Project Runway All Stars Recap: State of the Art

Ken's avant garde look

Ken’s avant garde look

After spending most of the day yesterday  listening to Prince songs and sobbing, I am really trying to push through the day and distract myself with work. Unfortunately, my work involves lots of assholes on Twitter and here that I just have zero patience for. I feel like I start a lot of blogs lately with some sort of disclaimer about how I’m struggling to recap and push out new product every day. I am burning out a bit. So with that being said, I thought I’d tackle Project Runway tonight. Mostly because I want to see how Ken does. I’m really worried he is either going to go off on everyone and get kicked out, or quit, or be sent home by the judges this week. I really think there are a lot of others that need to go home first. If any of those thing happen I am going to rename this recap something like “Goodbye Angry Black Man” because it pissed people off last week and I’m kind of in the mood to piss people off.

The Challenge

Ugh. It’s the Avant Garde challenge. I hate these. But Kini should do well with it. They have $400 to spend at Mood this week. Boy George is a guest judge. They are supposed to get their inspiration from some visual art in a downtown gallery. The artists are fantastic!  Ken and Emily both pick a female artist who focuses on womens’ empowerment. While every other artist is drawn to all the paintings and mosaics,  Sam is drawn to a digital blue owl. Because, Sam.


Sam's Avant Garde Look

Sam’s Avant Garde Look

The Workroom

Ken is getting lots of talking heads. This is a bad sign. Everyone continues to talk about Sam and his special relationship with some of the judges.  Also Sam is once again just doing some random rainbow painting on fabric that has nothing to do with a digital blue owl. But it’s Sam, and he has all those swallowing bonus points, so. …

We see all the designers, and Sam in the workroom talking about previous avant garde challenges.  I remember Kini so much better now with his rubber upside down umbrella dress. It was pretty awesome.  Sam chimes in as the designers discuss what avant garde means. They just roll their eyes. In the workroom Sam mutters about them all being bitter bitches.  By the way, Sam says avant garde is just about an idea.  Um, aren’t all designs the culmination of an idea?

Ugh, it’s Zannas time to sabotage everyone’s look with bad advice. Zanna hates everyone’s design and offers little useful insight. Sam changes up his look, the others don’t really care what Zanna said.

Ken is pissed that Sam can’t sew and he is just draping fabric and hand tacking it.  I can understand that. Basically, Kini and Ken are the only two with avant garde looks.


L-R Avant Garde looks from Kini, Dom and Emily

L-R Avant Garde looks from Kini, Dom and Emily

The Runway

Sam gave a ridiculous little under the chin wave to Isaac when he was introduced. I hate that I hate Isaac by extension now. He’s married and Sam is 13.  It’s disgusting and most importantly unfair to the designers who can actually sew. I’ll forever think of Isaac Misrahi as a creepy old queen from now on.

Ken’s look is avant garde and all black. I think it looks fantastic. His model is stunning and all the bright makeup on her face that you only see in flashes is brilliant.

Emily has made a very intricate sweater dress out of tubing. You could wear this to party to celebrate the anniversary of Glamor magazine. If you lived in NYC and worked in an art department, you could wear this to work. I like it. It’s not avant garde.

I don’t hate Sam’s dress as much as I hate Sam. I think if someone else had done this dress I might have liked it just fine despite the lack of craftsmanship.  You could almost see Isaac getting a woody over this dress. It is not avant garde and once again for Sam he just made a dress that has nothing to do with being inspired at the art gallery.

Wow! Dom’s dress comes down the runway as totally avant garde. Though the base dress underneath is couture at best and ready to wear at worst, she’s done a swirly cocoon of iridescent organza that is hemmed with fabrics matching the dress. It’s really good.

Kini’s black and pink dress with a full on black body stocking covering her entire head and face is very dramatic. I’m sure his construction is perfection. It’s just so… ugly.  But it is very avant garde.

So I put Kini, Ken and Dom on top.  I hope Ken wins but I fear that Dom might.

That leaves Sam and Emily  on the bottom I predict Emily will go home but you all know who I would send out.

The don’t like Emily or Kini. Dom is in the middle for not being avant garde enough.  Sam gives a whole pandering speech about how his stupid dress is about gay marriage (not you know, owls)  and Boy George says if he had heard all that before he saw the dress, he would have seen the dress differently, but for him it is not avant garde.  OH DEAR GOD. Isaac says Sam’s dress is his favorite and perfect in every way.  The other two judges hate it. Once again Alyssa tells the truth, “It looks like a kite caught in a tree. It’s oddly draped fabric with some sort of structural piece underneath it.” Isaac keeps interrupting the other judges to advocate for his little twink.

They all love Ken! YAY!

In the waiting room, Ken goes after Sam. NOOOOO KEN!  Wrong time and place for this! So far it has not been heated.

Ken won! YES!!! Emily and Sam are in the bottom.  So Emily goes home.


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34 responses to “Project Runway All Stars Recap: State of the Art

  1. T D

    Ken’s flowing creation would a perfect look for Grace Jones. Contrast of curve an angle.

  2. I fucking gasped & yelled at the TV when HE stayed over Emily. That rainbow rag he designed looked like used toilet paper from a brothel.

    • Good god, that is an image that won’t go away in a hurry lol

    • T D

      Dang that’s hideous. If that thing was hanging in my closet, en garde. Avant garden hose trim surrounding screen from an old door with antifreeze running down the front. I fear that thing more than being nekked. The thing in the closet that haunts.

  3. Pitypat

    Ken’s face when they announced his win was great! I wish Kini had added wings or something outrageous to help his design. I hate Sam. Now I hate Isaac.

  4. I initially thought Sam was being arrogant in ignoring the challenges, but i have come to realise he is just too stupid to interpret what is being asked of him.

    Thanks for the recap. I am amazed you got so much done – yesterday was tough and thoroughly draining.

  5. BeetsWhy

    Why can’t the judges see that Sam can’t sew? I don’t understand this. He’s like Sanjaya of sewing except it’s the judges that keep saving him!

  6. Whichever judge called out Ken’s design for chanelling Grace Jones was totally correct. I was expecting the model to start singing “Warm Leatherette” as she came down the runway! I’m glad Ken won; it was well deserved.

    Sam’s dress…just…UGH. And what was that crap on his model’s face? He is much too young and stupid to have been making a reference to Female Trouble, which is what I thought of immediately. It’s an absolute crime that Emily was eliminated instead of him.

    I really, really like Kini, but after watching all this time, I’ve finally decided that I’m #TeamDom. I’m rooting for her to win the season!

  7. GirlMe

    Its not fair if everyone doesnt get to sleep with Isaac. Yuk. Hope he gets fired for ruining a great show for sex. Until hes (Isaac) gone you cant trust judges. Hollow win for Sam. People will continue to expect him to put out for favors. I see lots of old, fat, sweaty men in his future.

  8. belladonna

    Ken so deserved this win. I understand wanting to call out Sam, because they all know someone has a boner for him. He in no way deserves to be there.That Emily went home and not him just pisses me off. He gets so much air time, and that under the chin wave made me want to vomit.

  9. belladonna

    I apologize if this is posted twice.

    I thought Ken’s win was well deserved. That dress was avant garde, unlike that rainbow thing. Someone has a boner for Sam, and he gets way too much air time. That he didn’t go home this week sucks again.

  10. Lime Brain

    Before the show started, I picked Emily to go, only because of the story line this show seems to have and who the producers want to keep.

    When I saw Sam pick the owl, I thought he was going to pick mesh again for his fabric.

    His finished outfit looked like some drunk girl made herself a toga outfit then rolled around the ground in paint to finish it off. The picture above looks so much better than it looked on the show.

    And how many seasons now has a design been inspired by gay marriage and won because of it? Maybe if he had put more effort into it and made it into an avant garde wedding dress, I would be more impressed.

    I was memorized by the organza jacket(?) That Dom made for her dress. I want her whole outfit!

    I have lost all respect for Issac and gaining more each week for Aylissa.

    This show has become to much like rhobh for me. When Ken was going off on Sam, I was thinking, “Own your truth, Ken/Rinna! Tell that Sam/Yolanda person that he can’t sew/has Munchausens!” Just be careful, because Kinni/LVP won’t back you up.

    This show has become to predictable.

    I can’t wait for Nina Garcia to be a judge next week. The preview shows that the judges can’t agree on who to send home. I’m betting that Nina put her foot down and wouldn’t let them send someone home over Sam.

    • Queen of the Nile

      @Lime Brain …. loved your comments, especially comparing the designers to RHOBH. So spot on! Sam needs to go and I hope like you that Nina is the one to shut this nonsense down. She’s one of my favorite judges. Yes to Ken winning!! His design was stunning and thought provoking.

    • Amy

      Help us Nina Garcia! You are our only hope!!

  11. I can’t believe Sam is still in this… And completely off subject. While flipping through channels who do I see on “Say Yes To the Dress”? Megan Edwards formerly from the RHOC. I guess she was/is really hard up to appear on reality TV.

  12. Would You like Some Tea??

    I was gagging when Sam gave his under the chin wave to Isaac and then Isaac had the nerve to say Sam had the best look of the night. There are disenfranchised drag queens in the window licking section of Mississippi that can sew better than Sam.

  13. jennbug

    I loved last week when Sam did that same little chin wave to Zac Posen (I know, could’ve been editing) but Zac didn’t go along w/ the Sam love and kimd of trashed his outfit. He hasn’t been my favorite judge I the past but I wanted to high-five him through the TV! Also for the most part I am agreeing with Alyssa’s assessments. However, who she lets style her is not doing a great job….

  14. Mark

    I like to think of myself as a pleasant little homosexual, but there is something about Sam that turns me into a predatory gay man. I mean, his designs are hideous and he shouldn’t be on the show, but if he worked for me he’s definitely be getting a promotion. So he could work late nights in the office and such.

    I don’t know why. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

    • Nothing is wrong with you if you’re a chicken hawk. 😛

      • Mark

        I don’t think I am though? I’m only 28. Isn’t that too young to be a chicken hawk? Normally I like an older gentleman. Am I getting old? AM I THE OLDER GENTLEMAN NOW?!?! *runs in circle, screaming*

        Oh my god. I’m Isaac Mizrahi, except not famous, and poor.

  15. Demeter

    Did anyone catch Boy George’s witty comment reflecting the fact that they are clueless when judging avant guarde ? He said, “Avant-got-a-clue.” and everyone laughed in agreement.

  16. Jane

    Sam should have gone home. The dress was a barely wearable craft project. I can imagine it unravelling as the night goes on. Loved Dom’s look, frothy, wearable. Ken’s dress was wonderful! You can’t take your eyes off it.

  17. I hated to see my Em go home…but I also hated her dress, lol. It reminded me of a sweat shirt-is top my Mom wore for the first several years of the 1970’s – not in a good memory way. But compared to kite in a tree? Really Project Runway, really???????????

    • belladonna

      It was a cable sweater dress. Not horrible, but not crazy enough to stay over the horrible rainbow that I wanted to see the end of. I wanted to see more from Emily, but I don’t want to see a Sam garment again.

  18. bella

    I can’t watch this show since reading about Issac and Sam’s “relationship”; I’m completely grossed out.

  19. JoJoFLL

    “swallowing bonus points” HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  20. Pip

    I agree with everyone. Sam should have left and Ken definitely deserved the win.
    Confession: I never really understood Avant Garde until this episode and I have seen most of this series. One of the judges (I think Boy George or Issac) finally explained it in simple terms. It’s suppose to challenge you, disturb you, kind of make you uncomfortable. What exactly was disturbing about Sam’s? Nothing. Looked like a big old rainbow dress to me.
    Also, why do the judges not observe and check their work close up like they do on PR? If they did, they would see that Sam is simply tacking and draping. It annoys me that he is getting away with this.

  21. Mark

    I’ll probably get slaughtered for this, BUT… Kens dress was a cop out. If you said “avant garde” to me when I was a child, I would think, “Ooooh, remember in that fashion magazine Mummy has? Big shoulders and a big ruffle. Cover her face. Make her pose with her hands on her hips and her back arched…. and make it black. Also, she shouldn’t be able to walk in it that well.”

    If you’re telling me you’re a “designer” and you’re trying to be Avant Garde, I want to see something new.

    Avant Garde: Noun: new and experimental ideas and methods in art, music, or literature. Just sayin’. Sorryboutit.

  22. alp

    Full Disclosure. I read this blog and a couple of others before I viewed this episode.

    With that said, Sam’s dress photographs better than it looked on the runway. I agree that Avant Garde is difficult because it seems each judge has his/her own definition which makes this so hard to judge. I did wonder if Kini’s was more couture than avant garde, but either way, I like his design. I do not understand why Isaac said it was “too pretty”. Where is it written that avant garde is meant to be unattractive?

    Like most people I am rapidly losing respect for Isaac. His blatant favoritism for Sam is very hard to take.

    I am so very happy Ken won! I LOVED his design and I like him very much. I know a lot of people mention his maturity level this season, and I do see and appreciate his growth and am so happy he seems balanced and is making beautiful clothes.

    I must admit, I was so intrigued by the scene at the end with Ken and Sam. The discomfort in that room was intense. I thought for the most part (and as edited) Ken handled himself well. I completely understand his frustration and his indignation and his desire to see a sense of fair play across the competition. As much as I agree with Ken and dislike Sam, I also thought Sam handled himself well. There is very little Sam can say at this point to make Ken or Kini “like” him. (it is too bad we could not see that entire tape — it was fascinating, definitely a moment to want to be a fly on the wall).

    I was sorry to see Emily sent home. I have so much respect for Emily. Many others have said here, and I agree, her talking head comments were kind and well thought and for the most part positive. I am sorry she is gone.

    Next week will be interesting (if the previews are to believed). Alyssa may have misspoken when she says “in the first time of PRAS history the judges cannot make a decision”. I disagree, had they judges been able to make a decision, Sam would have been sent home during the Naked challenge…so…I guess we will have four designers in the final. May the best designer win.

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