Michael Strahan Quits Kelly & Michael !

kelly and michael cups

On Live With Kelly & Michael they gave him a bigger coffee cup than Kelly

I was reading my Twitter line tonight and my friends over at Reality Tea tweeted to Rebecca Romijn during her WWHL appearance that her husband Jerry O’Connell should replace Michael Strahan.  I thought to myself, WTF? I mean I like Jerry just fine, and he auditioned for the spot, but Strahan is not going anywhere. He and Kelly are besties!  They have great chemistry! I love watching that show in the morning. Okay, I don’t watch it when it is live, but whenever I get up, I watch Wendy Williams and Kelly & Michael and The View  while I sort through all the emails and moderated comments and get a feel for what I have to do that day. I can usually get through all three shows in about two hours. Why would RT make such an odd comment? I wondered.

BECAUSE MICHAEL STRAHAN apparently just sprung it on Gelman and Kelly Ripa today, after filming that he has signed on to be fulltime with GMA starting in September!!!!!! He will supposedly stay on until summer. But since he is sort of bicoastal still, I imagine he will be taking a lot of personal days.

I am very distressed by this news. It took FOREVER to get a new co-host for Kelly after Regis left.  Regis didn’t give Kelly much of a heads up either! Then we had a parade of try outs that was likened to a season of The Bachelorette!  I guess we will be doing that again in the fall. I really, really hate this idea.

kelly and michael GMA bigger cup

Along comes GMA….with a MUCH BIGGER CUP! Deuces, Kelly!


I suppose we will see Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper back a lot which will be nice. But Cohen is not made for morning coffee chats with middle American women.  Cooper is but he is too busy and is under contract with CNN. I am actually watching him now. I like Jerry Connell but I don’t know that I need to see TWO fucking perky people in the morning.

The Hollywood Reporter had the exclusive on this story click the link for their full report. Here is the an excerpt.

“I look forward to continuing to work with the incredible team at GMA. It is an exciting opportunity to be able to bring unique stories and voices to the audience,” Strahan said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

He added, “My time with LiveWithKellyandMichael has been transformative, and my departure will be bittersweet. Kelly has been an unbelievable partner, and I am so thankful to her and the entire team. I am extremely grateful for the amazing support I’ve received from all of the fans.”

Well this fan is pissed. I will be watching this first thing tomorrow. Or at least right after the first 20 minutes of Wendy. As Wendy would say, “Dammit, man!”

Live With Kelly & Michael  was renewed through the 2019-20 season in January of this year.

Do any of you guys watch this show or care?  Be gentle with me. I hate new people in my mornings. :(


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69 responses to “Michael Strahan Quits Kelly & Michael !

  1. kennedy

    That show is lame, and Kelly Ripa is so disingenuous. It was a stepping stone for Michael Strahan, he is ready to move on. Anderson Cooper is not going to play second fiddle to Kelly Ripa!!

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t think your know what disingenuous means. And your reading comprehension skills re Cooper suck.

      • KelliAnn

        Just cuz you don’t agree doesn’t mean Kennedy doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “disingenuous”.

        Furthermore, don’t ask questions and encourage a dialogue if you’re just going to bash your readers. Snappy comebacks are always appreciated but your comments are neither funny nor witty. Usually, they are just plain rude.

      • tamaratattles

        So remind me why you are here again? Because I’ve had at least one Kelli Ann here for ages. Is that you? Seems like someone with your discerning tastes would have left long ago, what with me being such a rude bitch and all…

      • KelliAnn

        Yay!! Now see???? THAT was a witty comeback. Glad to see you put some effort into that one. It’s much better than your usual dribble. There’s hope for you yet.

        P.S. I do comeback now and then….just see if anything has changed. It hasn’t.

      • tamaratattles

        And the word is BECAUSE. WHY CAN’T THE FUCKING MILLIENIALS (which is actually not a word either) SPELL BECAUSE??????

      • captain eel

        Pretty sure everyone knows what disingenuous means.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh darling. You over estimate people.

      • kennedy

        Perhaps if I dumb it down you’d understand what it means!! Kelly Ripa does not strike me as an honest nor sincere individual. Kelly Ripa fawns over guests with such falseness it’s often nauseating. Kelly Ripa cannot even congratulate her co star. Case in point, she is conspicuously absent from today’s show.

    • KelliAnn

      Andy is ready for chats with “middle American women” as he lives, creates, and breathes the real housewives franchise. He built his brand on understanding this particular demographic. I think he can relate just fine. But, just like Anderson, he wouldn’t play second fiddle either. He definitely needs to be the star.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh sweetie, you overestimate middle American women. Most women in middle America would find Cohen HIGHLY offensive, in a pearl clutching sort of way. He’d be viewed as rude crude and socially unacceptable. He has built his brand on exploiting women and pandering to the lowest common denominator. The morons who watch Real Housewives and the women with half a brain watching this shit do not want him talking to us in the morning. Put your lady boner back in your pants. He is NOTHING like Anderson who is educated, engaging and smart and treats women with respect. But you are correct in neither of them will be permanent hosts. Both are quick call in friends in a pinch though…

      • tamaratattles

        Oh! And Kennedy is retarded. So your agreement says….

      • Toddy

        No offense, KelliAnn, but there’s no way Anderson or Andy would want a permanent position on that low rent show. Pretty sure TT meant they’d sub, since they’re bffs with Ripa.

    • lawstangel

      when did you meet Kelly?

  2. Lisaj

    Multiple thumbs down for this, I know its business but please consider the fans. ?

    • tamaratattles

      Apparently Strahan is getting AN EIGHT FIGURE CONTRACT! No idea how many year that would be for. But GMA took over the ratings war against Today while he was on and now TODAY is making a comeback. TODAY lost a lot of viewers with the whole Matt Lauer and Ann thing. Sorry it is late and I can barely remember names at all. But Today pissed off a lot of people and GMA stole their ratings. Now Today has the ratings back so they are throwing money at Michael who most people LOVE on both GMA and Kelly and Michael.

      DID I MENTION I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS? I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE IN MY MORNING ROUTINE. The View was already fucked up without Joy Behar. Now she is back ( BUT NOT TODAY…um yesterday which unsettled me). I cannot deal with Raven and Whoopi eye fucking each other all morning long without Joy there. IJS.

      • Dee

        Aww.. I’m going to miss Michael. He looks so good. Love Kelly and Michael. Sorry T, I hate change too!

      • tamaratattles

        You are literally here commenting 24/7. Do you ever, like nap?

      • Weirdiskate

        Why shit on Dee tt? She obviously likes to come and comment on your site, be happy, not asking if she takes naps.

      • Cat

        Wow. Lots of overly offended commenters today.

        I’m sure Dee will take TT’s words in the way they were intended. You others need to lighten up a bit.

      • Sari

        Ugh. Agreed.

        I hated that it took, seemingly, two years to replace Regis.

        Also, I couldn’t put my finger on why I’m not thrilled with the idea of Jerry in the chair. Spot on, Tamara. It’s just too fucking much for a morning show. I like Jerry, but the combo with Kelly (on mornings she’s not hungover from her fabulous life) would give me an anxiety attack.

  3. I love Michael and Kelly’s chemistry but I also love that Michael has been offered (and accepted) this great opportunity. Congratulations Michael!

  4. Cheychey

    When I saw the news of this yesterday I was upset as well. The banter between Kelly and Michael is so good. Never thought they’d be able to recover from Regis but Michael was a great fit. I’m gonna miss seeing him because I seriously doubt I’ll be watching GMA. I never really cared much for it.

  5. FarFromPerfekt

    Grrr! How about another woman …Megan Mullally comes to mind.

  6. Toddy

    Oh, Lord, they should have just hired that douche Nick Lachey. There would be no revolving door of guests now because no one would have come calling. Oh, right, the show would have been cancelled already…

  7. Beignet

    It’s hard to have a morning show, with hosts you enjoy, loose one of them. I think they were a great match after Regis. Can’t blame Michael, with such a lucrative offer. Maybe he will still “guest host” as I love the chemistry between the two of them. You can tell they really like and respect one another.

  8. Toni Lee Gildea

    Kelly is not there this morning!

    • swizzle

      Fascinating. I DVR it every day and was dying to watch today’s episode to see how everyone behaved. She’s clearly very hurt by the whole thing. Good call to skip out for a bit.

    • tamaratattles

      I totally figured one or the other of them would not show up today.

      Bets on how long she stays out? I’m going with the rest of the week.

      • swizzle

        I’m thinking the week too. A few days off and the weekend, and she’ll be ready to fake it through without showing how hurt I’m guessing she really is. She’s been talking a lot about how her son hasn’t decided on a college yet. Decision day is May 1, so I’m guessing her nerves were a bit frayed to start with.

      • Pip

        I don’t think she’ll come back until he’s gone.

      • Calipatti

        Kelly already scheduled Friday and Monday off, so I am guessing she will return Tuesday.

  9. Jessica White

    I was shocked when I heard the news. I always turn on ABC in the mornings while i eat and do stuff around the house, so i end up watching Kelly and Michael too. Is GMA allowed to poach from other ABC shows like that? I do love Jerry O’Connell but Michael was such a nice balance to Kelly. I don’t see Jerry doing that.

  10. Amy V

    Yesterday someone asked me why I think Trump will lose to Hillary. Because he is not an intellectual. It’s not to say that Ripa is but she certainly has carried Strahan through out their entire time together. Yeah I know W wasn’t either but his first term was stolen and his second was captured by fear.

  11. Petunia Pig

    I’m was quite surprised by this announcement. People move on for various reasons. It will be interesting to see what they decide. A few weeks back, the CEO of Disney presented Kelly with her anniversary statute for being with them for so many years; and now this! hmmm ….. I liked the Kelly/Michael chemistry. Maybe it’s time for Kelly to partner with a woman co-host. Last night Rebecca Romjain when presented with the question of Jerry taking over said, oh are we moving to NY. Josh Groban was good with her the last time they were auditioning co-hosts after Regis left. IMO, it was time for Regis. When he’s on shows now he’s fine, but he seems to falter a bit, but at 80 something, that’s expected.

  12. Chris

    The streets are talking and they’re saying this is the first small step in a big change that’s coming to GMA… I guess we’ll have to stay tuned. I love GMA and I love Strahan. I just hope Kelly wasn’t blindsided by all of this. At least she has Mark Consuelos to go home to.

    • Amy

      How awesome would it be if it was Robin and MIchael? I really like them both. They seem very nice and normal and genuine. The others seem like they are from another planet, have never been out of the city, gone to a grocery store, driven a car, etc.

  13. kym

    I was surprised yesterday, but the man is on many shows. He gets to keep football and do the news with Robin for a big fat check. Change is hard, but its what he wants. Kelly will be upset too and maybe she let someone finish their story before she put herself it now.

  14. Cat

    I haven’t watched this show since it was Regis and Kathy Lee. But I have heard nothing but good things about Kelly and Michael.

    Andy would be a horrible choice. Please, God, don’t do that to the viewers. He is hard enough to take at night. Early morning Andy would be a shock to the system.

    Anderson Cooper would be good. But I doubt he would sign on as a regular host.

    Maybe they could get Steve Harvey? He is all over my TV. One more show wouldn’t hurt. And people like him.

  15. swizzle

    I’ve loved Kelly since way back to her All My Children days. I think she’s great on the Live show and love that she and Marc seem to have a lovely, solid family. I think this a bad move on Strahan’s part. Network morning casts change with the tides. His gig with Kelly was solid. It’s paid off well for Kelly. I think her family moved into one of most expensive pieces of real estate sold on the Upper East Side last year. That plus their homes in the Hamptons and Telluride. Yes, I’m a Kelly fan. Hope they find someone new quickly without the grueling audition they had last time.

  16. jen

    I love the idea of Jerry. I love him!

  17. Calipatti

    Good for Michael, except I don’t watch Matt Lauer since his treatment of Ann Currie.
    Michael had been loyal to Kelly and Michael longer than I thought he would stay.
    Since the flooding in NY from Sandy with her concerns and comments, I find her shallow.

  18. Sam

    I would imagine she is hurt by being blindsided with the news. I wonder why he would not have done her the courtesy of telling her about this beforehand? Perhaps ABC would not allow it. It’s too bad, I thought they were a really good match but certainly cannot fault the man for taking 8 figures.

  19. Rose

    He didn’t quit. A letter was posted by the news station honoring his time with live with Kelly and Michael and due to his versatility with viking bin also on GMA that he was being named as GMA cohost. He’s still keeping his sports gig to.

  20. Cheychey

    I wonder about Kelly and Her husband Mark doing the show together. He is so fine. I would like to watch him on there everyday and they are really funny together.

    • swizzle

      They are good together, but Marc’s acting career is really taking off. He’s getting lots of interesting roles, so I doubt he’d want to be tied down to the show. I’d like to see Kelly leverage this into a bigger pay day. She’s going to have to work double time to keep up the show with a parade of rotating co-hosts.

      Did you see when Fred Savage was co-host the other day? He was a hoot. Love him.

  21. marc

    Off topic but have you seen the new documentary Nothing Left Unsaid with Anderson Cooper & Gloria Vanderbilt? Check it out T.T. you will love it !

  22. IMO

    I could never stand her perkiness. Kathi Lee & Kelly should try it together . Free Hoda!

  23. Lindsay

    Please no:
    Andy Cohen, Billy Bush, Kardashians, Jonas Brothers, Ryan Seacrest, Mario Lopez, Kathie Lee and/or Hoda
    Could live with:
    Neil Patrick Harris, Mark Consuelos(my personal fave), TAMARA

  24. Stephanie

    Actually, the way I understood it was, Regis left because ABC didn’t want to pay him what he thought was deserved. When the economy tanked, he took a pay cut, the way I understood it was Kelly had a hand in getting Regis off the show. That’s just the way I understood it.

  25. Stephanie

    I don’t know if my comment posted, if it did sorry. I am having issues with my phone.

    You say Regis didn’t give Kelly much notice?
    The way I understood it all when it happened, Kelly had a hand in getting Regis quitting.

  26. Michael Strahan is my guy!
    He even tweeted me a few weeks ago. We are tight. Obviously.. I think he’s great. He will do great whatever he does. I hated watching Live with Kelly & Michael because it bugs me that Kelly constantly looks at herself in the monitor.. You can tell she’s looking at herself because she smacks her lips like Kyle Richards does.

    Michael might have told me this too. Lol. Cuz we’re tight.

    • Calipatti

      Is it just Kelly you don’t like with Michael S. or any woman?
      Reads as if he is cheating on you.

      • No. Just joking. I do love him but the feeling isn’t reciprocated. He doesn’t know me but he did tweet me… Big deal.. I honestly don’t like Kelly Ripa and I only wish the best for Michael. And Kelly. Even if I don’t like her, I still wish her well..

      • Calipatti

        ahh I was funning you, nothing serious.
        It is good you are funning back, imagine if you were serious? ?

  27. I recall when Lisa Rinna was auditioning for Kelly’s job alongside Regis. She was really quite good❗️

  28. Jane

    I’m sorry to see him leave. I enjoyed watching them together, her crazy stories and his expressions. Quit watching GMA, but I might restart if they get rid of Lara Spencer. She needs to stick to flea market hawking.

  29. Melissa

    I’m sorry to see Michael is leaving, but I liked the Jeff Probst auditions. He would be fun with Kelly.

    And I have been a fan of Kelly since she was Hailey on All My Children, even her first years where her acting was terrible (which even she herself admits). And that’s where she met her adorable husband!

  30. Carie

    I am happy for Strahan; a door opened and he walked through. No matter how it turns out, he did what he needed/was supposed to do for himself and his family at this time in his life. How many of us have ignored the “road not taken” and regretted it? Cheers, Michael!

  31. K

    I think Kelly’s issue is as much with ABC & Bob Iger for keeping her & Gelman in the dark. Strahan told them as the press releases were going out. That’s stinky! I would call in sick too if my boss didn’t treat me with the professional courtesy of notifying me that my co-host was leaving before TMZ knew.

    I used to watch Regis & Kelly every day when I got home from work until Regis could barely remember where he was. I never got into Michael. I think Anderson Cooper & Kelly are great together. Or NPH. When is her contract up? Maybe she’ll get some better offers.

  32. lawstangel

    I don’t understand how this is an upgrade for Michael (except for the money). He is currently on a top rated show that has his name on it and he is now going into a fish pond where he will be below everyone else (from a hierarchy perspective.) George, Robin, Lara, Amy, Ginger & Michael? doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Lara use to be on the Insider, she was promised the lead anchor on ET after Mary Hart left. Nancy O’Dell went over the head of the producer to get that job. ABC poached her for GMA after that happened.

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