Shahs of Sunset Recap: C’est La Vida

Shahs MJ GG


This episode of Shahs of Sunset is only the second one and already I am tired of the battle between Mercedeh and Asa that will resume in this episode over the affections of Reza.  Reza is a scumbag, misogynist who women and THE gays (Capitalized to emphasis for those that the term “the gays” bothers) can no longer abide.  Sure there are women (like Bethenny Frankel, based on her Talk Show) who love him and gays who fuck him, me and mine are not fans. So to have the storyline be two women clamoring for the affections of Reza for another season is going to annoy the fuck out of me. MJ, is MJ. But Asa Soltan Rahmati I hold to a higher accountability. Le sigh.

I am also behind because it took me all day to research THIS STORY about Bethenny Frankel, because apparently no one else could be bothered. So I am behind, and irritable and will not do WWHL with Mike Shouhed until tomorrow because WWHL is a PITA to recap. #Apologies.

On to tonights’ episode…

This used to be one of my favorite Bravo shows, but just the previews alone are irritating to me. GG wakes up at Shervin’s where she slept in his bed and he slept on the couch. She wakes up in full makeup with a camera crew. Come on Ryan Seacrest! And just look at her pitiful wrist with less than an inch of gold  bangles. It’s all just a super disappointment at this point.


shahs jessica parido


Golnesa doesn’t remember anything about the cake throwing incident or how she got there because her storyline this season is that she is a an alcoholic with rheumatoid arthritis. So basically she taking the Kim Richards storyline and the Yolanda Foster storyline and  smushing them together. I don’t believe a goddamn thing on this show and it is only episode two.  Gonesa’s hair looks fabulous.

Nima is back now playing the role of GG’s cousin. I forget what role he had before but that was not it. Do Iranians have play cousins? GG says she is basically mentally ill and a danger to others.

Broke ass drunk Mike who can’t keep his dick in his pants has a dream. He wants to help other guys get laid by making dope shoes that help them get laid. He basically says he married Jessica for her family’s money. Her family really needs to cut her ass off. Not just for the hugely expensive wedding where the marriage ended in eight months, but because she is now dating a violent asshole who could put her life in danger. ALLEGEDLY. 


Reza and Mike should just get married. Sorry Adam.

Reza and Mike should just get married. Sorry Adam.


Asa and Reza chat and Asa says something like the fact that all the drama has to do with “cake wiping” which … I mean is that a thing where they come from?  Is ridiculous. And Reza who has never seen a cake he did not destroy blames it all on Golnesa. Chile, please.  It’s going to be a season of hating Golnesa.  BECAUSE LET US NOT TALK ABOUT WHAT A SLIMELY WHORE MIKE IS!  No, let’s talk about how great Mike is.  I  can’t with these people.

Apparently, we are to notice the shoes because  promotional, consideration.  Anyway MJ is there and she is pissed that Reza wants Asa to officiate the ceremony. Reza wants a flash mob event at his “new house in Palm Springs.”

Did Asa just call Reza “the man of the household”??????????????????????????????????????????????????/

I man not be able to recap the rest of this shit.  So two men get married and one is the man of the household? What the fuck does that make the other one? Asa will be hearing about that shit on Twitter tonight.

I fast forward through the dog humiliation scenes. I can’t with these people.

Asa has a scene about her kaftan company. She is doing very well and needs more space. Asa thinks that immigrants are the only people in America without 401Ks.  And well, she wants us to know business is hard. No matter what Asa says, she has GAME in the gold bangle department. I speak with knowledge on the subject.

I don’t even want to address Tommy and MJ. I used to hate Vida. Now I completely agree with her about everything.


SHahs Jessica and thug


Asa and Adam are friends. She is thrilled he has learned Farsi. We all saw how well converting to Judaism worked for Jessica before marrying her piece of shit man. Perhaps learning Farsi will serve Adam better when marrying his piece of shit man. You think?  Blah, blah, blah, close up on Asa’s bangle game. Sorry. It’s sort of my bag. I am easily distracted. Asa’s  bangles look like 22K and I need to work on that. #Grinding4BanglesNDaGhetto

MJ, Tommy and Vida have lunch. Or more to the point, Vida has MJ and Tommy for lunch.

Jessica and Mike meet for lunch to discuss why they can’t get a loan for a house. Mike is so full of shit. Mike wants to sells shoes for money. OH PULEASE.

All I care about is this scene with Asa. Let us all behold. I had to get over her licking a plastic lid to something she is serving and allow myself to believe she made all that food. Because I NEED TO STILL BELIEVE IN SOMETHING ON THIS SHOW RYAN SEACREST! GIVE ME SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN! Reza is wearing a black and white striped shirt that looks like the old timey prisoners. It’s almost like foreshadowing.  I’m just saying.  What is better than having a man like Tommy who says he “eats like he has two assholes??”  I mean who would not want that for their friend/daughter. They talk about Golnesa. And Mercedeh tells Adam not to be a doormat. This show is sofa king scripted I can’t stand it.

Cue GG going out with Shervin and her play cousin Nemo, Nema, Nemi… whatever. GG is falling down drunk and making out with idiots. I hope Shervin is not going to be cast as Golnesa’s boyfriend.

I love Shervin. He tells drunk ass GG, “The Golnesa today is not the real one, but that’s okay. I’ll be with this one, until the real one comes back.”  Sadly, GG is really drunk and GG really is struggling.  I just think they are going to ridicule her this season and I do not want to watch that.

I think my friend  O.O has  a future boyfriend who lives in Beverly Hills and works at a bakery.  He has two giant tattoos on each side of his neck with giant Os

Adam tells Reza he has basically ruined the concept of marriage for him. But sadly, he will marry him anyway.

This show is such bullshit.


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26 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap: C’est La Vida

  1. Xanadude

    I HATE this show.
    I hate the mere fact that this show continues to exist. I hate that Bravo made those fucking Reza mustache costumes and that people wore them. I hate that people aspire to be these people, who apparently don’t even want to be themselves. I hate that people think that Reza and Adam are a model couple.
    There is nothing redeeming or entertaining about this season and I thank the Baby Jesus that PBS is airing Mr Selfridge opposite it and hopefully people will watch that instead.

  2. That’s a good commentary on the show.

  3. The last time I watched this mess they were all in the homeland…which I remember liking, so not sure why I quit watching.

    Now I remember.

  4. O.O

    @TT ….You know, I saw that ,and was wondering why and what those O’s are . Ha ha I think my daughter and mother would chain me to a radiator I were to go there. You’re so funny .

  5. I was very much confused as to how Jessica and Mike can’t get a loan on a house. In an earlier scene, Mike says how Jessica comes from a “very privileged background” and “whatever she wants, she gets.” If that’s the case, why can’t Jessica’s Father give them a low-interest loan? My parents did the same for me and I doubt they have Parido money. They do have a helicopter, though. :)

  6. Bridgett

    The only positive I can say is that Mike is looking better this season…but that is most likely to look more like Shervin who is always on point.

  7. Deb in SF

    Reza is, and always has been, a despicable character. I can tolerate the rest of them.

  8. Laura

    This episode was so scripted it was boring.

  9. koko

    Reza is skeevy and Adam is too good for him. Asa was licking the lid of a plain yoghurt (mahst) container. It’s a must have condiment for Persian food and I’ve been known to do the same….only if it’s not going to be reused, of course.

  10. Production sure is making fun of Mike & Jassica’s short-lived marriage by editing in all of the “I want to be with her forever” stuff.

  11. More Tea Please!

    There are way too many plot lines and every sungle one of them contrived.

    I did however love, love, love! Asa’s patio. The fruit trees, the fire pit, that dinner spread. Wow! Do you suppose it us really her house, or is this another Production by Bravo?

  12. Hmmm when I heard Asa say that nonsense about Reza being the man of the household I really had to ask what she was implying about Adam! In my mind I said ‘Define man!’ Then I really laughed quite a bit! This show really is insane!

  13. Roposhu

    Did anyone else catch Golnesa, Shervin and the other dude pop X (I’m assuming) in the car, right before they got out at the club???? The show then cut a raver scene at the club…anyone??

    • JennLovesAndy

      I thought she said it was a breath mint or something. Surely they would be a bit more covert than that???

      • tamaratattles

        I know when I take a breath mint I announce “This pill shaped thing I am putting in my mouth is just a Tic Tac!”

  14. KatCall

    The last two episodes determined for me that this Show is OFF my TV viewing list. Haven’t we already been through an entire season already of Ms. GG’s ‘bad temper tantrums’ and ‘going to therapy’ and ‘drinking out of control’? So apparently the so-called ‘anger-management therapy’ she went through a while ago didn’t work?! What is this now, a repeat? GG is once again hijacking the entire Show. If it ain’t about GG, then it ain’t a Show? Please. Every Season she hijacks the Show. Tiresome and not believable. Also, one can assume that binge drinking is NOT advantageous to arthritis? There is something definitely smarmy about this cast and Show. None of it or them rings true. These people make me feel like I need to take a shower after watching.

    • Katherine 2.0

      I know. The last good season was when they traveled to Turkey and Iran. I hate watching MJ suffer through another desperate relationship with someone who is clearly not right for her.

  15. Meri

    When I read Katherine 2.0’s comment about needing a shower after watching it pretty much summed up my own feelings. They are smarmy and I don’t feel clean after watching them. I don’t believe anything about Asa’s business being successful or Mike’s shoe venture and I don’t believe that they are really friends. Considering the spreads of food they they eat for every single occasion I am surprised that they don’t all weigh 600 pounds. Mike seems almost psychopathic and he scares me. I am anxious to get TT’s take on WWHL and his appearance. It was FRIGHTENING. I only watch this mess because it’s like watching strange creatures living in a weird zoo-like atmosphere.

  16. Linda

    Ha! Sofa king! Sounds like a Ramona-ism – coma toast.

  17. T D

    All that glitters is not gold ‘ ceptin’ Asa, she’s solid.

  18. Cheychey

    If you can’t afford to buy a house why are you spending $27 on 2 smoothies and is that a thing $27 smoothies. Do I live in a dungeon. I feel cheated if I spend $7on a drink that doesn’t contain alcohol.

  19. T D

    The sun is setting on this show. Hopefully it will disappear beyond the horizon never to be seen again.

  20. I started watching the series from the beginning and it was obvious that the only interesting person was Asa. Why can’t we have a reality show about her? The rest of the cast is a waste of time. Thanks for the recap, TT.

  21. toth

    THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST looks at the show that i have read. You are insightful , funny and spot on with your reading of all the characters and situations . I have become a big fan of yours .

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