Eileen Davidson Tries Once More With Feeling To Explain RHOBH Dynamics to You

RHOBH Reunion Eileen 2


First of all, I have a lot of respect for Eileen for even writing a blog this week.  So far she and Kathryn (I have not read) are the only two blogs posted since the reunion.  For me, I tend to base my opinion on a situation where one person says something was said and the person accused of saying it denies it on a couple of things.  In the case of Lisa Rinna we have someone whose mouth gets her in trouble because she says exactly what she’s thinking. Last season she told the truth about Kim Richards. Kim Richards was high as a kite and quite aggressive and agitated on a  long van ride with Lisa Rinna last season.  I would most likely have asked the van to be pulled over, gotten out and called an Uber to take me home.  Being trapped in a confined space with someone who is on drugs is a very scary thing. Rinna was very honest about what went down and much less dramatic about it than I would have been.  While most people simply muttered about Kim’s “situation” Rinna called it what it was, someone with an active addiction problem. She told the truth.

This season, we have Yolanda with her constantly changing illnesses and co-infections. She claims everything from brain swelling to two foot parasites to explain her bizarre behavior. She talked about the batshit crazy in the room. She never said Yolanda was not sick. She never said Yolanda had Munchausen syndrome. She basically said, “Something ain’t right with Yolanda.” For most people with a fully functioning brain, this is once again stating the obvious and telling the truth.  I don’t think she went far enough with the Munchausen conversation. I think she should have listed the symptoms

  • Dramatic but inconsistent medical history
  • Unclear symptoms that are not controllable and that become more severe or change once treatment has begun
  • Predictable relapses following improvement in the condition
  • Extensive knowledge of hospitals and/or medical terminology, as well as the textbook descriptions of illnesses
  • Presence of multiple surgical scars
  • Appearance of new or additional symptoms following negative test results
  • Presence of symptoms only when the patient is with others or being observed
  • Willingness or eagerness to have medical tests, operations, or other procedures
  • History of seeking treatment at numerous hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices, possibly even in different cities
  • Reluctance by the patient to allow doctors to meet with or talk to family, friends, or prior doctors
  • Problems with identity and self-esteem


I’m not a doctor, but I have observed the vast majority of those symptoms on this season of RHOBH.  So for people to now be acting like Rinna is spreading nasty gossip is unreasonable. For me, It’s not a character flaw to tell the truth. It’s not a character flaw to feel badly for the telling of that truth to have negatively impacted others. It also not a character flaw to be pissed of that a person or people who were thinking and saying the exact same things would deny their involvement.

RHOBH Reunion EileenLVP on the other hand has a history of being deceptive. She throws the rock and hides her hand. Within the scope of the show, I don’t see this as a big deal. She has been called out on her deceptions and her inability to own up to her manipulations every single season. Surely, one would believe everybody else over LVP. But that is not the case. And even when they do believe everyone else, they still attack the person telling the truth. I don’t get it.

The other thing I look at when determining the truth besides the general honesty or lack thereof of the two parties, is the amount of personal gain their position allows them. While Rinna has nothing to gain and a lot to lose by telling the truth, LVP lies to maintain her cover of innocent party. LVP revels in the fact that so many people view her as a pretty little princess.  So for me the call about who to believe is very simple. It’s Rinna.

But let’s let Eileen chime in from her blog:

There’s something else I must address. Neither Lisa R. nor I have anything to gain by calling out Lisa V. It’s not like we get a bonus check from Bravo or a new BMW with a bow around it. No one throws us a pizza party. Nobody hands us a bunch of balloons. In fact, it makes our lives harder. Our honesty has made us targets for the hate and vitriol unleashed by Lisa V., her husband and her die-hard followers. So, I ask you all, with nothing to gain, and possibly our future on the show to lose, why would we do it?

And it’s not just LVP and Ken doing the name calling. It’s their legions of drooling Internet fools who hold them harmless of all wrong doing. They were both aware of this possibility because it happened to others on their previous seasons.

Where have all the other women who had issues with Lisa V. gone? Oh yeah, they aren’t on the show anymore! The exception being Kyle, who tows the line of being honest without alienating Lisa V. so much it must be exhausting. And Yolanda, of course, and her relationship with Lisa V. is less than amicable. There’s always been a tense, weird energy between the two of them, and now I understand why.

The why is because the fucking hate each other and use the rest of the cast to fight their battles.


RHOBH Pay Attention to Me Episode 3 Eileen

Lisa R. was afraid of the retaliation from the aforementioned sources if she went there with Lisa V. The backlash has only proven she was right to be afraid. Oh, and by the way, I was very hesitant as well. But at a certain point I decided enough was enough. Erika was being thrown under the bus for having good instincts about LVP, and I knew there was no going back. Again, I wasn’t manipulating Lisa R. to bring this to light. We both knew it was the right thing to do, but, rightfully, it was hard.

Interesting that it wasn’t LVP coming for Rinna but basically Kathryn backstabbing Erika that caused her to decide LVP had to be called out.

It all goes back to motivation. Lisa R. has nothing to gain by saying that Lisa V. said, “Well there goes the f—ing storyline,” after Yolanda left Lisa R.’s birthday. Nothing. Lisa R. has admitted everything she’s done this season. She was open about being the one who brought up Munchausen. She admitted to Yolanda that she was saying things about her, her illness and her friendships with Brandi and Kim behind her back. Let’s not forget how the Munchausen conversation started, either. Lisa R. said she “engaged in a conversation” and she felt guilty about it. She fessed up. Forget who may or may not have encouraged her to talk about it, she said it because she felt guilty. Then, she even fessed up to Yolanda about it, too!

It seems very clear to me, but a large contingent of people simply do not want to hear this.

No one can claim Lisa R. is not an open book. No one can claim that she doesn’t own up to her words, even when she regrets them. It’s just her nature.

Conversely, Lisa V. has denied any involvement with anything over and over again. She continues to refuse to admit the truth, despite it being made very clear in Dubai that she HAD tried to drum up drama by pitting Kyle and Lisa R. against each other. She said when we had dinner at Malibu Cafe that she never called Lisa R., but Lisa R. has the phone records to prove otherwise. Lisa V. called her many times to influence Lisa R.’s position. Yet she refuses to admit to any wrongdoing and refuses to stop vilifying the people who are merely pointing out things about her that she doesn’t want to admit.

A lot of people are confused that she has denied calling Rinna BEFORE the reunion. By the time she got on the couch it was “rarely.”  Also the ten phone calls WERE ON ONE DAY.

So, why would Lisa Rinna and I lie about this? The answer is: WE WOULDN’T.


On the next reunion episode, LVP is going to cry. When she did that a few seasons ago where she got a really bad edit, I felt really badly for her. I bought it hook line and sinker. I was so pissed I didn’t want to watch the show anymore. This season, I am much too smart to be fooled again.


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162 responses to “Eileen Davidson Tries Once More With Feeling To Explain RHOBH Dynamics to You

  1. Friday'smom

    Lisa Rinna’s husband says the she misrepresented what he said. Her story changes endlessly when she is doubted. What they have to gain by attacking LVP is a story line. Eileen is the only one seen manipulating Rinna during the season. You are biased against LVP. I am not one of her crazy fans… I like all of them, but I don not see what you do when I watch this.

    • Sharon

      Lisa Rinna’s big mistake was to promote herself as the “new truth cannon” and telling everyone to “own your own sh$t” and then backpeddling from and changing her Munchausen story. Rinna panicked when the public response to her behavior was really negative and she changed her story and tried blaming LVP and Kyle. Then she knew she was caught in that lie and changed her story yet again to saying she is the only one responsible for ever bringing up the concept and term Munchausen and LVP and Kyle were not responsible. (see her blog)

    • Tulsateacher

      I’m pretty sure Eileen isn’t trying to create drama for a storyline. Her father-in-law passed, she has a full-time job on Y&R, she’s got marital shit going on… So in the spare time that she does have do you really think she would spend it scheming with Rinna to take down LVP? Come on now. Not having her RHOBH contract renewed would have little to no effect on her. Rinna might get emotional if they didnt ask her back but between QVC and her Depends contract she’ll be just fine… Eileen and Rinna are busy women. Too busy to plot a LVP takedown

  2. teepee

    And also now they just want to beat her. It’s become about ego

  3. MM in OC

    Rinna is simply looking for a scapegoat and to save her reputation. i frankly wish all of them would have an intervention with Yolanda and tell her It seems she has Munchhausen. If she had just owned this, people would be singing her praises. There’s no reason any of the women couldn’t do this, with the exception of LVP. Her relationship with Mohammed keeps her from direct negative engagements with Yo. I think it’s pretty clear that she said they all talked about the inconsistencies. I’m not sure why this is such a big deal. And really, I don’t get why Eileen is so mad. As I’ve said before, I think there are producers in their ear egging them on. The other HWs fall for this, get upset over perceived slights and retaliate. LVP does her job and I’m sure she’s subject to the same machinations the producers try to promote, but it doesn’t seem like she’s ever fallen for it. Which is why she’s the favorite HW.

    • tamaratattles

      Um owning up to and apologizing for what you said and did, is actually THE OPPOSITE of looking for a scapegoat. What she is doing that you don’t like is holding LVP accountable for her part. That’s what y’all just can’t stand.

      • Mm in OC

        sounds like a lvp apology if you add a “but” at the end of the apology. we can agree to disagree :-)

    • JanaApril

      Why would they hold an intervention about Munchausen when they all claim they don’t think she had it? These women aren’t gong to be caught up directly in that kind of situation. She admitted herself that she missed a lot of filming with them so that’s wouldn’t even be appropriate just because people sitting at home think she has it. They didn’t have an intervention for Kim as a cast. Talking or laughing about someone’s inconsistencies or how they go about is different from someone allegedly plotting to make a story line out of it. In which they are very aware that the person will then be labeled by almost any accusation thrown out there on the show.
      Not only are they labeled fans name them all kind of vicious nicknames. They were all very aware that people were talking about her selfies and all that she poorly shared unnecessarily. I don’t think a lot of people think how she goes about is very functional even if she is sick. But people sometimes do that when they aren’t on TV. She should take that criticism and change how she shares but that doesn’t mean she has Munchausen.

      Stating that they are confused by what she puts out there is different from directly labeling her as a group and saying she has Munhausen. That would come off like mobbing someone which sometimes does not go well with the audience. The same type of thing that people whine and cry about the cast doing to

      Of course, LVP “falls for it” just like she set up fake scenes to usher in Vanderpump Rules acting as if she didn’t know Scheana was once a humping buddy to Eddie. Just like a mic’d Cedric showed up to her restaurant opening. Or when she admitted that production had Faye show up to one of her filmed events and just went with it. She plays he game well, but she still plays the game. Which is really the point they are trying to make that she plays it at the expense of others including people she is supposed to have affection for but acts like she’s a victim and doesn’t. They just have a very poor way of going about it and labeling it.

  4. tamaratattles

    Harry said Yolanda needs their support. Lisa repeated it with the ending whether she is sick or not. The point was that Harry was offering telling KEN that Yolanda needed support. WTF is wrong with you people?

    • Shirley

      Word! Wtf is wrong with you ppl ? Dumb and dumber! The thirst is real! How is LVP innocent in all this? She apologizes to ppl then admits behind their back she didn’t mean it! How blind can you be? She fake ppl!! FAKE

      • shelight

        I’m pretty neutral about the woman of this show…..LVP has her appeal, but she is manipulative. You have had most of the cast member, past and present voicing the things she has done and said off camera to further her agenda. Heck her laptop dog turned on her and blabbed the loudest on things she did and said to manipulate the ladies. I find Rinna’s explanation logical and credible. The fact that Eileen has clarified and back up her explanations with what she is seeing as well as Ericka and a bit of Kyle when she was backed against the wall to admit what happened tells me that all we see with LVP is not black or white. Dang folks can be sheets for their favs. The favs are human and do tend to do human like things like manipulate and lie for their own gain.

    • Sharon

      There clearly is a reason Harry even offered a clarification to the press. The addition of “whether she is sick or not” is casting doubt on Yolanda’s illness and alluding to Munchausen again. Harry made it a point to clarify that this was not what he meant. It’s annoying only because Rinna now says she is so sorry and never meant any harm and never believed Yolanda had Munchausen’s disease. Rinna clearly thinks Yolanda has Munchausen’s disease so why doesn’t she just stick to her origial story? I think a lot of people turned on Lisa R because she flip flopped in calling Yolanda out and then backpeddling and apologizing to Yolanda and trying to spread the blame. She should have stayed the course.

    • Absolutely, Tamara. It is shocking to see people on twitter and blogs saying “even her husband says she doesn’t tell the truth”. The rabid LVP fans will twist anything to make their Queen blameless.

    • Meg

      Sorry but if your husband feels the need to clarify publicly the comment you’ve made on tv show THERE IS A PROBLEM.

      • HappyGal

        I am so sick of hearing the word manipulation like ANY of these woman are poor, helpless creatures, so unsure and helpless and unknowing of how the reality world works that they can be manipulated. Lisa R. did exactly what she wanted to do.

        If LVP and Lisa R had private discussions about Yolanda and then Lisa R decided to make it a part of HER story line on the show that is on Lisa R. Now Lisa R. wants to accuse everyone else of manipulating her into saying this or that. Give me a break.

        LVP is not a puppet master – you are all grown ass woman with a brain. If you are not smart enough to make your own decisions then you have no business being on a reality show. If you did get ‘played’ by LVP then I say Brava to her. She played the game better than you and you are pissed about it. She is the queen. Nobody will ever bring her down. She is like Teflon – it will never stick.

        People manipulate others all the time. Manipulation is just trying to get others to do what you want. Why is it such a dirty word?

      • sandra

        Tits on an ant.

      • The producers take tons and tons of film. Each cast member has their own producer.. They usually become chummy because they spend so much time together. Then they pour over the footage looking for ANYTHING they can start trouble with. In this case Munchhausen and Yolanda had been all over the internet for weeks. They probably asked Rinna to introduce the topic, an since she knows it is true she says o.k. They promise her that she has the support of the majority of the cast who will back her up. Except that she doesn’t. They look mortified when she brings up Munchhausen. They thought better of it. And now we have a silly he said she said, and Yolanda gets just what she wants. Sympathy, without having to work much on the show and still get paid. How many of us predicted she would be miraculously well by the reunion? The only things they should be talking about are things that were said on camera. Not things that may or may not have been said off the air. Rinna is not playing by reality show rules. Oops.

      • gessiewtf, sounds about right to me.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      It boggles the mind that some seem to think Harry Hamlin is out on a public entertainment news site because he wants to say his wife is a liar. As if any husband would do that to his wife. Makes me wonder about their marriages…

    • wattawoman

      There is no evidence Harry ever made that comment about Yolanda. There is also no evidence that LVP (or Kyle) had knowledge during the initial Munchausen discussion. What was subsequently stated was Kyle and Rinna had met and that term was raised during their discussion.

  5. Deb in SF

    I thought I heard Rinna say that those 10 calls were back and forth…5 from LVP and 5 from Rinna. I get that you’re solidly on the side of Rinna and Eileen, TT. I am solidly on the other side. Those two women are weak sisters IMO. LVP doesn’t seem any more (or less) manipulative than any of the others. Except Rinna…she’s the weak one who is manipulated by all of them. In my opinion, of course.

    • jane

      Lisa V and Rinna took a trip together to get the ponies. Maybe those phone calls were about the trip, etc. Having phone records means nothing except calls were made. If Rinna recorded those calls, then she has something solid, but of course its illegal in Cali to record phone calls without the other persons permission.. Boy if I were Lisa V, I would be very careful about calling any of them again.. You just never know who’s who on this show.

  6. Mstahdah

    What I don’t understand is….even if LVP said that you should tell her what you said or encouraged her to say the word Munchausen and she does. How does LVP become the villian? LisaR brought the theory up to Kyle and then LVP. By saying ,but LVP told me to say it, does it make her less guilty? If steal something in a store, can I say well Tamara told me to do it. Will that make me less guilty? Will she then share in the punishment? Im not a LVP stan. It just looks like a master class in deflection.

    With that being said, if LVP would have just said, I encouraged her to speak on it because it was going to get back to you as gossip anyway. It would be better if she heard it from you. I think that would’ve nipped it in the bud. Even if she did want it out there because Yolanda is just going through menopause and won’t face it.

  7. KIR

    This gets more and more confusing to me by the day – and before you say it love, I’m not dumb. On the one hand, here you say Rinna is great because she flat tells the truth – tells it like it is. Ok, makes sense. BUT – this whole LVP crap is all about her claiming she was manipulated into bringing the up the “M” word so doesn’t that negate the credit she gets for speaking her mind when she’s telling anyone who will listen that it wasn’t her mind speaking? Oh yes, she “owned” her part – (everyone drink every time you hear that word over the next two weeks) – even if the whole purpose of this drama is to get LVP to admit wrongdoing, I learned a long time ago the only person I can control is myself so I don’t understand what her purpose is, by trying to force LVP into an admission. Integrity is great but not onTuesday nights on my TV – it’s become exhausting. Will it take blame off of her? I don’t think so since she “owned” her part – or will it? If it does then she admits to being manipulated and then she most certainly did not speak the truth. I just don’t think she can have it both ways. I like LVP because on RHOBH because she cracks me up. I don’t care for her on Pump Rules so I’m not a die hard fan. I am pretty sure where there is smoke there’s fire and LVP had more to say about Yo than she is admitting but Rinna and Eileen’s obsession with the “truth” feels like they are ganging up on her and I don’t like it. Just my feelings.

    • JD

      No one is bullying LVP unless by “bullying” you mean “holding people accountable for their actions”.

      • FrostyTheOG

        I agree 100% and if more than one person has chosen to hold LVP accountable… then she’s being “Ganged up on” or “Bullied” ???? Get outta here with that business! How nice would it be if Bravo bleeped out the word “Bully” everytime a HW used the word!? ?

  8. JD

    LVP is going to cry next episode. Oh joy, just like that reunion where she was rightly eviscerated by the cast. I can’t roll my eyes hard enough.

  9. Karina

    Thanks for putting this out there. There really must be more to the story and I believe that there are a lot of hurt feelings. Eilleen is hurt because LVP invaded her privacy and brought up a subject Eileen thought a friend would never do. Lisa r is hurt because she took the fall for what amounts to a fake friend. I believe Lisa R is hurt that LVP let her take the fall and did not stand up for Rinna. It hurts when your friends don’t do that. The only real true friendship that I see on tv is Erika and Yolanda and I hope Lisa R and ED. Part of friendship is not being manipulated! Who wants that and that is exactly what Lisa R and ED got. Kyle and LVP are just fun friends. LVP would never go to bat for Kyle. Lisa is the queen and it’s getting lonely at the top and I can’t stand how her husband goes overboard backing her up and she doesn’t reciprocate that with her friends. It’s like their sacred love affair reserved just for the two of them and everyone else is below that standard. I’m calling BS on that routine and if LVP is going to join a show about woman she better step up to the plate and show these women equal respect and lose the crutch of her husband! I don’t see the other husbands meddling and playing thick like theives. Be a woman and a friend LVP to your co workers and a good neighbor and put that first for the fraction of your life being filmed. LVP hurts a lot of people with her attitude about women and she is no better than any of them. She should try to be a better friend to all and get off her high pony! I value friendship and loyalty above all and real friends don’t act like LVP and Lisa R got caught in her web. She’s trying to get out and be truthful and that’s all she can do. Meanwhile LVP just writes another person off so cold hearted and unkind.

    • Elleno

      You are right, LVP could be a better friend. When I saw her badgering Yolanda for dirt on her divorce and her health at the reunion. So intrusive and not at all like a friend would talk. Just like the affair digs with Eileen.

      • Sara

        That was such an uncomfortable scene especially hearing throughout season that they aren’t close because of Mohammad and LVP’s friendship or whatever.

      • Friday'smom

        Well, Yolanda lied to all of them about her state of affairs… So maybe she had a few questions coming. Eileen had an affair… If you can’t own it don’t do it. Last season Brandi threw a glass of wine in her face and called her a home wrecker … But she was ok with that.

    • Sam

      That is because Yolanda is not her friend. As TT says, they hate each other. I also don’t think Eileen and LVP have ever been more than acquaintances who work togther on the show.

    • Friday'smom

      She did stand up for Rinna when Yolanda was attacking her at the BBQ and she directly questioned Yolanda’s selfie behaviour and the running around LA. So that is not true, it’s just that you Vanderhaters are as blind to the truth as the Vanderlovers

      • Agreed. No one is innocent on these shows

      • JanaApril

        Of course she did because she was in on it which is the point of what Rinna is saying. LOL I like LVP as a character, I really do. But this season all the pieces and things that didn’t add up about them accusing her of what they do finally came together. It’s just the word manipulative is attached to it which implies she has some sort of power over them when that may not be the right label. Self-serving comes to mind.

    • pocketbooklover

      I think its normal for Ken to stand up for Lisa and I would expect my husband to do the same for me. All of the husbands do get involved in some way. Last year, Mauricio called Lisa a bitch, David called all the women ‘clowns’, Paul called Brandi a bitch and several other things.Joyce’s husband went after Brandi when she was making fun of Joyce at that dinner.

    • Sweet T

      She even uses her husband to bad mouth people so she can come out Scot free. She told him about rinna and he called rinna a wanker. Lvp then said but Jen you liked rinna before so she would not look bad. I think the frustration is she uses everyone as her mouthpiece. Faye was right. Fay seems to be right a lot and it’s annoying.

      • Sliceo'pie

        I don’t doubt that ALL the husbands have a few choice words about what’s going on from time to time –Production chooses what is aired and what is not..it’s ridiculous to assume that Ken is the only husband that gets pissed off with all the nonsense and defends his wife-I’m sure the other husbands engage in the same thing -especially when they’re talking in their own homes.

  10. Elleno

    Unfortunately for Eileen, when it comes to this show there is a difference between being right and playing your hand well. She is 100% right about all her gripes with LVP, but she did not play her hand well. She refused to accept any apology until it was perfect and she beat the LVP liar drum way to long. No one cares anymore. Now she is cut off from a relationship with one of the most popular people on the show. Where is she going to take this next season? Viewers have made it clear they are weary of her LVP crusade.

    • tamaratattles

      I hope Eileen is still around next season and gets a lesson in giving zero fucks about LVP from Erika. I hope Yo takes her journey to a beautiful flat in Paris and has a very happy life off of my TV. Mostly because that would allow Erika to stop having to pretend she is BFFs with Yolanda and give her space to hopefully be friends with Rinna. Allies and enemies change all the time from season to season and I’d love a season where Rinna, Eileen and Erika were just giving no fucks and having fun.

      • Minky

        I agree about Eileen. She adds something to the show. And Rinna too.

        Erika would give LVP a hell of a run for her money. That would make great television.

      • That sounds like a great season! I do hope Eileen had a bad season because of all her tragedies. She deserves a second chance.

      • Friday'smom

        That would be a great season. I loved Eileen last season. She was strong, funny, grounded. She and Rinna, who is hilarious were so entertaining. I loved Erika and I think you hit the nail on th head when you point out her ties to Yolanda limit her appeal to the viewers

      • PaganChick

        Honestly, I think that Ericka and LIsaV would have become friends if Ericka weren’t so Yolanda-centric. They have way too much in common for there not to have been a spark there and Lisa was actually welcoming to Ericka when she came on – which isn’t very common for her and newbies. She tends to want them to “prove” themselves, but she seemed to be intrigued by Ericka and took a liking to her and her husband.

        Granted, Ericka was pretending to be friendly to LisaV while pretending to get to know her, but there have been some clips on Bravo’s site of the two of them seeming to actually enjoy each other, of course that didn’t suit the story line so it wasn’t aired on the show. But, I think about the way LisaV pretty much brushed off what Kathryn told her Ericka said about her. And the way she asked Ericka about it and accepted it at face value and even made jokes about it. And even the way she told the other women that they should stop the spider jokes because it was upsetting Ericka – all of that tells me that Lisa V wanted to be friends with Ericka even if Ericka was only playing the part to get intel for Yolanda.

        This season could have been so much more fun and enjoyable if Yolanda’s “illness” hadn’t been front and center.

      • JanaApril

        Yes, yes, and yes!

  11. Patti Lynn

    For the first couple of seasons she used Kyle, going after Camille (probably because with Kelsey as her husband she was more famous that LVP), Kyle even called her out as Bobby Fisher, calculating her next move like in chess.

    Then Brandi, everyone was surprised that LVP and Brandi were best friends and she used Brandi to go after Adrienne. Brandi defends LVP, “I am not anyone’s puppet.” Next season she uses her to go after Kyle. There is a Mauricio’s cheating rumor, LVP is the first to bring it up, Brandi says LVP told her to bring the tabloid. Brandi realizes maybe she is a puppet and calls LVP out. LVP cries, Brandi becomes the villian. Brandi still doesn’t believe LVP is vindictive, all season says they will work it out, that she loves Lisa and Ken….Oh no, Brandi, you will be shown the door.

    Now this season, LVP uses Lisa Rinna to go after Yolanda. Rinna calls her out. LVP cries again, Rinna is the new villian.

    Kyle was the only one smart enough to back down and play nice if she wants to stay on the show. No one crosses LVP and doesn’t pay….Taylor (too close to Kyle first season), Camille, Adrienne, Brandi and now Rinna and Eileen.

    I was a fan the first three seasons, I drank the Pumptini-aid but she does it almost every season, how can her fans not see that?

    • tamaratattles

      WOW. It took me over 4,000 words to explain all that here. http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/2016/04/15/here-is-how-the-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-works-an-abridged-history/

      I could have just said. That! :)

      • Angel

        TT, do u think Eileen could have read your 4000 word recap of the seasons? She makes similar points & that article was a REVELATION putting things into a perpsective no one has see as clearly as you. Just curious. I know You are on Rinna’s radar now & they’re friends

      • Josie

        You could tell she based her blog on TT’s blog.

    • You are absolutely right! Well said.

      I just can’t figure out why Bravo does everything they can to give her a good edit and the power to get rid of housewives.

      • Minky

        Well, Bravo’s also not really doing much to clean up LVP’s image, IMO. She gets called out for this every season. EVERY SEASON! What do they say about Chinese food? Yeah, same thing with LVP.

        And Brandi and Rinna are two different entities. Brandi was a dim witted, vulgar, bitch and LVP just made it worse. Rinna still seems like the good natured sort. I don’t think they can be compared to one another.

    • Jaana

      Yes! Plus in the behind the scenes episode we see Camille specifically go to Lisa Vanderpump and asked them if they were planning a takedown on her. I always thought Lisa sent Kyle after Camille, knowing Kyle wasn’t very fond of her from the jump. And Yes, Kyle has backed down and play nic with Lisa V, however she hates Lisa for putting her in that hostage situation. Kyle’s real friends are Faye and the blond chick we see whenever Kyle is hosting something.

    • swizzle

      Thank you! And why the LVP diehard supporters don’t see this trend is just shocking to me. It’s so obvious, yet they support everything she says and does. It’s whacko and fascinating.

    • I thought Yolanda admitted that LVP had nothing to do with the tabloid issue. That Brandi made the whole thing up.

      • Josie

        Yes. Yolanda, Carlton and Joyce said that never happened because they were next to LV from the time she got out of the car to pick them up at Brandi’s house and they got in the car to go to the airport. Their blogs are still up where they reiterated it.

    • Josie

      Weird that Carlton lied in her blog and said she never saw LV say it and she was by her side the whole time.

  12. T D

    Grapevines always have more than one tendril. I heard something to that effect once. It’s so enjoyable to sip tea under the shade of a grapevine that talks.

    • Minky

      I love that “tendril” expression. So gonna use that from now on. I want some Arnold Palmer Tea with a splash of something, perhaps rum.

  13. Sara

    Good article and appreciate the breakdown as you see it. I agree with the majority. I applaud all the ladies for opening up their lives (some more than others) for us to get a glimpse of their lives, loves and the glitz and glam lifestyles they have built!

    I’m still amazed at the die hard fans of a mortal…that also makes mistakes, yet gets a pass for practically any and all negative! Let’s see…where are Cedric and Brandi …banished for not following LVP’s script! If you can’t tell by her facial expressions that she is beyond capable of winning the manipulator award…then I need a pair of your rose colored glasses!!! (And LVP just because I don’t agree with you, regarding some issues, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t follow you on Twitter…so no need to add me to your list of others that u informed to stop following you…that’s actually rather lame response for someone as smart as yourself).

    Yes Rinna’s mouth gets her in trouble but hell at least she is the same on and off camera! Lisa V knows the drill as this is her 6th season I believe…look in charge, innocent, clueless and speak no ill will in front of the camera at all cost! (which is smart but not being a “REAL HOUSEWIFE”)! Remember these are real live human beings that AREN’T filmed 24/7 and none are perfect! The watchers who only believe what they see on the television screen are wearing blinders! Each cast member brings positive and negative to the table. How so many can hear it from Kyle herself, and disregard the truth is baffling to me!

    I personally do not feel Yo is faking anything! Having an invisible illness is real and so hard for people to wrap their heads around! I understand why so many would question but hopefully some have become more educated on the many silent illnesses. Just because someone has all their limbs, can speak, hear, walk, run, etc…doesn’t mean they don’t feel like total crap! There are good days and bad days…hell there can be good HOURS and bad HOURS in the same day! I can promise you that many LONG for what was and have to mourn the loss of who they were and most likely will never be again! It’s beyond hard to mentally come to grips with the fact that this will be the new normal. I pray she has come to find some peace through the process. I am not by any means saying to give up the fight and settle, but to realize her current limitations and continue to seek help to feel better.
    May God bless each of you and may you each realize that different than you doesn’t equal wrong and that forgiveness is ultimately for yourself …not the other person! If we are wronged by another and they can sleep well at night…so should you! ??✌?️

  14. What do Lisa Rinna and Eileen have to lose if they don’t go after LVP? Their story lines for the season.

    • Minky

      I suppose you’re right about that. But they’ve both (Eileen and Rinna) repeatedly been accused of being dull as paint all season, while they were the ones unwittingly driving the storyline forward, whatever that storyline REALLY was.

      LVP, on the other hand, refuses to be forthcoming about anything. Maybe Rinna’s a little too honest and she flaps those lips of hers a lot, but LVP isn’t honest at all.

  15. KaraW

    I’m pro-Rinna, but here’s the part I don’t get… What exactly does, “There goes our ***** storyline” mean? To me it could have several meanings, and it just doesn’t seem like this great smoking gun to me. I’ve been considering these meanings:
    a) Yo is sick and that’s going to be the storyline this year because it’s dramatic, and since Yo was leaving at the time, there goes “our storyline” (Yo) out the door.
    b) We have to support her no matter what = less drama, so there goes our storyline down the drain.
    c) LVP wanted a different storyline and now Yo has all the drama, so there goes our storyline (the one we wanted is out).
    d) Now we know what our storyline is … we’ve just figured out the producer’s angle.
    e) We don’t want to support her, so there goes our storyline.

    Is it the last one that people think she meant? I really have no idea. I had more ideas on it too, but I’m too tired to sort them out now.

    I think LVP can be manipulative and likes to get her digs in, but it’s unclear to me exactly what she’s done and is trying to cover up. Maybe I just am not that offended on Yo’s behalf because come-on, she lost me with the 2 ft. parasites! It’s hard to have any sympathy that people were talking about her at that point.

    • Akachic

      Exactly. LVP is sarcastic, has a dry sense of humor and is a woman of few words. Any one liner she makes can have a hundred different meanings. If you don’t really know her (Rinna) you would just take everything at face value and run with it, not knowing her intent.

  16. Tp

    I kind of see this whole thing differently. Lisa R opens her mouth when the others know better , then she realizes she’s the only one who’s said something and claims that she ” feel guilty” for engaging in conversation. This whole thing was strange to me. Lisa didn’t feel guilty . Lisa felt she had effed up all by herself. I don’t know why this is such a big freaking deal. This is ridiculous! And Lisa R needs to stop forcing everyone else to ” own their shit” who is she to demand that everyone own their stuff? I haven’t seen Lisa R travels any of he own shit and she takes everything to the extreme. It’s exhausting.

    • RosesandGin

      The way it was presented on the show at least, was that she introduced Munchausen and her guilt simultaneously. Now, thanks to TT and many of the HWs trying to throw blame around about who said it first, we know it was discussed before. But at the time the word was introduced on the show she was already feeling guilty, and she hand’t been “caught,” yet by Yolanda. Lisa R should get some credit here, she did own this.

  17. Tp

    Also, I think that the way Lisa R treats Kimis terrible. Kim is an addict and I think she looks down on Kim and treats her like she’s crazy and beneath her. Addiction is an illness and the way she treated her last season was wrong in my opinion and she continues to do it this season. I want to like her but I just can’t. I guess I don’t see what you’re seeing where Lisa is concerned. And whether everyone thinks Kim is crazy or not , she is trying and she doesn’t owe Lisa a thing.

    • swizzle

      I don’t like how Rinna treats Kim either. I think it must be because of her own family issues with addiction. It seems to hit too close to home and Rinna can’t be rational in her interactions with Kim. I hope they’ve both learned to just stay away from one another. Any relationship between the two of them is not healthy.

    • VioletBlue

      Maybe Rinna is saying to Kim what she wishes she had said to her own sister, the one that died from a drug overdose, and it really has nothing to do with Kim when all is said and done.

  18. Tp

    Lisa R is giving away the show secrets , no ? Sure the women talk about storylines but should that be discussed on the show? So what if LVP told her to bring up the M word! Lisa R did it and now she’s gonna go back and take everyone down with her . I wonder how many times this same conversation has happened about storylines in the past? If Lisa R didn’t want to say it , then she shouldn’t have. But she did and she’s throwing everyone else under the bus with her too. It can’t make bravo happy that she’s taking it this far and reveal behind the scene talk.

    • Minky

      If they were hanging me out to dry, I’d wanna take everyone down with me too. It’s kind of a normal reaction.

      Rinna is the one being thrown under the bus. She seems to have been pretty honest about everything. That’s her only “indiscretion”.

      And I still can’t figure out how Rinna’s broken the fourth wall. Has she pointed any fingers at production? The other Wives, and their foolery, are fair game, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Friday'smom

        Rinna has hung herself out to dry… She has been going there in every episode. No one cared, everyone discouraged her but …. Eileen, who told her over and over again to drag LVP but not Kyle into it…just LVP. Why not both? So if she needs to blame someone… Eileen is the one who steered Rinna’s big Boaty Mc Boatmouth right there.

      • RosesandGin

        Agreed Minky, Im not shocked Lisa R is snapping back.

        Seems fairly simple. They all talked about Yo. All discussed the possibility of Munchausen. Rinna said something about it. So she got the heat, when she looked around to see who would back her up there was no one standing by her side to support that it was a topic they had all discussed.

        Kyle denied, Eileen cried, and LVP lied.

  19. Pip

    Well, Hells Bells.
    I have been very quiet about Yolanda this season. I have never made a peep about my thoughts about all of this. I felt really sorry for her and thought she was getting treated poorly.
    However, after reading the symptoms of Manchausen here, I must admit, she really does fit the bill. Holy shit! .
    Having said that, I still feel for her and anyone who has any illness (real or imagined). But there are days where I am exhausted, achy, headaches, etc. there are also days where I can’t get out of bed (not many, but it happens). I don’t think I have an illness. I think it’s just life at my age, ya know?
    So, I have been enlightened here.

    • VioletBlue

      I think Yo is as calculated as they come. I can see how everyone thinks she has Munchausens, but I think we have to consider her ultimate goal. I’m thinking she is more of a malingerer. Here’s why.

      Malingering is the intentional production of false symptoms and/or exaggerated illness.

      People with Facticous disorder (Munchausens) fake their symptoms to maintain or take on a “sick role.” The “sick” person with a factitious disorder gets a shitload of attention from Dr.’s and mucho sympathy from family and friends. That’s the goal – sympathy and attention.

      Here’s the difference. And in my opinion this makes more sense as far as the ultimate goal of someone like Yolanda (allegedly).

      A malingerer fakes illness to knowingly avoid responsibility, punishment, or financial obligations,
      OR to receive rewards like free income and housing,
      OR – and to me this speaks volumes –

      **** to avenge a monetary loss, a judge’s ruling, (prenup!) or getting fired, etc.

      • Exactly, VioletBlue. Yolanda is all about the money.

      • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

        Very interesting VioletBlue. Way back in the S3 reunion Kim actually accused Yolanda of using her illness and the fact that she is Dutch to get out of things she has said or doesn’t want to do. That accusation seems to have been long forgotten by many of the HWs – or they just don’t talk about it. After that Yolanda went out of her way to support Kim and defend her to everyone, knowing that Kim gravitates to enablers.

  20. Minky

    Oh my good Lord, Jesus! Go ahead Eileen!

    My favorite line of Eileen’s blog: “Where have all the other women who had issues with Lisa V. gone? Oh yeah, they aren’t on the show anymore!”

    Hooo weee! Now that’s a bitch who don’t give a shit!

  21. Sequoia

    I adored Jane Wyman as Angela Channing on Falcon Crest, Susan Lucci as Erika Kane was delicious on All my Children and what can you say about Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington on Dynasty besides ‘perfection’.

    Who doesn’t love a smart, beautiful, rich villainess?

  22. Lisaj

    Not buying it and I could give two shits about LVP.

  23. Flo

    I love all of the ladies. LVP is a bloody liar and guilty as anything, but I still love her. I’m also enjoying seeing her get her comeuppance – well a little. I think it’s hard for people to understand because of the 4th wall editing, it makes any on-air conversations so abstract that many people can’t read between the lines. For instance, Eileen did look like a psycho going on and on and on for an apology – but that’s until you realise what the real stakes were.

    Rinna is telling the truth.

  24. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    It was 10 calls in one billing cycle, 5 calls in one 24 period – but we don’t know what day that was or what it was about. The problem with Rinna is that no matter what way she wants to spin it SHE was the one who brought up Munchausens. LVP has fully admitted that she laughed and talked about the IG posts. She admits that she told Rinna to talk about it from her side – Rinna admits this in her last blog, she says that LVP called and “inferred” that people knew she was talking and “hinted that in her opinion” Rinna should get her side out first. That’s the big accusation? One friend giving another friend their opinion? That’s somehow worse in Eileen and Yolanda’s minds? Hasn’t Rinna always claimed since we first saw her last season that she is the one who will call out the BS? That she will talk about the elephant in the room? But now she wants to claim that she probably wouldn’t have brought Munchausens up if LVP had not “encouraged” her?
    There is one important factor overlooked when anyone is arguing in favor of Rinna – Rinna has admitted that she and Kyle met for dinner and talked about Munchausens before LVP was ever involved. Kyle then called LVP. That explains why LVP was worried Kyle would be dragged in. Kyle admits calling Rinna as soon as she left LVPs home – it’s no wonder that they both ended up with the same story even though they claim LVP said two different things! Amazingly no one has a problem with Kyle.
    The other issue is that it was the way that Eileen went about this – Rinna or Eileen could have easily talked to LVP off camera if they were so scared of viewer reaction. But they made a big long season out of it. Every single dinner or event was ruined by them bleating on about it – Rinna reluctantly. Eileen said she knew all along that LVP was “manipulating” Rinna and this was behind a lot of her reactions this season – so she had NO problem with that until the Hamptons which means Eileen used private conversations she had with Rinna off camera as ammo to get back at LVP. You only had to see their faces and Eileen’s comment that LVP was leaving Kyle’s party and yet everyone has a problem with her to see that she was quite happily using this all for the show. It’s all she has – what else has Eileen done this season? She claims they had nothing to gain but we all know that you need to bring something interesting or drama in order to stay on this show. Eileen appears to have nothing interesting so she brought the drama.
    And it is more than a little disingenuous for Eileen to now claim that anyone who had a problem with LVP have left the show when they ALL didn’t want to film with Brandi. Eileen had as big a problem with her as anybody. Camille left because she didn’t want her kids on the show, Adrienne left of her own accord, Kim left because she is an addict, Brandi left because she became a lunatic. If LVP had that power at Bravo everyone including Yolanda would have been fired after S4 when LVP had no one but Joyce and Carlton on her side but who came back for S5? Everyone BUT Carlton and Joyce!! So that theory is out of the window.
    Eileen is harping on about truth but only about the person SHE has an issue with. How about she be truthful about everything then? How about she tell us the real deal about that Hamptons rental? Or the real deal behind Yolanda’s manipulations by bringing on a fake friend twho Eileen still lies for even now by claiming she is acting on “good instincts”? Or tell us when SHE found out that Rinna and Kyle had spoken about Munchausens? Or whether she knew before she turned up at LVP’s house that day? Did she ever tell Rinna NOT to bring it up? Or how about that fake scene on the beach where she acts surprised but then admits she knew all along? You can’t bleat about truth unless you are honest about everything.

    • Jaana

      Wow. Spoken like a true Vander-loonie. You try to justify everything Lisa Vanderpump does. No one is perfect. It’s crazy how you all buy her “I am Pinky Perfect” act. Lots of actresses would kill for that.

      • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

        I expected a comment like that. It’s a common misconception that viewers who like LVP are “loonies” or “rabid” and don’t see her imperfections. I have never tweeted a HW but I have seen zealous behavior from fans of ALL housewives on twitter. But this is a common theme – call out everything LVP does or call the viewers who like her names. I have never called another twitter user a name for liking Eileen or Rinna. I have never said they are delusional or “loonie”. I also know LVP isn’t perfect. I know she throws shade and can be calculated. The thing is, they ALL do it. I seen other HWs be just as calculated or manipulative but never get called out for it by the others on the show or in their blogs. The other HWs are the ones who hold LVP to a different standard.

      • When they start calling you names, then they’ve lost the argument.

      • Friday'smom

        It is not a valid argument to simply call someone names to discredit their opinion. The discrepancies in behaviour and honesty that the above poster makes are true and yet by simply insulting them, you think you have refuted her valid points. You haven’t you just make yourself look like a Vanderhater.

      • Calling someone a name just loses the argument.

    • I agree with you a 1000% this sums up how I feel about the whole issue!!!

      • Jaana

        And it true Vander-loonie form other loonies get together and bash the other poster. Strange I haven’t been called crazy or jealous yet lol. #Cult #JimJonesKoolAid

    • Hibs


  25. CoBe

    Sigh. If your sights weren’t set on bringing LVP down, you might be able to take a more measured approach here.

    Is Rinna telling the truth? Absolutely. 100%. The problem she has is that each of the women on the show have private areas of their lives that friends should know are private. Rinna was actually a FRIEND to LVP and LVP trusted her and gave her a good storyline.

    I believe they will show the unshown footage on the “Secrets Uncovered” proving that Rinna told the truth. They have the footage for sure.

    Remember, none of these women wanted either Brandi or Kim back and it was always a threat. If they didn’t have a season with some type of drama, they’d have to deal with the two crazies.

    1/3 of the way through the season, nothing was happening. That’s why so much editing was rearranged.

    LVP pulled out the pony on a plane trick, filmed with Shiva (which was cut), and threw parties to try to create some storyline.

    What she couldn’t do was to question Yolanda because of her friendship with Mohamed. But somebody had to do it. Why not give Rinna a storyline, whose most gripping storyline was getting her ass waxed? LVP couldn’t do it but it was clearly the storyline for Yolanda. Rinna knew what the devastating consequences to LVP’s friendship with Mohamed would be by spilling her truth.

    So the anger between them is not about who is telling the truth, it is about the betrayal of what was assumed to be a good friend.

    And no, telling the truth is not always a good thing. It is the first question you should ask yourself when you speak. But other questions include “Is it helpful?” and “Is it kind?”. If it doesn’t pass through those doors, keep your mouth shut.

    The LVP/Rinna friendship was poisoned by Eileen, taking her cue from Erika, taking her cue from Yolanda. Eileen and Erika hung out more than was actually shown.

    I believe Rinna will be back. In part, ironically, because of the storyline LVP gave her. The other part is that she is likable and pushes a story along. Is she a bit loony? Yes. That is reality TV gold.

    Eileen has to be on the short list of whom to chop. Not because she challenged LVP, which many other people have done and survived, but because she committed the cardinal sin of being boring as hell. Add that to petty, tedious, and nagging, and the viewers feel about her much as her own husband seems to.

    Erika will stay because she is fabulous. And she has attacked LVP more than anyone. I believe she will continue the attacks against the advice of her wiser husband. But she is watchable and entertaining.

    I think Yolanda and Kathryn are also being considered for the chopping block.

    Just my thoughts.

    • Karina

      Excellent COBE, I couldn’t agree more. It’s about betrayals of friendship.(s)

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      CoBe – great comment.

    • Friday'smom

      I had not of it that way, but I think you may right. ?

    • swizzle

      So LVP gave Rinna this great gift of a storyline? That’s insane. LVP hates Yolanda; knows Yo is full of shit about her illness; needed someone to set up the storyline. Rinna took the bait and then everyone else stood back acting shocked.

      If a group of women discussed one thing off camera, and then when the cameras roll only one person keeps up the conversation, I’d be pissed too. And that’s the issue Rinna has with LVP. LVP has proven over and over again to be a master manipulator behind the scenes. I think Rinna is brave to try to show that. Looks at the nastiness that is coming her way now.

      • “If a group of women discussed one thing off camera, and then when the cameras roll only one person keeps up the conversation, I’d be pissed too. And that’s the issue Rinna has with LVP.”
        The only person Lisa R can blame for that is herself. No one forced her.

    • I agree with a lot of what you said. I think my issue with LVP is that she wants everyone to believe she is a fabulous, warm, good friend and she is quiet the opposite. She will drop a friend if their public image isn’t good and throw them under the bus to prevent the public from seeing her hand after she threw the rock. LVP looks out for LVP, Ken, Pandora and no one else.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Bravo brought back everyone but Kathryn.

      If I could hang out with one of them it would be Erika. What you see is what you get and she doesn’t play.

      • PaganChick

        I am legitimately curious about what you see with Ericka. I see all of this stuff about her being fabulous and how “what you see is what you get” with her. But what is it that people are seeing?

        Her line about being an enigma wrapped in cash is probably the only real thing that she has said about herself that I can see.

        I get the whole fabulous part. Who wouldn’t want to be bankrolled by an adoring husband to have an alter ego complete with a paid entourage of men fawning over them? But, other than that, to me at least, there doesn’t seem to be anything else there. She hasn’t really shown any personality outside of her alter ego. What am I missing about her? Because I came into this season wanting to like her, but I am leaving it feeling like she is simply a cipher with an amazing wardrobe and a paid group of friendployees.

      • Exactly why I am hoping she is back next season.

      • CoBe

        Hey PaganChick!! I can only tell you what I see and that is the same over the top, devil may care attitude that LVP displays. She is the first real challenger to the LVP throne.

        She is also not perfect. I think she can be downright vicious sometimes and is singular in her attempts to take down LVP. That is not attractive. She is clearly lying about the “friendship” between her and Yolanda and it is damn clear that she doesn’t believe Yolanda for a millisecond. If you watch her face when Yolanda yammers on about her medical procedures, she is totally tuned out and tries to change the subject as quickly as possible.

        But she did what she said she would do, and that is to stick up for Yolanda.

        I’d really love to see her without Yolanda to see what she brings. I think it may be a different dynamic as well as her husband and DAVID are friends and I don’t think the Foster divorce is as amicable as Yolanda tries to make it seem.

        Just my thoughts.

      • Yeah, I think the real friendship is between David and Tom. I wonder if Erika and or Tom knew the divorce was coming or if they were blindsided too. My guess is Yolanda asked David to not tell anyone until she made the announcement in the final episodes. Again, it will be interesting to see Erika, season 2. Hopefully Bravo is as annoyed with Yolanda for malingering as we all are and won’t ask her back.

      • CoBe

        Hi xoxo. Just to address your issues with LVP:

        Everyone wants to be seen as a fabulous, warm, good friend. That is just human nature.

        From what I’ve seen of her, she is. It does not make a person a “bad friend” to refuse to be abused. I would drop any friend that came after me in the blink of an eye. That is not a friend.

        She is also not obligated to be the social calendar for all of the girls on the show. Because someone wants to be your friend doesn’t mean you have to cater to their every wish and demand (are you reading this YOLANDA?).

        I think the worst trait I’ve consistently seen in LVP is that she has a very bad “picker”. Some of the people she surrounds herself with are just awful.

        But I think she thrives because of the long term, meaningful friendships she has developed.

        In short, I don’t think it’s a crime to drop a friend, especially one who is more a reality show acquaintance, when they have betrayed you. I actually think it is wise.

    • Thank you CoBe. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  26. Lyon

    I think that Eileen and Lisa Rinna destroyed this season. The entire premise of the show can’t be about ruining LVP, and I’ve grown tired of that because it never seems to end. As I viewer, I also resent conversations that are clearly staged and rehearsed beforehand (that silly discussion in the luggage shop being a prime example) because I feel there’s a lot of plotting going on off camera. Finally, the reason I don’t believe Rinna is that she didn’t protest when LVP and Kyle didn’t engage in the Munchausen conversation in the first place. If she’d been put up to it, surely she would have. I just wish the show would go back to the original premise of women living luxurious lives for us to see. I don’t need to watch Eileen taking down curtains and not spending money. I can see that for free at home!

  27. Holly

    Proud to say I’ve never been duped by Vanderpump. Think Eileen is a truth teller but she’s boring and self righteous. Rinna is telling the truth but she’s mean spirited. My favorite has been Yolanda. I don’t believe in any conspiracy of Yo’s to “take down” Vanderpump. I think Vanderpump’s friendship with Hadid is greatly exaggerated. I think people are mean to Yolanda accusing her of libelous psychological issues with no proof. I think the public is generally a poor judge of character –that’s why they’ve backed Vanderpump.

  28. JustJenn

    TT, I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with you or Eileen. Eileen Is drinking Yolanda’s Lymeade hard this season and is most likely being played by her and that’s why she is so relentless with 1. Her apology from LVP and 2. Making Rinna “expose” LVP for… calling her? If I engage in gossip about someone and feel bad about it I’m sure as hell not going to run to anyone who will listen to further spread the gossip.

    And I’m laughing at the poster above who thinks Brandi was LVP’s puppet. Last season who manipulated Brandi into calling Eileen a homewrecker then throwing wine in her face? Did LVP force Brandi to get into a physical altercation with Kyle over her wasted sister? I bet LVP told Brandi to throw Bella’s duI in Yolanda’s face (no mention of Lyme’s disease during that convo) but I’m sure there is absolutely no doubt in your mind that LVP made Brandi slap her across the face so her fans would feel further sympathy for LVP.


  29. Meg

    They filmed this season months ago. They already knew what happened and what went wrong. They had a lot of time to prepare themselves for any eventuality.
    LVP knows how to handle the situation and Eileen and Rinna don’t for some reason. ED and LR seem to be surprised by the viewers reaction which is ridiculous. How can you be surprised? It’s sixth season of RHOBH. You work in showbiz for decades. You know exactly how it works. Please. ED and LR deserve everything they get.

    • Shae

      Working on network soap operas and doing reality tv are vastly different animals.

    • JustJenn

      I agree. Rinna has been on multiple reality shows and very much wanted to be part of RHOBH for years. I still like Rinna, but can’t stand Eileen anymore. Maybe she had a bad season but she’s still insufferable.

  30. Puddy

    LVP always seems to like to be in charge. Ok, but she is not the total B a lot of women are and dogs and horses love LVP (always a good sign) and she seems to have a lot of love to give. As for Eileen – I think she wants revenge against LVP for daring to bring up Eileen’s “affair” — hey that got Brandi kicked off — and Lisa R does not want to take the blame for HER bringing up Muchhaussens! LR brought it up, sui generis! No one stuffed the words into her big fat mouth!! But LR wants to blame LVP. Big motives there to attack LVP. ALSO– if they take down Alpha Dog — then Eilenn and her surrogate LR are Alpha Dog. I see Eileen turn into her evil soapy duble twin– all the time on camera– like Eileen yelling to Katherine on the boat “DONT YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO!”” and swooping in to eavesdrop on Kyle’s private conversation with LVP. In my opinion, LVP is nowehere near being the B that these conniving witches are.

    • gapeachinsc

      Oh Puddy, I love Vanderpump but imo she most certainly is a conniving bitch – she just handles herself much differently.

  31. Shae

    TT, I agree with you completely, but you knew that already. I’ve rehashed my position on this circus more times than I care to admit. You just can’t talk sense to people who are determined to think otherwise.

  32. Puddy

    And I agree with Tp that the way Lisa R treats Kim is terrible – shunning her and judging her for having substance issues. In my experience, most addicts have been the victims of trauma as a child and have a lot of pain and need compassion — not to be shamed when they already suffer from overwhelming feelings of shame — and attacked by a woman who looks like a puffer fish – and I only say that – bc Lisa R’s treatment of Kim has been disgraceful. Why attack someone who is already so fragile and who needs kindness and understanding. SHAME ON LISA RINNA. .

    • Shae

      Addict or not, and I say this as an addict in recovery, Kim’s behavior was beyond atrocious. Lisa was caring and compassionate to her until she crossed the last line and attached and slandered her husband. Be serious. Lisa knew was addict behavior was and she pointed it out when she was forced to ride in a car with kim all types of high…it’s uncomfortable, it’s alarming and everyone around you is acting like this is somehow ok. I don’t think how she handled it was wrong at all, she told him TO HER FACE, do you need help, we’re concerned? Kim laughed at her. That’s to be expected, but there was no malice on Lisa’s part, she just saw the reality for what it was.. kim is NOT sober, kim is lying, kim is in serious trouble and nobody is addressing it.

      It doesn’t take long of being on the receiving end of an addict’s shenanigans before people have had enough…and kim in her use is especially difficult. I think the only thing Lisa has to be sorry for are the threatening texts she sent Kim after the trip, that was not wise and she clearly lost her patience. Understandable but not ok, and she has apologized for that.

      Lisa was attacked all season for calling out what was clearly playing before our very eyes, kim was lying through her teeth, using, and in serious trouble while simultaneously attacking and being vicious to those around her…her sister & friends. Kim suffers from many issues, and I can 100% relate and sympathize, but she was a horror show and Lisa was not wrong to observe that.

      If Kim was working ANY type of program she would be taking responsibility for her behavior, lies, and actions and would be on her way toward making amends…not seeking out Lisa at a party to reiterate how “hurt” she felt. That is not what someone working a program in recovery would do.

      • Shae

        Which I say with sadness, because I always hope when someone hits bottom and seeks help that they come out the other side.

      • koko

        Couldn’t agree more and I have to give Lisa R credit for not engaging with Kim at that time.

      • peachteachr

        Brava, Shae, for seeing Kim the addict and for your recovery. I am so tired of seeing people defend Kim. Perhaps she is a wounded soul, but so are we all. She is an especially vile addict and I’ve known a few.

      • Calipatti

        Shae your comment is on point. I’ve thought Kim has been using something, alcohol and/or drugs for at least 25 +/- years.
        I doubt her family knows a clean Kim, so the non-rambling Kim is acceptable.
        With the family’s money and connections I wonder if Kim has had a brain scan. It would show the damage, the cause or not.
        A good tool to use for the hard headed cases.

  33. caily

    New member of the Rinna Fan Club -> Tamara. Well, we all know that Tamara is biased against LVP. It’s hard to even read her summations about the show, she is so off base. Betcha money you won’t see this post on this blog. Some strange reason it will be listed as a duplicate post and never appear ~rolls eyes~ like all the rest of those that don’t agree with her.

  34. How truly manipulative and nasty LVP is can be seen in the facts:

    She was able to manipulate Brandi, telling her that she should bring the magazines about Maricio’s infidelities on their trip – but in her Machiavellian way she was able to do this and not have it caught on camera nor have anyone other than Brandi say it happened.

    She made a nasty “there goes our storyline” comment at Rinna’s birthday dinner party full of people with cameras rolling and microphones strapped to everyone – but somehow manipulated everyone, but LisaR, into forgetting all about it.

    She was able to manipulate LisaR into talking about Munchhausens on camera, when it was LisaR’s hairdresser who was talking to LisaR, and only LisaR, about it (how did the dastardly LVP even find out about it??) . Rinna talked about it at the luncheon, and then again with Yolanda, and then again with Yolanda, apologizing about it! – this manipulation has to have been the best one of all – or it was either that or having to have her back waxed for her next storyline, I’m not really sure about that one.

    LVP is truly a master of manipulation – how else can she get all these people to go against their good judgement and do all these horrible things, AND not have a trace of it on film?

  35. Puddy

    To Toolate2care: Are you saying that Lisa R, the self proclaimed champion of telling people to “own their own shit” – should be able to blame LVP for LR’s “own shit”??? Has the lip filler reached LR’s brain? Does she want to claim mental disability,

  36. Queen of the Nile

    Analyzing LVP’s behavior doesn’t really interest me very much. I know it’s entertaining on some level – especially relative to her relationships with, and manipulations of, the other women. But … the real fascination for me is Yolanda. There is something so deeply off with her. She could be a psychoanalyst’s dream mental case study.

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      I agree with that. How does she manage to be so demanding with these women about earning her friendship and trust when she not only makes zero attempt to socialize with them outside of filmingbut she also criticizes them for not making an effort? Why do they still seem to revere her?

      • Lime Brain


        You just hit the nail on the head, BHEyes!

        I watch it and I cannot figure out why they all need her approval. She’s barely even on the show. And when she is on, she’s always putting them down.

        They should all tell her to take a flying leap. Maybe next season. Now that she’s all better…

        Damn. Now I’m feeling sorry for Rinna because they all left her out to dry. Even Eileen did too. I’m sure Rinna told her what the story line was going to be before they started filming.

      • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

        Lime Brain – I think the only one who doesn’t fawn over Yolanda and is happy just to co-exist is LVP and THAT is Yolanda’s real problem with her. I suspect Yolanda was used to being Top Dog particularly amongst her Santa Barbara set. I think she is beyond competitive and dare I say it even to the extent that when her BFF met a handsome French dude and got a terminal illness Yolanda also had to have a more dramatic illness that required flying around the world but she never got the undying romance from DF that she demanded. She has been the rotten apple in the bowl since she joined and yet she gets away with it time and time again. Yolanda is the true HBIC of that show as much as I hate the idea.

    • CoBe

      Queen, agreed.

      And BH, TOTALLY on point. I also think Yolanda knows that LVP knows all about Yolanda’s past. That scares her.

  37. iloveearlgrey

    I like Eileen, but I also like LVP. Why do people act like you have to choose one or the other?

    • Shae

      They shouldn’t, I like them all lol

    • PaganChick

      I totally get what you are saying.

      I like all of them, even Yolanda sometimes. It’s weird because I like all of them based solely on the entertainment value.

      I liked Yolanda in the beginning because she was so hypocritical about things. “There is nothing uglier than a drunk woman” only to have her befriend Brandi of all people, and defend Brandi’s drunken shenanigans.

      I like LisaR because she has been an unabashed fan of the show and would frequently call any and all of them out on WWHL when she would show up as a guest.

      I like Eileen because OMG I have been a soap fan for YEARS – I would watch the “stories” with my grandma, mom, and babysitter all the time.

      I like Kyle because she is a total Heather, and the movie Heathers was my first introduction to what truly awaited me when it came to “Mean Girls” in high school.

      I like Lisa VanderPump because she is so ridiculously over the top and obviously putting on airs – as though she knows that the colonists – Not saying she refers to Americans that way, but I can totally see it – won’t see past her accent and realize she is as tacky and fame-whorey as the rest of the Houswives (she signed up for a Housewives show after doing d-list tv dramas dahling).

      I like Kathryn because she has the same “runtelldat” nature that Ericka employed, and she still has a wait and see attitude when it comes to the rest of the women when it comes to her blogs.

      I like Ericka because I don’t know anything about her other than the fact that she managed to bag a really rich guy who will bankroll her alter ego.

      All of that should have made for a very interesting and entertaining season. And yet, BRAVO managed to screw it up again. I honestly blame BRAVO’s producers for the shit show of a season this was.

      Instead of giving us what actually happened, we are left trying to decipher things said on camera from the women’s blog posts about things that happened off camera. Instead of actually showing us what happened, we are trying to pretend that the women don’t have mic packs, PR handlers, cameras, and producers hovering around them.

      I know a lot of people will think that without the teams and the allegiances there wouldn’t be a show, but Orange County became a phenomenon without any of the staged gatherings. And that show spawned every other franchise of the housewives.

  38. bria

    TT, you are so hilarious, am cracking out and might apirate on my lunch. I took an early lunch break to indulge in this guilty pleasure. You just shut the lid on this Muchausen madness. Good job!
    Yolande is a typical text book example of muchausen syndrome, even though it’s very common among parents over their kids.
    You are the best blogger in impacting knowledge and in a subtle way throwing down witty jokes
    I am confused as to why people are mad at Lisa Rinna for saying what we are thinking. This is our world today….

  39. Palatial

    Thanks TT for giving me a place to read about RHOBH. I really appreciate an intelligent analysis. I did not find Eileen to be boring at all! She was rather brilliant actually.

  40. Jaded

    My problem with Lisa Vanderpump is the perfection. She isn’t perfect and yet everybody acts like rabid dogs when anything gets said about her. I don’t get it. She doesn’t seem to be a shrinking violet that needs everyone in her corner. Why can’t she face scrutiny? It just boggles my mind.

  41. Rubbishhousewife

    I’m not on Twitter, but the comments here have prompted me to have a browse around because what I’m seeing here is that the Vanderpump fans are supposedly abusive lunatics one and all. What I’ve observed is some perhaps a little, er, over devoted, zealous people. But the worst abuse I’ve seen today on Twitter is from the author of this blog….so the argument just isn’t looking very credible.
    And that’s me done. For the record, I’m not offended by any of the names I’m about to be called: me holding the opinion that you’re an angry fooking mess who can’t handle differences and me being offended are not the same thing.
    Peace and love and all that, over and out.

  42. If you rewatch the scene when LisaR/LVP/Kyle are talking about Yolanda’s “Munchhausen”, LVP clams up right when Eileen walks in. IMHO, she knew that if they had continued that convo right then that Eileen would have shut it down and she didn’t want that.

  43. Josie

    I believe Yo has munch and am glad Rinna brought it up. LV even supported Rinna about the inconsistencies. The anger from Rinna seems to be that even if LV encouraged her and she chose to do it then the onus still lies on her. How is Rinna owning it by trying to drag LV who probably believes it too but cant say it on camera because of her friendship with Mohammed? How is the nonstop bullying of Eileen and Rinna to turn Kyle against LV for “encouraging” her ok?

    Someone encourages my kid to cut class. He is getting grounded. He did it. I dont care who encouraged him.

    Eileen isnt on a thruth crusade. She is pissed because of her endless apology seeking and she wanted revenge on LV via Rinna. Eileen never heard any of the conversations yet she acts like this is her crusade.

    I dont get Eileen saying Erika was thrown under the bus. Erika said it on camera. Katryn told LV. LV didnt ask for endless apologies. Big deal. How is that getting thrown under the bus?

  44. lvp is an egomaniacal, overacting bitch who thinks too highly of herself and tries too hard.

  45. Queen of the Nile

    It’s the “two foot long snake worm parasite” that needs that pallet up her butt for a place to sleep.

  46. Donna

    The reason that Eileen/Ashley is going after Lisa V is that she is in the process of coming out with a product. She is branding herself. Is there another “cast” member that she can go after and get free publicity?

  47. Judith Darrah

    Wow! If anyone has any doubts as to LVPs treachery think about this: when Lisa R. First mentioned munchausen, someone asked about the kids. LVP said that Mohammid says they aren’t sick. That immediately made everyone suspect Yolanda of lying. Flash forward and LVP changes it to say the kids are fine (I.e. No symptoms). That’s a big difference. It was a subtle thing but it made Yolanda seen suspect. That’s the subtle way LVP works.

  48. O.O

    I wonder if Eileen would be making this her mission had Lisa not been so unkind to her .
    I actually stopped liking Lisa from whatever season it is Joyce was on , for me that’s when I saw her true colors .
    I too was confused about the phone call thing . I had no idea she called her 10 times in one day.tisk tisk busted again . I actually believed she rarely called her .
    Lisa Rinna is supposed to be a grown woman with a brain of her own, it was her decision to follow Lisa Vandepumps lead .I guess Lisa knows who to prey on however , It’s enough already this is Brandi Magazine-gate all over again

  49. Ann mootz

    Disagree with this analysts.
    The way I’m viewing this is Rinna’s hairdresser mentions M word?
    We know Rinna discussed it with Eileen before any one else on the show especially on camera.

    We know it’s a big topic of conversation in the Hamlin home. Harry corrects Rinna’s statement “I didn’t say whether she’s sick or not”. Had to retract that for fear its misconstrued they at any point did not believe she was really sick and did in fact suffer from munchausens?

    Rinna claims to have had lunch with Kyle sans LVP to discuss munchausens.

    Rinna assumes Kyle spoke to LVP about the lunch because when they go LVP home to talk on camera – Rinna claims LVP knows about the munchausens claim from the hairdresser and this is NOT the first time either woman talked about munchausens?

    Without further adieu munchausens is brought up on camera. LVP AND Kyle both fein shock at what appears to be the first time this is talked about. Enter Eileen…again ….she too is in shock that the M word is even mentioned!

    Now IF we’re to believe Rinna and Eileen account of what’s happened until this point – the entire scene was staged and set up for the BH storyline AND LVP mastermind the entire story from the hairdresser to Kyle’s claim that she had mysterious illnesses and it turned out to be depression.
    Eileen and Kyle used their master thespian skills that day to convince the audience that this never crossed anyone’s mind let alone their lips!?!?!?

    No one except LVP even hints they shouldn’t be talking about this least of all the voice of reason Eileen Davidson?!?!

    Now Rinna tells us at the reunion the night they filmed her birthday (after Harry says what HE now denies saying)…LVP says “there goes our fucking storyline!”
    No one can confirm this. Not Harry, Not Kyle, Not the cameras, etc…. But according to Eileen and Rinna they were ALL in cahoots to make Yolanda’s fake illness the entire storyline for this season of RHBH! LVP is being nailed to the cross because SHE and she alone made them all conspire to do this when according to Rinna’s blogs and outbursts, LVP was the last of them to know about this “storyline”?

    She goes one step further and says after lunch at LVP’s house when they set us up LVP runs after Rinna with no cameras and no Eileen and says I thought you were going to bring Kyle in to it. Did she say this? I believe she did as dies Kyle IF we’re to believe they ALL conspired to use this as a storyline. It makes sense in the scenario that Rinna and Kyle had lunch sans LVP and Eileen to discuss this as a potential “storyline”?

    The bottom line is:

    Rinna says her hairdresser brought up munchausens.

    Rinna & Kyle discuss it at lunch sans LVP.

    We know Rinna discussed it with Eileen prior to the lunch sans LVP.

    We know Rinna discussed it with Harry sans LVP.

    We know Kyle was the only one to discuss it with LVP prior to talking about it on camera.

    Why the hell is all this LVP’s fault?
    Why is LVP the “only” liar?
    Why is it about LVP & Yo not liking each other?
    Why is LVP the evil queen who manipulates everyone in to her bidding?
    Why is no one else the “bad” guy here for the conspiracy to doubt Yolanda’s illness?
    Why is Eileen hell bent on getting Rinna to turn on LVP?
    Why is no one checking for dirt on Eileen’s hands?
    Why was it ok with Eileen for Rinna to make such a fool out of herself by bringing it up on camera in the first place?
    Where was Eileen’s compassion for her sick friend Yolanda when they were ALL including her conspiring to make this a storyline and her dear friend Rinna would be the bearer of this horrible news???

    Rinna and Eileen keep spouting how Rinna “owns” it?? What exactly is she owning?

    Do they want LVP to say that it was all a set up for a storyline? Then why is the onus solely on LVP to admit it and not Kyle, Davidson and Rinna??

  50. Tp

    I officially hate Lisa Rinna ! She is a bulldog with everyone else and will go over and over something and force the other women to own their s***! (That’s actually her s***) but when she’s called on the awful things that she says and she can’t weasel out of it and blame someone else, her response is that she’s human and she doesn’t want to discuss it. She is so blatantly hypocritical it’s crazy! I wish she’d go and take Eileen with her. she takes the problems of other people personally as if she’s God and they are beholding to her. It’s nuts! She’s nuts!

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