Kenya Moore & Matt Jordan Start Moving In Moore Manor!

Gratuitous shirtless shot from Instagram

Gratuitous shirtless shot from Instagram

It’s so nice to see a happy “housewife” who is working hard and doing well.  Right now that is Kenya Moore.  The final touches have been put on Moore Manor, in as much as a house is ever “done.”  The last big thing was  having all the quartz and marble installed in her kitchen and bathrooms and that was done last week.  She is in love with her giant closet room and posted a video of her “racks on racks on racks ” to hold all her clothes on Instagram.  She has been slowly moving in and there is certainly enough room for Matt’s clothes. Although, the photo above reminds me of a guy I dated where I tried to have a “no clothing” rule (for him.)  so maybe he won’t need much closet space. I  mean it is a very secluded lot and it does get very hot in Atlanta I the summertime.

Click through for the latest photo of Moore Manor!


RHOA Moore Manor


Kenya loves modern architecture and managed to find a house with good bones to use to create her dream house. I think it really reflects her active lifestyle and her globe trotting ways!

Kenya has been busy selling off a lot of her belonging and furniture to design the interior with ultra modern furnishings.  I can see Matt lounging on a white leather and chrome couch quite clearly in my mind actually. /sigh

Some girls have all the luck.  Actually, it wasn’t really about luck. Kenya has worked hard for what she wants and I am very happy for her success in all aspects of her life. Twirl on, Kenya, twirl on.



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34 responses to “Kenya Moore & Matt Jordan Start Moving In Moore Manor!

  1. Latina2014

    Beautiful! So modern looking! Good for Kenya! Well deserved :)
    She doesn’t play around, she gets things done! I’m sure the other “crazies” r seething n jealous!!
    Oh TT look fwd to an update from u re the Stanton case ?

  2. Puddy

    Handsome guy and beautiful home! Kenya deserves every happiness! Yes, “twirl on!”

  3. I love the structure and the brown section. I like white but it always concerns me with a white house just like with cars it takes nothing for it to look less than new.

    I’m so happy Kenya is finally getting her great karma.
    She didn’t settle and weathered the storm of hypocrites trying to punch her out the game and she won.

    In the fall, she will hopefully have her hair care products in CVS and I hope it does well.

    Ideally, a housewarming would be the perfect season 9 opener. So hopefully she gets it where she likes it by July or August when they might begin shooting.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I can’t wait to get a peek at this house next season. I love modern architecture. I also want to see what she does with the landscaping!

      • tamaratattles

        She’s done a good bit, and that is a very wooded lot. She won’t be planting many bulbs if that is what you want. Perhaps she’ll add a dogwood here or there. I’m concerned about the little trees she planted in front of the wood part. If they are what I think they are, they will completely over grow those windows.

  4. Sammie

    I’m so happy for Kenya. It’s great to see her successes. The man and house are both beautiful but I’m really jealous of the cute pup.

  5. Dee

    I’m so happy for her, love the puppies, so cute, so tiny.

  6. Rose

    The house looks nice! A little too modern for my taste but good on Kenya for doing her thing and this is well deserved. I think it’s too soon for Matt to be moving in. Something about dude just ain’t right to me but that’s her boo.

  7. Rach

    I love the look of the house. So happy for Kenya and I agree a season 9 housewarming opener would be great.

  8. cjbomb

    Hot guy with a puppy and a beautiful home pic. Not too shabby…… Guess Sheree lost that bet.

  9. Matzah60

    I love a story with a happy ending! Well-deserved happiness for both of them. Great story about a wonderful lady who made her dreams come true!

  10. Calipatti

    Oh thank goodness no turrets!
    Love the design plus the three car garage.

  11. beth

    All quiet on the Chateau Sheree front ?

  12. ClassyLady80

    Yay Kenya!!!! I love sleek, modern architecture as well. I love the exterior and I’m sure it will be beautiful one the landscaping is completed. Kenya has pretty good taste, I think. I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished. So happy for her!!!

    • DarkThoughts

      Kenya will need to be under a great doctor’s care if she wants to Carry her own baby. My sister became pregnant at age 40 and wow! She had so much prenatal care, testing, and almost weekly Doctor appointments. My niece is now 8 and is doing great. My sister is ok but always feels old as she is constantly mistaken for her own daughter’s grandmother. People are simply so ignorant.

      If Kenya goes the adoption or surrogate route, I would completely understand. At age 45, Kenya is considered advanced age for pregnancy. My BFF who is 36 and got pregnant last year was classified AMA, Advanced Maternal Age. It starts at age 35 and there are a lot more concerns for mommy and baby. My BFF and my godchild are also doing well.

      I’m sure that Kenya would get the best care possible. Kenya would make a great mom. I really believe Kenya life would be filled with love and happiness if she were to have a child. Best of luck to you, Kenya!!!

      • tamaratattles

        My mother had me at 40 with no problems. I was like a 10 pound baby too! It was summer in the ATL and her doctor told her she was gaining slightly too much weight. So she ate a lot of watermelon cause it was low cal. On her next visit he wanted to hospitalize her until he asked what she was eating. Apparently, salted watermelon equals lots of water weight. LOL. I have always LOVED watermelon.

        But yes, my mother and father were often complimented on their cute grandbaby. That would be me. And back in the day 40 was not nearly as youthful as it is today.

  13. Cheychey

    Matt looks super sexy in that photo. The house is not really my thing looks like an office building to me but I’m happy for her if she likes it that’s all that matters. I’m just hoping a baby comes with the new house this year. I think it will have such a great impact on Kenya’s life.

  14. I love the modern architecture! Such a nice change from the other McChateaus.

  15. LisaPat

    Woo hoo!! Nice house. Nice improvements but the man is nicer still ! Matt is by far the hottest house-husband in the franchise. I wonder if Kenya is the jealous type? I could never be with a man who looks that good. Im way too insecure. I wonder how much longer until Chateau Sheree is completed. Are you still doing those updates, TT? I think she had to get flooring and there was a mold or erosion problem ?

  16. T D

    Wasn’t there a bet between she and Sheree as t who would clean the others house?

  17. Puravidacostarica

    Hard work should aways be applauded and admired, particularly when the accomplishments are achieved by single women. Bravo Kenya!

  18. Shellbelle

    I love the house. It doesn’t fit in with all the other McMansions in the area and I’ve always been fond of those that march to their own beat. Regardless, she finished her house and is moving in and The Chateau down the street still doesn’t have electricity.

  19. Jim

    I love the modern architecture! This is a nice, refreshing change from the typical McMansions that housewives (from all series) seem to prefer.

    And yes, Matt should be nude at all times. :)

    • tamaratattles

      This is not a McMansion neighborhood. It is also not a good place for a GIANT ASS HOME WITH LOTS OF FUGLY TURRETS THAT OTHERWISE LOOKS LIKE A WOMEN’S PENITENTARY THAT ABUTS A BUS STOP. um, not to name names. #ChateauSheree :)

      It’s a 1970s ranch neighborhood in a VERY prime location with the a public school so good, most people don’t even go private. Not the DISTRICT mind you (Fulton County) but there is a charter HS or something and it is sort of sought after as much as a public school can be.

      So there are lots of modest 3/2 home ranches or maybe 5/3 ranches on big lots in a primo section which are rapidly turning over as people um….age out. Fun fact the previous owner of Chateau Sheree before she started changing the title over several times was some really bad guy. I forget what he did but whatever he is doing now is in a prison somewhere. Allegdly So the streets say.

  20. Lisaj

    She so deserves some good things in her life, congrats Kenya!

  21. tamaratattles

    I think it is a beautiful modern home in a city where there are VERY FEW. As a native, I’m going to need me a porch with rocking chairs for my dream house. :)

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      I remember this home from back in the day, and until the show had not known it had fallen to such disrepair. Glad that Kenya revived it. I remember it as being one of just a few modern style homes in the A. So nice when people save classic architecture.

  22. Love the idea of the next Season opening with a housewarming…with Kenya trying to decide if Sheree should clean the house before or after the party? Looks like Kenya won this bet along with the Detroit Public School bet with NeNe. Did she ever pay off, btw?

    Tx for the description of the neighborhood TT. It sounds like Kenya has made sensible decisions on neighborhood but a unique style – kinda like Kandi had all those years before buying the cookie cutter McMansion for both her and her Mom.

  23. Miguel

    Yay Kenya!!!! Congrats & wish you continued success in all your endeavors. Team THOT (Porsha, Phaedra & Tootie) must be seething. Just curious, is Kim still on DWTS?

  24. bria

    Oh wow…. how did I miss this , given the fact that am storming around this website 24/7, one will only hope.
    Addiction is real .. ..

  25. Kelly

    The proceeds from her “selling off her stuff” went to charity.

  26. I love how Tamara Tattles is a safe haven for those of us who absolutely adore Kenya, without all the birds on other sites constantly distracting us with all their BS

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