If I were in prison, I'd want to be Tami's bitch!

If I were in prison, I’d want to be Tami’s bitch!


Look, I have a confession to make. I fucking hate most of the housewives shows and everything else I cover here at this point. This is way better shit out there but if you can’t follow the cookie cutter version of the long term reality shows and just enjoy them without calling this one or that a fucking sociopath ( a word many of you don’t understand),  OR FOLLOW SIMPLE COMMENTING RULES, I’m not as inclined to share the actual good shows.

So when I take some time off from watching TV shows and talking about them.  I now can’t wait to watch TV shows Like 60 Days In.  It is at least halfway over now. It comes on A &E on Thursdays.  If you have not watched  yet you are SO LUCKY because it is the kind of show you cannot stand to wait a week for the new episode. My DVR kind of sucks and sometimes stutters and when it happens with this show my heart skips a beat thinking the episode is over.


Jeff is the first to quit. I'm shocked it made it so long.

Jeff is the first to quit. He got a bloody nose. I’m shocked it made it so long.

First, I have some sort of lesbian attraction to the short, angry cop, with a terrible childhood, Tami.  Most of the time I want to hug her. Sometimes I want her to beat the fuck out of Kansas or Brooklyn or Detroit or whatever the skeevy little pod boss cunt’s name is. Mostly, I want to remind her to change her focus from “surviving 60 Days In” to DOING THE FUCKING JOB SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!  And then perhaps cuddling with her midget ass in her bunk at night for a job well done.

ROBERT IS GETTING OUT OF SEGREGATION NEXT WEEK! And I full expect him to bail and not go or to act out to go back to the SHU. I really want them NOT TO LET HIM OUT OF GEN POP for the last three weeks or so. He was busted as being on some other idiotic reality show that may or may not have even aired. He wants to make a dollar during his  summer vacation from teaching. Make the smug bitch earn that check.

Zac is the only one that seems equipped for this.

Mohammed Ali’s daughter is just sliding right in doing charitable work and tutoring AND GETTING INTEL that will be important.

That one girl, Barbra?,  who wanted to reform prisoners basically became involved in a lesbian affair, will likely lose her husband and is about to come crawling back to Tami, because she can’t go it alone. She seems to have always wanted to be in a sorority, finally got in one and figured out they are all bitches.

I’m glad the guy off his meds hit Jeff. I’m #SorryNotSorry.  I’m just keeping it 100% Paul Blart Mall Cop was set up to be the mark. It was only a matter of time.  I hope he sees how his demeanor makes him a target and goes on that refugee that was on that Lisa Ling show where some guy taught adult male virgins how to be men. Because he needs LOTS of therapy. It’s way to unsafe in this world not to have a modicum of self esteem. GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.  And being a Wal*Mart security guard doesn’t seem to be doing it for you. TRY SOMETHING ELSE.

Isaiah is terribly young for this. I worry about him.

Now talk to me!


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  1. Lindsey0828

    I love this show. Been watching since the beginning and can’t stop. Glad your recapping cause all your comments are spot on about everyone. Don’t really care for the females except Tami and her feud with Jersey, the other ones are too complacent

    • Meri

      Whether it’s a HW show or a really good scripted one you manage to recap them all in a way that is far more interesting and fun than actually watching the shows. Often, I miss a show or have never watched it but I can always count on coming here for my “fix”. You fill the blog with humor, incite and my favorite…the infamous purple pen. I appreciate this site and you for the time you take to help make my otherwise tiring life more interesting. This place is my morning must see stop before my day begins. Also, having studied sociopathy for over 35 years, I cannot think of one single character on any of the HW shows who is a sociopath. This is a much over-used title for people who do not fit the criteria….thank God. Thank you again for providing me with a place that takes me away from the reality that I live and gives me a much needed respite. TT is my own personal oasis and I am grateful for you and this place.

    • I luv this show too but there’s no way in hell I’d volunteer to go to jail for 2 months. Hell to the no, nizzle, fuck that shit.

  2. I’ve been watching it too. I figured that Jeff would at , at the very least, get his butt kicked before they pulled him out. Overall it’s a pretty interesting show

    • tamaratattles

      I wish they could have forced Jeff to stay. I get they could not. But it would have been good for him. He would have had to stand up for himself at someone point. Or, you know… end up dead.

  3. jodiping

    I too, love this show!
    Welcome to the real world of women Barbara.
    Tami is like a caged rat, lol. I expected her to handle it much better than she is. You would think a cop would know what to expect dealing with criminals on a day to day basis and not be surprised by their attitudes and little cliques.
    “Yaz”, is too worried that her real identity is going to be revealed. You could play Andys drinking game with as many times as she mentions her dads name.
    I agree with you about Zac 100%. He walked in with confidence and the criminal element accepted him right away.
    Isaiah is in shock. He’s keeping to himself and is to afraid to really get in the mix where he might have a chance to see what’s really going on within the pod.
    And the security guard, I think his name is Jeff but I could be wrong… I think I as a female have bigger balls than him. I double dog dare someone to walk up on me ordering my snacks and start pushing buttons! Get him outta there ASAP!

    • tamaratattles

      You talk big about the Jeff thing and the pod boss pushing the chips button on his commissary like you would do something. You would not. That said, if he had balls he would not be in that situation. It’s not like he is a small guy.

      I think you might be behind a few episodes. “Yaz” is doing HER JOB.

      This is something Tami is NOT DOING. I agree with you I expected her to do better. I expected her to be like Zac. Smart, undercover, there to find out what is going on. I view Tami like I view me going from teacher to student. As a teacher you can see the big picture and if you had to be the high school student, all 21 jump street like, you can play the part and not have a fucking meltdown about the cliques. The thing with Tami though is she was raised in group homes and was gay and ostracizes and she is being triggered. Badly. She has totally lost focus on this being a JOB and is taking viewing the encounters with the inmates from a VERY personal, triggered, traumatic standpoint instead of a 60 day undercover assignment. She could have done better. But unless you get what happens when your dark emotional place gets trigger, you can’t get what she is going through.

      The best she will be able to tell at this point is they need to get more sunlight and exercise.

      • jodiping

        At the very least, I would have said something to the pod boss and deleted what he ordered for himself come what may.
        I am behind a couple episodes and plan on catching up this weekend.

      • KTina

        Tami annoys the heck out of me. This is a job for Pete’s sake and it will be over.

        I HATE Robert and hope he gets his clock cleaned in general. He’s a fame whore.

    • tamaratattles

      You talk big about the Jeff thing and the pod boss pushing the chips button on his commissary like you would do something. You would not. That said, if he had balls he would not be in that situation. It’s not like he is a small guy.

      I think you might be behind a few episodes. “Yaz” is doing HER JOB.

      This is something Tami is NOT DOING. I agree with you I expected her to do better. I expected her to be like Zac. Smart, undercover, there to find out what is going on. I view Tami like I view me going from teacher to student. As a teacher you can see the big picture and if you had to be the high school student, all 21 jump street like, you can play the part and not have a fucking meltdown about the cliques. The thing with Tami though is she was raised in group homes and was gay and ostracizes and she is being triggered. Badly. She has totally lost focus on this being a JOB and is taking viewing the encounters with the inmates from a VERY personal, triggered, traumatic standpoint instead of a 60 day undercover assignment. She could have done better. But unless you get what happens when your dark emotional place gets trigger, you can’t get what she is going through.

      The best she will be able to tell at this point is they need to get more sunlight and exercise.

  4. Theresa

    Off to set the dvr! You have never steered me wrong on a show yet.

  5. Xanadude

    Here’s the thing – I couldn’t do it. They all get massive points from me for even trying, except for Robert – I seriously wonder how he passed the psych eval to get in the program. I would have walked in and immediately Hot Coffeed and White Toweled.
    In real life, it has now become A THING with El Esposo and I, when in an uncomfortable situation in the real world, to say that we really need some Hot Coffee.
    That being said, this is an EXCELLENT show and everyone should be watching it. It is a show with a point – like Intervention, that use the narrative trope of a soap opera to present REAL LIFE issues. The penal system is flawed and I applaud the Program for trying to do what it can to fix it.
    But, Robert, man…even by reality show standards (and this is in a reality show season that included the certifiable Sister Patterson on Family Therapy) he’s a piece of work.

    • jodiping

      I forgot about psycho Robert, lol. He really doesn’t need to be around any kids, EVER!

      • tamaratattles

        He’s be fine with HS kids in my opinion. He’s a media whore who is on his second show. I don’t think he got this was the real deal.

      • tripleOGpearl

        Tamara, HS kids would eat him alive. Lol!

    • tamaratattles

      Robert is faking the imbalanced thing. Once he got in the pod he was aiming for solitary. He is there for the check. He fancies himself on the male version of RHOBH. Now going back next week. HOT COFFEE! WHITE TOWEL!! And that sheriff will take his sweet time to extract him while Robert fights with his desire to be on TV. lol

      • PopcornAndVodka

        LOLOLOLOL One can only hope!!! I can see him pacing the whole perimeter with the white towel changint HOT COFFEE HOT COFFEE HOT COFFEE!!! I can imagine ALL the guards just sitting in front of the monitors laughing their asses off.

  6. Miguel

    My wife & I also can’t wait for the week to by for the new episodes to air, also TT; and have every station that shows it set to record, lest we miss out! This show fascinates us – it’s so well done and offers a reprieve from the scripted reality tv we’ve come to abhor. Thanks, as ever, for your continued efforts with the plethora of shows you continue to review!!!

  7. Julia B.

    OMG THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! I have been hooked on this show from the jump. I’ve always had a thing for prison shows – it’s weird. Remember that cheesy, poorly produced women’s prison nighttime soap opera called “Dangerous Women?” Well, loved that hot mess too.

    Where to begin? Robert is a friggin nut job. He is so strange! He was either going mad while in solitary, or he really is a horrible person that only cares about making himself seem smart and important. I am concerned that he is an educator of young people, particularly underprivileged kids. He is learning nothing from this experience, it’s all about his ego. But TT, did you catch his face when he learned he was going back into Gen pop? Ha! Bloop!

    Lmao I think it’s so funny that you have a thing for Tammy. I was rooting for her big time at first. Her intentions behind the experience seem awesome – very self-reflective (being the kid that escaped the outcomes that face too many foster kids), plus I liked that she was a cop that wanted to understand the other side of the coin. But now? Ugh! She annoys the hell out of me AND I think she is having the hardest time adjusting of the entire group. And to think that in the orientation she was telling Robert that HE was going to have the hardest time! I think she’s struggling because she’s a cop. She’s used to being in control, to giving orders. And she is SO insecure out of her comfort zone. But to be fair, I’ll bet this entire experience is pushing all her childhood triggers from foster care. So I still have a bit of a soft spot for Tammy. And she’s a fellow lesbian, so rainbow love.

    Barbara, oh poor Barbaba. What a very sheltered young woman. I got that sense immediately just from her sheer ignorance of jail being better than the marine corps and not harsh enough for offenders. Also, this experience is probably the first time she’s ever had the opportunity to bond with other women. So I’m not surprised that she got caught up with all the feels with the inmate Sam and then was heartbroken when Sam was released. It was sadly sweet. LOL @ how production called her out when she was distraught and was “over” all the girls and the whole experience…like, um weren’t you just gushing about how the pod is like the sisterhood of the traveling pants?! Haha, oh Barbara. I worry about you in the long-term. Please get out of your marriage to that emotionally disconnected marine when you return home. Split custody and go and live your life!

    Everyone else isn’t as interesting to me as those three. Why the 19 year old is there is beyond me – if you want so badly to relate to your incarcerated brother then write some letters back and forth. He looks like a cornered cat in every scene. He’s too young for this train wreck of an experiment. Zac is fitting in eerily well. Maybe the marine corps is more like jail than I give it credit for. Good riddance, Jeff. What was the point of taking self defense classes before entering jail unless you were going to at least try to defend yourself. Another person who’s childhood triggers (bullying) got him all messed up while in jail.

    The supporting characters – the real inmates – are pretty interesting too. LOL @ the pod boss from C-pod. I get a Popeye vibe from him. Someone on staff get Ricky his meds!!!! These hallucinations are going to cause him to kill someone up in there.

    Whew, lawd – I can’t believe I just wrote a book long comment about this show. I NEEDED TO TALK ABOUT IT WITH SOMEONE!!!!! Overall, the entire premise is crazy and I can’t believe there are people who WANT to go to jail to see what it’s like. Also, I don’t understand how any of these people – except for Zac – are going to get Intel. This is why I think this show is really for entertainment purposes disguised as some kind of internal affairs program. But who cares! I’m hooked!!!

    NITE TT and TT community! xo

    • tamaratattles

      “um weren’t you just gushing about how the pod is like the sisterhood of the traveling pants?! ”

      Lesbians everywhere trying to fucking rush my journey into their traveling pants before I fully blossom into Meredith Baxter Fucking Birney.

      I did get several inches hacked off my hair yesterday. #BabySteps

  8. I disagree with the tami comment. She has issues that should be seriously addressed after this program is finished. She should be on the morning meds line for Benzodiazapines STAT. This is the mentally of a police officer? Please take her gun and get her off the streets upon release.
    Put the Walmart security officer in a MMA 90 day training program and send him to Home Depot in Newark, NJ.

    • tamaratattles

      Hey way to go from a mere Internet Doctor to doling out meds. Can I skip may therapist $180 fee and just get a script for Xanax from you? She does all of this background stuff and attempts to determine what is really going on. I like your willy nilly here are the meds you need because I saw you on TV for like 20 miuntes of your life so much better! No wonder you have KING in your name and Macho in your email address. You really do know it all, Fuckard with a superiority complex!

      • Great analysis now you can join her because it seems you have that thing for schizophrenic muff mats . So no Respidone for you tonight maim!

  9. Now I get it. You hate the housewives shows. Thanks for sharing, now I know the drill.

  10. Calipatti

    I’ve been enjoying this show. I don’t like Tami, she’s become to involved. She has forgotten she is playing a game and has become a inmate. It’s become personal for her instead of being a observer.
    Her anger worries me that she may actually commit assault in there and lose her job.

    • Xanadude

      Is it wrong that when they were divvying up the female inmate besty of Barbara’s belongings and mentioned that she had a nutty bar, that I immediately started craving a nutty bar?
      mmmm. nutty bar.

  11. Hey TT: Your comment re: “I have a confession to make. I fucking hate most of the housewives shows and everything else I cover here at this point” sort of breaks the fourth wall. Thank you for your honesty. I would ask you what is the point of your blog, but then I would have to ask myself why I continue to read your blog. Certainly a question I will continue to ask myself. Go forth and prosper. xoxo

    • tamaratattles

      It’s simple.


      Well me too.

      Except at my job, people just show up and ask stupid questions like, WHY ARE YOU HERE DOING YOUR JOB EVERY DAMN DAY, EVEN AT 2:33 AM ?

      And the answer is, I took 5.5 hours of my fucking life YESTERDAY to go get my hair done. And that was just the car ride there and the actual enduring of the process that happened as my stylist worked me in because YOU CAN’T GET IN WITH HER. And I have several appointments related to MY JOB, this week from a legal standpoint. AND I HAD TO BE AFK for a bit. WHICH MEANS I HAVE TO MAKE THAT TIME UP.

      I have no fucking IDEA why you continue to read my blog. You have left with your panties in a was and come back obsessively commenting MANY TIMES. Yet you are here AGAIN complaining and arguing and disagreeing EVERY DAMN DAY>

      My blog is my business. Which I own and operate every goddamn day. And I post on topics which the majority of people here want to read.

      Did I answer your question?

      • Get it, got it. It’s your job. I thought part of that job was getting folks to comment on your posts. Guess I got that part wrong.

  12. Someone in comments recommended this show & I’d love to thank them (but I can’t remember who it was).

    And I’m so glad you’re recapping. It’s so good! I love Tami. She was doing so good in the beginning. I really hope she can turn it around. Maybe they should move her to a new pod so she can start over. I was so scared that Jeff was going to blow the whole program so it’s probably best that they cut him loose. Zac is killing it. I’m curious to see how he does now that he’s been moved. I want to give Isaiah a big hug. Robert is an idiot. He won’t last the final 3 weeks in Gen Pop without getting smacked (or shanked). And he’ll probably deserve it. I can’t believe these guys agreed to this program. I’d be scared shitless. But it’s not just entertaining to watch, it could make a real difference.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m NOT recapping damnit! You of all people know how much you have to give up of your favorite shows to recap. :) I love that you love Tami. She is all the kids I loved teaching that all the cunty teachers hated grown up. I really hoped that her wife would have redirected her to her task and gotten her out of her childhood. But if she stays there, I hope she works through it and gets something out of the experience.

  13. Aunt Sassy

    I love this show. Barbara gets on my last nerve and Tami just needs to chill and remember her role.

  14. I have to agree TT, I hate the housewives shows, the only one I watch now is Potomac, because it’s new. I am trying to find other shows to watch because I just can’t with the housewives franchise any longer. So bring on the new show suggestions. I need something good to watch!

  15. R.S

    LOVE this show and your assessment of it. I’ve been hooked since day one. Thank you for this!!!

  16. JustJenn

    Finally! I love this show so much. I can’t wait for Robert to go back into general population next week. He was acting off his rocker but became serious pretty damn fast when they told him he was going back in Lol.

    Jeff and his dress shoes are meant to stay in Iowa, or wherever the hell he’s from, where a field mouse is his biggest threat in life.

  17. FarFromPerfekt

    This show sounds good so I will check it out. I’m currently having Jeff Lewis withdrawals. Do you know if and when his show will be back on? It always seems so damn long between seasons. For me, the over-saturation of these housewives shows, combined with their same old and tired recipe, (just mix up the ingredientses ?) helped me ‘quit’ watching completely. I do enjoy your writing so will continue to come here for that. Still looking forward to more of Thing One and Thing Two.

  18. Gapeachins

    So glad you’re watching this show!! I want to hug Tami too. I was sorry she ‘triggered’ so soon but I started thinking about it. This may be better for her on a personal level than the show itself. Hopefully this experience will cause her to be aware of the fact she still has unresolved issues. Sometimes we think we’ve conquered our pasts but truth be told, we still harbor unresolved feelings that may continue to influence our lives in negative ways. I was pissed at Barbara for disappointing Tami. She kinda rubbed me the wrong way with her attitude about it all from the beginning but she’s young. I think this experience could be enlightening for both of them.

  19. I haven’t read any other comments because I know I will have to tell your dumb readers they are blathering idiots and then you’ll get mad and lash out at me.

    But anyhow,,,, Tami is a mess. She is super paranoid and borderline nuts. It scares me that she is a cop because she is just the type to snap and shoot the wrong person. She is not really in control of her emotions and allows that to physically manifest. I just woke up so I’m sure those words are wrong.

    Robert will come back to C pod. He will be fine. It’s basically Sesame Street. D pod, where Robert began and where they put Zac and Isiah is the scariest place. I have to note that the two pods seem to have very different racial percentages. And d pod seems to have violent offenders while c pod guys are not so much.

    Did we ever see Mumu this week? By the way, there is a rumor that she MIGHT be Ali’s daughter. But I’m not sure. She hasn’t mentioned it or anything.

    The housewife needs a beating. She left her little babies to go away for two whole months as a do golden trying to improve something that has nothing to do with her? She is like a 12 year old girl. Emotionally stunted and pulling her dress over her head in whatever direction seems to get her the most attention. Guess what. Her husband’s direction is not working. He is pissed. But to be married to her, he’d have to be some kind of defect anyway.

    I happened upon the show and binged six episodes on demand. Got totally sucked in. When you think about it, the inmates who are part of the program have to be under suspicion. Cameras following them. Diary sessions that they leave to film. It’s not completely organic. But it’s still ok. I can’t figure out the shitter sitch. Are there only toilets in the back of the rooms? And all the people who sleep in the halls are at the mercy of the guys in the rooms if they need to dookie? That’s just wrong. I noticed that D pod seems to have an upstairs. I guess the girls do too because in the one girls pod someone jumped trying to kill herself. But it does not seem like Sesame Street has an upstairs? Lots to wonder about. Next week will be interesting. They made it look like something that looked like drugs was found in zac’s bunk during a sweep.

  20. Swede

    Obsessed with this show! Yes, Tami is disappointing me but I wonder if she is having a hard time because she is a cop? I’m guessing she is “bad cop” in an interrogation. Also, is she super short or is her wife super tall?

    Team Zac all the way! He is good and I hope his career goal will come to fruition. Clearly Jeff was not going to make it, and Robert is so scared he is acting cray cray to avoid gen pop. I don’t think he will stay, either.

  21. Larayne

    I LOVE this show! Talk about reality!

  22. I love anything prison related and have been watching this since it started. I love it!

  23. tripleOGpearl

    As a seasoned correctional officer I have many opinions about this show. But the main one being that I’vs always felt that street officers could not handle the confinement situations that Correctional Officers find themselves in. I know living there and working there are completely different.However, there are things that make it impossible for me to be able to articulate to civilians about working there up to 16 hours a day that make me believe that Tami proves my point.

    On a side note, no doubt her childhood is triggering her. But as a seasoned police veteran that the fact that she was triggered so quickly makes me question her professional capabilities . At this point in her life experiences and career training, she should have much more control over that .

  24. Jelley

    Omg I heard about this show! Thanks for reminding me it exists. I’m totally gonna binge asap!

  25. More Tea Please!

    TT, do you mean to tell us we’ve been watching the Housewives shows all this time just so that we would not hurt your feelings??? ?

  26. Barbara

    I thought Barbra would last five minutes. Surprised me. They need the money from the show so hubby just wants her to suck it up and not quit before payday. Tami needs intensive counseling which is evident and surprised me the most because it seemed at first that she had the skills to cope better than Barbra. it seems her wife has history with her instability and was not aware how much Tami created her own problems. She was also unrealistic in expecting Barbra to back her up in what was a potentially dangerous fight. Cop partners back each other but not reality tv cast members. Big difference. She had to be talked off the ledge by her wife. Her quest for respect from a bunch of screwy addicts seems bizarre to me. Jeff and Robert started off by making fundamental mistakes in reading the inmates. They both lacked street smarts and should have been out right away. Maryum is an obvious caregiver, she should do okay. Zac will be the best source of Intel, he and Maryum are the smartest. Isaih is just too young and will be background only. Very interesting show but it is obvious that these inmates need more activity as they are bored all the time.

  27. marc

    Your recaps always get me hooked on new shows! Never watched a single episode of Teen Mom until you started to recap it I am now obsessed & will check this one out

  28. Xanadude

    I sat through a segment of Fox and Friends where they interviewed the Sherriff. THAT alone tells you how much I love this show, that I would sit through entire freaking segment of Fox and freaking Friends.

  29. Heidi

    So amazingly happy you’re reviewing this show! I can’t get enough of it!! Thank you! Have a great day :)

  30. Lori

    The facial expressions “Yaz” makes cracks me up! I feel bad for Tami having to endure the mean girls ignoring her and having the trash thrown AT her. Her childhood in a group home is definitely affecting her.
    I wish Robert wasn’t allowed commissary in segregation. Perhaps then he would’ve taken things a little more seriously. He’s so bizarre. I can’t tell if he is really off the hinges or playing a role…

    • JustJenn

      I love Maryum! She takes everything in while staying out of the fray. I also like Tami and am hoping she’s back on track now that Barbra apologized..her whole face lit up after that.

  31. Kim

    Just binge-watched because of your post, now am anxiously awaiting next week’s episode. Thanks for posting!! Loved how Robert went from his cocky douche attitude to his “oh shit” expression when he was getting out of Seg! Will be watching…

  32. Xanadude

    …and frankly TT, I’m a little hurt that last night you revealed your plans to turn me to the vag side and here I find you going full on lesbian for Tami. Granted, Tami and I have similar body types, but, please. I’ll console myself with the thought that Tami is the consolation prize for your not getting The Dude. :)
    (and y’all would get this if you followed TT on twitter. Go and set up an account if you have’t one just to follow TT and get her pithy and sometimes drunken 2 am bon mots)

  33. Tamara, from the bottom of my little heart – THANK YOU for the gift of 60 Days In. I started to read this post yesterday and stopped myself so I wouldn’t spoil it further – then sat entranced for 7 episodes in a row.

    People have no idea about who Tami is, she was discarded as a child, repeatedly, she grew up and fought for her survival. She found a job with order and respect, where she can help kids like herself. She made her own beautiful family and on any given day is a really happy person. She doesn’t need drugs or have a mental illness. She has just been dragged back into the trauma of a group home environment.

    At the beginning of the 1st episode there was a clip of Tami whispering ‘they’re hiding it in the trays!’ So perhaps she gets on track with the job.

    For some reason I am really curious about DeAundre. I think he could be persuaded to hit Robert.

    • Calipatti

      I stand by my comment that I am concerned for her losing control if she doesn’t get her thinking back on track.

      I can’t do TT on Twitter, all of you there are to smart for me. It’s like the time I commented about the countries debt and how we got out of it. I was sternly corrected with attitude.

      I did not write or mean what she thought I wrote but did not think I was up to writing a decent response.
      Twitter is not for the timid or slow.

    • Dee

      This is so great Tamara! I love everything you write! I wanted to use the phrase prolific writer but 4 am, can’t think :)

  34. peachteachr

    Love this show. I’m behind but I hope to be able to catch up soon. I’m delighted so many of us watch.

  35. StubbyG

    So glad I read this, I ended up watching all shows so I am up-to-date. This is much better than any Housewives shows and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I do feel bad for Tami, she is struggling so bad and seemed to initially struggle with breaking from the police officer mentality and now dredging up her past. Which, I totally understand 100%. I am so impressed with Zac. He went in and saw how things were and slid in under the radar with such ease. I hope that he can do the same in Block D, but I fear that group may be a little more street where C Block was organized. Thanks T for cluing us in on this show!

  36. Pip

    OH.EM.GEE. You’re watching this! I am so psyched! I fricking love this show!
    I felt so sorry for the dude who has been bullied throughout his life. But what on earth was he thinking? Signing up for this? Come on, dude. You are way too naive for this enviornment. I’m glad he went home.
    How much do you think they are paying these people to do this? They have to be paying them something, don’t they? That’s a lot of work to be missing.

  37. I LOVED & am RIVETED by this show.

    I’ve been watching Cops & Jail shows forever. My favorite is Las Vegas Jail. You see all sorts of violent confrontations that usually end up with the prisoner forced into a restraint chair as officers slip a spit & bite protector hood over their heads so they don’t get spat on or bit. People can act like such animals in these circumstances.

  38. tripleOGpearl

    OK, so Tami gave an interview where she stated that she is a RETIRED police officer.

  39. Brittany

    LOVE this show! I agree with everything you said. Tami is kind of losing it and I want her to get it together and quick. She’s being a brat and I am not even sure why. Jeff, poor Jeff. He was such a mark! I really think Zac could make it a long time. He is very intelligent and calm. That helps him.
    I think you’re right about Barbra facing a divorce! Wow, her husband is super supportive. Not at all.

  40. Pineapple

    Whoa Nelly! I don’t even know where to start or what is even real anymore. Let me start by saying I was brought here by looking up Kathryn after SC tonight and apparently I’ve been reading this blog for six f’n hours now. I rarely ever comment on these internet thingy’s, but Im pretty sure I love you. I initially wrote about all the articles I read tonight, but have deleted it since I didn’t read the rules. (I’m sorry, y’all go easy on me!) Anyway, just wanted to say that my opinion of Tami has been rather negative, to say the least. That is until I read your view. I’ve been laughing my ass off all night and fully expected you to tear her a new one, but your take on her really made me stop and think. Alright, I think my sleeping meds are finally kicking in, I’m getting all sympathetic and shit.

    • tamaratattles

      Welcome Pineapple! Please don’t feel like you can’t comment on all the posts you want. I haven’t quite figured out a way to word that rule to figure out how to say that it’s not necessary to say the same thing over and over and over on the same post. Or critique ever other comment they see. I just woke up and am not explaining it well now. But anyway, Hey Girl Hey!

  41. alex1986

    I sooo hope you’re going to be recapping this show!! I started watching it On Demand and now I’m hooked!!

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