Teen Mom 2 Recap: Hindsight Is Just Reliving The Nightmare

Teen Mom Chelsea and Cole


When I have to record Teen Mom as a rerun in the wee hours of the morning the shows don’t always start on time. This is one of those times. So I will probably miss some of the ending drama tonight.


Chelsea and Cole are in Puerto Rico while Aubree stays with her mom. I really thought this is where he would pop the question. What is the reason for this trip? Chelsea seems to be wondering the same thing. “This is our honeymoon…. our engagementmoon.” There is a scene where  they conveniently find two starfish in the water and Chelsea poses for a photo with them on her boobs. And for some reason I am reminded of going to Saint Simons with a church group in high school and bring a bag of shells and sand dollars I had found back on the bus. This caused a major uproar about three hours into the trip back home when the bus stank to high heaven.  I certainly didn’t want to own up to it though. I think I was discovered as the culprit. Or maybe they just found my stash of stinky shells. lol.

At her grandmother’s house, Aubree does some major acting out for the cameras  and then tells her grandma quite seriously that her real dad won’t play games with her but that Cole will. It was kind of sad.

Every time Adam says he is asking for more custody of Aubree he brings up Paisley. It would be super convenient for him if his two babies mothers could just get together and coordinate their schedule around him.

When Chelsea and Cole get back her mom fills her in on how sad Aubree was that her dad never plays with her. Chelsea really does want to replace Adam with Cole as Aubree’s dad, even though she knows she can’t make that happen.


Teen Mom Kailyn


Javi goes to pick up Isaac from school and brings his brother with him.  Isaac gets in the car and says that today he was “so close to eating all his food.” As a teacher, I know exactly what this means for elementary kids. They do not have enough time to eat their lunch. If the line is slow, they still have to leave at the time they have to leave so that the other kids can rotate in. It’s really awful and they don’t always let kids take food out. #TeacherTopic

Kailyn and Javi talk about plans for his deployment. He leaves in a week. So  Kailyn wants Isaac all week and hopes Jo may be able to help out more while Javi is gone.

Kail’s community college class is apparently about where or not women should call each other bitches. I cannot begin to imagine what course title and number this is.

Issac’s really, really sad that Javi is going overseas. Javi spends a lot of quality time with Isaac when he is home.

Jo seems a lot happier on this show. I am glad to see that. I have always been pulling for Jo to get it together.


Teen Mom 2 Leah


Jeremy and Leah meet in a parking lot for the kid drop off. He is returning their girl to Leah. But she is NOT having it and does not want to go home to Leah. The parents play a terrible game with Addie asking her where she wants to go. This is awful. She has to go with Leah because Jeremy is going out of town for work. She clearly wants to stay with Jeremy. Now Leah is going to be pissed off.  She puts the kid in the back seat where we can see it looks like a hoarder lives in the back of the car. Sigh. Leah is super happy though. She is giving Jeremy her best school girl crush look. Jeremy asks if they can get together and talk soon. He doesn’t say about what, but Leah looks like she is picking out wedding dresses for her third marriage in her head. It’s probably something like, “He, you’re a drug addict and I want my mom to raise the kid when I am out of town and you to go to rehab for like a year, and check back in with us then.

Corey has a chat with Alleah about her daily report saying she does not follow directions. She says the teachers are liars. Apple, tree.

Leah talks with her sister about Jeremy showing up at Ali’s concert. Leah gets all emotional telling her sister that he didn’t go for custody while she was “in treatment”  like Corey did because he knows what a great mom she is. Hmmmmm.

It seems like we have a damn birthday party in a germy indoor playground every week. I can’t take the background noise and I am not even there. Leah talks about how great she is doing and how much “treatment” helped. It’s almost like someone has changed from downers to uppers.

So the DVR ended while Leah and Jeremy met for dinner and drinks. They seemed to be reminiscing about getting back together. I have mixed feeling about this and hope to hear more on the after show.  Jeremy says that he thinks the show makes the moms look great and the guys look like assholes. Has he seen Leah this season?

On the after show, Jeremy says he was not interested in getting back with Leah. He brought a hot girlfriend with him to the show. Jeremy says that Leah’s behavior on the show pisses him off. Corey tries to stay neutral. Actually, Corey tries to look less cute and perfect, but he can’t.


Teen Mom 2 Jenelle


Babs, Jenelle, Jace and the donut all go out to eat and catch up with each other. Jace says he falls asleep at school. I blame the parents. #TeacherTopic   Janelle and David are going to NYC for her birthday. David’s sister will be watching the donut. Oh I doubt that very seriously. Jenelle has changed her number so that Nathan can’t call her. Classy. Babs says that she needs to set up visitation with Nathan on the condition his new squeeze drops the assault charges.

Jenelle and David take off for NYC. Meanwhile, Nathan hasn’t seen the donut for five weeks. Christmas is approaching and he wants to see his kid.

In NYC, Janelle gets some sort of video game box or something? You know one of those things every busy mother of two needs. She drinks all day and they hang out in the club until the sun comes up. Happy Birthday indeed.  But the next day, someone tweets Janelle that Nathan is saying that she won’t let him see the donut for Christmas. Jenelle is now all mad. Nathan has not even asked to see the donut. Um, didn’t she say she changed her number? And he has had since October to file for custody!  Because you know, it’s not her job to make sure her son sees his father.  Janelle says Nathan is faking his interest in the donut and she wishes people could see that. Um, that sounds like projection to me. Aren’t you the one in NYC while leaving your kid with the felon of the month’s sister who you barely know? We haven’t seen any Facetime check in with your kid.

Babs calls Jenelle on her actual birthday, which is apparently after two full nights of pretend birthday celebrations so that Jace can wish her happy birthday. Jenelle considers calling to see if the donut is still breathing but opts to just see him when she sees him.

OMG David’s stupidity at the 40 minute mark is EPIC. He may be dumber than even Keifer! On the after show they fire off questions to the guys. One of David’s was, “What’s one thing on your bucket list?” And he says “Uh….ice and beer.”  Because you know, that is his favorite thing to put in a bucket. I’m not kidding.  What was the first car he ever owned?  “Uh, I dunno, …. um Mazda?”   What would your porn start name be?  “Um… Uncle Dave?” YIKES! Everyone is laughing at these answers and the  Uncle Dave thing made everyone uncomfortable and the dude has no idea what is happening around him.  Later he says they have told Nathan several times just to send pics that he has the stuff to take care of a baby and he can see his kid and he just doesn’t do it. So, “He’s dumb!” Nathan is a nuclear physicist compared to this one.

David looks really creepy on the after show.


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5 responses to “Teen Mom 2 Recap: Hindsight Is Just Reliving The Nightmare

  1. JustJenn

    When Chelsea Facetimed her daughter it was so sweet…I knew we’d never see the same thing out of Jenelle. The “Moms” on this show are really starting to depress me..the poor children are getting to the age where they are wise enough to take everything that these dumbasses do to heart.

    The after show was adorable minus David. And Adam.

  2. Wampascat

    Leah was pathetic at how she threw herself at Jeremy. Then, she’s so blasted at dinner, Jeremy is just disgusted. Leah sloppy drunk cries through her salad. Fun times. I didn’t see the point.

    • jen

      She blew her second marriage all before turning 22. Id cry too. I just wish she would get help….she is so young and could have at least 5 more kids and 4 more husbands but in all seriousness she really has a lot to live for with three daughters. I wish she would just get help now.

  3. jen

    Omg I just laughed so hard I cried reading the entire part about Janelle. Donut is such a cute baby. I hope babs starts parenting soon.

  4. jen

    I just cannot wait to hear the “you are the worst boyfriend you eva had.”

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