Dance Moms Recap: UnBreak My Cold Black Heart

Dance moms huntsmen


Once again we are back to Tuesday and I haven’t gotten to Dance Moms.  Tuesday nights are super busy so I’m going to do last week’s now and tonight’s well … whenever I can.

Abby should be particularly batshit this week because I think Melissa finally admits this is her last season. I for one am going to miss me some batshit Abby when she is doing time at Camp Cupcake. And this may be the last real season of Dance Moms although I do suspect some very special episodes about Abby going off to college.

Wow, Melissa comes out with it right at the beginning of the episode. I expected the announcement to be the dramatic ending! Ashlee immediately says that Melissa is the one that leaked the news.  Melissa informs us that Mackenzie doesn’t know yet. I don’t believe that. Melissa cannot possibly be so dumb as to tell the crazy moms before telling Mackenzie.  Melissa is going to tell Abby who she expects to be happy for them. Abby cries and seems upset that Melissa is telling her on camera and not calling her first. I expected Abby to have a blow up. It will be coming.

Abby tells Ashlee that Brynn is the new Maddie.  How the hell is Jo Jo  on the bottom with that Michael Jackson solo where she was robbed of a decent trophy?  Brynn is already on the top over Maddie and Mack who are in the middle.


A previous duet with Nia and Mack

A previous duet with Nia and Mack


This week the group dance is inspired by The Huntsman. Mackenzie and Maddie will battle as the two leads. We will see multitudes of advertisements for the movie that I suppose came out last weekend.

There are three duets.

Nia and Mack (odd pairing) it’s called The Long Goodbye.

Stupid Kendall finally gets her duet with Maddie.

Maddie and Kalani also have a duet. Unbreak My Heart

So for those counting along at home Maddie has two duets and a featured role in the group dance. This means there must be actual competition at this event. Abby also does duets when she is afraid the competition is too serious in the solo category. Brynn and Jo Jo just have the group dance. Abby sort of sobs through the pyramid over how much she loves Maddie and Kenzie and all children around the globe.

The moms start right in on who is replacing who and what will happen and the girls are thrown out of the studio so the moms can talk because we are still pretending Mack doesn’t know what is going on. But then Abby leaves crying and Melissa cries and tells the girls that Mack is leaving with Maddie next season. Everyone cries in a group hug except Brynn who is trying not to show her glee. Abby has locked herself in the bathroom. Mackenzie is not really upset about moving on to bigger and better things.

Maddie and Kalani’s Duet

It was a lyrical duet that I think they have done before. It was good. I didn’t think they were as in sync as they good have been. The choreography was not jammed full of things that draw a lot of points. I missed seeing Maddie spin for days on end. I’d say Kendall has a chance at winning this one. Maddie will have to do a quick change.

Nia and Mack’s Duet

It was dumb. I didn’t get it. Was Nia (the mom) supposed to be dying? I guess that explains Abby crying about her Dad dying during rehearsal. Was that fall in the dance on Nia’s part of the choreography? I think it was but it was still odd. This was not Nia’s best style of dance but she still seemed to do better and Mack somehow who should have stolen the dance. And it was kind of creepy. Holly cried through the whole thing. I did not care for this.

Dance moms kendall maddie

Kendall and Maddie

Kendall and Maddie’s Duet

This dance had much better choreography than the other two. Clearly, this one was picked to be the winner. And it will likely take first.

The Group Dance

The group dance was good. I was completely distracted by the scraps of cloth that Kenzie had on her outfit that no one else did that kept falling off during the dance. I was not mesmerized and kept getting distracted thinking I should go out and transplant some more grass into the front yard. Since it was sponsored by a movie, I assume it will win. However, there are a LOT of people at this event. If they are all really there for the competition and not for the filming of the TV show, there is probably stiff competition.

Nia and Mackenzie took first place in their division. Because Mackenzie was in the duet it put them in the Junior category.  Both the other duets are in the Teen Category.  Wow. Kendall and Maddie took second place. Kalani and Maddie took first. While I agree that Kalani is a better dancer than Kendall,  I thought the choreography was stacked for Kendall to win. Shows what I know.

The group dance won SECOND place in the Overalls. The moms blame it on Mack’s costume. Abby says she has a pounding headache and has for a week. Ashlee says it is because Maddie and Mackenzie are leaving. Oh Ashlee, I try to root for you but just shut up sometimes.

Next week (aka Tonight): Abby is mean to Mackenzie and the moms are just horrible human beings regarding Brynn.


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7 responses to “Dance Moms Recap: UnBreak My Cold Black Heart

  1. swizzle

    Technically, Maddie and Kilani were outstanding. Not the most exciting dance, but if you appreciate a well-trained dancer, it was amazing. Their feet and their lines were just stunning.

  2. Samantha

    When do you sleep Tamara?
    Do you write every post?
    It takes me 20 mins just to respond to emails.. Bless you.

  3. Cheychey

    Kendall has not been at her best lately. I do think however she pulled it off this week. Generally speaking Kalani is a much stronger dancer than her but that dance was just lacking for me also. I think a lot of the group dances are starting to look the same to me just different costumes. Every once in a while it will be something fresh and modern.

  4. KidsRkids

    These mothers are crazy!!!
    Why do the mothers keep referring to themselves as part of the team, they are not, they do not dance or compete for ALDC, they should refer to themselves as taxi cabs since that is all any of them are good for — hauling their kids from practice/competition to home.
    I am over all the mom drama on this show … I’d rather see the kids dance then hear the moms bicker over nothing important and Jill is the worst at that. This show has certainly ran it’s course hope the network replaces the time slot with something fresh and interesting.

    • GIA

      I pretty much agree and it’s one of the reasons I’ve stopped watching. It’s either the Mothers taking turns trashing one another with petty jealousies or Abby displaced anger affecting the kids. What’s really sick is that every new Mom who comes in either has to fall in line with the toxic atmosphere created by the mothers or else become the newest target. JoJo’s Mom is an awful person but what’s worse, is when Jill jumps on her high horse creating smoke screens because she’s always been terrified her daughter’s position drops down if someone else might be better or might become a favorite of Abby’s. What Jojo’s mom said about Brenn was just nasty. She is so hostile about anyone who might be able to compete with her daughter, and thinks everyone is beneath her.

  5. Wanda

    Nia is really talented but her pairing with Mackenzie just did not work for me. I guess I didn’t understand what their dance was about. Maddie and Kendall looked so fluid together I loved their dance.

  6. Miguel

    Kendall really dances far better with Maddie – her solos belie her talent & better reflect her mother’s horrible attitude.

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