Please Check Updated Commenting Rules


Some of you seem to think I care about what offends you.  Let’s clear that up real quick.




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16 responses to “Please Check Updated Commenting Rules

  1. Jennifer

    Always wonder why people just don’t get it! It’s Tamara’s blog. There are rules. If you don’t like the rules, don’t come to her site. But know this, you will be late to know the tea! She’s that good! So play nice and follow her commenting rules!!!!!

  2. KatherineNola

    I love that picture!!!! And your site. Screw true idiots and don’t get it. Your House, Your Rules!!

  3. Minky

    That bird in the picture is toooooo cute! So cute it’s almost offensive. Almost. Hahahahaha! ?

  4. microop

    Its worth following these rules because every other site is too mean or too stupid.

    • tamaratattles

      I try to avoid too much stupid here, but mean is sometimes needed. I have no problem with mean. No where in the comments did you read “Be kind! Don’t be mean or offensive!”

  5. SaraK

    You can’t give offense only take it. So….I say folks put on you big girl panties and deal with your own feelings. My TT has her plate full dealing with her own and doesn’t need your shit.

  6. Latina2014

    Strangely, I get excited when I read a comment that insults TT, don’t get me wrong, it’s not “their” comment that excites me, it’s ANTICIPATING TT’s response to them that quickly gets my attention n I can’t wait to c what she tells “em trolls” Jaja!!
    I mean seriously!!!! Wth r they thinkin?!?
    Buuut I guess “those peeps” r needed to remind us what a tight loyal group we r here! We heart u TT! <3

    • tamaratattles

      You guys make it hard for me to maintain my belief that I have cultivated a group of smart, generally like-minded followers here without considering the whole cult viewpoint of many who do not comment here.


  7. Sharon

    Funny! Love it!

  8. cc101

    What happened to #7? That was my favorite. Oh wait, does that violate #1?

  9. queenmarie

    I knew this was coming soon. LOL
    I read alot here but don’t post much but have to say I love reading the TT Tea.

  10. Cat

    I love it. Same rules, but more “streamlined”.

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