Kenya Moore Confirms She Will Be Doing IVF Very Soon!

Kenya is not amused by the fake rumor..

Kenya Moore was on Dr. Oz today.  Basically, the big news is that she is going to be doing IVF.  It is still not clear if she will be implanted herself, or if a surrogate will be used. Either way,  we wish the best of luck to Kenya.

I am wondering why Dr. Oz had Kenya on the show. I’ve never seen him treat a guest like this before. Kenya tried complimenting him right up front but he jumps right in basically calling her abrasive and a bully.  I wish Kenya would ask him to give her some examples of the behaviors that he has seen on the show. Clearly, he has someone writing his questions and has no idea what he is saying.

Then he wants to ask her about her relationship with her mother. Perhaps he should not have jumped right in being an ass before he decided to ask her very personal questions. Kenya says that the only time her mother has ever spoken to her was once at her mother’s father’s funeral. Even then she only said, “Hello.”

Future plans...

Future plans…

Kenya says she is in the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and hopes to complete the process within a few months.

In the next segment, Kenya shares some beauty secrets. She shows us how to use an eyebrow template. Kenya suggests that everyone wear a nice tight belt at dinner.

Dr. Oz ends complimenting her and being very nice as if he didn’t start off being a complete asshole.


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29 responses to “Kenya Moore Confirms She Will Be Doing IVF Very Soon!

  1. Cat

    That pissed me off, too. He has never treated any of the other housewives that way, including Nene and Phaedra.

    I almost changed the channel. She handled herself well, though. Class and dignity. Unlike Oz.

    • Calipatti

      Remember Dr. Oz’s kid glove treatment with Yolanda, plus he knows Chronic Lyme is not a AMA recognized condition.

      He probably received flack back about not questioning Yolanda and her Lyme. .
      So strange for him to act like this.

      He might be addicted (real condition) to the fame, to the show so he is following his teams questions.
      Anything for the show. It happens.

      • Miguel

        Precisely, Calipatti!!!

      • Calipatti

        Uhmm, I commented here before seeing Kenya on Dr. Oz.

        He did say there were two different Kenya’s, beauty queen, sweet and reality star. She explained the difference demeanor and how she never bully’s or is aggressive. It was a pleasant exchange. He did not question her answers.

        Kenya seemed to have knowledge of questions, was not surprised. She talked of her adoption and mother.
        I saw admiration in Dr. Oz for Kenya. I heard compliments about how well she has done considering her upbringing.

        Anyone else see this or am I nuts?

  2. I have never commented on a blog before but this was necessary. That snake oil salesman Dr. Oz had no right, rhyme or reason to go for the jugular like that. I would’ve walked my happy ass right off his stage. She is a class act.

  3. Rakely

    I’m sorry that strangers treat her this way. I didn’t watch, but I hope she’s strong enough to not let it phase her. I gave up on RHOA long ago, but in every scene I did watch with Kenya, she was lovely. Although, I didn’t catch many episodes…

  4. Minky

    I lost any respect I had for Oz a long, long time ago. This doesn’t surprise me at all. He’s not a quack, because he’s an actual doctor who’s had a legitimate career in medicine, but he doesn’t give a shit about his fellow man, just money.

    Why are people compelled to treat Kenya this way? What has she done to him personally? Obviously the people behind the scenes are Phaedra and Porsha fans. Or they’re working together with Andy somehow.

  5. Lisaj

    So happy for her! Best of luck with the baby, I think she’ll be an awesome mom! Finally some GOOD news!

  6. I lost my respect for Oz a long time ago too. He’s a sell out famewhore. I have very similar feelings about Dr Phil too. I have no idea why people choose to mistreat Kenya, what’d she do to Dr Oz anyway? Nothing, that’s what. Kenya can handle herself and I’m glad for that, otherwise, I think she would have been run out of town by now. I feel bad for her sometimes, and this is one of those times.

    I sincerely hope she has a beautiful child in her life at some point, I think she’ll make a great mom.

  7. Cheychey

    Darn it I was hoping to hear all the little jokes by her lately was foreshadowing that she was already pregnant and waiting till she got past her first trimester to make the announcement. She will be a great mom though. She will give her child all the love she didn’t receive from her mom, because she realizes how important it is.

  8. Lisa

    I thought for sure she was going to announce that she was pregnant on the reunion show. She looked a little thicker, and held her hands over her stomach the whole time. But nope.

  9. Puddy

    I did not see this episode of Dr. Oz, but I am sick of people picking on Kenya – they are the bullies – projecting much Dr. Oz? Who is the bully? And quite frankly, I don’t care for Dr. Oz, because he seems too facile and too clever by half. Very into his success and cardboard caring. Uggghhh.

  10. jen

    Wear a nice tight belt at dinner? Huh?

  11. bria

    Thanks for the recap. Good job Kenya, hoping for the best. Dr. Oz can take a double seat down Cochran library, doing actual research. I checked out on Dr. Oz a long time ago because half of the things he says is crazy with no evidence based research. He is a sales man,flip flopping all the time.

  12. T D

    Most season one housewives are trying to find their ground. False humility, false relatively. Kenya gave us brass balls and she entered swinging them like a censer. What’s the point of having brass balls if you’re afraid to utilize them? Prior to twirling she should put a brass ball in a slingshot and slay the hatred. Men never like women with big nut sacks. Empty nut sack syndrome.

  13. DarkThoughts

    I am SO happy for Kenya. Go Kenya! Get Pregnant!

    I am lighting a Pink Virgen de Guadalupe candle for Kenya on Sunday. I wish her the best of luck!!!

  14. Wanda

    I’m not surprised by his behavior. He just comes out and reads what has been written for him. I’ve been to two tapings and he has 0 chemistry with the audience. He ignores them even after taping, except for prearranged photos. He doesn’t care about his guests or his audience. Its just a well-paying gig.

  15. T D

    No need to twirl if you’ve been to Oz and back again. It’s time to settle down and cabbage patch.

  16. FGF

    Maybe he saw or heard about the episode where she pulled Kim’s chair out and then followed her whilst spouting insults. Maybe he saw the reunion and the scene where Andy had to pretty much make her apologize to Kim’s husband.

  17. Josie

    This makes me smile. I want to see Kenya with a little one. Prayers that all goes well for her. Once she accepted that there would never be a true relationship with her mom, she found love. She healed. ?

  18. Good on Kenya now that her house is set she can hopefully get this done in the summer and possibly have a spring baby.
    Hopefully she has no complications and for round 2 adopt a baby. I know it was important for her to have the baby herself for her first one.

  19. G.

    It would be unusual to refer to surrogacy as IVF. Most women (greater than 80%) can carry a pregnancy long past the time in which their own eggs are viable. Quite a few RH have had fibroids, but I didn’t think Kenya was one of them — was she? What’s far more likely is that she’s using a donor egg. The number of 40+ women doing this has skyrocketed and success rates, compared to any other fertility treatment, is high. Though who knows, she may be trying first w her own eggs. I know three women who’ve had their own bio kids after 3 and 5 rounds of IVF at ages 44 and 45. My grandmothers both had these as late in life surprise “change” babies. I’m hoping for her any which method!!

  20. WHy is she having IVF if she is so in love with Matt? Isn’t that a slap in the face to the moving in with her?

    • tamaratattles

      UM how old are you? Kenya is 45. Does that answer your question? And why on earth would it be a slap in the face to her partner????

    • She can use donor seeds from Matt for IVF, IVF has nothing to do with who donates the eggs it is a means to increase chances of conception. Couples who struggle to conceive via the natural means often opt for IVF i.e Kandi and Todd etc

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