a beautiful day out and that means loads of kids on skateboards and bikes and other things with wheels. This pisses Banjo off to no end. He will spring up three feet in the air from a nap and go apeshit every time one passes. I really do need to get out into this day, but I am dying to see this show.


Robert has been told his solitary time is over and he has to go back to GenPop. He is shitting himself.  Then he swallows bleach or does something to make himself sick. Or maybe he just faked the whole thing.

It turns out Robert is just constipated. But he wants to go to the hospital.


Jeff has an exit interview. He basically tells them nothing relevant except that every inmate needs access to a bathroom.

60 days in Barbra and Tami
There is mold in F-Pod.  Is this really a shocking occurrence? Every single prison autobiography I have ever read talks about the moldy bathrooms. That is one of the reason they all have shower shoes. Maryum is skeeved out because it is her bathroom. Maryum is becoming a germaphobe. One new girl may have scabies. There is no nurse on duty on the weekends. Turns out she was having an allergic reaction to something. Probably prison detergent.

Tami and Barbra are speaking again. They are the only two who know that the other is in the program. Tami has decided to make some apologies. NOOOOO! I really want Tami to beat Boston’s ass!  As Timbaland would say, “It’s too late to apologize!”  You carved out your psycho bitch role and you need to play it out!

Barbra is an idiot. She signed up for this and as soon as it stopped being a sorority sleep over for her, she can’t handle it. Barbra’s mom is watching her kids. Barbra whines about her husband not wanting to hear experiences. Her mother points out he didn’t want her to participate in the first place. Barbra’s mom visits and gives her a video of her husband. No clue why he didn’t come instead. I feel like Barbra will blab about this visit.

Tami has some bites. An inmate suggest that one of the inmates is a nurse. That inmate is fucking Boston. This should be interesting. Tami and Boston make up.  They are BFFs. For now.

60 Days in D pod


D Pod

With Robert and Jeff bailing on D Pod, it’s down to Zac and Isaiah to be the undercover spies. They have only been there for two days.  Someone moves out and Zac takes his bunk.  There is a huge shakedown in both C and D pods. Five guys are taken out for suspected offenses within the cell block. Everyone else is removed so the pods can be searched. The prisoners are individually searched outside the pods. Isaiah is searched much longer than Zac. The pod search on D finds a suspicious substance in Zac’s belonging. It’s clearly protein powder, but Zac will likely be shaken down again and taken out. When they return to the pod, Zac sees that all of his family photos were ripped from the wall the photos are gone and his stuff was gone through more than anyone else’s.  Isaiah’s radio was broken. They are both pissed.

Most of the pod helps Zac look for his photos. Zac finds them under his bed roll in an envelope. The analysis on his protein powder showed no drugs. In fact they found no drugs in their search at all.

Next Week: Tami discovers that drugs are being smuggled in the food trays. Isaiah is offered crack. Robert may be out of the program. Barbra hates, Maryum, who is basically the Saint of F Pod and seems like she wants to get aggressive.



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45 responses to “60 Days In: Shakedown!

  1. Miguel

    Loving the show & your recaps, TT!!! Thanks for advising against spoilers; as I’m engrossed in this experience, and wish for it to remain so. Hope he/she/they didn’t ruin it for you!

  2. Sherri

    Oh thank you TT for recapping this. I watched last night and then came here to see what folks were saying. I only have one question….are they being compensated for this??? I only ask because of the havoc it’s seeming to be causing on Barbara’s marriage. Why would she subject her family to this??? And then with the issue of putting money on her books. What are they getting out of this? Side note; I think Robert needs a psych eval after this.

    • I am curious about the commissary argument between Barbra and her husband too. I guess they are being only minimally compensated. Mind you – a young soldier lives on the breadline, and qualifies for food stamps – so money is precious. I actually assumed the show would provide a commissary stipend but I was obviously wrong.

    • Tracy

      I have never seen a bigger douche!!! If this freaking psycho was my children’s teacher, I would rip them out of that school district and run as far away as possible…he is the biggest mess and full on faker of illnesses that I have ever seen…AKA, Robert the DOUCHE!!

  3. Pip

    Yes! Thank you for discouraging spoilers! I hate spoilers!
    Robert… What a pansy. I don’t really believe he is as sick as he is saying he is. He’s just a chickenshit. I bet if they had told him he was going to be put into a different pod, he would have agreed to it and not come down with the “constipation”.
    I would be freaking the fuck out if people around me were scratching like that. I started to feel itchy just watching it. And MOLD- ugh!! I really think I would become a germaphobe like Maryum and just rock myself in the fetal position on my bed for the two months. I would not do well in jail.

  4. Heidi

    Living on Camp Pendleton for three years I saw many girls like Barbara. Young mothers, low income, naive, husbands treat them like shit…it goes on and on. Luckily we were older and above the messiness. They’ll be divorced in a couple of years. Did they say if her boys both have the same daddy? I’m leaning towards no.

    I think Robert is either brilliant or severely fucked in the head. Leaning toward FITH. Love Zac and Isaiah.

    So happy that you’re recapping this show!! Have a great weekend!! :)

  5. tamaratattles

    Of course they get paid, probably not until the end though to encourage them to stick it out as long as possible. There is probably even a bonus for making it all the way.

    As for commissary, all jails/prisons have limits on how much commissary you can have at once, and the show would probably keep it well under that to avoid suspicion. A huge commissary would make them a target anyway.

    Also the phone is a whole other ball of wax. The minutes have limits and no amount of money can buy you more. That is why the husband was saying stop calling with every little fucking thing, use the much cheaper, sometimes unlimited free email and then they can have longer calls. Clearly he doesn’t want a blow by blow of an experience he told her not to do.

  6. Wallace

    Oh, Robert, Robert – what an f’ing wanker.

    This is one show that I am on the edge of my seat waiting for it to return each week. I would never have known about it if not for you, Tamara.

    • Margarett

      I’m right there with you, Wallace. I’d have missed this show, too, if not for Tamara. And, Robert is definitely a wanker!

      Barbara is getting a reality check and isn’t too fond of it. Maryam, despite her protests, seems to have a hard time not being Ali’s daughter. Zac’s a champ and Isaiah is a sweetie.

      Isaiah really is getting an up close and live view of his brother’s experience. I believe he will do his level best to avoid that road in the future.

  7. Xanadude

    Robert made a big deal before going in about how healthy he lives – and then proceeded to binge on junk food while in solitary, putting on enough weight for it to be noticeable on camera. Of course he’s sick and constipated.

  8. Psylocke

    I haven’t seen this yet but thinking about trying it – I’m just curious, how do they film it?

    • tamaratattles

      It’s all explained. There are cameras in all the cells that were there long before filming for security. They were told a documentary was being filmed and they producers interview a lot of the prisoners that is not used (thought some is.) I cannot believe you are not watching this, YOU WILL BE ADDICTED! I envy you being about to watch the first six or eight episodes all at once. I believe they are all online, and it is so popular that A&E airs episodes pretty much all the time.

      GO NOW. THank me later. It’s the best show on TV right now. I’m not even kidding.

      • Xanadude

        The ratings are increasing each week and the shows been renewed for a second season already. Yay!

      • tamaratattles

        I heard that too, but how does that work? Another jail with camera already in? Clearly it would be another cast. I suppose there would be other jails willing to do this as I expect the jail gets money and new technology too. So YAY!

      • Xanadude

        Intervention has managed to stay on the air for years (and came back after cancellation this year! yay!), so I’m sure they figure a way. Hopefully theyll get the cast right again -this group is such a great mix.
        …and Zac is dreamy.

      • tamaratattles

        Zac IS dreamy…:)

      • Absolutely addicted after checking it out on your recommendation!

  9. Katherine 2.0

    Thanks for turning me on to this show, TT. Robert makes me so uncomfortable. I wonder if he’s had some kind of mental break.
    I don’t know why, but Tami’s my favorite so far. This experience was so obviously triggering her demons.
    BTW, saw the preview for the new Below Deck — the Med looks incredible. Are you planning to recap, or is your dance card full?

    • tamaratattles

      Robert is a media whore who has applied for all the reality shows, and was cast in one before this one that never made it past the pilot. He was not prepared for this and treated the initial interviews where he was given information like a joke. He is treating this like any other reality show where being a fucktard gets camera time. He is not really prepared to be a useful instrument in jail.

      • Wallace

        That info makes total sense … It seemed like Robert from the start was trying to be controversial and have a story line. His constant references to jail being a vacation, etc ; Wonder if he thought that would get him cast?

  10. Lisaj

    Thank you sooooo much for recapping this! I’m hooked! I don’t 100% remember the comments rules you posted but I hope you start recapping quality reality tv more, you’re the best blogger out there, we must have more ?
    P.S.- Robert is insane or the worst fake sicker I’ve ever seen

  11. NeverBeenJaxed

    I love this show! Thanks for recapping TT!

  12. alex1986

    It seemed like Robert was getting a huge amount of commissary for being in jail much less solitary. If there is a limit he didn’t seem to have one! I wonder if he really is a teacher. He seems more like an actor.

  13. Sunshine

    I knew I would love this show from the moment they started showing the previews. I am a lover of the First 48 and a lot the the crime and detective shows. Isaiah is my favorite. He is such a sweet kid. Robert has been a waste from the very beginning. I think that Tami is doing better now that she is getting used to not having authority.

    • Lisaj

      She has some legit trust issues and I applaud her working through them. Maryum confuses me with her father, she’s seems very compassionate though. Huge difference between testosterone and estrogen in jail, night and day!

  14. I also think they are getting paid a decent amount if they complete the 60 days. When Barbra asked her husband if he wanted to talk about buying a house, it made sense. That would be why she is there, she has no interest in anything going on around her.

    Robert was scared to go back and will get sick to get out. He is a flake.

    Isaac seems a little immature to be in jail.
    He somehow thinks he should be getting special treatment with searches since he isn’t really a criminal. He doesn’t understand.

    • tamaratattles

      First of all, Isaiah is very young. And as a young black male he was searched A LOT MORE than Zac the older white guy. It was racist to anyone with eyes. Yet, to his credit he didn’t play the race card he was thinking along with the rest of us with fully functioning brains. He just pointed out that he was searched A LOT more than everyone else and it made him sad and angry. Or maybe it just made me sad and angry. But he was TOTALLY treated differently for being a young black male.

      • loulou

        It was grossly unfair how they treated Isaiah as opposed to the others.

      • tamaratattles

        Thanks for mentioning that loulou. I really expected to see more conversation about that situation here. Isaiah, of all of them will likely have the most helpful feedback to give. If they bother to listen.

      • Miguel

        Thank you so much for your response to calipatti, TT!!! That ignorant comment made me more sad and angry than what Isaiah went through, especially when he/she didn’t even care to get his name right!!!!!!!

  15. Lena

    I think Robert may be having an anxiety attack. Great show!

  16. Patty

    My son is the director of photography, and the 2nd season is already in the can. They filmed both seasons, one after another, at the same jail. They are now scouting another jail for season three. Glad you enjoy it!

    • Katherine 2.0

      Thanks for that update, Patty. I hope the producers do followups so we can find out if the participating jails implemented any changes based on the experience.

  17. alex1986

    Is it possible to be a nurse by the age of 21? I keep hearing the other inmates say Boston is a nurse but she seems to young to already be one. But I don’t know how long the nursing program is either.

  18. Bravocueen

    Boston is probably a CNA or something. I just say that because she doesn’t seem to have the discipline to get through a tough RN program. I ADORE THIS SHOW! I just heard about it and binge watched it yesterday! Fantastic. I’m way too big of a chicken shit to ever try something like this so I’m living vicariously through Zac.

  19. Sony

    Tamara…. I was happily surprised to see that you are in to this show as well.

    I can understand why Zac, Isaiah, Tami and Maryum were interested in signing up for the program.

    Regarding Robert… he makes me want to ask the question “shouldn’t you have each person thoroughly reviewed by a PSYCHIATRIST prior to joining the program?”. Does he not have a grip on reality, is he starved for attention or is he just a complete moron?

    Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff. If you were bullied as a child… why would you seek to be around people who have shown a disregard for societal norms and well… the law. I think we all saw this coming.

    Barbara joined the program against her husband’s wishes but is disappointed that he is not as supportive? It’s just wrong to leave your children for two months. Sorry, maybe if you got a free vacation to Bora Bora but why sign up to go to jail? Jail is a punishment. If you can’t follow society’s rules then you get punished. But Barbara punishes herself and then is upset with her husband. Oh well.

  20. We are so in to this show! Robert is just a royal douche and I’m anxious to see if he makes it until the end.

  21. I just found your blog after searching and searching ….. trying to find a current and legit forum. Good job!
    I will admit I started watching this series with alot of negativity. I love reality TV…but not fake reality. This one seemed to reek with fake when I first saw the storyline. Then I get an email a few weeks before premiere and was told that my life long friend has a son; Zac, who was in a new reality show. I knew he was a Marine. Zacs grandpa was a well known locally loved TN State Trooper for years…His Mom is also in LE. The families are of strong Christian homes. Very good people.
    Knowing this…I figured this show would be as far from real as you could get. I kind of thought if all the cast were from backgrounds like zac. They would be prepared on how to handle it.
    I was wrong. My comment to zacs mom after the third episode was to tell him we are proud. The rest of the cast (except Maryum as of this week anyway) would probably be better off left in the jail. Lol
    I’d love to know how these people found out about the show. Poor Barbra has finally located the place she belongs. It seems she is the happiest there than she had ever been. How twisted is that? Maybe a spinoff called 60 days in therapy?
    And Robert? I’m not sure when producers found out he had lied one his interview and had been on another reality show. If it was my show… id in no way pay
    him a penny compensation…other than 60 days in therapy. He really makes the phrase “full of s****’ literal.
    Thanks again for the blog and the nice things yall said about zac…I’m gonna pass this link to his Mom.

  22. Why …..may I ask? I’m a new reader but I’ve not yet saw anything offensive. Most Christians like TV too. Lol.
    I made reference to his Christain upbringing only because jail was a world he was not accustomed to. That was all I meant.
    Maybe that eas the agenda of the producers….putting people in a place that was not a comfort zone.
    In zacs case….reality is …. he was out of his comfort zone. I’m not so sure about some of them. Lol

    • tamaratattles

      Oh and one more thing. Please don’t tell us any spoilers you may know about the show. We are desperately trying to avoid the ones floating around the Internet here in our secret hidey hole.

  23. tamaratattles

    We can just get all cage fightlike up in here. :) As long as you stay out of the Housewives stuff you should be fine. Don’t miss the latest 60Days recap!

  24. Lauren

    He’s not offered crack he’s offered a crack stick which was like a e cig with something around it

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