Real Housewives on New York Recap: “An Intimate Affair”



I really happy to have RHONY back, but already it seems we are going to carry the deadly serious nature of who we choose to like or dislike over from RHOBH to RHONY.  Jules (and her husband’s ) less than perfect parenting techniques are already under attack. We already prove once again we don’t want to see rich people doing rich people things by getting outraged that wealthy NYC women have nannies and housekeepers. John is going to become the butt of all the jokes on each episode. And tonight, Bethenny is going to throw a BBQ in the Hamptons. When has a housewife ever even known what a BBQ is? I can hardly wait to see what Bethenny things a BBQ is.


Jules was up cooking breakfast in the first scene. She seemed like a domestic goddess and then she says she doesn’t know how to make coffee and blows the entire farce.  Who the hell bathes kids in the morning. Why not do that before bed?


Bethenny is have a “tailgate chic” party at her house in the Hamptons to celebrate her birthday. Basically because she wants an excuse to use her fire pits. I can live with that rationale. Who doesn’t love a good fire pit?  Why would Dorinda and John stay at Ramona’s place when Dorinda has a place there too? Oh wait. Her house is in the Berkshires.  Bethenny is suspicious of Dorinda’s motivations for hard selling John. Carole shows up and I am still not sure where these ladies are. Wherever they are, Carole immediately starts talking about how Ramona never shuts up.  Bethenny says every time she invests in Ramona she gets burned. Dorinda says that Ramona has never burned her in 20 years. #Foreshadowing. Then we talk about Dorinda Nairing John’s back hair and I’m kind of nauseated.

RHONY Sonja Luann


Over at Grey Gardens, Sonja and Sonja are bonding as “roommates.”  At this point apparently Luann had not met the housewives whore she is currently “engaged” to.  Luann says that she has seen a lot of Bethenny whenever Carole is not all up her ass. Luann is still pissy about Carole dating Adam but she denies it. Sonja reminds me that I need to sage the ghetto shack.


Ramona and Mario didn’t really fuck around with their divorce. People could learn some things from that. Basically Ramona got the properties. She has redone the apartment and it looks amazing. Where is Ramona getting all this money from?  Isn’t Bravo her only job? I know she gets a nice mid six figure income from the show, but this is NYC we are talking about and maintaining, let alone renovating two properties is not cheap. Dorinda is there to see the place. It’s like she teleported through time and space to be both at Ramona’s and hanging with Bethenny and Carole simultaneously.  Ramona’s place looks amazing and I love the lack or window treatments that show off all of her views of the city. However, it also makes the apartment hot in the summer and the two menopausal ladies are burning up.

Dorinda talks about wanting her daughter, Hannah move out so she can have some alone time before deciding if she wants to live with John. She is also having a lingerie party.


Bethenny and Carole meet for lunch.  Carole is happy with Adam but she realizes they are in different places in life. Mainly, Adam wants kids and a family. Carole and Luann still hate each other.  Bethenny is team Carole. Based on what Luann said to Sonja, Bethenny’s allegiance to Carole will crush Luann.


RHONY Dorinda


Dorinda’s Lingerie Party

Sonja and Luann have bailed on the party. I find that odd. They both crave camera time. I have a feeling they were still in a contract holdout when this happened, Ramona wants to tell Dorinda that John is talking badly about her. Basically he said he goes home and takes Viagra and fucks Dorinda for hours. I don’t see the problem.  I can see him speaking that same way to Dorinda’s face.  The script for this party is to disparage Dorinda and John’s relationship.

Say what you will about Carole but she is very Sex in the City. I get she is a bit too old for that, but I still think she has a great NYC look. She is rail thin and just like Bethenny she immediately suggests that Jules has an eating disorder. What is it is with the rail thin women pointing fingers at eat other?

They have women there to fit them to the right bra size. They can do it just looking at them. This is really true. I’ve had this done before. They look at you and grab the perfect sized bra for you. And the perfect bra costs at least a hundred dollars. And then you just go to Walmart and go up a band size and get all the DDs they offer and call it a day. I actually prefer a particular bra that only WalMart sells and just bought one in every color they had in my size. As a girl who is quite gifted in the breast department, I prefer an unlined lace bra and WalMart actually makes a good one.  Judge me if you will but I’ve gotten many compliments on this particular bra. I’m currently wearing the mint colored one under my old man PJs. I know that is weird.

Ramona and Carole bicker over nothing. The Ramona eyes pop out.  Bethenny goes after Dorinda about her hard sell of John. Dorinda finds out that her BFF Ramona has been conspiring with Bethenny on the topic.  Dorinda’s street comes out.  Because face it, Dorinda and John are both a bit rough around the edges.

Jules is mystified that Bethenny would attack the hostess of the party at her party. We have a lot of flashbacks to previous seasons on this episode that are unnecessary.  I cannot believe that Bethenny, Ramona and Carole all feel like they should trash talk Dorinda about her man. Bethenny continues to go in Dorinda for being drunk at a party. Dorinda says she will not be staying with Ramona this weekend. I am Team Dorinda on this. This is ridiculous. Dorinda cries about this in her talking head.  Ramona broke her heart. Jules is like, “Are we going to try on bras or what?”

Next Week:  John shows up drunk to the bra party and goes off on Bethenny. Bethenny and Dorinda fight again.


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79 responses to “Real Housewives on New York Recap: “An Intimate Affair”

  1. Miguel

    Perfect recap, TT – loved the Grey Gardens comment! You’re freaking hilarious – I love this site!!!

  2. Siamukha

    Thank you for the great recap, though I’m now kinda intrigued by the Walmart bra. Would you be able to provide any more specifics like the design name or if I just go to my local Walmart, would I be able to spot it pretty quickly? Would it be obvious which one you are referring to that comes in various lace colors? I kinda need a new bra so I would find this information useful. Also I am on a budget and think a Walmart bra would be within my budget. Thank you again for all you do.

  3. Aunt Sassy

    Ramona has always had her own business separate from Mario’s. RMS is a fashion closeout company that buys overstock and brokers to TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, etc.

    • Johnny

      Is that company still going? It’s registered out of her apartment, so I kinda figured it was never what she made it out to be. Have we seen this company on the show before?

      • Just Saying

        I think Ramona keeps her business off the show which is a smart move. She made her first million at a young age from what she said in her book and has always been more successful than Mario

  4. Minky

    You know what? I prefer this cast in NY bickering over petty, silly shit to the illness storyline that I was anticipating. I thought for sure that they would have one of the cast members with a mystery sickness in NY. Now I’m relieved. Whew!

    And Carole of all people should shut the hell up about other people’s boyfriends. Doesn’t she by now realize what it’s like to take flack for being in a relationship that’s nobody else’s business?

    • Meri

      If John didn’t constantly come across as a disgusting pig maybe they would stop talking about him. Yes, it’s up to Dorinda who she dates but this guy is a fame whore and deserves whatever he gets in the way of criticism. Dorinda seems to have a split personality and each one of them pops up out of the blue.One minute she’s sweet and normal and the next a screeching harridan. I really don’t like her very much. Bethenny is Bethenny and you either like her or not. She’s not about to change. Luann and Sonja are ridiculous and deserve each other. Both are just plain weird. The new girl is funny at times and smart too but she is too thin and I am NOT one of the skinny girls pointing fingers. I can see that she is way too thin. Carole is also an odd duck but at least she’s rrealistic about her self and her love life. I love the show and the recaps too. Why do grown women insist on fighting on Twitter? It is really stupid.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I think Bethenny comes down with a case of life-threatening fibroids later on in the season.

      • Minky

        Are you kidding me?!!! Is that what she thought was cancer before? Cynthia Bailey had fibroids and nobody hardly knew. She barely mentioned them…except as an excuse for Peter to cheat.

  5. Mrs. Strib

    Oh man! Now, I see what Bethany meant about Jules being alarmingly thin. Her arms! She could be naturally that thin but, I’d be eating protein and greens and exercising.

    • Johnny

      I don’t believe Carole would talk about someone having an eating disorder unless she’s seeing something we haven’t yet seen on the show. Bethenny has a reckless mouth, but Carole is pretty considered and cautious, so I think we’ll come to see that their comments are justified.

      I haven’t felt particularly alarmed by Jules’s figure so far. A lot of women in Manhattan are rail thin. I’m not saying it’s healthy, God knows she’d benefit from a Big Mac – and she moved that salmon around the plate last week then played with her hair to distract everyone just like every anorexic I’ve ever known – but I find Dorinda’s Martini habit more concerning (just as an example – all the women on this show seem to have their vices).

      • I’m sure Bethenny ranted to Carole about Jules before the party. Carole is backing up her buddy by pushing the eating disorder storyline.

      • Sabrina

        It was interesting to me last night to note that, after she seemed so offended by the comments directed to her during her first reunion last year about Dorinda’s hostile mouth after drinking, that she had paid zero attention to it and jumped right back into pattern.

        I know this is old news in general- most of the women rarely make changes based on reunion comments, but thought Dorinda seemed more concerned than most, and might have at least considered it for the first couple of sessions of the new season.

        Clearly, no. Well, she needed her storylines for the season, I guess.

        I also think Bethenny has taken enough guff about her size that she would not be making comments about Jules’ eating habits unless she was seeing something that concerned her.

      • Minky

        If there’s one thing I know about skinny bitches it’s that they hate each other. Only one is allowed per clique. Carole doesn’t count because she hasn’t chosen to make skinniness a key component to her personality, nor does she seem to consider it an achievement. Bethenny, on the other hand, does.

      • Sliceo'pie

        She definitely is very thin and I like thin! it amused me that out of all the women, Bethenny was the one who called her out on it. There was a cattiness about her comments that signaled jealousy to me. Jules is also very attractive.
        I loved Bethenny the first time around-not so much anymore. I hate this expression but she’s a big, “Know it all”. I think it’s a way to cover up the fact that she’s still massively insecure. When I encounter people like that, I run in the other direction-they’re a drag and nightmare to be around.

  6. iloveearlgrey

    I love this show sooooooo much. I dunno what it is about these broads, but they’re so entertaining.

    • Matzah60

      I feel the same way. I don’t have anything vested in these women personally for whatever reason. I find their antics funny most of the time. With Heather gone, Bethany has reclaimed her title as Head bitch in charge and she seems giddy about it. Bethany thinks she is much more important than she is and in fact, here on Bravo, she is Andy’s friend and favorite. She gets special treatment. She is always interviewed by herself on WWHL.

      She failed on her talk show in part because she started bitching and moaning about her divorce and Jason and it wasn’t a good look. Ellen Degeneres gave her a great opportunity and she still couldn’t pull it off. She was unable to book anybody of interest except other housewives and other reality stars. Alex McCord said after leaving HWNY that once you are a reality star, most opportunities that arise continue to be in reality realm. I am sure there are exceptions, but it seems to bear some truth.

      • iloveearlgrey

        I think she didn’t make it in the talk show realm because aside from bitching about her ex, she kept talking over every guest she had.

  7. tamaratattles

    The Wal*Mart Bra is this one you can buy them online there, which I just found out. They are $10 a pop and it looks like right now there is 20% off if you buy more than three.

    I am not being paid for this, BTW. I just HATE padding on bras for big boobed chicks. These are pretty AND TEN DOLLARS! They’re awesome and when the hook and eye gets all messed up, you can buy more, BECAUSE TEN DOLLARS.

    I’m probably going to buy more now that I know I can online. the DDD are always sold out.

    You’re welcome. I can’t say enough good things about this bra.

    • Skeeter

      Well now I know where the boob fairy stored my boobs!!! DDD?? My bra tag says “34 almost B” how sad LOL!

      My daughter is in the DD to DDD range and she gets these bras too TT. She loves them.

    • More Tea Please!

      Thank you for the link! When you are a D+ cup why in the world do you need padding?

    • Without even seeing your bra I know exactly what you are talking about as I am a no padding girl myself. It has become actually frustrating to find, even at any price a non padded bra anywhere. I mean, once you get to a C cup, who wants the extra padding? It actually just makes me look fat. Thanks for the tit tip, good lookin’ out..

    • Cat

      Just be careful, especially with the cheap Walmart bras made in China. A lot of them use nickel for hooks and such. And nickel exposure can cause serious health problems, including breast cancer. Allegedly.

      • tamaratattles

        This is a myth. Almost all bras made anywhere have nickel in the UNDERWIRE. Nickel does not cause cancer. You can be allergic to nickel and if the underwire is EXPOSED you will get a rash. However neither the underwire or the clasps come in contact with your skin unless the wire starts to pop out. When that happens, it’s simply time to get a new bra. Also the bra I recommended has wires that don’t come up so damn high on the sides that they jab into you.

      • Little g

        Maybe Yolanda wore $10 bras and can add chronic nickel exposure to her list of ailments for which she will find a guru in a small East African village that uses cheetah saliva to extract it from her hair follicles.

      • Billie_bee

        Thanks TT for providing that response.

        Full disclosure, I am a risk manager of toxic substances for the government (on parental leave now), and it makes me bananas when I see misinformation on the web about toxic substances in our food/products/everything that cause cancer and stop buying them. If they were actually toxic and caused cancer, then they would be prohibited in any kind of consumer product.

        Now when you hear about cheap children’s toys that are made in China that may contain lead and mercury for example, there is some cause for concern because young children will put them in their mouth and the heavy metals may leach into their saliva over time – and that would be considered a direct exposure route.

        I’ll get off of my soap box now :)

    • Matzah60

      Thanks for the info. I buy bras, tights which I used to wear all winter when I was working, and all my PJs and nightgowns from Walmart. I actually find the quality is great and there’s no way I’m going to spend $40 to 50 for one bra. It’s ridiculous and lasts no longer than any other bra. When they stretch out a lot, I too wear them under my nightgown as it’s more comfortable that way to sleep. Sorry, may be TMI, but just wanted to share your joy with Walmart. I love shopping there!!

    • RebeccaBartholow

      I found cheap fabulous bras on Amazon for my 44 DDs. My story–when my Dad died the underwire broke on my bra during the viewing, and it crept up under my neck and got up to my mouth. I looked like a Secret Service agent with a wire that I could speak into. I must say, it lightened the mood.

    • Siamukha

      Thank you.

    • KatherineNola

      Thanks for thr link TT. Clearly getting caught up on rhnyc but I like this bra. Sadly not a dd but appears they make them for a smaller size too. Yea! P.S. With the number of orders they may get you should get paid for it! ?

  8. JennyJenny

    I don’t think I can do New York with Bethanny. I’ve tried and tried but she just gets on my everlasting nerves. Her attempts at disgusting her rude shitty comments as “honest and opinionated” are complete BS and are wearing thin. At one point, she was funny but now she’s just mean. Bravo should rename these franchises to “What happened to the Mean Girls from high school?”

    They grow up and become even MEANER girls!

    I would think that by the time most of us reach a certain age and go thru life’s ups/downs, we become more accepting, more tolerant, and more understanding. Right? Doesn’t wisdom come with age?

    Sorry to be so cynical, but I’m just getting tired of all the hate and judgements.

    I dunno….maybe I’m outgrowing Bravo. Lol. Or I’m tired of the same ol, same ol.

    • Nila

      Agreed 100%. Bethenny was once my favorite, I had loved her since Martha Stewart’s apprentice. I preferred her when she was humbled.

  9. Naomi

    Amen to the bra clairvoyants. Happened to me in a department store here in Aus. Life changing as a big boobed gal!

  10. Thanks for the great recap, TT.
    I finally found my perfect bra size and bra! Playtex 18 hour and cup size bigger than I thought I was. For the first time in 63 years, I am comfortable in my bra!
    I am enjoying RHoNY a lot. No fake diseases. No journeys. A lot of crazy rich funny women. Love it!

    • susan

      Best feeling ever when you find a comfortable bra that fits and yes to crazy funny rich women

    • hannahkingrose

      lisamia, I wish I could say the same thing. I’ve actually gotten fitted and know my size…30 or 32/DD. Yep I said 30 or 32/DD. It is a size but manufacturers don’t believe there are actual women that size. If you are that small around, you can’t have that cup size. I feel like a mutant. I’ve been this size since I was 14 years old. Every time I’ve ever found a bra that fits, they discontinue it because there aren’t enough people buying them I guess. Talk about being a rich housewife, if I could find a pretty bra that fits well for less than $40, I’d feel like I had won the lottery. Now I just deal with the backstrap riding up my back because it’s too big. Boobie Goals.

  11. Jim

    Jules certainly outdid herself this week! Last week she made me cringe with her hair flipping at the brunch table. This week she grabs a bunch of fried food with her hands and shovels it around the platter until someone tells her that it’s shrimp. She freaks out because she’s kosher. Instead of washing her hands in the bathroom like a normal person, she grabs a slice of lemon and squeezes it over her hands. It appears that the juice runs right on the floor and/or the table. And then to top off her amazingly unsanitary actions, she sticks her hands directly into a bowl of ice that’s being used for drinks.

    It appears that Jules and her husband have rented these two kids for the sake of the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t know her kids names. Shockingly, they have no normal morning routine. It’s absolute chaos. She can’t even make coffee! It almost like she’s an alien who was dropped on this planet a few days ago and has no idea what ‘acting normal’ is.

    • JennLovesAndy

      And it seemed fake to me. How would she not know how to make coffee?? And bathing kids in morning and husband wondered why at both time in bath. If this was a routine he would know. Didn’t she say she had a live in nanny? And the whole hands in ice thing? Oy vey!

      • Little g

        Right? And if you don’t know how to make coffee why do you have a Costco size bag of Dunkin? If you are also challenged by the math of counting scoops, can’t you just buy a Keurig and write the complicated instructions on your palm?

      • Lime Brain

        Omg, you guys are killing me! Lol!

        I’m trying to be nice (for now) and I’m writing off the popsicle incident and the chaos in the morning to them not be used to the cameras being there and they are nervous.

        I figure the kid was acting out to all the attention and she was afraid to discipline him in front of everybody.

        I know I’m probably wrong, but I’m going to give her a few episodes to redeem herself.

        On another note, I am spending most of the episodes watching who has the skinnier arms and legs, and who is actually eating food on their plates. I don’t remember ever seeing Bethanny shoveling food in her mouth before and talking with her mouth full. It’s like she’s trying to prove she doesn’t have an eating problem. But then again, I never watched for things like this before.

      • Jane Grey

        Her bad parenting act seemed fake to me also. How could you be so unaware that you look like you have no idea what you are doing? Then the question becomes why would you be willing to bad parent for a ditsy role in a reality show?

    • BKSweetheart

      I agree with everything you said. Something definitely off about her. Jules may not be “””anorexic””” but definitely comes across as very eating disordered, for sure.

  12. Cheychey

    Dorinda is bit pretentious for me and past comments by her have made me cringe a bit. In this situation though I’m going with her. Her man is her business. I wouldn’t be at all embarrassed if my husband said he loaded up on Viagra though and hit me off for 6 hours. I would have said are Yall jealous? Would he be my type no but I’m not his girlfriend and as a good friend I have learned that it is not my place to be a criticize their choice in boyfriends but to be there for them if they need me. It only causes your friend to come to their defense and they will not see the flaws for themselves.

    • Lime Brain

      Agreed. I just wonder if it’s because Ramona is single that she wants Dorinda to be single also, so she has a friend to go out with. She says she doesn’t want to go out with Sonja because she gets to drunk.

      When Ramona was married, she thought everyone needed to be married also. Otherwise, there was something wrong with them.

  13. Nila

    I really don’t like to judge other people’s parenting, I was a nanny for over a decade and have seen it all. Professional parents who were doctors but couldn’t find the strength to battle their 2 year old. I’ve seen parents who treat their children like clients and every morning routine is down to a science with very little toleration of variety and others who’s homes were a mad house in the morning. Whatever works for them! She seems flexible as a mom, maybe a bit walked on but again we only see small clips. About the coffee, it wasn’t instant, it looked like a press and honestly I would have no idea how to use that thing either, I don’t drink coffee. I think it was more she didn’t know how to use the machine rather then not knowing how to make coffee. I was floored by the washing of the hands on the ice, wtf?!? It looked like there was a bathroom right behind her. This incident completely baffled me.

    People throw parties at random apartments or?? I was confused as to where they were, it didn’t appear to be a store..why not have it at your house? It looked like maybe ten people?

    I don’t always care for Dorinda but she’s right, this is her choice. Whoever she dates has nothing to do with these women and unless she asks you for your opinion, keep it to yourself. I would have been embarrassed had someone (Ramona) brought up that story in front of people. She should have taken her aside and quietly discussed it or called her on the phone about. To be honest, if I had heard a story like that about my friend, I can’t imagine wanting to bring it up at all.

    I use to love Bethenny, I can barely stand her now. Someone who doesn’t want their birthday acknowledged doesn’t throw themselves a party…two years in a row. I think we can officially let Jason off the hook now for wanting to throw a party for his wife..

    • Overeducated

      They were at some kind of party suite at the Gansevoort, a hotel in the Meatpacking District that has been on a TON of reality TV. I stayed there once- was right across from Pastis before that closed. The last time this was all cool was maybe 2007, now it’s all tourists plus bridge & tunnel crowd. If you ever see cobblestones they’re shooting in the MPD. Probably was on sex & the city which I never watched then quickly ruined by tourists greedy promoters and developers and tacky bridge & tunnel. Phew.

    • Laureen Spina

      The bra party was in a suite at the Gansevoort Hotel. That hotel has a relationship with Bravo, as that’s where all of their ‘stars’ stay when they come to New York. I’m sure the hotel offers up their suites for filming for the free publicity, hence why Bethenny also had a party there (which was also filmed for Bravo).

    • Shae

      She didn’t want the party, then, and told him as much. 3-4 years later, she can’t decide she wants to host people for her birthday? She’s in a completely different place.

      • Nila

        On this episode she went on and on about how she was glad the bra party was being held on her birthday because she HATES having attention on herself, especially on her birthday. Then she talks about the birthday party she is throwing in honor of herself…anyone can have a bbq, you don’t need your birthday as a reason. I think Jason would have been damned if he did and damned if he didn’t.

  14. Amy V

    No iye gato…mister roboto. LMAO. Sometimes Bethany is a scream.

    • Nila

      Sometimes Bethenny is blantenly making fun of someone’s heritage & life choices. She decided because Jules is a stay at home mom, she must not understand where money comes from. Since she is half Japanese, she be a JAP…. And so on and so on…

      • Bethenny is being a total bitch about Jules but she didn’t call her a JAP because she’s 1/2 Japanese. JAP means Jewish American Princess, a term we jews love to throw around to disparage each other. Big difference.

  15. Like BH’s, I like this whole cast so far. Totally love Sonya and Lu scenes – on so many levels, lol. I do hate the fact that Bethenney and Carole will never get the bad edit thanks to Andy. Kinda takes the fun out of the story lines.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I don’t mind that they’ll never get the bad edit. I hate how we have to rotate who we hate every season, and feeling let down by someone you really thought was awesome the season before.

  16. Amy V

    No iye gato hand in iso…mr roboto

  17. Jessica White

    Besides her clothing wholesale business, doesn’t Ramona have a jewelry line? True Faith? and what happened to her skin care line? True renewal? and we can’t forget Ramona Pinot

    • Nila

      I wanted to mention that too! Ramona makes plenty of her own money. She was wise to look at her divorce like a business and take emotion out of it.

  18. Shae

    My sister was a bra fit specialist at Bloomingdale’s for years. These ladies can def tell just by looking what size you are and nobody is ever wearing the correct size when they come in lol

    The best were the ones who would come in for the specialist’s expert opinion on what size they were, then would argue that the consultant was wrong lol

  19. WestCoastFeed

    Kelly Bensimon was right. There are a ton of viewers who owe her an apology.

  20. Shannah

    I sort of enjoy when, in the blink of an eye, Dorinda goes all Billingsgate fishwife on everyone. She seems as if she doesn’t take any guff from anyone about anything. That ability has a certain value when surrounded by harpies.

    Bravo production needs to develop some new ideas. By now it is tiresome and predictable that in every HW city there seems to be a relationship/marriage that comes under scrutiny, followed by its decimation. How is that entertaining? John would not be my cup of tea, but he doesn’t have to be. He adds something to Dorinda’s life, apparently, so I don’t think the public defamation of his character should be part of the plot. Humiliating Dorinda is not something I want to watch.

    I really enjoyed seeing the Sonja and Luann segment. I have always thought there was something endearing about Sonja despite all her drunken antics and eccentricities. I wish a wonderful man would come along and watch over her and STAY.

    Bra Fact: If your bra cup is bigger than your head, the most comfortable bra in the world is Fantasie of England. They are specially designed for those of us who are naturally big busted but not necessarily full figured. Absolute perfection.

  21. KarenD

    Ugh. Why do I have to answer a survey question about voting to see the comments on a post? I’ll have to stop reading if that keeps up.

    While I am by no means a Bethenny fan, I can understand her discomfort in having someone aggressively pitch to her and ask for her phone number at a personal/private event. If it’s something business related or open to the public, that’s one thing, but my impression was he was pitching her at some social gathering, and that’s not appropriate, IMO. Asking for her phone number is also shady – he should just hand her a business card and ask her to contact him.

    As for bringing it up when she did, it was only after Dorinda made a big deal about keeping it real and forcefully telling Carole and Ramona they shouldn’t have lunch, they don’t have anything in common,etc. So Dorinda was rather rude in the first place, and I think Bethenny was reacting to that. Ramona was completely off the rails, though. While I’m sure there is some grain of truth in her story, it seemed….embellished.

    This is the last Housewives franshise I’ve stuck with. I’ve given up on all the others, with the emphasis on questioning illness, disagreements that devolve into screaming match ater screaming match, and just plain boring, boorish, bad behavior. There was always an element of light-hearted fun to the RHONY women, but if the first episode is any indication, that might be gone.

  22. KarenD

    I didn’t mind answering the survey once, but it kept coming up. I don’t see it any more, though.

    • KarenD

      It’s back..I’ve had to answer it on each post I want to read.

      • tamaratattles

        Well I guess you will just have to leave now. BUH BYE! If my blogs are not worth the two seconds it take you to answer question, fuck off and find a new site.

  23. PaganChick

    Was there a reason Jules couldn’t have gone to the bathroom and washed her hands if she were so freaked out about touching shrimp? Dipping her hands in the ice bucket that people were using for their drinks was not only rude, but what if someone was allergic to shell fish and made a drink with that ice?

    Also, I have no problem with people having nannies – if you can afford to pay for extra people to help you out, I say go for it. I do have a problem with her letting her children dictate the rules though. Maybe it’s a Southern thing, but there was no way my mother would have negotiated with me over what to eat. I either ate what she gave me or I went hungry.

    • PaganChick

      Oh and that Jacuzzi thing? I would have either had my bath the night before – and it was a straight up bath – or I had to deal with being the smelly kid in school. When did parents start negotiating with their kids about basic things like food and hygiene?

    • Shae

      Definitely not just a southern thing…there wasn’t any dinner “negotiation” at my house. Mom or Dad cooked what they cooked and we ate it. Fortunately for us, my sister and I, neither of us is picky and my parents always cooked great food…but even if they didn’t, nobody was asking you what you’d like for dinner. Nobody was eating a separate type of meal.

      Parents are insane these days.

      • Shae,

        Yeah, I think that’s pretty universal. I can still hear the exchange that went on from time to time at my house:

        “But MoOoom, can’t we have ____ for dinner?”

        “No! I am not a short-order cook! We are having ____ and that’s it! You can have that or you can go hungry!”

        “Oh alright…”

        Ucch with these people who let their kids call the shots, then are so surprised when they turn out to be spoiled, entitled assholes…

      • Katherine 2.0

        So true. When I see the wheedling and bargaining that some folks engage in with their kids, I just want to send them all to parents boot camp. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

      • tamaratattles

        Shae, when I was in late elementary early jr high, I lived outside Chicago. My older sister came to live with us for awhile with her three kids. The two olders were within five years of my age. I remember the first time my mother took me and the nephews and niece to McDonald’s. THIS WAS A BIG ASS DEAL FOR ME. We did not eat out anywhere ever even fast food. I stood out of swatting range and waited for my happy meal I was hoping I would get. I probably got a small hamburger and a small coke instead. But the boys stepped up to the counter talking about BIG MACS! BIG MACS AND MILKSHAKES! I sort of blacked out after that. I am not sure what happened to my nephews other than that are both still alive. I think I probably fainted and had to be revived.

        I swear I wasn’t allowed to order for myself um, ever when going out with my parents. Even as an adult. After about age 17 knew I was to order whatever the cheapest item was.

        We were not poor. my parents saved every dime they ever earned because they were depression babies. It was eventually divided among the children. I use my portion to take myself out to eat like twice a year. I order something expensive. :)

        I must admit that most of you have picked up on my frugality. I used to rinse out ziplocs (okay sometimes I still do) and be super frugal with paper towels. Okay I still am. And I do have a minor panic attack if I order the filet. And I try not to order the most expensive thing on the menu on dates. Unless he’s pissed me off. :)

  24. Pip

    I just watched, finally.
    Tamara- “meanwhile… At Grey Gardens….” Bahahaha! Good one! If they aren’t looking like Big Edie and little Edie, I don’t know who is.
    I agree about Ramona’s apartment! Looks like a whole new place with out those heavy window fabrics. I did wonder though if Ramona wasn’t running her air conditioner because it’s expensive and she is watching her dollars now.
    When I was watching Dorinda at John’s dry cleaning establishment, I flashed back to highschool. I had a job at “One Hour Martinizing” and all the free dry cleaning in the world! It was heaven! Zena jeans, Guess jeans and Izod shirts perfectly pressed and lined up in my closet. I miss that! I should buy a dry cleaning business!

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