Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion 2016 Part 1: Butt Pellets And Munchausen

RHOBH reunion looks


I was more surprised than usual to see this show in my DVR tonight. I think I am getting old timers because every damn day I have no idea what I am supposed to recap until I look at what the DVR is going to record.  At some point this week I forgot all about the reunion and actually thought it was all over.  I think that is because we have talked this season to death.  I’ve written a million Yolanda posts and almost as many Rinna Posts. Over the season I have read more about Lyme disease, Chronic Lyme Disease (or the lack of such a thing). neurological Lyme Disease and whatever other names and co-infections and whackadoodle treatments  Yolanda came up with and how that affects her impending divorce. I think another reason I feel like we have already done this is that they put out so many clips and pictures. I am disappointed we are not starting backstage.

We start with someone asking where Kathryn gets off telling Eileen to spend 10K on handbags.  Kathryn says maybe on three and they are investments. Kyle says she has some of her mother’s and will pass them down. Look Andy, enough with the softballs questions about ponies and handbags and sunglasses.

Time for an Erika package.  Andy calls LVP out for wearing the same Tom Ford dress that Erika wore in her talking head. LVP points out that Erika just wore the top and she has the dress. Oh Pinky and her pitiful one ups. I am not a fan of any of the dresses on that couch, but it is the best dress LVP has ever worn to a reunion. She usually looks very matronly. Erika talks about how much Tom’s partners in the firm and their wives hated on her every day when she first got married.  I have literally seen every moment of this reunion so far on the Internet. Everyone sucks up to Erika. Then Andy starts subtly pushing some buttons Erika doesn’t with to respond to, “submissive,” “traditional marriage,”  Yolanda jumps in and sort of veers the topic off to Erika Jayne.  Erika Jayne’s face briefly registered that she did not appreciate the assistance, then she moved on to not answer catsuit questions. Erika Jayne is handling her first reunion like a seasoned pro.


RHOBH Reunion left


On to Yolanda, first with some softballs about Gigi and the refrigerator. But now on to David and Yolanda’s divorce. They show a montage of David and Yolanda scenes and Eileen cries. This concerns me. I am worried about Eileen and her marriage.  Sidenote: Yolanda has freshly bleached hair and really good haircut.  Yolanda now says she was sick when she got married. It started a few months before the wedding and she “dropped off the planet.” Hmmm. As someone who dropped off the planet for a good five years, and only recently climbed back on, I can tell you she was still on the planet.  Everyone expresses condolences about he divorce except LVP who asks, “Were you blindsided, or did you know? Did you know that night at Harrys? Flashback to bar scene where LVP and Yolanda were fighting.”   Yolanda bites back with. “No, I was emotional about you!”  LVP asks her again if “she knew anything that night?”  then, “So you didn’t know anything then?” and then, “So was the marriage crumbling or what?”  They plan to Eileen  who we can imagine is thinking,” See? This is what she did to me? She kept prying on a sensitive subject!”  Yolanda says no it was not crumbling they had a fight on November 2nd.

Andy does the poking this time, “What was it a fight or a discussion?”   She said not a physical fight a disagreement. Andy then asks again, “Where you blindsided?”  Yolanda says yes, she was she didn’t feel they were at the end of the road. She wished they could have waited until she was  100% well so they could have dealt with their marital issues.  THEN Andy says, ” So it was not your choice?”  Yolanda says, ” You know, it’s together. It doesn’t really matter. It came to a halt. We came to  a dead end.”  Yolanda says she doesn’t want to sit on the couch and analyze her marriage with them, it’s private. AND THEN Andy goes on, ” Do you blame your illness for the divorce?”  Seriously Andrew, only you could make me feel sorry for Yolanda. This is uncalled for!  Andy goes on,”Do you think if you had not been ill you would still be together?” Yolanda says probably.  Andy asks, ” What is your contact like now?”  Yolanda says, “We… we’re taking time.”  Andy jumps in, “Apart?”  Yes dipshit, that is what divorcing people do. They take time apart. They have no kids. They have no reason to communication except through attorneys.  WOULD YOU PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK MOVE ON?

Andy now opens the floor for others to discuss Yolanda’s divorce on national television.  So of course LVP jumps in saying she was gobsmacked! She thought they were solid! David is such a great guy!  Wow.

RHOBH reunion erika

And calls on Erika and asks her to speak about whether or not Yolanda called her and discussed it with her. Erika says she has not answered that question and out of respect for her friend she will not answer. Yolanda says she can and Erika says NO! I fucking LOVE Erika. I hope she follows up with, let’s move on to another topic.  But she doesn’t and Andy jumps in saying that looking back the signs were all there.

Next Andy brings up that Kyle said that when her mother died she had many of the same symptoms Yolanda has. Does she think that Yolanda’s marital issues could have contributed to her illness? REALLY ANDY?  Kyle is a doctor now?

Next it’s time for another wallop from good friend Pinky who says, basically the truth, but damn I’ve never seen LVP to take this many swings with her own fists! LVP says doesn’t she think menopause has a lot to do with it? And now Yolanda adds another treatment. She says she has  pallet of some sort implanted in her butt that they use to check her hormones every three months and she is just peachy thank you very much. These two are going head to head in a very nice nasty sort of way.  Rinna wants the pallet in her butt. SIGN ME UP FOR A PALLET IN MY BUTT TOO!  I bet phones will be RINGING OFF THE HOOK FOR BUTT PALLETS FIRST THING TOMORROW. Apologies, gentlemen.

Okay so I had to stop everything to find out about butt pallates.  Apparently, it is butt pellets! It’s basically a surgical implant that has to be done every three months. The first few things that come up are why it is a bad idea. It’s also expensive.  The pellets also can’t be removed if they get the doses wrong. Creams work better.  Moving on.

Yolanda says she was just circumstantially depressed but not clinically depressed. She seems to have forgotten all the suicidal ideation. She does remember being clinically depressed when she broke her back in 1999. SIGH. I can’t believe she can still tell that story with a straight face with all the photographic evidence to the contrary. THIS is when LVP should speak up. Yolanda says she doesn’t think she will ever marry again.

Absolutely none of Kathryn’s scenes other than the hearing aid stuff was genuine. So I really don’t care about this part. Except that Kyle tries to keep Kathryn from badmouthing Faye. Kyle gets a bit emotional defending her friend who is not there to defend herself. LVP grabs Kyle’s hands and says “There, there, don’t cry…”  And Yolanda rolls her eyes at Erika and says, “Wow. I wish she felt that strong about me.”  As usual this whole shit show is really about LVP and Yolanda as I said in my 4000+ word dissertation on RHOBH here.  Kyle really wants off the OJ subject.

Someone asked Kathryn why she was such a bully to Rinna about her eating. Erika says Rinna does not have any symptoms of an eating disorder, she has lots of energy, she doesn’t disappear into the bathroom, and some other stuff I forgot.  Then we move on to Kathryn’s dad dying. Kathryn has a breakdown and says she had a nephew die of a heroin overdose six weeks ago and she is a bit of a sensitive mess.


RHOBH reunion yo


Next up, Rinna and the Munchausen story. Okay, I need a restroom break and a drink before this.

Wow, LVP is going to jump in on this. LVP is back to hormones and depression. A commenter brings up that none of Yolanda’s stories make sense. LVP jumps in to agree. Andy brings up Yolanda jumping  off the boat in Greece or wherever.

Rinna says that when Yolanda came in to her birthday party and Ken said that Yo looked terrible, Harry told them to support her whether she was sick or not. And LVP said, “There goes our fucking storyline.” LVP adamantly denies it. Rinna says then she got a phone call from LVP encouraging her to say Munchausen. LVP denies that.  Rinna says she did it because LVP told her to.

Yolanda cries and runs off stage with Erika in her wake.


Next week: Kim is back with her sob story again. Eileen makes LVP cry.


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153 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion 2016 Part 1: Butt Pellets And Munchausen

  1. Lisa Rinna brought some receipts to this reunion.

    • Elizabeth

      She sure did… Phone records….

      • Oh, nice!! I haven’t seen it yet and only read Tamara’s blog. I’ll watch it Thursday night. I love it when they bring proof! I don’t doubt Rinna’s story for a second.

        And, LVP isn’t giving me a reason to doubt with the way she is going after Yolanda.

  2. Ughhhhh Yolanda!!?. Can’t believe a word that comes out of her journey…I mean mouth!!!

  3. redbluegreen

    Yolanda’s body language in the top photo is clear, but LVP’s body language confuses me.

  4. Naike

    I fell out when Rinna pulled out her phone records of having conversations with LVP. Totally, liked Erika look and the way she presented tonight. I really can’t with Kyle re Faye R.

    • Erika and Lisa Rinna looked great. I don’t ever see any comments about LR’s style but she really does dress well. All of the HW’s looked great but those two were my favorite looks.

      I like Yolanda’s hair quite a bit.

  5. Rinna brought phone records that weren’t even known but all that proves is that she talked with LVP on the phone at least 10 times over the course of 2 years.

    Her “best” defense was Sorry you encouraged me.
    Weak and expected. there just isn’t much of a defense when you make the decision to speak on something that is not your business…
    Yolanda gathered her a bit when rinna was trying hard to get attention during Erika’s p pat moment. Yolanda also was quite shady towards LVP and Kyle which is fine because they had it coming.
    Feel slightly bad for Kathryn. She got a bad edit. She doesn’t fit in the group so it’s not a loss.
    Rinna is deflecting so badly. None of the theatrics is going to make her look any better.

    • BeetsWhy

      I so disagree, I think that is exactly how it played out, it makes sense! LVP as a seasoned veteran of two bravo shows would know full well about storylines and would encourage someone less in the know to say certain things. it’s just a paycheck to her and she has some hefty payouts after the restaurant lawsuits.

      • MM in OC

        They are mic’d up the entire party. You don’t think production after all these years would show that even if they are breaking the 4th wall?? They’ve been out for LVP since season 2/3??? I think Rinna is either confused or exaggerating. I think she was freak out about 4 episodes into this storyline and was worried about taking a PR hit.

      • I agree with mm so she either ratted on production who was not going to show a clip of lvp saying that or she didn’t say it.
        Either way, how does the sorry you encouraged me defense work again,
        Bringing phone records proving they talked 10 times in 2 years and we didn’t even see the records proves what…she still did something that she wants Kyle and particularly lvp to share blame in.
        Glad Kyle called her out on that beach scene
        Such a gangsta when she’s talking smack about others with eileen

      • Ara

        Agree with BeetsWhy. It would be ridiculous to think they are mic-ed up 24 hours. According to that logic, production will know the ins and outs of everyone’s pooping habit, not to mention the sorrid details of Yo-Fosters divorce and Lyme drama.

  6. Josie

    LV says we had maybe 5 conversations and I rarely called you. Rinna jumps up screaming that LV said she “never” called her and starts waiving phone records that prove what? That is not what LV said. This is one reason why people think Rinna is off her rocker whether she is telling the thruth or not. She is so prone to exaggerating.

    We are back to LV “encouraging” her. Then it will be “directional” then back to “manipulating”. Merry go round. Sigh…Rinna opened her big mouth for whatever reason and now needs to own it.

    Also, did Harry really say that? Any reports out there where HH says Rinna is exagerating what he says? ?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Not exactly. It’s on a single-letter entertainment news site…

    • Deb in SF

      Thank you! That’s exactly right. LVP did not say she “never” called Rinna. Also, I thought it was Erika who said she just wore the top and LVP was wearing the whole dress. I’m not sharing TT’s LVP hate.

      • It is very very similar to be fair but yes I think recent events with those lvp Twitter trolls has something to do with the noticeable aim towards lvp.

    • This. Rinna opened her big mouth because she needed a storyline herself and she thought she was going to have the back upon the ogs. What would rinna storyline be without her butting into others business.
      It just backfired on her and if she was a woman about hers she’d learn a lesson that she should have learned at the reunion when medicated Kim got under that porcupine wig and exposed her true self.

      • ….. I found the whole Lisa Rina conversation with her agent “let’s make some money” a bit.. odd, like a high five. I think she’s playing the game hard even more so after Eileen’s blog about needing the work, or something to that affect.

      • Sliceo'pie

        I can’t imagine what Rinna’s storyline would be without her whipping herself up into a frenzy about someone else’s problems. In a show full of drama queen’s she takes the cake.

        I get it-she got played-she’s pissed and hurt and it sucks. Who amongst us hasn’t gotten played? But..the more she talks the more she minimizes her part in gossiping about Yolanda-nobody forced her to speak-in fact she seems to thrive on the drama. Who forced her to have the conversation on the beach about Yolanda being, “The biggest manipulator of them all” She realized mid-season that she was going to look like an ass on camera for gossiping about a, “Sick woman” and couldn’t undo all the nasty shit she put out there so she started scrambling, looking to bring the others down with her. She’s clearly looking for some kind of justice from Lisa Van P – Not gonna happen. Why would Lisa Van P cop to any of this? Ironically, it appears that even the fans that know that Lisa Van P. most likely manipulated Rinna still don’t feel sorry for her.

        Now we’re forced to watch her whip herself into a big dramatic frenzy for the reunion-It’s like she’s playing a part on a soap opera. Yawn.

      • tamaratattles

        “She realized mid-season that she was going to look like an ass on camera for gossiping about a, “Sick woman” and couldn’t undo all the nasty shit she put out there so she started scrambling, looking to bring the others down with her.”

        I could agree with your statement if you changed the words “nasty shit” to “the truth” or “the things everyone was wondering and talking about”

        I simply never expected so many to go bat shit on Rinna FOR SAYING All THE THING WE HAVE SAID HERE!

    • Matzah60

      It’s somewhat true. He stated exactly what he said as it’s posted on Bravo’s own website. Paraphrasing, he said the reality show is like a daytime soap opera except in the reality show, there is real blood.

    • Sharon

      Josie-it looks like Harry Hamlin has been quoted as saying he thinks LVP is funny and basically says she is good tv. He also says that his wife misspoke and that he didn’t say “we should support her whether or not she is sick” and that he said we should support Yolanda period.

  7. iloveearlgrey

    They really need to hold Yolanda’s feet to the fire. Her story keeps changing over and over and over again. She was screaming, “My King,” from the mountain tops of Malibu, but now it’s a private affair? Please. Also, I hate gold diggers who have a holier than thou attitude. Bitch, you make money on your back, you have no place to act like you’re better than anyone.

  8. Angel

    I’m not a big Faye Resnick fan from what we’ve seen on RHBH. BUT Kathryn was WRONG when she said her name was never mentioned until Faye’s book. WEIRD FACT: When OJ was in the white bronco chase, Robert Shapiro read live on air (look it up on Youtube) a suicide note that OJ wrote. He thanked many people in the note INCLUDING Marcus Allen and his wife Kathryn (now Kathryn Edwards, the BH housewife). So OJ himself first included Kathryn in the whole thing via his suicide note . . . right when the whole thing was happening :)

    • BeetsWhy

      …but Faye admits she was hopped up on coke when she wrote the book so her “stories” about Marcus and Kathryn are most likely embellished.

      • Jim

        I’m not defending Faye but… Generally, when people are “hopped up on coke”, they are laser-focused and remember everything. It’s nothing like being drunk on alcohol or high on sedatives or painkillers. Cocaine is more like Ritalin or Aderrall.

        I’ll be blunt. I’ve had a brief period where I partied with coke. And in my experiences, it’s not nearly as evil as people make it out to be. I never found it to be addictive although as long as you have some around the house, you want to use it until it’s gone, lol. And that’s partly because it makes you want to be productive and/or do entertaining things like working and playing hard.

        My experiences may not be typical for everyone though. It’s certainly a drug that many people abuse. And the next day hangover is brutal! But I’ve always remembered everything clearly the next day unlike when I’ve been blackout drunk.

    • Jane Grey

      Thanks for the tea.

    • Erica

      And, from what I understand, the convo about Kathryn was that she either knew about her husband cheating on her, or she didn’t, and either way, Faye wanted to leave her alone. WTF is so bad about that?

  9. peachteachr

    What was the deal with Brandi drinking a glass of wine and why was she even a small part of this reunion? That was just so odd to me.
    I also thought that Yolanda was MORE manipulative tonight than any other time the whole season. She appeared to think that she could still use the sick line and add the divorce story and she would be home free. NOT tonight, Yo. Even her boss (Andy) and the viewer questions are calling her to account for her multiple stories and accounts of her sickness. Alrighty then; bring on part two of the reunion.
    Oh, and was it just me or did she AGAIN favor Gigi and Anwar over poor middle child, Bella?

    • Sweet T

      Brandi sipping wine was part of the previews to prepare you for her appearance next week. She’s there to placate the brandiloons. Meanwhile, you could see her pasties through her shirt. Sigh. Brandi. Smh

  10. Samantha

    Is it just me or is Andy just a horrible host?

    • iloveearlgrey

      He’s a horrible host. THIS is what Bethenny should be hosting.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya


      • He plays favoritism and doesn’t ask the hard questions.

      • BeetsWhy

        Lol! if Bethenny hosted we would have a nine part reunion show! Probably more interesting than the season though!

      • Can you picture with stage with nothing but Skinnygirl products all over the place. Everyone must wear red and if we get of the subject of Bethenny she gets board and threatens to poke her eye out with a skewer. I’d watch that.

      • Elizabeth

        Bethenny should so be doing this!!!!! Bye Bye Andy!!

      • Minky

        I think NENE should host the BH reunion. It would be sublime! Can you imagine Nene saying to any of them: “Why you acting like a little bitch?!!!” or “Moochhosen? Oh, so you’re saying that Yolanda ain’t rilly sick? Damn Yolanda! Is that shit true?!”

        And Nene would be a lot more direct with Eileen that LVP ever was: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Close your legs to married men Eileeeeen!!!”

      • Pip

        Minky- I fricking love your comment! You are funny!

      • jen

        Yes Bethany! She would be so good. Calling peopleon thiershit. Andy is a shitty host. She does the whole twist head thing, smile at the camera and make a face thing istead of actually asking a follow up question

    • Meri

      Andy is a horrible person who makes a living on exploiting weakness and spreading gossip. He is a nasty, poor excuse for a human being.

  11. Bunniecarrot

    Kudos to Erica for giving credit where credit was due. Pat the p*ss is a dance hall move, I as west Indian appreciate her for not taking the justin Bieber (sorry) cultural appropriation route and saying she was just inspired.

  12. Its clear that some of these ladies went over the episodes with a fine teeth comb… LR insinuated that Ken spoke ill of Yolanda while trying to make her and HH(kinda creeps me out a bit that she calls her husband that every time) look better. When all Ken was saying was that she really didn’t look well ! I don’t care what role LVP played in all of this foolery, these ladies went out of their way to make her look bad when all it does is shine a not so good light on themselves!

    • Josie

      Yep! Rinna is now angry at Ken which is hilarious. Ken gave Yo exactly what she wanted which was to say how terrible she looked from Lyme. It was not like she was decked out and Ken said shr looked like poop.

      Was I the only one who could tell that Yo looked like she was going to start laughing when Rinna said that before she left to ptetend she was hurt?

  13. Thanks, TT. Haven’t watched yet, will try when I get home from work. I am wondering if Andy was being such a dick about the divorce because he doesn’t believe it happened at the end of the season.

    • Matzah60

      Not sure this will post but Andy was angry she didn’t fess up to the marriage until the last episode. Lisa Rinna called it out but not sure if it was a talking head. Lisa Rinna said that she felt compelled to present her reality, good or bad because that’s what she’s paid to do and I agree with her. If Yolanda believes she has the right to selectively omit about her marriage problems/divorce ending until the last scene in the last episode, then she is clueless about her contractual obligations. Yo won’t talk about her inconsistent stories on her disease and now apparently knew probably around the beginning of the season that her marriage was ending.

      While I don’t particularly care for LR and ED, I would never attack them on Twitter ( even if I knew how to use tweets which i don’t), start a petition as they did for Granville to get her off the show, or start a petition to get Eileen off her soap opera show. That is absolutely ridiculous, mean, hateful, and just brings to light the craziness of those who are following this path.

      However you feel about your favorites or enemies on this show, it’s still just another TV show. It isn’t our right to police these HW Twitter accounts with vitriolic comments. If you do this without any expectations of any consequences, at the least you will be blocked from their accounts and at the worst, and justly so, you’ll have your Twitter account shut down. I have read something me of the vitriolic comments on their Twitter accounts and is don’t know how these women can stomach it.

      • tamaratattles

        I was so busy trying to decipher all the Munchausen crap, I didn’t even consider how pissed Andy and LVP were that Yo didn’t let on about any of her marital problems while filming. That explains the unrelenting grilling of Yolanda.

      • Barbara

        I agree, some fans take ridiculous, extreme positions. I must be getting too old because this is the only hw show I follow anymore and frankly I havent even watched this one since the end of February because it was getting boring.I think Ive reached the end of the road with this one too. But I may go to a friends to see Dubai episodes, but turn off the sound. Its easy to keep up from this blog. Thanks Tamara, I couldn’t watch them all but Im glad you have done so.

  14. Katherine 2.0

    Thanks for checking out butt pellets, TT. My ears perked up at that. Dumb me, considering health advice from Yolanda.

    • My mom swears by them! She’s had them regularly for years. It’s legit! She gets them in her hip though, not really the butt. LOL

      • BeetsWhy

        As a 47 yr old woman how do these butt pellets work? I’ve been pro depo so far and I am open to anything! [she says as she is cramping and not loving life]

  15. Bunniecarrot

    Faye has willing come on the show and ran her mouth, but how dare anyone speak on her according to Kyle. How dare the vewiers speak on a character who, signed up to be a character/joker???? Shame on us! I honestly felt Faye was a non factor all this time, however you can’t have your cake and eat it to. Poor Faye exploited the Simpson murders in a book, yet she had a hard time. Eew!

    • BeetsWhy

      Exactly, where does she get off whining when she signed up to do this and knew the American Crime series was coming up? Another cry for negative attention.

    • iloveearlgrey

      Exactly. They seemed to be missing the point that Faye CHOSE to write the book and make money off of it while Kathryn was included in the book when she wanted nothing to do with it.

    • Kyle & Faye keep insisting that people shouldn’t bring up Faye’s book because it happened 20 years ago. Like there’s a statute of limitations on being an asshole…

      • Frosty

        Exactly! Thank you!

      • swizzle

        Thank you! Another situation where an apology would really be appropriate. Faye says to Katherine, “I’m sorry for what I wrote about you in the book. That was another time in my life, and I’m not proud of who I was or some of the things I did then. I’ve changed for the better and hope you’ll get to know who I am today.”

        Why is that so damn hard!!! These women frustrate the crap out of me.

      • Lindsay

        Yeah, I doubt she’s rejecting the royalty checks that slowly trickle in because they’re coming from somethings f she did twenty years ago lol

      • Miguel

        Hahaha, The Lady!!!

  16. Psylocke

    I’m just now catching up on some of the old episodes and saw the Fosters uncomfortably packing up their Malibu den – David asking Yo if the fruit at the top of the fridge was spoiled gave me life. I’m like 99% certain he had to know half the shit in that refrigerator was plastic, and finally goaded Yo into saying something about it on camera – and I won’t be convinced otherwise!

    Intentional or not, it was such glorious metacommentary on their entire relationship.

    • Jim

      Although I love your theory of David putting Yolanda on the spot in front of the cameras, I have to disagree. As a typical (although homosexual) male, most of us are just not that observant.

      Me: “I wonder why we have fruitflies?”
      Partner: “Oh it must be the rotten potatoes at the back of the cabinet.”
      Me: “AGAIN?”

      That exact conversation has been repeated in our household about a dozen times in the past 5 years alone, lol.

  17. BeetsWhy

    Is anyone going to point out the very dramatic difference in Yolanda? She was all energy, all digs to LVP, and all defending people nonstop from the first minute! Where was this woman all season? Oh, that’s right. She is on a Lyme journey. But apparently no more, just add divorce and all is cured!

    • iloveearlgrey


    • Saintpaulia

      She also mentioned at one point (forget when because I have brain fog) that her “journey” was her full time job! Amazing focus and resources for four years; I don’t have that kind of energy for my real job. No one brought up how much better she is now that the implant aliens are gone. Amazing recovery for the deluded, lemon-loving Dutch girl. And she refuses to contemplate how anyone could possibly doubt her or find fault with her, which is so endearing. How dare anyone talk behind her back just because she does the same thing? It’s only a TV show, after all; who does that?

      • Minky

        Well, she’s probably anticipating a hefty paycheck of some sort in the future based on her “journey”, so I’m totally not surprised that she treated it like a job.

        How is she gonna be an alternative health guru unless she can cite her personal experience of being maligned and mistreated on the job because her coworkers simply didn’t care to even try to understand the nature of her illness, no matter how hard she tried to educate them, hence her tireless advocacy work and being brave enough to experiment on herself with all of those revolutionary alternative treatments, etc., etc., etc.

        I think I’ve basically just written the intro to her inevitable future NY Times best-seller. I feel icky now.

    • I would amend that to divorce settlement.

  18. Lovie

    Paused show. Furiously Googled butt pellets.

  19. Auntie Velvet

    I am not an expert on Munchausen, believe me, but I’m doing a slow burn over Yolanda’s “that is an attack on my integrity.” My impression is people with Munchausen are mentally ill, not gold-diggers or run-of-the-mill drama queens. Integrity is just not part of the conversation.

    Of course, I’m pretty sure Yolanda does have Munchausen’s, so I guess her being defensive about it not being 100 percent physical influence would be part of the deal. But it’s exhausting to see her get so self-righteous about it.

    • Minky

      Mmm hmm. Why would a psychological illness be interpreted as an attack on the integrity of the one suffering from that condition? Do depression or bipolar or phobias have anything to do with integrity? Her reaction speaks volumes and indicate that she’s very self aware and/or self conscious about the whole thing.

  20. Kiyoshigirl

    Bioidentical hormones are not applicable to “one dose fits all”. We had to fool with the dosage for my bio ID creams for months before the doc finally got it right. I’m not sticking any one dose fits all pellets into my ass. Surely a man invented that concept.

    • Saintpaulia

      I can’t imagine that even the perfect hormone cocktail assuages ALL symptoms of menopause?? I’m sure Yo is taking 300 other prohibitively expensive “supplements” along with the butt “pallet”. She didn’t say where she’s at in the process, so maybe the worst is still ahead. — Ha, invented by a man. lol

  21. JustJenn

    I was glad Andy finally asked Yolanda hard questions, it’s nothing new that hasn’t been brought up on here or many other places..people question her antics.

    Good for LVP for taking her own digs. She’s got inside info and I hope she comes back next season and uses it..HERSELF.

    Rinna isn’t doing herself any favors because it’s so fucking old and tired that any mention of it is driving people crazy. For real. Even my Mom who has been a Lisa Rinna fan since the soap days is starting to dislike her.

  22. Wouldn’t a broken back cause the same “situational” depression as a “Lyme journey”? Yolanda stating that she had a bout of “clinical” depression during the supposed back break is as whack as her butt pellets and all the other treatments.

    So far Erika, Yolanda and LVP have brought their A game to the Reunion. Kathryn could just not enunciate her righteous point – despite Yo coaching, Kyle is just meh and Rinna continues to embarass herself.

    I couldn’t quit staring at LVP’s throat…has that skin always been there like that? She did look less matronly but wonder what a good haircut like Yolanda’s would do for her overall look? I thought they all looked really good tho’ – especially compared to other franchises. Eilleen in particular.

    Why is Rinna allowed to break the 4th wall?

  23. Sansa

    I’m over LVP and have feel bad for Yolanda even though I don’t get what her deal is. Is she really sick with something or has this all been a ploy to get David Foster to either stay with her or throw out the prenup? And if she really is sick, is she making herself sick? None of it makes any sense to me.
    I really like Erika, but they always end up disappointing me when they come back, so I won’t say more.

  24. GIA

    LVP never liked Yolanda because Yolanda has class and doesn’t speak a bad word about anyone. She talks about Yo’s ex being a good friend but acts like people like Yo and Erika are beneath her as opportunistic husband chasers…well LVP use to be a nobody until she got with Ken. Lisa VP thrives on the dysfunction around her and exploits people for all of her own story lines so she stays relevant. I use to like her but she’s a snake who doesn’t take any personal responsibility for what she says and does. I don’t think she likes any woman whose financial status is on par with her own. Remember when Kyle opened her store and joined the chamber of commerce? Her competitiveness was palpable and her lack of support was obvious. She also touts her relationship with Ken to back her up on everything she does and you can tell he doesn’t always necessarily agree with her but then can’t help himself coming to her rescue to back up the LVP brand..How she treated Eileen in trying to dig up dirty laundry is no different in how she has always treated Yolanda; passive aggressively and then “indifference.” When others are behaving badly she loves it and uses it – except when it involves her being on the receiving end. Then twists everything around to deflect accountability.

  25. Frosty

    I know a couple of people with the pellet – one is going on 80 and says she feels fantastic. Both friends have had full hysterectomies so it’s safe for them (estrogen only). For the love of god, stay away from creams and compounding pharmacies. Been there! I’m now on an FDA approved bioidentical patch, whcih my endo is walking me down from, much to my regret (and sweaty nights).

    The covert war – well not so much now — between LVP and Yo is sort of interesting. It’s getting long in the tooth though, I want to move on. Of the two I find Yo marginally less objectionable, but LVP is more fun to watch. Even before Lymengate Yo had an earnest ponderous quality that I appreciated in small doses.

    Love all the others, truly!

  26. Toddy

    Erika and Yo look fabulous. Not loving Eileen’s. Rinna almost seems underdressed – or maybe I’m just used to the generally tacky (circa 1992 Adrienne) reunion dress.

  27. Gwyka

    Is Yolanda’s statement that she was sick before the wedding new? Is she going to claim she was sick when she signed the prenup?

    The women weren’t all coordinated like they were at the Atlanta and Potomic reunions.

  28. Shae

    ugh sweet baby jesus. I’m sorry, I like both LVP and Rinna very much, but LVP is so caught this season. Nothing Rinna is saying is outlandish and it all makes sense…she is many things but an outright liar? I have never seen that. People pleaser, follower, yes, but she is not known for fabricating stories out of whole cloth. LVP, on the other hand, will deny (which is lying) till the cows come home, refuse to genuinely apologize or take responsibility and play the victim.

    I love you LVP, but when you’re caught, you’re caught. She totally said that about “there goes the storyline”, she totally encouraged Rinna to OUT the munchausen information and question yolanda and she totally hoped and encouraged Rinna to bring Kyle into that whole bit. She is smart and has been on this show for years, manipulation is part of the deal and she plays her cards well…but nobody is perfect and sometimes it blows back on you. Here, she got caught.

    On a positive note, compared to the other reunions where everyone looks a goddamn hot mess, I think all the ladies looked nice. No horrid makeup, no abysmal fashion choices, everyone looked good. I think Erika is doing quite well, the only thing that bugged me about her this season was when she lied about telling Yolanda about the discussion re: her kids. Other than that, I think she’s held her own very nicely with this crowd.

    I am bracing myself because I am not prepared to deal with more Kim Richards, seeing her on the episode a few back was not comfortable for me because it’s obvious she’s still not ok. Bringing this woman back on this show, even just for a cameo and reunion, is dangerous and irresponsible and it’s definitely not “entertainment”.

    • Meg

      “but she is not known for fabricating stories” – are you sure? Here is what Harry Hamlin said yesterday (from E!):

      “And about Rinna’s claims in the preview of the big reunion special that her husband defended Hadid way back at the start of the season, Hamlin wanted to clear a few things up. “Well, what I actually said was ‘We really need to support her.’ I never said ‘whether she’s sick or not,'” he admitted. “That was I think in the second time Lisa mentioned it, she said it that way. And I said to Lisa, ‘You know I don’t think I said it that way.’ And she goes, ‘Oh right, well…’ Obviously Yolanda needs support. Whatever she’s going through, it’s taking a toll on her and it’s very challenging for her.””

      It looks like Rinna has selective hearing and she hears only what she wants to her. That’s why I believe LVP.

      • Shae

        I don’t see how that makes you think Lisa R is known for fabricating stories and outright lying.
        If her husband is explaining his comment and intent, and she took it another way, that’s not fabrication and lying. That’s a misunderstanding.

        In two seasons, if that’s all that can be presented, that’s next to nothing in my opinion and certainly doesn’t constitute “being known to fabricate stories out of whole cloth” lol

        If you’re an out and out liar, you get caught fast and often (think Jax lol)

      • Shae

        and I would say that Harry was defending her, he was sticking up for Yolanda when people at the table were criticizing her appearance and what not. He told them to lay off and that she’s ill and needs support. I don’t see the discrepancy.

      • Amen people who love to run their mouth usually don’t listen well to what people are saying “selective hearing”

      • Katherine 2.0

        I do think that the distinction is worth mentioning, because adding on “whether she’s sick or not,” makes it sound as though he doubted the veracity of her “journey.” I don’t see Rinna as a liar, but I think she is prone to exaggerate in the telling and retelling of a story to make it more dramatic. Not an uncommon trait.

        All this goofiness about LVP’s part in it seems so overblown. Honestly, I don’t fucking care if LVP had a hand in trying to guide the storylines this season, but I love that Rinna exposed some of the behind the scenes machinations.

        But, Rinna miscalculated the pushback she would get from “outing” Yolanda. She set herself up her first season as the one who would tear down the facades, so she was a natural choice. I was with her all the way when she started down this road. She should have had the fortitude to see it through instead of veering off course in anticipation of looking like a bitch questioning someone’s illness.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Katherine I agree with your last paragraph. I was so with Rinna. I get that LVP manipulated but I dislike the way she’s trying to get LVP and Kyle to share the blame in this whole thing. From the queen of “own your shit”, it’s a bit much. She’s a people pleaser and the people were displeased – now she’s flailing about trying to deflect.

      • marc

        Everyone’s perspective is different & I love that you shared the Harry Hamlin quote ; I have been scouring the Internet looking for it but remember no one wants to be on David Fosters bad side i.e guitar carrying Harry Hamlin I see a potential recording contract coming his way any day now. David will need many allies when Yolanda tries to invalidate the pre-nup…I truly hope she gets called out for her machinations.

      • Pip

        “Guitar carryin’ Harry Hamlin”. That was funny. You guys are cracking me up today!

    • Tulsateacher

      I wonder how Kathryn will react listening to Kim downplay her substance abuse issues while most likely slurring her words and trying to sit upright. She became very emotional when telling Andy that her nephew had recently died from a heroin overdose.

  29. Lolajanegyrl

    I’m so glad Andy didn’t get any where with the “traditional marriage” crap with Erika. She’s clearly an independent woman that’s in a marriage that she chose. And good for her.

    I’m a lesbian who’s married to a woman that makes significantly more than I do. Because I’m quite clear who’s income pays for most of the house I live in, who’s job provides health insurance, who’s job has enabled me to pursue a career I love (but that’s not super lucrative), plus who’s job paid for that pretty fabulous bag I get to carry, you can be damn sure I bend over backwards to support her career when she needs me to. It’s a sensible division of labor. And an important one. If it weren’t for my support, it would be harder for her to do her job. I might not get a W2 for the work I do to support her, but I damn sure benefit from it.

    Nothing wrong with that. There’s a reason (other than the patriarchy) that successful people often have a partner that doesn’t have a paid job. Sometimes being that successful actually takes two people.

    • Shae

      Well said, if only more people shared your perspective. Marriage is a partnership, it’s not all about who brings in the money, both people carry weight and contribute whether it’s in the form of finances, effort, support, child care, etc. All that work has worth.

      I actually find Erika’s confidence in herself and security comforting. She wasn’t swayed that everyone thought she was a golddigger. She loves her hubby, they’re going strong 15 years, and the dynamic works for them. If I had a husband in that arrangement I would see nothing wrong at all with showing him the respect she does regarding certain things/preferences. I think their relationship is beautiful.

    • Jane Grey

      Great point, thanks for sharing.

  30. Katherine 2.0

    So, be honest. How many of you actually tried the Pat the Puss move when Erika demonstrated it?

  31. Gracious

    TT in keeping one of your blog posts in mind about Yolanda and LVP vying for HBIC: did anyone notice Yolanda taking up for Kathryn with regards to the whole Faye conversation. I want to love Erika but their is just something about her that is not appealing.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Haha, now Yolanda wants to steal another minion from LVP? Only half kidding, I adore Kathryn.

    • Minky

      I can see what you’re saying about Erika. I remember the “jealous” comment. To me, while not definitive, that’s certainly a red flag. Most of the people I’ve met in my life who truly believe that others are jealous of them have been really miserable people in some way.

      If she’s so terrific and wonderful and her filthy rich husband provides her with all the money and material things a girl could ever want, then why is she rolling around in the mud with pigs on this show? There’s something about Erika that I just don’t understand.

      • Gracious

        I can’t quite put my finger on it.

      • Sweet T

        I think she came on the show to gain a larger audience for her music career.

      • Miguel

        You’re on a roll, Minky with your Nene comment & now this!!! I NEVER liked either of the Erikas & hope she and her “bestie” Yo exit stage left, before the new season!

  32. RealityBites

    I was struck by LVP taking her own blows too, she was definitely trying to set up something about Yolanda knowing her marriage had crumbled before it was made public. I just can’t figure out why she thought it was so relevant, unless it was to say that it was the only reason Yo could possibly be upset with LVP? Andy wanted in on that bandwagon too though, for some reason.

    Kyle seemed to be talking about how much the public dislikes Faye, when she got all emotional about her. So why do they keep bringing her on the show? I really feel like Kyle has been trying to pull for her to be a housewife, and Faye keeps getting such a negative response that it’s impossible. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why she hasn’t given that up by now. I Think Kyle and Faye should finally admit the Faye is only given the drama edit. If it bugs them, well, she doesn’t have to film.

    Yolanda being all proprietary with Erika was highly amusing to me. Erika is a force to be reckoned with on her own. Andy really needs to cultivate that one… She’s just the right mix for his shows. But I can’t tell if she will keep playing the housewife game.

    Rinna, and her proof. I believe her already, but goodness, doesn’t she see that Andy can’t break that wall completely? She just isn’t going to get the edit she needs to get her point across. I loved how they kept calling her therapized on WWHL. So accurate!

    • RealityBites

      I rethought it. LVP’s shrewd detailing of the failing Foster marriage is probably her way of pointing out how mentally unstable Yo has been. Menopause, depression, bad marriage…I suspect LVP is trying to make her case for why we just shouldn’t believe Ms. Yolanda… And has the benefit of being a subtle ( well maybe not so subtle) reminder of how actually kind and caring she (LVP) actually is…. Just a bemused friend, who couldn’t help because she just didn’t know… Come to think of it LVP has played this tactic several times over the years… With Taylor, Camille, Kim… And of course, often on pump rules.

      • Minky

        Yeah, I can totally see LVP getting her hands dirty not only for Mohammed but also for Andy. She’s obviously Andy’s favorite and as the teacher’s pet she’s not gonna be above snitching on her classmates. That’s basically what she was doing with Yolanda. They couldn’t force Yolanda to be more open about the dissolution of her marriage or embarrass her about that during filming, but the reunion is definitely open season.

    • Kika

      Weren’t Nicole, Kyle and Faye, and Kris Jenner friends back in the early 90’s? Could Kyle feel guilty about the bad press Faye is getting about her book because MAYBE it was Kyle that gave her the info about Allen’s wife (Katherine) for the book? Would be interesting to know what the REAL story is.

  33. Meri

    Although I didn’t watch the shows this season I read the blogs here and watched the last few last night before the reunion. None of it made a bit of sense. Rinna seems determined to prove that she can act but she failed miserably) and came across like the liar that she is. Eileen also acted like a complete dolt. LVP was lost and unable to speak when she and Kyle were having their jabberwocky discussion on the boat and Yolanda is full of crap no matter what she says. Erica is the classiest and the smartest of all of them and if there is a challenge for Queen Bee to’s Erica NOT Yolanda. These women make me sick and I don’t understand why the show is still on. Kyle is a fake, LVP is a mystery and the rest are accessories (like $10,000 purses). The blogs here are far better than the actual shows and the reunion was boring. I can’t stand Yolanda and RInna and EIleen has been demoted in my mind to an idiot who is unaware that she is not filming a soap opera. With friends like these no one needs any enemies. Bring on more Southern Charm and dump this mess of a show along with the rest of the HW shows. None of them entertain or amuse or make any sense. The glamour and reputation of beautiful Beverly Hills has been tarnished forever by these creepy women. I remember back in the good old days (50’s, 60’s) when it was the place to aspire to live in as a symbol of having made it. Now it’s the home to back-biting shrews with no class.

  34. Cat

    Interesting recap. Especially after reading the 4000+ word breakdown.

    It’s so obvious now, that Andy is LVP’s puppet. Or parrot.

  35. Lime Brain

    Did anyone else notice after they discussed Yolanda’s divorce, Kathryn gave her sincere condolences and discussed how a divorce is like a death. Meanwhile, Eileen kept her lips zipped and never said a word. Eileen didn’t even mention Yolandas divorce in her blog.

    Is it because she’s having marital problems now, supposedly, or because she was the cause of a divorce?

    • Jess

      I think it’s because she caused a divorce herself. I think she maybe thought it wasn’t her place to speak about those things to a person that is clearly suffering. Even if she means well, it is coming from a “homewrecker”.
      At least I would stay shut too, if I was in her shoes. Kind words or questions might sound weird coming from her.

      • Shae

        I don’t see why, Yolanda didn’t get divorced as a result of another woman, and Eileen had a divorce herself prior to the husband she was with when she met Vince, so why wouldn’t she be able to offer condolences/concern? I’m pretty sure Yolanda said all the ladies texted her wishing her well after the news broke.

      • Jess

        Well then maybe Eileen’s marriage really isn’t going that well. And she just felt emotional when talking to Yolanda about that. Maybe she didn’t want it to be seen, so that people wouldn’t find it peculior. hmm

  36. By the way Tamara, this was the very first time I’ve posted a comment but I have been following you FOREVER.!! Keep doing what you do, LOVE ya.

  37. Jess

    I feel for Yolanda. I do.
    No matter if she has or doesn’t have mental issues, she is suffering.
    And LVP seems so bitchy. Seriously, I just can’t stand the poor me part. I’ve met people like her, that like to put others beneath them.
    An looooooove Erika – handled herself so well, has emphaty for the other women. I look up to her, a very very classy woman!!!

    • swizzle

      I thought LVP grilling Yolanda on her divorce was just cruel. They are not friends. They do not like each other. Their history is complicated. I would have told LVP to shove it. It’s none of her business. If Andy wanted to ask questions, that’s fine it’s his role. But why did LVP take it upon herself to grill Yo on the details of why, when and where the divorce went down? She’s just a mean woman and I don’t understand why people don’t recognize that.

      • How is someone cruel for asking if you were blindsided or did you see it coming those are pretty much questions most people would think to ask any person divorcing. She didn’t ask was there cheating involved… the reason why anyone would be bothered is because of who they perceive LVP to be!

      • Jess

        Janice – she could clearly see that Yolanda doesn’t want to discuss the details, but she kept asking and asking!!
        It really is Andy’s job to ask so many questions at the reunion. If LVP wanted to know how she felt, as a friend, she would ask those questions in private.

      • Frosty

        Agree. And I have no doubt each cast member has areas of their lives that are off limits, especially LVP, imo.

      • swizzle

        Janice, it’s cruel if you ask the questions not from a place of concern or compassion. LVP could give two rips about Yolanda, so her questioning was not kind. Plus, it was certainly not her place to be asking those questions at the reunion. If LVP really cared, she would have picked up the phone back in November, not waited for filming. What LVP was really trying to do was to make make Yolanda look bad for hiding her marital issues from the cameras.

      • CoBe

        Meh. I’m guessing LVP kept David in the divorce. She was trying to get Yolanda on camera to talk about when she knew. My guess is that Yolanda had had an attorney for a long time before any blowup on the 2nd.

        She planned and calculated this for a long time.

      • LVP is just a nosy old queen.

  38. Omg did anyone else notice that witchy look on Erika’s face when LR pulled out the phone records which proved nothing… these people truly can’t hide their real feelings(not cute)

  39. SG

    I just found myself continuing to wonder after watching the first installment of the reunion if Lisa Rinna will send texts similar to what she sent to Kim Richards about she was going to F her up, to Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump after the reunion airs, which might be spurred on by the backlash she seems to be receiving? Does anyone think she might have a pattern doing this? I have been following her on social media, which started me thinking about it in the first place. Thoughts anyone? Or am I reading too much into this.
    BTW I check this blog everyday for the fascinating articles and comments!

  40. Cupcake Scholar

    No one made Lisa R. do anything. I am sick of her blaming Lisa V. P. for her actions. Really?!!! Her display of a backbone means nothing now. She should have refused to do any of what she blames LVP of masterminding and encouraging her to do.

  41. Kimoe

    FYI, there seems to be a lot of women interested in hormone therapy. I had the misfortune to have a hysterectomy at 37. My mother at 29. As a result my mother found a book called “Screaming to be Heard” by Dr Elizabeth Vliet. The book was very helpful and informative for my mother and me. We both subsequently saw her for our hormone therapy. She’s very good. I’m not trying to promote her, it just seems hard for women to get any good information on this subject. She has two clinics, Her Place and His Place and does individual hormone therapy for people. They are also starting hormone therapy in men now too.

  42. Sweet T

    If Yolanda’s fridge has a Twitter feed its only fair for her medicine cabinet to have one too

  43. Josie

    Kyle really annoyed me trying to shut down Kathryn about Faye. That was her life and she is allowed to talk about it. Kyle was like a little pitbull. Yes, Faye may have cleaned up her act but that still doesnt mean that someone who was harmed by her shouldnt have a voice.

    I liked the moment when Kyle says that Faye suffered for it and Katryn says “well she wrote a book”. Haha! Good for her! Imagine someone writing that their best friend was screwing your husband and that you were ok with it like a little fool and describing his privates.

  44. T D

    Yolanda’s bung hole needs a revolving door with all the traffic. Something always seems to be coming out or going in. All that back pressure explains why she craps out of her mouth.

  45. Carl

    The BEST moment (and a very telling moment at that), for me, was when Yo mentioned her depression when she broke her back & Kyle gave LVP a huge side-eye. I wish LR would use her bullet points to show Yo’s inconsistencies! Also, will the Foster divorce be a matter of public record, i.e., prenup, etc.? ‘Cause I seriously doubt that’ll be a chapter in Yo’s “Journey” book. I actually gagged a bit just WRITING the “J” word…I can’t even listen to “Open Arms” anymore…

  46. Madashell

    Erika glosses over when she left her 3 year old in new york….fast forward to now a cop who lives at home w her. She did not raise him. Her ex husband did. She’s very smooth in presenting herself in the best light possible.
    Any woman who leaves her child to be with her sugar daddy is sick /narcissist.

  47. Cheryl LeLonde

    Best and worst: Yolanda looked elegant – Kyle looked like she was trying way to hard, and she didn’t pull off the dress – back neckline for her, and shoes did not do anything for the dress.

    • tamaratattles

      I didn’t really think anyone hit a homerun. I preferred Rinna and Eileen’s looks over most others. I LOVED Eileen’s hair. I thought LVP looked the best she ever has on a reunion. I love all of Kyles clothes, but I don’t think that was the best choice for the couch. I think Erika’s dress was pretty, but only when she was standing up. Her only first reunion move was not considering how the dress looks after being sat in for hours on end.

      • I agree LVP looked the best ever this reunion. No matronly dress or big hair this reunion, and all it took was Erika to INSPIRE her. Haha! I also agree about Erika’s dress, she looked great while sitting, but when she stood up, she had saggy booty.

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