Catfish Recap: Joanna & Bo

Catfish Bo and Joanna


OMG! It’s going to be a lesbian love triangle with a beat down at the end! Why was I almost going to delete this?  Okay we have a hot girl named  Joanna who is 26 from Riverside California. Does she need new furniture?  Anyway, she is in love with a girl named Bo. Bo lives just around the way in San Bernardino.  They have never met and never video chatted.  Bo dumped Joanna and Joanna wants to resolve things.  Oh wait. Joanna’s picture apparently photoshopped out her HEAD TO TOE TATTOOS! She literally looks like she is bleeding from the neck. Joanna is also soft of the catfish of this situation.

At Joanna’s house, we have a new set of furniture. I’m shocked.  Okay so Bo is really Ana. Ana is Bo’s ” Best friend.” Joanna  met up with Ana in Vegas and hooked up with her when “Bo” was supposed to come the next day.  It has to be that Ana is really Bo.  This is the same conclusion the boys come up with after the complicated Google search.  Nev calls Ana who says she doesn’t talk to Bo anymore. But they are going to meet up with her anyway.

Ana says that she and Joanna actually hooked up a couple times. Joanna said she didn’t have feelings for her she was basically just trying to piss off Bo. The boys ask if Ana has a photo of her and Bo together. And she does. Bo does not look anything like her picture. She is very feminine and not the tattooed stud that Joanna thinks she is in love with. It’s like a double catfish.


Catfish bo ana

Joanna denies hooking up with Ana the second time. Then she is pissed that the girl she has been talking to is pretty and not butch and covered in tattoos.  Joanna cries.  I feel like we are on the side of the wrong person and need to be on “Bo’s” side.  Joanna is not particularly truthful about things.

We go to “Bo’s” house for the meetup. Sadly, the requisite large body of water is not there. But Ana is. Should have just gone with Occam’s razor on this one.

Joanna slaps the shit out of Ana and a fight breaks out. Ana rips off her mike pack and hands it to Nev and storms in the house. As fighting and mike jerking go, these two need to step up their game. I’m waiting for Ana to come out with the sex tape. Because I have a feeling this is going to be all about a sex tape. Ana told the guys when they met that she gets plenty of chicks and has the videos to prove it.

The breakdowns on this episode are very believable. Ana is having a major malfunction with Nev. I’m actually Team Ana but Nev and Max seem to be supporting the tattooed lady.  Oh wait, Nev is giving Joanna a lecture on violence.

The next day Nev is concerned about the potential for violence at the next meet. They talk to Ana first. She says that she loves Joanna because Joanna is a hard person and Ana is a soft person. Ana’s family for the most part has abandoned her because she is gay.  Ana loves Joanna and wants to be with her.

They go to meet with Joanna. I really hope Joanna doesn’t get with Ana. Ana can do better. Joanna looks like a weird cross between Farrah Abraham and “New York.”

At the two month check in, Ana was in a happy relationship with someone. And Joanna wanted her back. Perfect ending.


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6 responses to “Catfish Recap: Joanna & Bo

  1. Stephanie

    Omg! Farrah and New York.. Totally ??

  2. JustJenn

    I actually caught the end of this one and immediately disliked Joanna. You could tell she was a liar. I hope Ana doesn’t go back to her. I love your “Perfect ending.” closing…totally agree!

  3. I’m so pleased Ana found someone else. I hope she is good to her. I found Joanna really hard to look at during close ups. That was the most makeup I have ever seen someone wear.

  4. Cheychey

    It was so weird cause you expect Ana to be the hard one cause she’s got the shaved head and more butch appearance but she’s really more sensitive and sweet. Then Joanna with all the make up and long hair you would think would be crying and upset and she is more cold about it all and aggressive. I found myself routing for Ana even though she lied about her appearance.

  5. It was sad when Ana said she had originally created a profile on the dating site & had used her actual photo, but nobody responded to it. I liked Ana a whole lot more than Joanna.

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