Project Runway All Stars Recap: Rebel With A Cause

Emily's Culottes. I could find no photo with the Sia hair.

Emily’s Culottes. I could find no photo with the Sia hair.


First of all, I really thought you were all idiots when you started saying that Sam would be in finals.  This is not a spoiler, I am not allowing myself to even think you guys would gaze upon a spoiler and then come and chat with me.  I’m just saying early on you folks said that Sam would go to the end. I wondered to myself (because I try to be at least fake nice to y’all as there are so few of you and I want you to still talk to me about this ridiculous show)  how y’all could think such a ridiculous thought.  The boy was on a season where he did not have to sew! He had a mentor! Because he was on that ridiculous Under the Gunn show that we all only watched because, TIM GUNN. Kini was dragging the boy through the first few challenges!  And then we found out that ALLEGEDLY, Isaac had a little thing for Sam. And that Sam was quite friendly with some of the guest judges. And then he just kept skating by with the most DREADFUL excuses for apparel we have ever seen.

And now, there are six. And I am starting to worry, that perhaps you were right all along. And I was w..I was wrrrrr…. I was unaware of the behind the scenes machinations on this show that apparently allow for bonus points to be added to certain scores for being really good at swallowing.  Because both swallowing and sewing share many of the same letter. But I still want to hold out hope that the little twerp will not be in the finale.

Asha look. Is this the same thing Peytie used in Project Runway Junior?

Asha’s look. Is this the same thing Peytie used in Project Runway Junior?


The Challenge: Create a fashion forward summer look that is sophisticated with a bad ass edge. They have a $250 budget for Mood.

Sounds like a good challenge for Emily to me. The problem with Emily is that I have to look up her name on my tags list during every recap. Which means either I just can’t remember shit about her, or they are not giving her enough storyline to make it to the finals. At least not yet.

Lots of people are completely ignoring the SUMMER component. Except Sam. He is going with seersucker. Damn you Sam. I am a slut for a man in seersucker. It undoes me.   Asha is doing dark leather and heavy weight pants. A lot of people are doing pants. Because nothing says summer like…pants?  Where the fuck is the bad ass sundress? The beachy maxi dress? Kini’s fabric is crap. The judges hate yellow.


Kini's look with tweed jacket

Kini’s look with tweed jacket

The Workroom

The philanthropy lady with the brand the winning look will belong to is in the workroom with Zanna. This is good news for the designers as Zanna in general has done more harm than good with her advice to the designers this season.

Emily’s black and white look is too heavy. Rather than just explain to Emily that her top should be white with black painting (if she must hand pant) Zanna encourages her to ruin her beautiful flowly black and white pant by making it shorts.  Because, idiot.

Asha’s look is NOT summer at all. The brand lady says it looks like a winter/fall look. They don’t give her any advice other than it needs to be light and airy and less dead of winter heavy looking.  Sadly, she has the materials that she purchased. So  what can she really do?

Dom makes sure to let the lady know that she used to do biomedical cancer research so she is very down for the cause. That should give her a plus ten in the swallowing portion of the judging tally. She talks about surgical gloves and such to explain why she is making a basic little black dress with some shimmer. It looks lovely. It does not say summer.  She has BROCADE fabric. She is going to shorten her dress.

Kini ‘s genie pant is made of yellow and shot through with silver, is that brocade as well? Because it looks heavy. He is going to top wit with a swimsuit and a yellow tweed top. Because nothing says summer like tweed jackets?  Zanna says he needs “less disco banana and more sophisticated… cougar? call girl?”  I am officially convinced I am going deaf. But I don’t understand her accent half the time. Dear GAWD I just got a full look at the pants. This is the worst think I have ever seen in the history of  Project Runway.

Ken has a great white pant and his orangey top material is kind of pretty. He just doesn’t know what to do with his top yet. Come on Ken, you can win this!

Sam’s seersucker jumpsuit would have been fine, but he put giant white square pockets? Patches? On the boobs. WTF?  And seersucker and” badass  edge don’t got together. We’ll see how it looks when his stunt double sewer comes in to fix it. This could be as bad as Kini’s.


Kini's look after losing the jacket.

Kini’s look after losing the jacket.

The Runway

O.  M.  G.  Please talk amongst yourselves about Alyssa’s um, ensemble. And hair.

Zac Posen is judging this week. Maybe he will talk some sense into Isaac.

Ken has a whole new look. He changed his top into a simply halter he literally slapped together half an hour before the runway and used the pretty orange, only for the belt.  It’s pretty, it’s summer, he should be fine.

Asha’s heavy fabric is a hot mess. And the entire 60 second her model was on the runway, I was having claustrophobia drama about all that leather around her neck. There is a time and a place for a leather collar and this is not the time, nor the place. The construction around the waist is poor but both Isaac and Zac seem to have happy leather thoughts about the collar. The judges will score this high.

Emily’s knee length culottes don’t excite me but the model is wearing dark bangs that cover her eyes like Sia in an attempt for someone to use the word culottes and badass in the same sentence. And they probably will.

Sam has managed to make seersucker a bit more badass than culottes to me. But that is no great feat. I like his jumper but it has a sash that is way more beauty pageant than bad ass.

Dom’s dress turns out lovely for a black dress. It’s got some interest on top. She admits the slit is too high. But it’s kind of bad ass. It’s not summer.

Kini got rid of his matronly tweed jacket at the very last second and sent down the pants with a plain white top. Suddenly the pants, while still sort of “disco banana” are the focus. And I believe it says both summer and badass.

I say Kini should win and Emily should probably go home. Though I hold out hope that Sam will.

The judges liked: Sam (especially Isaac of course), Emily, Kini

The judges didn’t like: Ken, Asha, Dom,


Asha was sent home.  would have sent her home myself, but I really think Isaac and Zac liked the look.

I am infuriated that Kini did not win.   And of course that the swallower remains.

Next Week is avant garde week. And KEN comes for Sam calling him a liar and a snake. I am telling you every last person on this cast hates Sam. And if Ken can unsettle Sam, now is the time. Because Ken almost went home this week, and he is becoming increasingly unable to keep his angry black man in check. I really want Ken to do well, but I really don’t want to see another Ken rage outburst again.


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64 responses to “Project Runway All Stars Recap: Rebel With A Cause

  1. JustJenn

    Maybe they are all from the Midwest..our summer starts in July :( Thanks for the recap..I love Project Runway but I’m not very faithful without Heidi.

  2. Adrea

    This is only my second time commenting but I read your blog religously and have for a long time. You are so seriously on point, all the time! Sam is the WORST. It has to be his BJ/swallowing skills that have kept him in. His outfit looked like a seer sucker summer outfit with a matching nursing mom cover up! I’m not really giving any new insight but just wanted to say again that I LOVE reading your recaps.

  3. I really liked Emily’s look and glad she won another one. True enuf it didn’t read summer. I loved Kini;s jacket but glad he edited it out.

    All Stars is such a such a chore to watch.

  4. Deb in SF

    I wanted Kini to win too, but was okay with Emily. Anyone but Sam…

  5. Wellgeewhiz

    I could barely pay attention to this episode because I’m still reeling at the thought that Sam didn’t go home for that little arts and crafts fisherman net dress. Also did anyone notice the flirty look Sam was giving to Zac? No shame at all.

  6. I was happy to see my husband (in my head) Zac put Sam in his place. While the other judges were gushing, Zac was just, “Eh. Meh.” You could tell he wasn’t buying Sam’s act. I cackled gleefully.

    • Mark

      You can tell from the introductions he still took the Backstage BJ though… teehee!

      Does anyone else find the way Alyssa says “forward” fascinating? Do ALL Americans say it like that? Not forward, “FIWWWARRD.” It’s very grating.

      • Mark, oh that’s funny, because I was thinking about that too as I watched. “Foe-wird” is a New York-ism. (Along with “draw” for drawer and “New Yock” and many others.)

    • Queen of the Nile

      Loved Zac’s response, too. Sam should have been sent home weeks ago and his brazen flirting is so annoying.

      Thanks, TT for continuing to recap this show!!

  7. BeetsWhy

    CAN NOT believe Sam survived again….ugh. If Alyssa Milano says Fashion FoeeeeeWird one more time I will scream! I really hope Dom wins again, my Philly girl, love her.

    • Mark

      OMG YES. See the comment I LITERALLY just posted above. What even is that? It’s driving me to distraction… FIWWWWARRRRD.

      • BeetsWhy

        LOL Mark, it just drives me to distraction! Can Project Runway not afford a speech coach? FOE WIRD vs FOREWORD, not rocket science when spelled phonetically even if you are slow.

    • CoBe

      My ears are still bleeding from the “jew-le-ry” pronunciation.

      Is it so hard to say jewelry?

  8. Pitypat

    I am working myself into a tizzy because I am afraid it will be like the Ashley season and Sam will win.

  9. jenn

    I can never understand the judges’ top & bottom looks…I know that things must look much different on TV than they do in person, but still I always get it wrong. I wasn’t a huge fan of Zac Posen as a judge before but I completely agreed with his critiques this time. It could’ve been editing (most likely was) but did anyone else see Sam’s little flirty wave to Zac?

    • Margarett

      I saw it, Jenn. I also saw his “drop chin look up through eyelashes” followed by “turn head and grin” movements. He just disgusts me, but evidently the judges/producers like it. Surely it’s not his poorly constructed garments they like.

      Emily’s design was my favorite because the others seemed to miss the summer part of the challenge. And Alyssa? All I can say is “my,my,my!”

      • tamaratattles

        Someone linked me to some better photos of the designs this week, mainly Emily’s it looked a LOT better in those photos than it did on TV. I felt better about her win. I just really liked how much better Kini’s pants looked on the runway than in the workroom. I thought they were more “badass” and that seemed to be a word they really wanted to see in the look.

  10. jenn

    Also, I’m from Boston….and though I love seersucker, its not a summer staple here, Sam!

    • lavidaLinda

      I’m from Boston too…grew up 3 miles from Harvard….I have NEVER seen seersucker as a “Summer Staple”…..even during my weird punk years in the 80’s.

    • I saw plenty of seersucker during the summers that I lived in NYC. Of course, it’s a very fashion foe-wird city.

  11. Sequoia

    If they had said “bad ass” one more time during this show, I was going to kill myself. Seriously…

  12. Sequoia

    If they said “bad ass” one more time I was going to kill myself.

  13. Larry

    The season’s narrative has been Sam vs. Kini. They have to resolve that at the finale, right? One of them has to win, we should find out more about which in the next episode. I’m assuming one will be set up for a comeback victory. Reality competitions are all about that.

    I just wish either of them were more interesting or clever.

    I also wish shoes weren’t so highly valued by the judges. Flats shouldn’t be the best thing they can point out about an outfit.

    • tamaratattles



      STOP IT!

      I hate you all.

      falls on the floor crying and flailing.


      wipes tears…. he really is going to the goddamn finale without knowing how to sew isn’t it.


      And Another one to wipe out Larry, the gaawdamn messenger.

      • Stephanie Waszak

        Thank you TT so much! Your reviews give me such pleasure and LOL moments. I will sorely miss your take on PRAS if it become one of your chained intern’s projects. No one has your wit.

      • PopcornAndVodka

        Here are some ((HUGS)) *hands you a mojito*

  14. TJ

    I’m going to say this and then I will be sure to never type your URL in my browser in because I will not continue to support a site with clicks (and therefore $$) that uses coded language. You would never refer to Sam as an “angry white man.” Use of the term “angry Black man” is coded, racist-infused language that supports an ideal that Black men are inherently more malevolent or violent than others. Use of the term is utter BS, regardless of how you spin it, as supports and upholds a system that denigrates Black people.

    • tamaratattles

      You sound like an angry black man.

      • Sequoia

        Seriously Mark. You find that funny? You’re not half as clever as you think you are. As a matter of fact, it’s very racist and don’t pull any shit it’s “sniggers ” is just a word. We all know exactly what you meant … and what you are.

      • tamaratattles

        Getting your panties in a twist is not a good look for anyone, Sequoia. But it’s particularly sad on you. There is nothing I enjoy more than someone daring to use a word that works ups the liberals who then foam at the mouth on behalf of someone other group of which they are not a member.

        It may also interest you to know that where Mark is from “spastic” is the new retard. Don’t be spastic man.

      • Sequoia

        My panties are just fine thank you very much. You can insult me and liberals all you want but I stand by my post. I know a racist comment when I see one and you defending it is BS. Maybe like TC I have worn out my welcome here if that’s what passes as clever repartee from some dim witted Backpfeifengesicht .

      • tamaratattles

        I think you should do whatever is good for your blood pressure. It must be tiresome to run around the Internet calling people racists. If not doing it here helps your health, then I’m for that.

      • Sequoia

        really, running around the internet, my blood pressure and panties in a wad. Wow girl, I guess you told me,.

      • Laura

        Sniggers is an actual word meaning a smothered or half-surpressed laugh. Just so you know.

      • Sequoia

        Laura, I’m not an idiot. I know exactly what snigger means. I also know that in the context of calling someone an angry black man and the next comment us the word snigger is a racist dog whistle. I’m only surprised the poster didn’t capitalize the letter N.

        Don’t be dense and don’t try to educate me.

    • Um, “angry white man” has been a thing for a long, long time. Remember the movie Falling Down with Michael Douglas?

      Strange that this is the hill that you want to die on. Of course, that’s up to you.

      • Dee

        Funny Eric! Reminds me of someone falling on their sword. Somebody needs to read commenting rules! :)

    • Queen of the Nile

      Oh my … some heated exchanges over politically correct semantics on a Project Runway All Stars post?? It’s a sewing contest, for Gawd’s sake.

    • tripleOGpearl

      I agree with you TJ. I was lost as soon as I saw “angry black man”. It’s as awful as saying “my gays”. For different reasons obviously. But both make me equally as ill.

      And since TJ’s sentiments are being taken as nonsense because he isn’t black I’ll mention that I’m biracial. So my black half should qualify as justification for being sickened by it. Insert EYE ROLL

      • tamaratattles

        Please find a place where your delicate sensibilities will not be sickened. Google a RHOP site or something, they love discussing their racial identities. I find this whole discussion ridiculous.

        It’s been nice posting with you up until now though. Toodles!

    • CoBe

      I missed the conversation, but when was Sam angry?

      I felt he was smug but missed the angry part.

    • Laura

      You obviously need to be educated since you put some faux racial context to an ordinary word. Grow up.

  15. Sammie

    I love this recap, and comments by T it reads like I’m watching and talking to a best friend. I’m sorry Tamara I’m rooting for Sam just so I can read more.

  16. Cheychey

    I think maybe Alyssa is pregnant again and hasn’t announced it yet. Maybe not past 1st trimester. That’s the only thing I can think of about her fashion choices. I’ve seen the hair on runway shows before, definitely not an everyday look. I wasn’t in love with Kini’s look like usual in the workroom but liked it a lot better with just the white shirt on the runway. Was my favorite of the group but I wasn’t all that impressed, not very summer or badass by anyone in my opinion. The culottes looked like something I get from Walmart. Which I probably would buy because light fabric and black and I’m not in the skinny girls club. I really didn’t for once hate Sam’s look but it read more candy striper at the hospital than a girl in Vogue I want to be.

    • Dee

      Good thought CC, she normally wears much tighter fashions. Oh my WTF was directed at the person above who was offended by angry white man.

  17. PopcornAndVodka

    Normally I’m with you all the way with this show TT, but this time I disagree.
    I thought Emily’s look was the only one that fit the challenge and the sample looks they showed.
    I wouldn’t be caught dead in Kini’s pants, not even back in the 80s when I did dress like a badass.
    I LOVED Ken’s pants. I had a dream that he won. I really really like him (as a person) this season and hope he does well. That all said, I was horrified at the hem of the pants after the runway, he should have shut his mouth to the judges while his pants are hanging there in shreds.
    I don’t get anyone who made heavy black looks. They all deserved to be in the bottom for it.
    I was pretty sure that was Peytey’s material, but she did a MUCH better job with it.

    I don’t know how I feel about Sam. His seersucker final look was SO much better than his original, and I’ve *liked* most of what he’s done, but they never seem to fit the challenges, he just does what he wants. And I’m wary about everyone else disliking him. I will root against him just to try to preserve your sanity, TT!

    • Lime Brain

      Popcorn, I can’t decide if I liked Kini’s pants or not. But I was fascinated by them. Maybe if they were in a different color.

      I was so happy to see Zac Posen there. He puts the other judges to shame. I was disappointed that he didn’t judge Sam harsher. Maybe if he was there last week, he might have gotten them to send Sam home. Sigh.

      I nearly dropped to the floor laughing when Debi Manzer said she loved a flat shoe. I think the rest of the contestants should all put their models in flats so it evens out the playing field.

  18. Xanadude

    I’ve always seen it as a Design contest more than a Sewing Contest. Either way, when Sam was originally supposed to be eliminated was clearly the time production stepped in and decided to make it a generational thing – classical Kini vs upstart Sam. Ugh.

    I love Ken’s beard. Just sayin’. It looks magical and I suspect there is treasure there. It may be the source of his power, in a Samson kind of way.

  19. Laura

    I don’t like Ken at all. I’m pulling for Dom or Emily this season, but who knows. I must not understand ‘fashion’ cause what I usually like the judges don’t. :/

    • Jim

      Ken has really won me over on All Stars. He had such awful anger problems during his original season. He’s matured quite well! Now if he can just get a grip on his “fustration”, he might make it to the finals.

  20. KidsRkids

    Sam … oh please …
    I know we are stuck with him until the end … but I keep hoping a miracle happens!

    A miracle WILL happen, right?

  21. Sequoia, i wish you’d take your own advice and stop trying to educate us on what is proper terminology and what phrases can be used in what context and blah blah blah. We were all happily discussing blow jobs and fashion until the social justice warriors came in and ruined it. Sigh.

  22. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Late reading this, but yes, Sam… Ruined a perfectly good piece of seersucker. That jumpsuit? Was awwwful!

  23. Beth

    So waiting for talentless, unabashadly suck-up Sam to be sent home. Agree with the observation that Alyssa wears nothing but messes that are supposed to pass for fashion. Ick!

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