WWHL With Mike Shouhed, Drunk.


Why are his hands so pink?


It’s WWHL with Mike Shouhed and one of those women from Potomac. Is that show still on?  Do we drink every time she brings up race in random conversation?

Right away Mike is slurring his words and is clearly wasted. He also is dating someone. What the hell is wrong with women? What about Mike could possibly be on your checklist for men worth your time?

Why does Andy’s tie ALWAYS hang like a bent penis?  Every single night.

Oddly, the RHOP lady is talking about someone always being drunk on camera during filming while Mike is trying not to sway in his seat.

Andy calls out Mike for playing with his hair while looking at his reflection in the camera lens. Mike says the divorce is in the six month “cooling off period” they have in California. He says he and Jessica are in a cordial place. They were together for five years and met when she was 21. That is a lot of cheating. And she still married him. She is not seeking spousal support. Because he has no money anyway. Jessica gave the ring back. I presume to the jeweler who got the advertising. Mike says he doesn’t care who she is dating because, ” Look at me! They’re lining up!”  So charming this one. Mike seems to be saying that she gave the ring back so he could use it to pay off the wedding. Why the hell did she give the ring back? They got married. It was not a broken engagement. The ring is hers.

Shahs Belize MJ and Asa

They show a clip of Shahs where GG  is drunk and tells MJ that Tommy is cheating on her. Mike goes in on how GG lies and now she is trying to break up another relationship. Mike says Tommy loves MJ to death and would never cheat on her.  My TV is paused on Andy’s face which is hysterical. Is this guy who cheated a million times and that led to a divorce talking about how some other guy loves his girlfriend way to much to cheat on her?

Mike rebuts MJ’s excuse that she gave last week about not going to Mike’s wedding. MJ said she didn’t go because she knew it would not work out. Nobody believed that. Mike’s version is that MJ wanted a plus one and since she didn’t have a boyfriend she wanted to bring her mother. Mike called MJ’s mom horrible names and said he was not going to spend $350 for a plate for someone he can’t stand. How tacky is that?  The purpose of the plus one is for the guest to have someone to attend with. Mike says he was really upset that MJ didn’t come to his wedding because she is like a sister to him.  Really? Because if I didn’t like the mother of even an acquaintance of mine I will not degrade her on TV or anywhere else.

Sometimes I forget I am blogging and go check my email. I think there was a game. I’m bored and it’s really nice outside…

Someone asks what the deal with Mike is tonight he seem “intense and brooding.” Mike says he doesn’t know what brooding means because English is his second language.  Mike says he is not bitter and he is happy and he is telling the truf.  Andy says he wasn’t convincing at all.

That dude is one hot mess.  They could fill an entire rehab with reality folks who need it.

Somewhere right now, Mike Shouhed is wasted.


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30 responses to “WWHL With Mike Shouhed, Drunk.

  1. Tara

    Why was Andy having such a difficult time with Mike’s last name? Neither version sounded right, or did it?

  2. Johnny

    To answer your questions about Potomac, it finished last night. The reunion was so gross – the highlights were (i). one of them admitting shitting herself; (ii). another one admitting pissing herself; and (iii). another one calling a halt in the last 10 seconds as Andy tried to make a champagne toast to announce she’d been lying through her teeth the entire day and “everything isn’t as it seems”. Andy looked really pleased with that interruption!

    And the worst thing is, they’ve renewed this awful show for another season already.

    • tamaratattles

      So glad I checked out of that show. I assumed the reunion would just be about everyone discussing everyone else’s racial makeup.

      • Bridgett

        The 15min I caught of the reunion were way more interesting than the parts I watched of the regular season. I turned on wwhl as Andy was saying Potomac would have a second season…make it stop.

      • Dee

        All they talk about is race. Oh and etiquette. In an interview they said they did not know they were taping the Housewives show until it was done filming. The one pictured above (Gizelle) says she is black. She has green eyes. She gets highly insulted at bi-racial. There is another one Robyn (hole in the ceiling) and she is even lighter skin and eyes, she gets insulted at bi-racial too. She said something about one drop of blood making her black? I don’t get why they dye their hair blond. I’m surprised Gizellee was on WWHL and didn’t say much.

  3. Bev

    Just one clarification: Mike”s name calling was directed to MJ’s mom, not MJ. He said that he thought of MJ as a sister and was hurt she wasn’t there.

  4. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Well, I’m glad I was able to break free of Shahs a few years ago. What a bunch of toxic assholes.

  5. Nancy

    OMG…I love how you write. His tie is like a bent penis. So perfect!

  6. Mike was so fidgety & uncomfortable. He kept tugging on his jacket, and both layers of two shirts, and his hair. Only fat people tug at their clothes like that. Clearly he was not comfortable in that chair for TV. He was a hot mess in many ways.

    • Meri

      I thought that Mike was on drugs rather than alcohol. He was antsy and had a hard time sitting still like he was needing some kind of a fix. He was disgusting and any woman who dates him is a total idiot and, blind, deaf and dumb. The HWOP chick was as dumb as dirt and I watched the reunion (Not the show) and was totally sickened by the racism that I saw among these women. If I were black or white I would not want to associate with them. If I was both…I’d be even more disgusted. They are an embarrassment to ANY race. That Karen person is an ugly witch and can hardly speak English let alone be an authority on etiquette. Low class were two words invented for this crew. They make all of the other HW’s look classy and intelligent which is nearly an impossible chore. The only good thing was that none of them were dying, sick or pretending to be. Andy Cohen…scum on a stick. I wish that the women had peed and pooped on him but he’d probably like it and save everything in a jar in the “club house” next to Tamra’s breast implants.

  7. Andy’s tie is always crooked because he doesn’t know how to tie them. I can see he does a half-Windsor knot but incorrectly, so it’s lopsided. Someone needs to teach him to do it correctly.

  8. Jessica should have taken the advice of Zsa Zsa Gabor…”Of course I always give back the ring…I just keep the stone.”

  9. Cheychey

    Mike was clearly shit faced. I could see that in the first 30 seconds. By the extra laid back demeanor and squinty eyes looked like he took a little visit to the medical marijuana store. I think Jessica gave the ring back to avoid the embarrassment of the repo man coming to get it when Mike defaults on the payments. Furthermore I bet it came with a I bet you need the money from this more than I do.

  10. Puddy

    I agree! She should have kept the ring! She jumped out of an airplane, for lord’s sake, to get it!!

  11. Anica

    I cannot stand Gizelle….she is such an ignorant racist fool….always in someone elses business…..because she has nothing going on in her life….she is so fake!!!

  12. Matzah60

    That was a great recap and explains a lot to me. I never see the nuances in people that exposes their flaws. I had no clue Mike was drunk. I see them at their face value. Yes, I though he was obnoxious, gloating, and his whole shoe shtick sounded like a ridiculous way to make money. I have a bad picker with men and friends. When I finally tag a person for who they really are vs how they present themselves, I feel let down and deceived and by that time to have already been played. Very insightful as well on the ring going back to the jeweler who gave it to them for advertising.

  13. Dandy Lion

    It was so awkward watching him staring at himself on the TV monitor and fiddling with his hair.

  14. T D

    The ring didn’t mean a thing.

  15. Betty

    Mike is such a douche bag. Maybe he could quit alcohol and hop on over to cocaine. Supposedly you lose weight on cocaine. He could stand to lose the man boobs. I find his nose annoying also.

  16. marc

    I hated the Real housewives of Potomac episodes but did enjoy the reunion ; if only they had brought those performances to the actual show it would have been a great first season.

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