Parks v Stanton Update: New Trial Date Set, A Familiar Face Returns

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The amount of inquiries and questions I get about Phaedra’s ongoing legal tactics against Angela Stanton is somewhat surprising to me. This case has been dragged out by Parks for so long that I would think most people have forgotten about it. I assure you that I have not forgotten and have been keeping a close eye on the entire ridiculous situation.

There is just not too much to report. But since nothing seems to go unnoticed with this case, and there is a lot of misinformation out there, I’ll share today’s developments.  A trial date is being set in May about four weeks from today.  I am not holding my breath for that to occur. We have gotten this far before. Until a jury is empanelled and there are butts in the seats, I do expect this to ever go to trial. Phaedra Parks never thought she would actually have to answer in court and will continue to do everything possible to keep that from happening. The judge in the case seems to continue to allow Phaedra’s stalling techniques. Based on the history of this case, I’ve learned not to get excited that “this is it.”  So, I’m going to wait and see and keep my ear to the ground for the next month.

Angel Stanton's Book is Not SellingThe only real thing of interest from my standpoint is that BJ Bernstein has been rehired by Phaedra Parks.  Bernstein was initially part of Parks legal team along with another well-known attorney but both lawyers left the case shortly after signing on. She is now back on the team. That in itself is interesting.

Bernstein is a well-known (and expensive) female attorney in Atlanta.  She touts herself as sort of a defender for the underdog.  She represented the men who claimed that Eddie Long sexually assaulted them in their case against long.  She also was responsible for the release of a 17 year old boy who was sentenced to ten years for receiving oral sex from a 15 year old girl in a consensual situation.  She also represented Da Brat in one of her Atlanta cases many years ago.

The reason that Bernstein is an interesting choice for Parks to make in this case is that Bernstein has a tendency to use the media to draw attention to cases that can be seen as high profile. Phaedra has been trying to be very covert with her legal actions. She even got her second deposition sealed, something that I imagine will become public when a reporter decides to file under the freedom of information act. Obviously, if the trial goes forward, the pertinent content of that deposition will be discussed in open court.

So I expect in the next four weeks Bernstein will be filing all sorts of interesting motions and the stall tactics will continue.  I used to think that this can’t go on forever, but it seems like it already has.

For the complete backstory on this case, please click here.


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14 responses to “Parks v Stanton Update: New Trial Date Set, A Familiar Face Returns

  1. queenmarie

    Thanks TT—-cannot wait to see what happens.

  2. Minky

    I hope somebody does something to get this thing moving along. It’s not like we don’t know why Phaedra’s stalling, it’s just annoying that the judges keep allowing her to do it. It’s weird. You’d think she’d be held in contempt of court or something similar to that by now. It’s a waste of everybody’s time and money. She’s the one who started this whole thing to begin with! Why doesn’t she just drop her lawsuit? It’s crazy.

  3. Cat

    Looking forward to your posts on this.

  4. Cupcake Scholar

    Why doesn’t anyone bring up this case at the reunions or on The Real Housewives of Atlanta? I am surprised that Kenya has not come for her with this case.

    • therealdeb

      Right? I had stopped watching this one a few seasons ago because it was just too much but i have followed this case when TT posts about it. I cannot wait for this to blow up in her face

  5. Gapeachinsc

    Wow…I’m disappointed that BJ is back on the case. That’s very interesting indeed. I can’t even begin to imagine why she’d be handling this case..defending Stanton, yes; Parks a big NO. Wow… Strange machinations.

  6. bria

    I was so excited reading this delightful tea that I shut my work computer down without saving my work.
    Thank you TT, you just gave me a good mental break from 8hrs of misery.


  8. I think I need to read the backstory again. I can’t remember why Phaedra won’t just drop the case.

  9. Rose

    Curious to see Chateau Sheree gets finished before this case. Who’s paying for all of this?

  10. T D

    When somebody is before a court of law you may sit before more than one judge. Neither one will pleased. Prayer cloth. Best get a tent without any black netting Meanwhile an angel in a choir robe will sing gospel like a canary Let the truth be told.

  11. Jaana

    Why are the judges enabling Phaedra? Is it her attorney degree that she has? Is she friends with the judge? What is Phaedra trying to prove with this lawsuit?

  12. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    TT, I notice some other media outlets have now started reporting on this case. You were the first! I’m like, y’all are late for the luncheon, as far as I’m concerned, TT is the only one with the real tea!

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