The Mother Daughter Experiment Recap: Kim and Natalie Fight

WWHL with Kim Richards


I normally begin this show’s recapping by calling it the worst thing on television, but lately Shahs of Sunset is really trying to take the crown. I try not to recap all the madness here and mainly watch to see what crazy thing Kim does.  It’s clear she is very codependent with Kimberly. Kimberly was at Cochella over the weekend with all her older kids and Paris and Kimberly and a few of her other nieces. I didn’t see Kim there, just her daughter Kimberly.

It’s week six in the house and everyone thinks they are getting better except Courtney and Krista. I really see absolutely no change for anyone. Josie got the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. It’s a one day shoot on the last day of filming this show. Her mother, the abject idiot, wants her to keep her commitment to this trainwreck of a show.

Group Therapy

There will be two sessions, one for the mothers and one for the daughters. This is going to be great for Kimberly. It will be like a vacation day. Kim breaks out in a fake tearless cry about Kimberly being her other half and she didn’t want to let her go off to college.

While off with the girls Kimberly says that she walked in the house straight from losing  her virginity on a weekend trip and her mom could tell before she even got in the door. Kim wanted to hear all about it. OMG.  Can you imagine?

Kimberly in her group says that her need to take care of Kim does cause her to miss out on things.

Mother Daughter Kim Richards 2


The group comes together for a closing session.  The moms were asked the one trait they hope they don’t pass down to their daughter. The daughters were asked the one trait of their moms that they want to inherit. As soon as the therapist explains this and that they will each have to guess what the other said, Kim starts whispering to Kimberly to tell her what to say.  Meanwhile Natalie has some sort of breakthrough. She realizes she doesn’t care about or love other people. I pretty much think I believe her maybe. Or else it is a big show to try to improve her image. Natalie’s mom believes her because she says that Natalie hates to cry. She cried her eyelashes off so I’m going with real.

Kim says she hopes that Kimberly doesn’t get her People Pleaser trait. Kimberly had guessed caretaker. I’m sorta thinking an addictive personality would be the one trait I’d wish missed my kid. Kimberly says she hopes to gain her mother’s compassion. Which just goes to show what we see on TV isn’t really the reality they live.  Or even the same planet they are on.

Despite Natalie’s psychological breakthrough, or more likely because of it, she and Heidi get an early start on the heavy drinking. Natalie has declared that bedroom doors must be left open.  She begins enforcing her new rule while drunk off her ass by banging open everyone’s doors and screaming at them.

Natalie is super mad at Josie because at lunch Josie said she googled her and saw her fighting in the streets on TMZ. I’m pretty sure they all googled each other before coming in the house. Natalie starts screaming at  Kimberly and Cassie to tell the moms who googled her. They all know it is Josie but neither of them want to get involved in the drama and just say it wasn’t them. Kimberly and Cassie try to escape. Natalie says they are not excused. Natalie starts chasing them down so Kim goes to Natalie and gets in her face and tells her that they don’t need her permission to go to their rooms. Kim puts her hands on Natalie four times. The very heated argument continues and Kim takes off her sweater to fight Natalie. I’m surprised Natalie has not cleaned her clock yet. Heidi tries to step in and stop the fight and Kim shoves her and tells her not to touch her.

When Kim and Kimberly  are in the their room trying to figure out what to do with Natalie, poor Cassie comes in having a full blown panic attack.

Next week: Natalie’s mom goes off on Kim for trying to fight her daughter. Natalie and her mom almost come to blows. And more stupidity ensues.


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12 responses to “The Mother Daughter Experiment Recap: Kim and Natalie Fight

  1. Deb in SF

    So glad I didn’t start watching this show, but I do love your recaps! Kim knowing imme4diately that her daughter lost her virginity cracked me up…my guess is that Kimberly had her blouse on inside out or her dress wasn’t fastened right. :)

  2. T D

    Bleach and ammonia never make a good combination.

  3. timtoodles

    I sat down to watch this twice. I Fell asleep both times. I remember the mother and daughter sessions. I figured it must have an exceptionally boring episode as I kept falling asleep so I deleted it. I don’t remember most of this.

  4. Betty

    I love this picture of Baby Jane. So crazy

  5. marc

    Kim is going to put the blame on Lisa Rinna…

  6. Lovie

    I’ve been completely sucked into this Madhouse. How would you have handled Natalie’s outburst, TT? I’m not sure if I’d have tried to sit and listen to her or barricade myself in my room. I desperately need my sleep, so all their screaming would drive me nuts!

    • Dee

      Kim looks great in this picture. I wish she had not agreed to this show. We can see so much, too much. I hope she is going to meetings. I hope her children are too.

    • Dee

      Ditto…I think she’s trying to point out that the Kim’s stay in their room. I’m guessing she wants to out them

      • Cat

        I can’t watch this show, but I’ve seen her on other shows. She’s loud, obnoxious and has a deep sense of entitlement. I think she’s just a brat, and a bully, and wants camera time.

        And maybe her own show. It worked for the other one…what’s her name? Tanisha?

      • Dee

        Kimberly and Josie don’t seem to belong on this show sigh

      • Dee

        Oops I meant Kimberly, she seems sweet

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