This Week’s Bethenny Frankel Drama Is Ridiculous, And Completely Fabricated

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Last weekend Bethenny Frankel, an extremely successful self-made business woman, was asked to speak at some sort of “womens’ empowerment” function.  I’m sure that she will not be quick to share her advice in the future, because all of last week, she was dragged through the mud by idiots.  The instigator of all the hoopla is some random woman named Mary Pryor. She attended the event and  was  offended.

There are sure a lot of people being offended lately. Day after day here at Tamara Tattles there are more and more people offended by something I said,  or something somebody else said, or their comments being moderated, their perceptions of my opinions on reality TV shows….and a plethora of other topics.  They experience at lot of FEELINGS they feel compelled to share with me. It’s tiresome.

Before I address the Bethenny situation, let’s first define what it means to be offended. When a person says they are offended, what they are saying is that someone has hurt their big fat feelings and now they are mad. Being offended by something is basically a precursor to whining.  What is even more loathsome is being offended by proxy. People who are offended by proxy rush in with all their feels to explain that something was done or said that may hurt the feelers of some other person or some group of people to which they do not belong. Inherent in “offense by proxy” is the belief that this poor beleaguered person group of people should be whining about something, but are too dumb, or disenfranchised, or downtrodden that they cannot be offended without their help. That is in itself, or at least it could be, offensive to the party they are speaking for. There are throngs of people, particularly on the Internet that never miss an opportunity to be offended. More often than not, they are whining by proxy for someone they don’t know.


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All it takes is one person with a Twitter account these days to declare that something has become a “firestorm.”  A firestorm is a fire where strong columns of air fuel a fire thus causing widespread destruction.  Pryor’s intent was to set the fire, and then write a column to provide the air.  If you add in a few folks who never miss an opportunity to be offended to fan the flames, then apparently all journalistic responsibility also goes up in said flames.  And in this case, the arsonist gets a whole lot of attention. This is often the conscious or subconscious goal of the perpetually offended.

Now let’s take a look at  exactly what happened based on my research of the situation. Bethenny Frankel gave a speech. Everyone applauded. And no one was offended.  And then the Q & A  portion ensued.

Pryor published the following in her article on HuffPo (don’t get me started on that site in general) :

 I was stunned when Frankel implied that women should have sex with men in exchange for capital.
Where was your offense here?  Were you stunned because you agreed?  Why did the whining not start here?

I was offended when she expressed some kind of kinship with black women because she’s “loud.”

What are acceptable areas  for people to express kinship?  Is it your position that there are not loud  black women? That Bethenny is not loud?  That women from New York are not often referred to as loud?  Are you not currently “getting loud”  with your whining? Bethenny is often loud. You will be shown to have been loud at the convention and online. Sounds like a great starting point for you to develop a kinship with Bethenny to me.

And I was taken aback when she advised those of us in the room to get business advice to hire a white man as the face of our companies.

So you have already said there were white women, black women and Hispanic women in the room. Were you taken aback for all of them? Or just you?


Here is the issue, and the reason I chose not to engage in this entire situation. Bethenny Frankel has categorically denied saying any of these things.   Not that it matters to the professionally offended folks.  So maybe Bethenny really did show up to a womens’ empowerment group and tell the women to suck dick for money, imply that all black women are loud and tell everyone to make a white man the face of their business. I considered that for a hot second, and then I considered an alternative possibility. Maybe Pryor is just as dumb as a sack of weave.  I’m gonna go with that theory.


RHONY bethenny


So I poked around and tried to find more than just Pryor being offended. I mean calling all the black women in the convention hall “loud”  would surely have offended some of them, right?  Where is this firestorm of outrage on social media?  Let me check some other sources. I’d like to do that, but Pryor’s article is the only claim of any firestorm. She posts proof of this firestorm with sixteen  tweets. Twelve of those tweets were hers  where she whines to the organizers about her hurt feeeeeeeeelings. Because that is what successful business women do, they are thin skinned whiners who are easily offended. Oh wait. Now they are not. They are usually bitches like Bethenny who work the system instead of letting it work her. They don’t have time to work for free for HuffPo by writing an article about their feelings. They are too busy grinding and hustling and making shit happen in their lives

Nene Leakes on Glee, What Happened to Her Hello Kitty?Those other four tweets that make up the “firestorm” are two women and one man. First, Marah, who says the conference was great until the  Q&A where Bethenny wanted to erase black women as faces of entrepreneurship. Wow, that sounds really racist.  This is a great comment for the perpetually offended to take to the bank and try to cash. Unfortunately, it will bounce.  But wait, Marah is not done. Marah APOLOGIZES to Pryor on behalf of Bethenny. Because the easily offended by proxy are arrogant folks who enjoy speaking for others. Nothing says strong business woman like accusing another woman of being racist and apologizing on her behalf.  Facts being damned and all.

The second woman , Ellen, whose tweet must have been include in the “firestorm” accidentally, simply tweeted the question that Bethenny was asked that offended Pryor’s delicate sensibilities. “Convo w/ @bethenny: should u do whatever it takes 2 succeed like hiring a white male spokesperson as a minority entrepreneur? #PEIntensive16

The third person in the four person firestorm was a white guy named  Adam who RT’s another white guy who was not at the conference who is selling T-Shirts  about mediocre white guys being over confident.  I am not making this shit up

So to recap, the firestorm, based on Pryor’s own reporting consisted of 12 tweets by her, 2 tweets by a female apologist, one tweet by an Asian lady repeating the question posed to Bethenny in the Q & A, and a white guy selling t-shirts.  A poor showing indeed for the perpetually offended. It’s almost like NOTHING HAPPENED.

Gif by reality TVgifs and T.Kyle on Tumblr

Gif by reality TVgifs and T.Kyle on Tumblr


But first, let’s check out Adam, the white guy helping his other guy friend sell t-shirts essentially mocking white male privilege. Which is really to me, the funniest part of this story. Because Adam, the white guy was at the womens’ empowerment conference trying to pick up chicks or something. And so of course after reading Pryor’s ridiculous piece, the white guy is going to explain to us what went down, while all the while explaining he has no right to do this. First he is going to explain that he would never presume to speak on behalf of anyone, and then gives his account. Because we have no other people in this firestorm of four speaking out for now, let’s give him a listen

He never mentions the dick sucking for dollars allegations (Pryor remains the only one to say that happened), nor does he mention that Bethenny said she felt a kinship with black women because she’s loud (Pryor is the only one saying that happened)  But he does address the question that Bethenny was asked and answered at the conference during the Q & A.


Are you sure you are not biased?


Adam, the white guy who was there, wrote an open letter to Bethenny on LinkedIn:

You recently answered a question posed to you by Dr Sanna Gaspard at a conference for women entrepreneurs in New York. She said that other people had mentioned to her that it might help to bring along a man to investor meetings to be the face of the company … and what did you think about that idea.

So based on two sources and a third below, what happened was, someone in the audience asked Bethenny if she should bring in a male TO INVESTOR MEETINGS TO SEEK FUNDING.  Not to replace the lady on the Skinny Girl logo (why has she not gotten shit for the black female logo yet?) not to change Mrs. Fields Cookies to Mr. Fields Cookies but to represent the company as one good ole boy to another to OBTAIN INVESTORS.  Adam goes on to cite statistics that indicate that minority women are more likely to be struck by lightning that obtain financial investments from the investment community, particularly in the area of technology (Gaspard’s business area) because it is all a bunch of white guys like Adam.  Adam goes on to say that the politically correct  terminology to placate people with thin skin is to call the male you bring to your investors meetings  “a sponsor” who “helps the disenfranchised get funding.” Oh okay.

According to commenter,Elizabeth Gresham, on Pryor’s post :

Could someone please fact check this article? I was at this event and a couple things in this piece didn’t even happen. Bethenny never said we should sleep with men to get ahead. And NO ONE took the microphone from Mary’s hands. Instead, someone else was getting ready to speak, and Mary charged across the room to take the microphone away from her. Mary then made several comments before sitting down of her own accord once she was done speaking.

And let’s not forget that Bethenny’s comment is being completely taken out of context here. While I disagree with her, a female founder in the audience kept asking her over & over if she should get a white male cofounder & Bethenny kept saying do whatever it takes to grow your business and after the woman kept asking her, she told her she as a founder thought a white male cofounder was what it would take, then do it. She then said diversity includes all viewpoints (which is does–or should) and that white male is a viewpoint.

Mary, you are fighting the good fight and these facts on black founders need to be shared. But when you exaggerate a situation to where what you’re saying isn’t even true (no one silenced you–you interrupted someone else & took the mic from her) it discredits your message and the cause. Your message is strong enough of its own and the cause is just. No need to exaggerate or twist the facts.

So Bethenny told someone who asked repeatedly if she should take a man to her investors meetings to help with the gender bias issues women encounter there, Bethenny said to do whatever she needed to do to grow her business. If taking a man to the meetings is what you think you need to do, then do that!

RHOA Kandi pissed me off

And that boys and girls offended Pryor who responds:

Thanks for your comment but I want to take this opportunity to run some items back to you if you don’t mind.The mic was taken away from myself and Naomi while Bethenny was overtalking during our comment. She didn’t even give myself and another young lady a chance to dialogue with her about how concerning her advice was to that founder.

So some lady asked Bethenny for advice, you  jumped up and took the microphone to tell Bethenny that you didn’t agree with her advice to the lady who asked Bethenny the question? Girl! have several seats. They lady asking Bethenny questions was someone with M.S. and Ph.D Degrees from Carnegie Mellon in Biomechanical Engineering. She is the founder and CEO of a Rubitection, which is developing a medical device to effectively prevent and manage pressure ulcers (bedsores).  She doesn’t need your offense by proxy and your arrogant assumption that she does is insulting to her business accomplishment’s. Why would Bethenny want to “dialogue with you” about her advice to someone else? Why do you feel OWED that opportunity?

The moderator’s comment directly after the mic was taken from us was “let me break up this fight”. There was no fight. We were speaking up for women of color and that speech/comment in the room was inappropriate.

So you caused a disruption on behalf of “women of color” at an event by acting a fool and getting loud to the point where the moderator had to physically take the mike away from you. #Classy.

I wouldn’t want to exaggerate anything that happened in that space but given that is recant is supported by women whom were also present and given a few other details that you are missing out I think it’s fair to say that we will have to disagree.

Wow, that is a very long nonsensical sentence. It is no wonder the conversation with Bethenny and the other CEO went right over your noggin.

So several “news outlets” including  The New York Daily News and  The Talk basically slandered the fuck out of Bethenny. The Talk in particular should be held accountable for their vicious skewering. Some of  the online outlets have now masked their stories on Bethenny to take you so other stories.  While Page Six, who has never been a Bethenny Frankel friendly site, is now running a piece about how OFFENDED other housewives are that Bethenny chooses to do promotion for RHONY without them.

Okay, comments are open for your whining.

Gif by T.Kyle at

Gif by T.Kyle at

EDITED TO ADD: I have now listened to a bootleg copy of the audio of an event. The last person to ask the question was the person Adam the white guy refers to. She says that she has many obstacles to getting funding for her company, she is female, she is young, she is pretty, and you know that other thing… hem haw… (you can hear over clanging dinnerware  people saying, just say it… It was not anything Bethenny said to cause the room to murmer it was because the woman kept saying “other things I can’t control” and refused to say it was because she was black. Note she had no problem saying she was female, young and attractive but she could not say she was black) and Bethenny says, “and you’re black, you can say the word.”  She says that everyone keeps telling her she needs a white guy to talk to investors and Bethenny what she thinks about that even though she is not black. Bethenny doesn’t hear her and she repeats that Bethenny is not black. Bethenny says, “no, I am not but some people think that I am though.” People laugh. The woman goes on to ask basically how she dealt with the male dominated arena.  And Bethenny  says she really doesn’t buy into all that. That is like the women who say they can’t find a man because they have kids.  Essentially she says it is buying into to stereotypes.  She says she says it narrows the pool of where people should be looking. She’s not looking for a 32 year old band member who doesn’t want kids.  She says you should not even be listening to that. You have to work smarter and find places where you can get what you are looking for.  She says IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT HAVING A WHITE GUY WORK FOR YOU, THAT FINDING A BLOND GUY WHOSE WHITE IS THE SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEMS THEN DO THAT.  (randomness about Michael Strahan and Wendy Williams that sounded bitter to me about her failed talk show go here) BUT IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT AND YOU FIND SOME BLOND GUY  STRAIGHT GUY AND HE’S GREAT, THEN DO THAT.  But you have to find the truth. You can’t just find all these excuses (the woman presented FOUR, female, young, pretty and black)  for why you can’t get done what needs to be done.

As Bethenny is answering the question, there is a disruption. She says there is a group of “African American girls over there that have something to say.” So she stops talking.  There is a lot of laughter in the audience after she says that.  Bethenny shouts “We are going to have an UPRISING HER TODAY!” Audience laughs some more.

Then a voice who could be Pryor or her friend who both disrupted Bethenny’s conversation with the woman who was announced at the last question of the day announced, “We’re gonna tag team!”  Mind you now, questions are OVER but two black women have vaulted to the mike to put in their two cents “tag team style.”  The moderator lets them speak.  They come for Bethenny for telling the official questioner that if that is how she really feels is how to get her investors than that is what she should do. Because Bethenny can’t have an opinion.

Whoever grabbed the mike said to the questioner, “First, you should never be afraid of saying that you’re black.”  Then she says that this whole idea of needing a man to go to investors with her is ridiculous.  So far she has agreed with Bethenny on every count.  Bethenny is being very respectful to two people who have hijacked her conversation with another women.  Bethenny says that she has a business run by ALL WOMEN. She also says that now she wants to hire a straight male guy because she needs a different perspective. (She doesn’t say this but the rumors are she is going to start a SkinnyGuy sort of line. Even if she isn’t it’s okay to hire men in your company!)  She points out that she works at Bravo that is all gay men so she hears that voice a lot.  The woman speaking is very complimentary of Bethenny and is pissed at the women who didn’t want to say she was black.  She keeps trying to talk to that commenter in a mean way and the moderator takes the mike back. They were attacking the QUESTIONER with the floor, not Bethenny. Bethenny takes one more question that you can’t really here because the person with the recorder is talking with her friend saying about the “tag team” of Pryor and whoever that “She really gets where they were coming from, but that they didn’t need to be so COMBATIVE about it.”

And that’s the true tea.


Updated HERE IS THE UNCENSORED VERSION OF WHAT HAPPENED   As much as I hate that site who entitled their post ” Bethenny Frankel Insults Black Women & Advises Women To Sleep With Men For Gain. You need to hear this for yourself.


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58 responses to “This Week’s Bethenny Frankel Drama Is Ridiculous, And Completely Fabricated

  1. Larry

    I feel like it would be super empowering to bring on a token white guy to get investments. Give him a decent title but no control. He’d be a puppet, a tool to make me rich. I could discard him when I’m done.

    I wonder if we’ll even notice when something really offensive happens, since we clutch the pearls over so many things.

    • tamaratattles

      I guess if you are the type to that spends a lot of time brawling at conventions offering some advice on how to feel empowered, step one is “be offended by as many things as possible. And if no one says anything offensive, MAKE SHIT UP to be offended about.

      • Larry

        Well, she did get attention. Does she have a business or product, one she could promote through the press she’s getting? Or did she just attend a seminar to see a tv star?

    • This story wasn’t fabricated – there were plenty of other attendees who corroborated what happened. She said what she said and I for one believe her.

      • tamaratattles

        Where are these other attendees? You just love making shit up I HEARD THE WHOLE THING RIGHT DOWN TO THE IDIOT BEING REMOVED FROM THE MICROPHONE AFTER RUNNING TO GRAB IT AND CAUSING SUCH AN UPROAR THAT BETHENNY SAID ” WE”RE GOING TO HAVE AN UPRISING” Also the idiot was sucking up to BETHENNY and going in on the woman who had the floor to ask Bethenny a question.

        If you believe “her” you are dumber than dog shit.

  2. Jelley

    Random noticing but why do many people always replace “me” with “myself” these days? I guess they think speaking grammatically incorrect with additional syllables makes them sound smarter. Love you TT.

  3. Carl

    I heard the audio recorded by someone at the conference and TT you are SPOT ON. As you said, B stated ” IF you’ve tried everything else and it’s been over a year and nothing’s working and YOU think bringing in a white male will help you then do what you need to do to grow your brand.” It’s shameful, not to mention frightening, how anyone can make up a story and have it believed so quickly without any fact checking. I’m especially disappointed in The Talk, where skewer her they did, considering how Ayesha Tyler reminds the viewers constantly that people & “the media” fabricate situations. Sad.

    • tamaratattles

      Carl, it is my understanding that no recordings exist.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      People love to hate on a successful woman, who doesn’t defer to men. A lot of women HATE that in another woman, because it makes them face how weak they are in their own lives. People are quick to believe ANY hateful little thing said about someone like Bethenny.

  4. Bycobyb

    Oh my, I just can’t stop laughing, tears are coming down. You are great

  5. FarFromPerfekt

    Your passion is contagious! And for the purple, Mwaaah to you and Banjo too. ?

  6. tamaratattles

    I’m already one angry black woman down on FB who is convinced that Bethenny is racist. I actually blocked HER though. Shouldn’t she have blocked me for upsetting her so with facts?

  7. beth

    Why did the sponsors of the conference apologize to her (Mary)?

    • tamaratattles

      Because that is what they do. When idiots get offended, other idiots rally around and say, “there, there moron, it will be okay, let me get you a cookie.” Apologies are the payoffs offended folks are seeking.

  8. Deb in SF

    Very impressed by the depth of your research, Tamara! Thank you for the enlightening information and all your time-consuming work! I’m rather embarrassed that I believed what I heard on The Talk. Grateful you addressed this!

  9. microop

    I really believe Bethenny was joking. But what may have been problemmatic was did she give a substantial amount of real advice between jokes? I don’t know I wasn’t there. But I can understand if someone was offended bc their time and money had been wasted.

    • Minky

      I’m not really a Bethenny fan, but I believe that Bethenny was severely misquoted here and the intention of this Pryor person was to piggyback off of Bethenny’s fame.

      Bethenny’s sense of humor is not for everybody and sometimes her jokes flop out the wrong way, but she was obviously trying to be witty and cute here, not offensive or mean. And she was cute, except some of the audience members had an agenda. Ridiculous!

    • tamaratattles

      She wasn’t JOKING. She never said anything of the sort.

  10. Miguel

    Thanks for catching me up, TT – I wasn’t aware of The Talk’s smear campaign against Bethenny!!! WTF!?! Aren’t the ladies on these panels aspiring journalists? 😉

  11. Jane

    I’m offended every time bethenny opens her mouth and sucks the air out of the room, so I quit watching. Problem solved.

  12. Thank you, TT. I am tired of people who are “offended” and the delicate sensibilities of those who are “offended.” And the words “support” and “event.” Every display of narcissism is not an “event,” and these fake/not fake women can survive without the “support” (Pretend to believe my B.S. Storyline) of all the other fake/not fake women.

  13. therealdeb

    oh the SJW (social justice warriors) are a crazy bunch. Thank you so much for clearing up that bullshit!

    • Minky

      The SJW are a tiresome bunch. Especially in these situations. Why can’t people just mind their own business? Oh, I forgot! It’s because they don’t have a business of their own!

      • therealdeb

        exactly, i get so tired of being told I have white privilege because I was born with this skin and have a job. Or that i should vote this way or that due to whatever the popular thing is this week. Please, I have a fucking brain, let me use it!

      • Calipatti

        Mary Pryor needed a point of view for a column. Guessing she’s a independent contractor or not , I don’t know, this is how she earns a living.
        Truth in journalism is not a requirement.

      • tamaratattles

        HuffPo does not pay for those stories. They actually have very few writers that are in their payroll. The writers that are on HuffPo are not journalists. It’s just a collection of liberal dolts with lots and lots of FEELINGS. And very few actual JOBS.

  14. Kim

    Ok first of all, B is a very sarcastic person so for this woman to actually be offended, she took Bethanny’s responses LITERALLY. This woman obviously doesn’t understand sarcasm & is not familiar with B’s personality. She needs to lighten the hell up! Well if getting press was this woman’s goal, she succeeded. There should be negative press towards HER, not Bethenny.

    • tamaratattles

      I assumed that Bethenny must have said something sarcastic at first. But when I listened to the tape, there was no sarcasm and she stated pretty much the OPPOSITE of what the offended buffoon who had to have the mike taken away from her for attacking the previous questioner said she said.

  15. JanaApril

    The more one puts their thoughts out there with the pubic in any way someone is gong to be offended. It is what it is. That’s one thing. But how people can now come at you on social media seems to a whole different level of crazy to it. And how the media doesn’t “vet” stories but act like gossip sites doesn’t help. What I find to be a shame is how supposed reputable media outlets put stories out there to be polarizing without really having any facts. When I read the story. I figured there had to be more to it. It just didn’t feel right. And when I read it and saw that it there wasn’t any audio of what allegedly happened than I definitely didn’t believe it. She can be a loud mouth and all the rest but I don’t think she would do anything to ruin her corporate branding. And the advice she allegedly gave is opposite of how she branded herself so it just didn’t make sense. But the summary of the bootleg audio does.

  16. I like Bethenny for her interesting perspectives and I really appreciate her bluntness! Mob mentality makes me curious and nauseous all at once. Even when you were describing the events that occurred it seemed clear that she was taken out of context!

  17. Michelle

    The problem with feelings and business is they don’t mix. Bethenny knows this and the women attending the conference should too. Once feelings become a part of business, there is no business just a mess to clean up.

  18. Auntie Velvet

    I proudly wear the SJW banner, but only when there’s something there….and that isn’t in this case here.

    It is such a shame that Soundcloud file is given that title. I never did find anything about sleeping your way to the top, even as a joke, but the rest is crystal clear. Bethenny was being respectful, friendly and feminist in her answers.

    I have a feeling if Bethenny and the moderator had said all the same things they actually did, but ALSO kissed Mary Pryor’s ass, she would not have decided to make this her cause célèbre.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Exactly. This isn’t a case of a woman being overly sensitive and easily offended and writing about it. She posed as a “social justice warrior,” but that was all sound and fury, signifying nothing.
      This woman is simply a liar making up stories for attention. And I heard that audio file, too, Aunt Velvet, and you are absolutely correct that Bethenny didn’t even veer close to what she was accused of saying.

  19. Lime Brain

    Wendy Williams has a gossip columnist on the show, a little past the half hour mark, discussing this today.

    Wendy doesn’t really say anything because she seems torn between bad mouthing Bethanny and knowing the story is not true.

  20. Meri

    I am old…let me repeat…OLD. I do not get all of this offended crap. Everyone seems to be looking and waiting anxiously for someone to offend them. I doubt that these people actually hear anything that is said around them because they are so focused on the target offensive comments that may or may not happen. They seem to exist for those wonderful offensive moments to make themselves feel relevant and important. If they aren’t offended then they don’t really matter and they don’t really have a reason for being. I am afraid to speak anymore because I am a blunt person who says what she thinks…I am bound to offend someone. I hate this sad, insecure trend and I pity the idiots just sitting around waiting for offensiveness to ensue. I am offended by ALL of them..

  21. Cupcake Scholar

    When one attends such events it is more beneficial to be open-minded and to absorb all information provided. You can take what you can use for your business and ignore the rest. The event described does not seem like an appropriate context for aggressive interactions. If I had been at this event, I would be ticked at people wasting my time with their narcissistic pettiness.

  22. Cupcake Scholar

    Events like these are intended for people to listen to the keynote speaker/facilitator, network, exchange ideas, and share resources. If I had been in attendance, I would be ticked off at folks imposing their narcissistic tendencies on everyone. Gross. Now I’m offended! LOL!

  23. Meri

    For my invisible record…I am NEVER offended by what TT says because: 1.) This is her blog 2.) She presents both sides of most issues 3.) I love truth and honesty and TT speaks to these traits. I am NOT offended by what characters on reality shows say on or off camera because I have chosen to listen to them of my own free will. I can refrain from doing so at any time. I am NOT offended by what other people say because their comments will have no bearing on what I think or do and if I give them the power to offend me then I am the stupid fool with no mind. People who live for offensive moments are sad and empty and desperate and really don’t know what they believe in. Ok, enough of my comments. The subject of TT’s blog on Bethenny and the offended lady is one of my pet peeves and I had a lot to say. Sorry if I offended anyone (no, I’m not)….live with it. P.S. can anyone tell me how many calories and how much sugar is in the dust on the windows that I may wind up licking for making two comments close together on the same subject? I love you T.T. You give me a reason to turn on my computer.

    • Michelle

      I started reading TT to fall asleep and I was up half the night lol. I love this blog and I make sure not to read anything before I go to bed!

  24. jen

    Thank you!! This is such bullshit by that Pyor lady. I read her article and the whole thing seemed so fishy…including a bunch of her own tweets? It was bizarre. Thank you for getting the truth on the whole situation.

  25. em

    The most recent season of Southpark with its focus on “the PC Police” pretty much hit the nail on the head with regards to the easily offended.

  26. Frosty

    Clearly Bethenny’s fees aren’t high enough to speak at these things…

  27. DarkThoughts

    I wasn’t surprised that Wendy Williams had this on Hot Topic Monday given the fact that Bethenny conveniently forgot to be nice to people on the way up as they are the same people that saw her shoved off the talk show circuit without a parachute.

    I believe that Bethenny did not say what she is being accused of although I do believe there is a bit of Karma at work here. You know, satchels of gold, and all that. I think I can hear Kelly Bensimon giggling all the way from NY to my hood Chicago.

  28. Meanwhile I was looking up white men to hire on Linkden….holler!

  29. Samantha

    I am not fan of Bethenny, but that Pryor lady has a history of making up shit and being offended from questions asked.
    One thing Bethenny said I am not sure of.. last year on RHONY when Bethenny had her business “summit” where she has employees meet once a year, I thought I remember seeing men?

    • jen

      Yes there were men and women. It was a lot of different people. I liked watching that scene. I like when the housewives give a glimpse into running thier businesses.

  30. jen

    It is very clear after some brief research the woman that made these claims against Bethany did all of thia to get famous. That’s it how pathetic. Great article TT. And thw people saying its karma…bullshit. karma os not someone making up such awful straight up lies. That is not karma!

    • Samantha

      I don’t think they did it to get famous… They were already known, like I said, Pryor is known for being a victim.

      • jen

        Ah ok. Just saw her mention how exciting it was for her named mentioned on Wendy. (Hope its ok to say that)

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