Scheana Marie’s Neighbor Is Suing Her Because of Her Constant Pot Parties!

Pump Rules Scheana Marie


UPDATE:  Scheana’s rep has released the following statement.

“The [Shays] have never received a complaint from a fellow neighbor or building management relating to marijuana smoke stemming from their residence. However, there was a recent issue with a neighboring apartment, which was vacated in December 2015, that had received many complaints. While the [Shays] do have a black cat, their pet has never been allowed outside access. The cat in question belongs to another resident in the building. It should also be noted that all neighbors sharing a wall with the complainant neighbor have been named in the lawsuit against the landlord, security patrol, property management, etc., seeking a greatly reduced rent.”

When I saw the TMZ headline that a #PumpRules cast member was being sued for puffing up the whole damn floor of their apartment building, I had no idea which SURver to choose.  Frankly, none of them would surprise me. Remember when Scheana gave her husband permission to keep smoking weed and drinking a little?  Well, according to her neighbor she’s a big ole pothead. So is she bulimic too? Because don’t pot heads get the munchies a lot? She is very, very thin. I’m just saying.

A guy who shares a wall with Scheana and his family that includes young kids are constantly gagging on the smoke that somehow gets in his apartment.

He has filed a civil suit against Scheana claiming that he has suffered damages from all the smoke, and I’d assume he mentions health concerns for the kids as well.  He is also suing his landlord for damages related to the habitability of his apartment.

gif: T.Kyle RealityTVGifs

gif: T.Kyle RealityTVGifs

The building is a high rise and the complaining neighbor also says that Scheana leaves the cat outside with its food and water which attracts ants that have infested his apartment.  Don’t you wonder how the damn ants get into high rise apartments in the first place?  It would seem much easier for them to find available food on the ground level.  Does she leave the cat out all day while she is at work so it has a place to pee? Can’t she even feed the cat in the apartment? Is she putting it out so it doesn’t get stoned?

So, I wonder when Scheana’s rent is up? Is she going to have to pack up her giant posters of herself and move again? Was she living in a highrise during the show

Heh. I said “highrise”. Heh.  Does California even allow smoking cigarettes in apartment buildings? Would smoking in your apartment for say medicinal purposes be allowed? Because California went HAM on smoking a decade ago, kind of like Boston where they will scream at you from their cars for smoking on the sidewalk.

See “highrise” is FUNNY because, HIGH. Get it? See what I did there? :)


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40 responses to “Scheana Marie’s Neighbor Is Suing Her Because of Her Constant Pot Parties!

  1. V

    Did he complain to the landlord first and the landlord failed to do anything so thats why he is suing her directly?

  2. LOL at the coincidence that tomorrow is 420 day. Puff puff everybody :)

  3. Dana Bauer

    I lived in Los Angeles for 34 years. Moved to Missouri 3 year s ago. My apartment complex never said or posted anything about smoking in one’s own apt. May have changed in 3 years, but I think it would have made the news. As an attempt to set a precedent.

  4. Dana Bauer

    Have I been banned from commenting?

  5. Kiyoshigirl

    Well, this windows licker thinks Scheana needs to invest in a vaping pen that doesn’t emit noxious odors. This is what happens to spoiled children who never had to hide their pot smoking from their parents. They never learned how to cover up the stank.

  6. Adderall keeps those pesky munchies at bay. Allegedly.

  7. Dee

    Doesn’t Mike live with her? I’m assuming that the neighbor did try to talk to Scheana about the smell. Where would she leave a cat in a high-rise? On a balcony, hallway? Odd

    • tamaratattles

      See when you live in a high rise… oh never mind. I guess I should have been more specific. When you live in a high rise with your cat unattended you put them out on the BALCONEY with a bowl and that is how the ants…. oh nevermind.

    • tamaratattles

      And yes. Mike who is her HUSBAND does indeed live with her. This is why it is not necessary to repeatedly post on comments about shows you do not in fact watch. IJS.

      • Dee

        I watch, I just wondered why she is only one getting sued. Sorry

      • Dee

        Wow! Have I done something to offend you? I watch all of the shows. I sincerely apologize if my comments irritate you. I’ll just read quietly teacher :)

  8. More Tea Please!

    This explains why she would never put her foot down and demand that her hubby get completely clean.

    • GIA

      Of course because she doesn’t want it to impact her own partying. I’m convinced she actually is an alcoholic. She’s a selfish person.

  9. JustJenn

    What an idiot leaving her cat on a balcony all day in CA where it’s fucking hot. Don’t get an animal if you don’t want to take care of it properly for the rest of it’s, or your, life.

    And I never really watch Pump Rules, but I know who Scheana is and didn’t even recognize her in the top pic. I’ll never understand why younger women mess with their perfectly fine faces.

    • GIA

      That’s because she’s a selfish person. It’s hotter than hell on patios in Calif unless they are completely shaded in and even then, an animal has no way to avoid the heat if they can’t get inside away from those temperatures.

    • queenmarie

      I cannot imagine anyone leaving their cat on a balcony all day, unless maybe she isn’t that high up. Poor kitty.

  10. GIA

    Scheana is the skank in the stank. She appears to be a pretty face without much else going on except partying. Her husbands decline is directly related to the decision to be in a relationship with a person like this. I wonder why none of these people have aspirations beyond working for the ability to “party” on the weekends?

  11. Beignet

    Does she not know what a litter box is? Or too selfish to have one in the house? My cousin was so pissed when he got a letter from his landlord for letting his Golden Retriever pee outside on his balcony down onto his neighbor below.. Dumb asses…

  12. RealityBites

    Every time I scroll past this picture I think that Scheana is Jessica from Shahs, and then think how much alike they are. Botox, filler Drama queens…all about the weddings those two.

  13. Kim

    This is a great little trick I learned while I was away at college: (Necessities: empty roll of TP, rubber band). One of the first valuable lessons you learn living in a dorm if you smoke pot: take a toilet paper/cardboard cylinder (what’s left after you use all the TP), take a sheet of fabric softener, put the softener sheet at one end of the cardboard TP cylinder, take a rubber band & wrap the rubber band around the sheet of oftener entirely over that one end, when you smoke, blow it through & the “screen” of fabric softener & it will filter the smoke & instead of smelling pot, smells just like fabric softener. Hopefully I’ve explained it clearly so you can at least picture it. It now looks like an aempty TP tube with a fabric softener sheet rubber banned at the other end, creating the filter. The room will smell like fabric softener, not pot. Hope IV explained it clearly. Worked WELL for me back & my friends in school. No complaints & never got caught! Google it if you find my description unclear.

  14. i live 7 miles out of boston and i smoke on the streets all the time. if someone dared to yell at me for smoking they are gonna get it right back. my apt.blg. is going smoke-free as of may 1st and i will have to go outside to smoke. lady cocotte, i totally agree with you on the adderral or maybe coke or both will def kill her appetite. she is looking cadaverish this season.

  15. Cat

    Ants are weird creatures. I worked in a hotel once, and they had an ant problem on the 4th floor. Nowhere else. They just liked the 4th floor for some reason.

    • Terri

      That’s Stephen King-ish. lol Come to think of it, so is Scheana Marie. Further, Scheana should not be allowed to own a living creature, a cat or a Mike.

  16. Lindsay

    Man all I want to do when I puff is eat, so yeah, I’m also wondering how she’s so skinny…

  17. jen

    What a bitch about the cat. Poor cat. I’d hate to be Scheana’s cat in the first place but she is abusive to it. Pot smoke has such a strong smell but I suppose if she smokes a lot then that would justify a lawsuit. Who does the sniff test to prove it? Couldn’t she just move before that point? I smell pot smoke so often it doesn’t phase me anymore but it would piss me off if I had to smell it my house or my children had to. I wish I knew what she ate when she had the muchies because she stays thin, another reason she is a bitch. Also will she now face criminal charges since its illegal recreational in CA?

  18. Nancy (the other one)

    My next door neighbor smokes a lot of weed outside in his backyard and it blows into mine. I have never thought to complain, because in California you can smoke medical marijuana legally. Weed is basically legal here.

  19. Jane Grey

    Certainly not a Scheana fan, but it sounds like her neighbour may be a litigious jerk.

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