Dance Moms Recap: Mack Z Versus Abby Lee

Dance Moms Abby hip hop


We’re back at pyramid the week after Melissa finally admitted that she is pulling both Maddie and Mackenzie out of ALDC next season. With only three weeks left in the competition season, the team seems to be completely falling apart.  While I have little sympathy for Abby Lee’s criminal problems, I do think it is unreasonable of the dance moms not to understand the amount of stress Abby is under.  But they don’t. Jill is outside bitching once again about how Abby is always  late and unprepared. I realize they are on a TV show, but I think they could have the conversations in the studio with the girls warming up rather than all standing outside in the parking lot.  This show has always done a lot of parking lot filming though.

At pyramid, Abby says basically that perhaps the ALDC just doesn’t have what it takes anymore.  Then she starts the pyramid with Jo Jo at the bottom. But apparently, she was just kidding and moves her to the top of the pyramid. I don’t agree with either placement, but frankly, I’m having a hard time caring about anything today.

Jo Jo gets a hip hop solo called Million Dollar Baby

Brynn also gets a hip hop solo.

Mack gets an acro solo. And she is pissed because she never gets to do hip hop. Then Abby gets pissed and storms out. Abby is clearly trying to irritate Melissa by withholding a hip hop solo from Mack.  The other mothers all encourage Melissa to confront Abby. When she does Abby slams the door on the boom mike and screams at everyone.


Dance Moms Abby
After another explosion toward production, Abby leaves and tells them to do whatever she wants to do. She’s going to the beach. That sounds like a really good idea.  I pause to imagine where I could stay at the beach with an 80 lb dog.  As for Abby, she was granted a fifth, and presumably final extension to get her documents in to the court regarding her federal charges. She now has until May 31, 2016 to comply with the court.

Abby Lee shows up at the competition in what she apparently thinks is hip hop attire.  The yellow sweater over the shoulder  reads construction vest in a, Men At Work sort of way.

Despite allegedly not seeing any of the solos before they go on, and ignoring most of the rehearsals,  Abby oddly is back stage with the girls doing their little shake off the nerves routine they do each week. I have never seen her do that before.

Jo Jo’s Solo

I’m not sure how hip hop that dance was. It was not her best solo, I liked her Michael Jackson on a lot better.  It did have some spins, that to me seemed out of place in a hip hop routine. I thought she did a little break dance move in the middle that was good. She was in character as always. We shall have to wait and see.


Dance Moms Brynn Hip Hop

Brynn’s Solo

First of all Brynn and her ballerina body doesn’t seem like a good fit for hip hop. Surprisingly she was really good. To me she beat Jo Jo who I expected to win. Her routine was much more consistently hip hop. She even through in a dab.

Mack’s Solo

Mack’s solo was great. I still think Brynn’s was the most “hip hop” but I’m not sure how much that matters if at all.  Mack’s routine was good and perhaps the best of the three. She wore a hat that made no sense and I was distracted by it. It had netting and her hair kept getting caught in it.  I could see either Brynn or Mack winning. I do not think Jo Jo did enough to win.

Once again the mothers pick on Brynn and her mother. Jo Jo’s mom thinks Brynn was trying look like Jo Jo because Brynn wore a bow. Now I hope Brynn wins.

The Group Dance

I thought the group dance had some problems. In the part where they were all supposed to dance in unison, I thought they did a good job of staying in sync.  But the blocking of the parts of the dance where they were doing different things was sloppy. At one point Brynn and Maddie nearly collided. It was like the stage was too small for the dance. They did finish strong at the end. I suppose it will boil down to what the competition is like in Sacramento.

The moms seemed quite pleased with it.


Jo Jo came in fifth place. I blame her choreography. Brynn got fourth place. Mack got first place.  The group took home first place!

Abby gave Mack corrections instead of congratulations.  All of the mothers including Holly insult Brynn. WTF is wrong with these women?


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5 responses to “Dance Moms Recap: Mack Z Versus Abby Lee

  1. KidsRkids

    Whack-o moms, they are delusional, they actually think they are part of the team.

    Side note to TT, if you haven’t watched PRAS newest episode, please take a valium before you do, you’re going to need it, not doing a spoiler at you, just concerned for your mental well being. Mine was destroyed and still has not recovered, lol. Can’t wait for your recap!

  2. Cheychey

    JoJo is a good hip hop dancer but the choreography she got was lame. She did the best she could with what she had. It was definitely not hip hop. I liked Brynn and Mack both. Mack was better but that costume was way to mature for her and wasn’t at all hip hop. But by Abby’s attempt at street wear it is obvious she hasn’t a clue what that is. I guess Brynn is Maddie’s replacement but I wonder who is gonna replace Mack on the team.

  3. I was shocked at Holly being apart of the group with this mess, especially with all the criticism Nia has received for years. I hate watching this mess.

  4. T D

    Why is Abby’s pentacle not upside down?

  5. tamaratattles

    I can’t believe y’all aren’t watching what could be final season of Dance Moms before Abby goes off to um…college…..

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