WWHL With Marie Osmond and Dorinda Medley

WWHL With Dorinda and Marie Osmond
I’m super excited about Marie Osmond tonight. When I was in the first grade in Libya, I had a friend in the 5th grade who lived on my street. She was the epitome of cool, and she was Canadian and thought that my southern upbringing where I said yes mam and no sir was horrific and reminded her of slavery. She was big on evolution and explained to me at age six that I needed to try to do more things with my toes because they could be extinct in a few generations.  And she was OBSESSED with Donny Osmond and would fly to Malta to bring back his  albums to Tripoli. I thought she was EVERYTHING so I liked Donny because she did. When we moved back to the states, I would watch the Donny and Marie show. My only 8 track tape was the Donny one with “Puppy Love” on it.  It was a kinder gentler time.

Okay enough of the overshare.  Apparently, Dorinda and Bethenny are fighting on Twitter during the show. Jules showed up at the clubhouse to support Dorinda.  I don’t see how Bethenny has a leg to stand on in this discussion. But I am sure there will be some idiots here who will find a way to take her side.

Andy can’t get enough of the Grey Gardens slant for the Sonja and Luann show.  I actually love those two together.

Gif by T.Kyle at http://realitytvgifs.tumblr.com

Gif by T.Kyle at http://realitytvgifs.tumblr.com


We have a montage of Carole, Bethenny and Ramona trash talking John.  Marie Osmond agrees with me.  Marie is such a sweetheart.

Next week on RHONY, John accuses Bethenny of stealing her brand name from a guy named Sam who had/has a business called SkinnyCal? Gal? Fuck maybe Jim is right and I do need to use CC. Bethenny accuses John of being on coke. I am pissed that there are still people who do coke. God that is such a good but dangerous drug. #IMissThe80s

Because it is Wednesday, they have to do the shotski but both Marie and Dorinda did a shot of water. I hate shots but I’d do a lemon drop if I had to do the shotski.

Ramona tweeted love for Dorinda.

Dorinda doesn’t get why everyone has so many questions about John.

Marie gets the Mazel off the shoulder T and Dorinda gets the crappy Kmart panties. Because Andy is totes team Bethenny. His wing up her ass is quite near Caroles.  Marie has a new CD. Carole tweets and basically admits she is up Bethenny’s ass.

Dorinda introduced Luann to her fiancée and they had dinner together last night.

The poll question is “Is Carole up Bethenny’s Anus?” And clearly the answer is yes, so the morons will all vote no. How did I know the morons voted NO 64%


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42 responses to “WWHL With Marie Osmond and Dorinda Medley

  1. MaryWanna

    Dorinda looked grumpy tonight.

  2. Minky

    “I am pissed that there are still people who do coke.” Oh it’s still very, very popular. The young people (late teens through 20s) are nuts about the 80s with the fashion and the movies. And they’re also very fond of coke and heroin.

    I think a “Sonja & Luanne’s Gardens” show sounds cute. It could be like what the Nene & Kim show would’ve been.

    For some strange reason I like Dorinda. She talks like a New York chick from a 70s gangster movie. And she’s very much herself. Why does Bethenny not like John again? I know I’m a but slow, but I really don’t get it.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I think Dorinda and John do coke when they party. Oh yes I do. I don’t know how they can take it at their age. I’m in my mid-30’s and wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole!

      I’m reminded of Brandi saying that Kristen told her all about a NY housewife who always had white powder on her nose…Brandi is a bloody liar but not always.

      • Lime Brain

        Maybe that’s why he needs to take Viagra….

      • JennLovesAndy

        I remember last season at a dinner where John went to bathroom and I was sure he had gone for a bump or two from his mannerisms when he sat back down.

    • Matzah60

      Bethany thinks she knows everything. I remember Heather told her last season that she was a know it all and she is, or at least she believes she is.

      Bethany got pregnant, married a guy she didn’t love just to get a spin off. She was married for less than two years and has spent the last three years divorcing him. Clearly, she doesn’t possess a good picker for men and in my opinion, I don’t even think she really likes men. She has no right to tell anyone who to date, sleep with, live with, or anything else.

      That was disgraceful for Andy to give her those pair of crappy $1.00 panties and give a beautiful mazel shirt to Marie. Not that Marie didn’t deserve it, but it’s common sense and common manners to give both people the same gift so as not to slight the other guest. Andy is a dick.

      Marie used to make these beautiful dolls and I have two. I’m not even a doll collector, but they are just so utterly beautiful. I always liked her. She’s a class act.

  3. PopcornAndVodka

    If it’s SkinnyGal then no wonder Bethenny put a stop to that shit. No one could blame her for that. TT didn’t you post a blind item about this?

    This episode gave me a stomach-ache. I genuinely like all the women and hate that they went in on each other like that. I think Dorinda is super stressed about something, and of course she had every right to be mad that Ramona opened her mouth on camera. They should have all just dropped it and apologized.

    • PopcornAndVodka

      Oh, and I thought they were saying “Skinny COW” LOLOL.

    • tamaratattles

      You miss the point. Bethenny does sue every little person now for having Skinny ANYTHING. But John is saying she stole someone else’s brand and it probably was SkinnyCow which is a very well known ice cream brand. I would imagine they would have sued HER for piggy backing of their Brand. I have a feeling that is her issue with John. Not that he is not Richard Gere, but that she knew he would expose her for piggy backing off a company where she apparently knows the owners….

      • Cat

        Did Betnenny ever clash with Starbucks? I believe they have been selling “Skinny lattes” since the Big Bang.

      • oh sheila! you a good judy

        she also stole the name Food Porn, from a looong time twitter account, that posts incredibly mouth-watering photos of treats (and sometimes recipes). Bethenny is a twisted, empirical cooz. the thought of any food stuffs, and her together, could put a body off of it’s appetite tout suite,

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oh “food porn” is old! It predates twitter.

      • oh sheila! you a good judy

        good enough– but not Bethenny’s Food Porn– as per her norm, she behaves as if she invented the expression, and the idea to *sigh* “market” food, by adding the word ‘porn’.
        she’s the worst.

      • Dee

        In one of the first scenes, Bethany said she thought John was trying to sell her something. She didn’t like that. He was really trying to out her. No one knows what attracts one person to another. Maybe John makes Dorinda feel good about herself.

      • AndreaD

        Well you are probably wrong. Pretty sure Nestle knows there is a brand name called Skinny Girl. If ‘Sam’ could have sued Bethenney, he would have obviously. Anyway, you cannot copyright a word that is already in the public domain. Unlike Kris who did copyright Momager, not a word used daily i.e. skinny or girl

  4. Cheychey

    You know that does make sense. Cause the Dorinda trying to ‘sell’ John to her friends excuse by Bethany is kinda lame. I mean what girl doesn’t try to put her boyfriend in the best possible light to all her friends. So Bethany would have to have a reason to be stand offish to him. She didn’t want to be outed. By the way I also used to love the Osmonds. The Osmonds show was a favorite in my house.

  5. Lime Brain

    Wasn’t it Luanne that came up with the name skinny girl and Bethenny “owed” her a car for it or some such nonsense? They were filmed at a restaurant. It must have been season one or two. I remember the housewives discussing (arguing) about it at the reunion.

    (Pretty sure it was Luanne, but I could be wrong).

    • Nila

      I think what you’re referring to was when Lu met up with Bethenny at a bar in the hamptons and Bethenny arrived driving a car shrink wrapped in Skinny Girl logos. Lu jabbed at her for driving it around and Bethenny’s response was of course she would drive it, she didn’t have a car before…

      • Lindsay

        What about the ford probe with the shawls in the trunk?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Nila no, that isn’t what Lime Brain is remembering. I also recall Bethenny owed Luann a car but I can’t remember why.

    • jen

      Luann and Bethany met at a bar. Bethany ordered her margarita a certain way. Lu said oh that sounds/good/different something. Bethany said its my skinny margarita. Then Lu said “oh call it skinny girl. ” its good, blah blah..

      • jen

        Bethany said in the shot it was the only restaurant that makes it for her without exolaining it first. They knew her there. It was in the city.

        I doubt Lu ever really wanted a car for naming it but yes B said that.

        Damn now I want a margarita.

    • It was the 1st season when they were having drinks and Bethenny was explaing to the waiter how to maker her margarita.

  6. Gosh Marie looks fab!

    I like that Dorinda is tough annd takes no shit. John is skeevy but whatev. Wish she wasn’t quite so drunk when these exchanges happen with Bethenny.

  7. susan

    Well if john is good at the sex as dorinda said, he’s definitely a keeper

  8. Tulsateacher

    I had the Donny and Marie dolls. Donny’s doll came complete with miniature purple socks. Marie was a little bit country and Donny was a little bit rock and roll…

  9. I literally just scalded my nostrils jane tucker – thanks for the magic underwear reference! lmao

    This may be wrong spot to post this – but hate that TT dealing with internet psychewads! I can’t imagine being a blogger and the Sheree bs so scary – but I did have some whackjob experiences when new to the internet on the first message board I was part of – I too gave out to much info and actually had NUTS calling my house, following me on the internet. It was CRAZY. And ALL on a fan site of a freaking soap opera!

    So many of your references are straight out of my childhood (bad and good) Including the need to qualify Osmond fandom, lol. Even at the time you could take a lot of flak for liking them or that other group…can’t think of the name right now…Merril? I kinda always hated Donny but liked him at the same time…always loved Marie. I remember unleashing all my teen angst singing along to Paper Roses.

  10. m

    Didn’t watch this, just commenting to say thank you for sharing the personal anecdote. I saw your post about LVP fans attacking you and that’s horrible. You’re my go-to blogger and I am embarrassed to admit how often a day I visit this site for the laughs and the insight. I sometimes even share your funniest lines w my boyfriend (mostly Teen Mom 2) who also agrees you’re very witty.

  11. Katherine 2.0

    I didn’t like how Bethenny and Ramona ganging up on Dorinda about John, and I am not a John fan. But that was beyond inappropriate, especially from Ramona.
    As far as Skinny Cow, which is a Nestle brand, however, I would be “enraged” if I were Bethenny. You don’t go after someone’s livlihood. You just don’t do it. And apparently John does.
    I thought he was dropping a few chins from diet and exercise, now it looks as though the coke is aiding his weight loss.

    • Gapeachinsc

      But doesn’t Bethenny go after folks in her own way? She doesn’t care, and sometimes she comes hard. She’s tough but John may be a good sparring partner.

      I kinda like Dorinda…we’ll see how it goes.

      • Minky

        The fact that Bethenny is addressing this at all on camera is suspicious. I think it’s just an overly convoluted way for her to keep mentioning her brand on the show without making every scene she’s in decorated with her products.

        If John is not correct in his accusations, then she should just brush it off and say very little. If John is right about something, then maybe that’s why she’s so angry?

      • Dee

        Bethany is another of those rude people who tell it like she thinks it is. She thinks she’s funny and cute, NOT! Thanks Ms T for sharing! Love when you do! She told someone on Twitter “Hate the game not the player”
        Someone said her mouth would end up hurting her on reunion, she said that’s the game/point.

  12. jen

    Sonja and Luann are freaking hilarious together.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      The new Ramonja? Sonann? Luonja? It doesn’t have the same fluent roll off the tongue…

      • Minky

        Hmmm. Let just call them what they are. Two broke chicks. I just realized that’s the name of a TV show.

        How did Luanne end up without a place to live? Where’s all of her Bravo money? Did the Count take it?

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