Lisa Rinna Resorts to Bulleted Points To Assist Some Readers’ Comprehension

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I don’t know that is more irksome, the fact that we are going to be having the Munchausen conversation for the next month, or that Rinna refers to it as “the M word” numerous times in her blog. It’s my pet peeve. I cannot bear to wade through LVP’s flowery  prose full of nicknames and stupid initials instead of names.

Honestly the only reason I’m going to purple pen Rinna’s blog is because I keep reading people say she is changing her story. She is not changing her story, OTHER PEOPLE are changing her story. She’s been very consistent.

• My longtime hairdresser, Faye Woods, and I had a discussion about Munchausen. She told me she knew someone who had Munchausen and, given what she’d seen on the show and online, she felt Yolanda’s actions were quite similar. That was when I first looked up the “M” word.

This is what she has always said but because Erika and others were all screaming about her naming names, apparently she now does just that.  She’s always said that she was in a situation where Munchausen was brought up. She was unfamiliar with the term. She looked it up. She felt bad for participating in the conversation. She apologized to Yolanda.

RHOBH Reunion rinna

• I passed this information along to Kyle one night when we had sushi at Shu. We spoke of the conversation I had with Faye Woods and we discussed Yolanda’s Instagram pics. There was no ill intent on either of our parts and again, I am telling you, I am the one who brought this topic to the girls. I have not and will not pass blame about this within our group. I was the one to bring the “M” word, not LVP as Yolanda said at Kyle’s party.

It is interesting that Rinna and Kyle socialize off camera. Kyle sure feigned surprise on camera when Lisa brought it up.

• At some point, the conversation Kyle and I had at Shu was relayed to LVP because, she knew Kyle and I had discussed the pics and the “M” word.

This is when LVP’s involvement began.

• While we were at dinner in Malibu at the Malibu Farm, the night Kyle invited all of us to Dubai, LVP said she had never spoken to me on the phone, and I can say without a doubt that she has indeed called me…many times! Let’s break that down a bit. In one phone bill cycle, I spoke to LVP on the phone 10 times and within a specific 24-hour period, she called me five times to infer that others knew I had brought up the “M” word and further hinted that, in her opinion, I should, sooner or later, admit this.

This is probably when Rinna started feeling bad and thinking she should apologize to Yolanda before the rumors got started. How did these “others”  know about the Munchaused conversation? Kyle told LVP and LVP ran with the story to God knows who.

• I think this explains why LVP ran out after me asking why I hadn’t dragged Kyle into it. Kyle and I had discussed the “M” word at dinner before LVP knew anything about it. I brought up the “M” word, but it seems that maybe that wasn’t enough to satisfy LVP. Why would she feel the need to come out after me and ask why I hadn’t brought Kyle into it, and then run to Kyle saying “Whew, I thought Lisa Rinna was going to bring YOU into it”?

Even Kyle admits that LVP was setting up Kyle. Kyle just didn’t have the mental energy to get into it with LVP in light of the family issues going on between her and her sisters.

• To me, it seems LVP really wanted Kyle to take the heat along with me. But WHY?

I have to answer to this. LVP does this to someone every season. But Kyle is her closest ally. Why not just blame it all on Rinna?

Like I said, if I could do it all over again, I would have gone directly to Yolanda and handled it privately with her. Another big lesson learned here.

If you had not told Kyle, there would be no need to go to Yolanda. You are well within your rights to discuss the bizarre  nature of Yolanda’s ever changing diagnosis and incongruent Instagram posts.

Instead, and rather unfortunately, we watched this whole thing take on a life of its own. I own my part in it and simply wanted others to own their own parts as well. That will probably never, ever happen, but I can sleep well knowing I’ve owned my part.

LVP was clearly burning up the phone line trying to get Rinna to bring things up to Yolanda. I firmly believe that LVP wanted this to be a storyline.I also believe that Kyle brought up the questions about Mohammed at LVP’s request. If she really didn’t want to share Mohammed’s comments, she would not have done so. It was a staged scene just like the initial Munchausen scene.

Once and for all, I own the fact that I brought up the Munchausen, I’m the one that used the word Munchausen, nobody else used the word Munchausen and absolutely nobody accused Yolanda of having Munchausen. I brought it up, and then it took a life of its own.

This topic has now been put to bed. Well, until next week when we discuss it approximately 892 different ways during the reunion! sigh

I can’t believe we are going to argue about the Munchausen story over three more episodes. Even Brook’s fake cancer didn’t get this much attention.


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113 responses to “Lisa Rinna Resorts to Bulleted Points To Assist Some Readers’ Comprehension

  1. MrPrez

    It’s interesting that Kyle has always been very firm in saying she first heard the “M” word when Lisa Rinna brought it up to both her and LVP at Vanderpump’s home. So clearly Kyle was also lying and Rinna never made a big deal about it. This whole thing is just so stupid and not even worth all these women arguing over. They need to focus all their venom at the one person who deserves it: Yolanda!

    • Dee

      Now that I know Kyle was lying I find her tears at the Lyme Gala suspicious. I love Kyle but something’s not right. She can’t have it both ways.

      • Minky

        If Kyle can cry like that at will, then it makes me suspicious of all the other times she’s cried on this show. I’m sorry, but that’s scary as fuck.

      • Dee

        Minky, I’m with you. I just watched that episode, filmed in October. I believed her tears and words. Now not so much.

    • Friday'smom

      It’s only a big deal if LVP does it… It’s ok for any of the others

    • microop

      I think the issue was that LVP was encouraging Lisa to bring it up on camera, while Kyle didn’t. They have to lie to a degree to make the plot lines work.

    • SaraSally

      These folks, don’t live under a rock. Daily, they troll the internet looking for their names. The whole world has been discussing how similar Yo’s journey is to that of one experiencing munchausen. Yo was completely aware of it. If you put your life out there for people to learn….don’t think your going to control the conversation. Narcissists can’t see the pond beyond their reflection.

    • Dee

      Tamara! Lisa Rina liked our tweet!!! Yes, I am a geek. Sorry. I was shocked to get an email that you liked and retweeted my tweet. Then Lisa Rina! Anyway. as I was getting excited that TamaraTattles liked my tweet, and retweeted husband said “Who the F is Lisa Rinna?” Yeah, he is the wind beneath my wings.:) Wind out of sails back to my dull dull life :)
      Please don’t place me in WLS. I would not survive

  2. Dee

    OMG! Another month of this?! Noe! Lol
    Cat I’m canceling my cable too!

    • Cat

      It is so liberating. Lots of negative crap on cable. You will save a ton of money, too. :)

      • Dee

        Cat you are so right about the money. I’ve heard one can watch these shows on their computer for free. I wouldn’t know how but some one I know just has internet and “streams”. Maybe like Netflix?

      • Cat

        To watch online, you have to have a cable provider. I don’t, so I can’t. It’s weird. If I had a cable provider, I would simply watch on my TV. It makes no sense to me.

        And Netflix only has the old seasons. To watch current seasons, I think you have to have something like Hulu Plus, where you pay more? Not sure.

      • Hi Cat. The episodes are on Amazon the day after. I think they are a couple of bucks for episode.

      • jen

        My kids watch shows and my husband watches sports so we keep cable. I stream cable shows from another room when I want to watch it or from the tablet when Im cooking.

  3. ml76

    I’m blown away that these ladies didn’t know what Munchausen meant! Really?? C’mon.Did they not watch ER or ever hear Eminem’s cleaning out my closet?!?!

  4. the whole thing is dumb! I don’t get why Yolanda wouldn’t be mad at Kyle. Kyle said on the show “i had questions until the gala and i saw her kids crying” like duh she didn’t believe you either! Erika seems like a kiss ass. It’s so annoying that Yolanda has a template for “good friends”.

    Also, LVP was team Yolanda until Yo started the “my kids are suffering from Lyme too” story. I tink LVP has had the M word talks with others that know Mohammed spell check) and Yo (maybe Mo’s young wife) and wanted to see it come full circle.

    • Mimi

      I did not understand what you meant but you’ve mentioned Mohammed’s young wife. LVP is sociable with Mohammad young wife, but doesn’t care for Yolanda. Maybe she has information about the real Yolanda that we are not privy to because of editing and her friendship with Mohammed. The housewife franchise has a good way of making saint of some people and demons of others.

      p.s. why are they making a scapegoat out of LVP when its clear that Rinna wholeheartedly believes Yolanda to be munchausenny (not a real word) and refers to her as “the biggest manipulator”.

      Everyone is trying to manipulate poor pea brain Rinna. Via osmosis all her brain fluid travelled to those lips.

      • tamaratattles

        Well someone had a pea brain, but it’s not Rinna.

      • T D

        Enough peas to fill maracas.

      • Leelee

        Here is my theory: I agree with TT that LVP wanted Munchausen to be storyline– she just didn’t want to be the one leading the charge due to her friendship with Mohammed. Why would she want to involve Kyle? VALIDITY. Kyle has a good reputation for giving people the benefit of the doubt, so if she backed up Rinna it would be easier for the other women to climb on the bandwagon without looking like assholes.

    • sandra

      LOLOL!! LVP was team Yolanda…LOLOL.

  5. marc

    It seems she does indeed have Munchausen & Munchausen by proxy yet no one will ever address it & as a talk show host moderator at the reunion Andy Cohen should but of course he won’t because ANDY. If Bethany was part of the reunion as Andy Co host she would tear Yolanda apart…Just saying…

    • Dee

      I thought Dr Oz would say something. I was really disappointed in him. What kind of doctor let’s all that misinformation be released to the public?

      • Sweet T

        Dr oz is not a doctor. He just plays one on tv.

        (Also I know he is a dr. This is a sarcastic comment about the misinformation he gives about various illnesses and vitamins.)

      • Cat

        A doctor who is a salesman on the air, that’s who.

        Yesterday, he had a bit about some fad diet procedure where they staple your ear to make you lose weight. Other doctors were on talking about the risks, and people who had spent money having it done claimed it was a waste of money.

        After all of that, Dr. Oz endorced the procedure, anyway. It’s all about the product of the day. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

      • Dee

        Thank you Sweet T and Cat. I used to really believe him, look up to him. Then I saw him before Congress. Ugh

      • jen

        Dr. Oz that’s who. Dr. Oz is a poor excuse of a dr.

      • jen

        And don’t get me started on Dr Phil….

  6. Mimi

    urggh, this is still being discussed. Rinna thus protest too much.
    LVP did not try to manipulate her, its clear she and Kyle brought the Munchausen discussion to the group. Because she and Kyle were the original people who discussed this, LVP thought Rinna would include Kyle.
    The only person who is giddy to manipulate on this show is Eileen. She is angry with LVP for daring to discussed that she cheated with her husband whilst he was married. And she is therefore manipulating Rinna into believing that LVP was first to discuss this, because she wants LVP to be taken down a peg. Eileen is like the Phaedra Parks of this show, righteous and projecting.
    Maybe LVP doesn’t like Yolanda, because she has a reason to. If we the viewers can conclude that Yolanda is deceitful with her illness and her fake Zen, imagine how LVP who knows her personally may feel.

    • Let me see if i understand you correctly. Eileen ‘manipulated’ Rinna into imagining a meal with Kyle, multiple calls, text messages and conversations? Wow. Who knew Eileen was a powerful hypnotist?

    • Mstahdah

      I think that Kyle told LVP that Rina thinks Yolanda may have Munchausen. Once that information started to circulate, LVP told her correctly. You better address it before someone else brings up that you have been talking to people about her possibly having Munchausen. And since she introduced the topic to the group through Kyle, she thought that Rina would wuss out and try to deflect by bringing Kyle into it. Now I do think that Yolanda kids are fine and that Lisa in her solidarity to Mohammed wanted it to be said publicly that it’s nothing physically wrong with those kids or Yolanda. Now hearing that Mohammed no longer speaks to LVP makes me question that he actually said that to her.

      • Debbrenn

        I think it’s more likely that Mohammed told Lisa they were healthy and he’s mad because it put him in the middle. Remember when Brandi made that really crude comment about that other HW from Miami and attributed it to Mohammed? I doubt she completely fabricated it, but he has denied it to the hilt.

  7. T D

    Beverly Ills sickens so many people it’s pandemic. Nobody feels good after suffering through this journey to nowhere. Stop the train we’d like to get off.

  8. Akachic

    Omg! What are they even arguing about?? This is so stupid! Rinna brought munchaussen to the group, LVP said discuss it on camera, Rinna said ok and did it forgetting she’s on a reality show and not a soap opera and may get some backlash. Probably not since most people were thinking it but I digress… Now she wants to scream LVP made me do it! That sounds so stupid. Kyle probably isn’t mad because it’s for the show and she doesn’t care about Yolanda anyway. It’s as if the newbies don’t get that this isn’t REALLY reality. If Rinna had stuck to the script I don’t think she would be getting any of the hate she’s getting now.

    And on the preview for the reunion LVP said I never call you “hardly.” Why does Rinna keep omitting that word? Calling 10 times one week before filming and no more for the year is “hardly calling” IMO. Clearly it was work related. It’s not like she calls her outside of RHOBH business.

    • Sweet T

      But I think that is rinna ‘so point. Lvp hardly calls rinna but she called her often to convince her to make the munchuesen thing a storyline

      • Karen

        They were friends for 20+ years before this nonsence occured. I think LV was talking about more recent history than what had transpired months prior, but that’s just me.

      • swizzle

        Five times in 24 hours…that’s a lot of calls. So LVP’s statement that she hardly calls Rinna is a bit untrue. Maybe not everyday or frequently, but five times in 24 hours on one subject? Really LVP?

      • Dee

        Where does one get a record of calls received?

    • Karen

      No where in this new narrative does LR say LV persuaded/manipulated her into saying any of this on camera, despite LRs words on the show that she did. This is one of the many reasons why I say LRs story is changing again.

      • Shae

        yes, she says:” In one phone bill cycle, I spoke to LVP on the phone 10 times and within a specific 24-hour period, she called me five times to infer that others knew I had brought up the “M” word and further hinted that, in her opinion, I should, sooner or later, admit this.”

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Shae yes. That’s very manipulative – telling Rinna “everybody” was talking about it (when they probably weren’t) and making it seem like it was going to come out anyways so she better fess up.

    • Espi

      I love this post. That is all.

      • YoMomma

        When I make a call – it registers on my bill, even if the caller does not answer. In theory, it is entirely possible that there were ten calls between the two of them in one day in order to connect.
        Rinna – spews whatever she feels like at the moment and then scurries to assign blame. What really happened – I don’t know. I do know that Rinna tends to exaggerate, ignore adverbs and is just reactive, especially if eating is involved.

        LVP – is smart enough to dodge bullets

  9. So sick of this. I feel sorry for the hairdresser and what social media is going to do to her. I hope Lisa R asked her permission before blabbing her name on the blog. Lisa R’s version does sound like truth. I am surprised that LVP did not foresee what the staged lunch with Kyle asking those questions would do to her friendship with Mohammed. Please, Bravo Gods, let there be no fake illness story lines next season and please send Yolanda into the west with Gandalf and Frodo.

  10. Toddy

    Who the hell would out their hairdresser? I wouldn’t want mine to cut me loose.

    • swizzle

      The hairdresser did nothing related to Yo. They simply had a conversation about Munchhausen. The hairdresser did not say Yo had it.

      • Toddy

        The quote from Rinna suggests otherwise. It’s near the top of TT’s blog post. But my point was that I don’t think Rinna should have named the woman, since social media has gotten so vile.

  11. jen

    I believe her. This is insane this is discussed to this legnth for so long! I can’t imagine how many times friends, familu etc any one that cared asked about yolanda’s shadiness since they are on the SAME TV SHOW! So then she told a co worker about the conversation. Totally seems absolutely true. I believe LVP saw a chance and took it. Shw clearly has not liked Yolanda at all and Yo doesn’t seem to like her either. They all need to just simmer down. Yo is the devil

  12. JoJoFLL

    I LOVE Lisa Rinna!

    Of course Yolanda has Munchausen’s.

    LVP is a master manipulator.

  13. Mohammed isn’t married to Shiva. Lol. They’ll be perpetually engaged until he breaks it off for a younger girl. Shiva is a bit old for Mo’s taste, according to his inner circle of friends in Aspen.

  14. Theresa

    This used to be my favorite reality show but now I barely watch it and just read tt’s recaps. It aggravates me. I want glamor, joy, travel, lavish homes and I don’t mind catty bitches. I greatly mind illness (real or inagined) as my story line for escapism/voyeurism tv

    • I would suggest though that you watch the show to form your own opinions before you get manipulated ☺️

      • Cat

        You don’t have to watch to form an opinion. If you know the players, read the recaps and various points of view in comments, you can easily form your own opinion.

        I have been doing it for over a year now. Only weak minded people can be manipulated. The longer you are here, the more you will see that commenters here are NOT weak minded.

        By the way, janshell…you might want to freshen up on commenting rule #10. But don’t worry, I had trouble with that one, too. :)

      • Im not sure how I’m violating that rule when I’m just suggesting someone watch to form their own opinion! But ok…

      • I’m sorry I insulted you? That wasn’t my intention! How did I insult you?

      • andra

        jansell, Why do you feel the need to insult Cat and TT? We get your point…..we really, really do. UmmKaa?.

      • I’m sorry insulting who? In what way? Please tell me what I wrote that was insulting because I honestly don’t know what you are speaking off!

      • Dee

        We think you are saying this site will manipulate.

      • Cat

        Who said I was insulted?

        I do think, though, you were implying that we are somehow manipulated here, especially if we do not watch the shows. I can assure you, that is not the truth.

        Anyway, commenting rule #10 is tricky. It’s more about how often you post than the content of your posts. You don’t need to respond to every single comment. Less is more.

        That being said, I am now dangerously close to violating commenting rule #10. So, if I no longer respond, it’s not because I’m angry, or upset, or whatever. I just want to give myself (and everyone else) a break.

        Have a great weekend, all!

      • Oh ok for fear of breaking rule 10 (my apologies Tamara) I do want to thank you for clearing that up I really appreciate it and I things got much clearer! Nah Tamara doesn’t manipulate lol I like her site a lot it was just my suggestion to the other person to get the whole picture! No disrespect to Tamara at all ? thanks again and you enjoy your weekend too!

  15. AbbessNormal

    First time to join the TT commentariat here (yes, I did read the rules: long time lurker). I hate- watch this show, for six seasons now. I still cannot explain why. Frankly, I stopped questioning my watching, so why waste more time on the intro of myself. So, tally ho:

    I have thought (way more than a few times) that the producers/players (players being the HW) thought the Yolanda-driven story kind of did go off the rails fairly early in the season, as the secondary players caught on/hit the new cast members, and hence why the whole M-word/who lies/who can’t apologize/who cannot accept an apology first has just polluted and perverted this season of RHOBH.

    Here is where my thought hits and kicks in from earlier this season go with Yolanda (bypassing the whole M word, but participatory AS it went off the rails): she kind of passively/aggressively brought up the bi-polar/Lisar thing by way of explaining to Lisar how anyone could suggest the M word out of the ether? For it would be like suggesting that Lisar was bi-polar, as a pull-it out of that air “diagnosis”? But hasn’t that “diagnosis” been the second rail of this entire season? Lisar’s supposed back and forth/all over the place engagement this season has become, through Yolanda’s musings as it then got some buy in, the secondary narrative rail?

  16. Josie

    So Rinna and Kyle had dinner and discussed it and then brought it to LV’s house. Interesting that Kyle continues to claim the first time she heard it was at LV’s house. How do we know Kyle didnt blab it all over town??

    This was all so freaking stupid. Rinna opens her big mouth. Gets backlash and aided by Eileen decides she needs to spread the blame around to haidresser, asswaxer and her manicurist.

    Like Kyle said no one is perfect. I judge people by the sum of who they are. I also wont judge LV by a court case.

    If that makes me a bad person, so be it. Whatever. I am not going to pretend I would roll over and write a check for $5 million and 3 times what my business was worth over some asshole manager’s actions…a person that I had the misfortune of hiring.

    • Dee

      I might be wrong but I thought the waitress was supposed to get paid leave after her experience. They didn’t pay her $300 or so, she sued. So they got sued for not doing following through on their promise to her, allegedly. Oh and Ken destroyed the tape.

      • Josie

        She didnt sue for $300 in small claims court. She sued for millions. She sued for 3 times what the restaurant, their livelihood, was worth. IF he did, good for him.

  17. iloveearlgrey

    I’ve been in a similar situation to Lisa Rinna. I had a really good friend who was feeding me information and lathering me up against another friend. I caught her in a lie and then all of a sudden, everything she had said and done became questionable to me, and I felt like an asshole for engaging in gossip against the other friend. I totally get where she’s coming from. Sometimes, we want to be loyal and trust a friend so much, we go to bat for them. Then, when we see them for who they are, you not only feel betrayal, you also feel guilty for the part you took in disparaging someone else. The important thing is for Lisa Rinna to learn from this and be more cautious about who she puts her own reputation on the line for.

    • janet

      I hear yeah. Thats why I stay out of things and dont try to fight other peoples battles with them. Its not really fair to that other person because you weren’t there. You’re hearing about it second hand and people slant and distort stuff to get even or make themselves look better all the time. Ive been on the receiving end of gossip and other people believing stuff that was not true and I got victimized repeatedly because of blind loyality to a master manipulater.

    • Lime Brain

      Thanks for your post, Earl Grey. I come back to re-read it when I’m reading comments and I forget why Rinna felt the need to out LVP.

      Now, whether she should have or not, or was encouraged by Eileen and Erica for their own selfish reasons is another story. :)

  18. Karen

    Why is it so much easier to believe LV manipulated this all…because really if Kyle told LV she herself may have passed it on to God knows who….the story is changing because this is the first time LR is saying that Kyle was the first person she told, when previously LV called because she heard about it elsewhere. To me there is a perfectly logical reason why LV would question whether or not LR was going to bring Kyle into it as she was involved first, before anyone but LR and her hairdresser knew of the discussion.

    I get it. Some folks think LV is a crafty manipulator and are therefore quick to believe whatever is said about her, but is it not possible that knowing LR was holding onto Kyle’s involvement until now, at least a portion of the manipulation was on Kyle? Up till now Kyle and LR have lead the audience to believe that the first she heard of the Munchausin’s discussion was at LVs house, which was clearly not the case so why hide that fact, other than to keep her involvement away from Yolanda’s ears and everyone else’s.

  19. Booskie

    LVP does the same thing every season. Brandi used to be her attack dog and this year she tried to use Rinna. Rinna ratted her out a bit sooner than Brandi did. It’s getting old, I hope they find something more interesting next year because watching LVP manipulate people is tedious at this point. The only entertainment this season for me was Erika Jayne.

    I do think of everyone on this show, the only ones who aren’t REAL are Kyle and LVP.

    • Mstahdah

      I think there is a similarity between Lisa R and Brandy. They are people that feel that have to say the “truth”out loud or say the things everyone is whispering because they’re “authentic “. I think that personality type entertains LVP so she becomes friendly with them. She then will gossip and make off color jokes with them but wouldn’t say it to the person. Then Lisa R and Brandy says the thing that they’ve been joking about. When they get the backlash then all of the sudden, LVP has manipulated them into saying stuff. Probably because they know her personal opinion and she doesn’t publicly support what they’ve said.

  20. Demeter

    This show terminally jumped the shark for me when I saw all those women, groomed and pampered, sitting in the middle of the desert with a camera crew following them around while 15 feet away was a Dubai woman, the palm reader, covered from head to toe.

    Did they not see her or how subjugated she was? She had to be “invisible” while the men around her led normal lives.

    They even interacted with her and yet they didn’t notice her. They went back to their table and talked utter nonsense.

  21. Rinna is doing herself no favors scrambling like this on a who gives a fuck issue.

  22. Cat

    All of this “M” crap is tedious.

    I used to think it would be fun and cool to have my own blog. Hey, I watch TV all day, anyway. But now, I know it’s not as fun and glamorous as it sounds. I feel for you, TT!

    Sounds like LVP is using the show to wage war with Yolanda. Lisa R. Is one of her solders, who didn’t realize what she was signing up for. To viewers, LVP and Yolanda become the victims, and Lisa R. is the bad guy. We know better. I hope.

    But, in my mind (as Wendy Williams would say), the person who is at fault for all of this drama is YOLANDA. If she had not posted so many creepy Sickie photos, it would not have been such a topic of conversation.

    • Bri

      Exactly! Yo is the biggest shit stirrer bc she keeps asking questions. “So what was said about me!” And then she’ll be like oh I’m just trying to move on. Erika is one too kissing yo’s ass by hanging w the girls and then running back to tell yo what was said like a spy lol.

      • Sammie

        Yes exactly…Yo has change the conversation from being about her real issue into one about who did this horrible thing to me.
        Suddenly no one is questioning her about what the hell is really going on or asking her about all the inconsistent stories and questionable treatment. Instead she is the victim of gossips and pointing fingers, turning the questions away from her.

  23. JustJenn

    It really amazes me that people are still trying to blame it all on LVP when Lisa, who probably read about in on the internet, brought it up to Kyle first and Kyle ran to LVP and everyone else with the information. It’s laughable now to think about Kyle yelling “I will not tell a lie!” LVP could have thrown her under the bus right there and then. It also makes LVP’s “Why did you bring Kyle into this?” more believable. LVP may have wanted this to be part of the storyline, hell we all did, but in no way is she to blame for the “M” word bullshit that Lisa brought on herself.

    • swizzle

      Read Rinna’s blog. This isn’t about who brought up Munchhausen. Rinna very clearly takes the blame for that. LVP wanted Rinna to bring it up to get the doubts about Yo’s illness on the show. She encouraged Rinna to bring up the topic and then acted all shocked that someone would doubt Yo. You can bet there were plenty of conversations between LVP and Ken mocking Yo’s illness with Ken calling Yo a dumb cow and all kind of names (because he’s such the gentleman).

      Just own it everyone. We all doubt Yo’s illness. How can you not from her whacko posts and assertion that her kids have the same rare non-existent disease that she has.

  24. Shae

    Stated clear as a bell. I said the other day, I don’t see any change in her story whatsoever, she’s the only one who’s been consistent the whole time. It’s not hard to understand and it makes complete sense.

  25. ZenJen55

    I think Bravo wanted this as a storyline and went to LVP, LVP didn’t want to dirty her hands due to her real life friendship with Mohammed so she handed it over to Rinna, who unbeknownst to her didn’t understand how the reality game is played. Isn’t Kyle involved somehow in the production of RHBH? If so she knew….

    Love that Cat doesn’t watch but is spot on due to TTs colorful recaps!!!

  26. Josie

    Enough with what the haidresser thinks. What does her asshair waxer have to say?

    So how much blame does Rinna think should be assigned to LVP for suggesting, encouraging, cajoling, counseling, manipulating or whatever new word she is using today to counsel her to bring it up? What percentage of blame to the hairdresser?? Asswaxer? Do they owe Yo an apology too?

  27. Jaana

    This was just perfect. I love the purple pen. You are the best.

  28. Barbara

    Lisa Rinna just went nuts on Instagram. I used to follow her on twitter but gave up as I didn’t like all the f bombs. Anyway what she says on Instagram is that all the haters/trolls are fat hoarders with 50 cats who can’t find their vaginas. Then she said she is “going for it” and calls them sick f*cks. I’m thinking Tamara won’t need the purple pen for that rant. Wow

    • Josie

      Rinna deleted the IG posts. Nothing with Rinna is lukewarm.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Nice, Rinna. And she called LVP’s blog “vile.”
      Rinna doesn’t “own” anything. So Kyle and LVP were talking smack about Yo, and brought their doubts to Yolanda at Erika’s BBQ. What else are they supposed to own up to?
      Rinna went too far, as usual, and didn’t like the reaction she got so she wanted to spread the misery.
      Not sure how she felt that could put her actions in a better light. Yo still doesn’t like or believe her. And that outburst at the beach was pretty telling. You don’t talk your way out of that. Which she constantly tries to do–by apologizing to Yolanda in CYA mode–how is that owning anything?
      And no, I am not anyone’s blindly loyal fan. You don’t have to be to see what’s going on.

    • Dee

      Thanks Barb! Good to know. Lisa R needs to take a break

  29. Team Rinna/Eileen/Erika all the way this season! I respect Kyle and the game she’s playing. She’s had a rough season. So has Eileen.

    I feel bad that Rinna is getting so much hate, but in all honesty, she has been pretty intrusive on other peoples’ for these last few seasons. Yes, it’s a tv show but it doesn’t absolve you from judgment of bad behavior. She’s exactly like Brandi except Rinna goes on the offensive FIRST and Brandi responds with vitriol. I like them both at this point but see them for who they are.

  30. CaliSteve

    Rinna is batshit crazy!

  31. Debbrenn

    I wish these women would learn the difference between ‘imply’ and ‘infer’. They use ‘infer’ all the time when they mean ‘imply’. Re: the Munchausen Mini Series, Rinna brought it up on camera , amid fairly stony silence from LVP and Kyle. That was the part that crossed the line.

  32. Rinna is still at fault for actually doing the deed. Had lvp and Kyle stood behind her she wouldn’t feel remorseful. She’s trying to save her own butt and then she tries to call out Lviv for doing it too.
    She doesn’t realize that questioning Yolanda’s illness was not the issue. She brought up the m word and it made her look bad and as a result she decided to throw Lisa v under the bus.
    Rinna was trying her best to be the Brandi of this season but she’s too weak to stand firm in her word without trying to share the blame for a word SHE brought up.

    Lisa v is manipulative, duh. Most of them are.
    Yolanda was to Erika and Eileen was to rinna putting the battery in her back.

    Rinna still comes out on the bottom because the public is smart enough to see that rinna is only trying to save her butt after making a fool of herself for yet another season.

  33. Rinna is damn near 50 years old.
    This isn’t high school.
    She doesn’t even realize she’s making a bigger fool of herself to deflect blame on others for a word she said. People manipulate you if you are weak and allow them. She had no problem questioning things and to be the Brandi of this season she thought she would spark the controversy and only to have it blow up in her face.
    Those reunion clips do her no favors.
    Lvp and Kyle won’t be an ally and Yolanda won’t which means Erika will keep her at distance so the only one she’ll have is Eileen.
    She dig her own grave. Rinna did herself in.

  34. Ara

    I don’t think that Kyle doesn’t have the energy to fight with LVP. It’s just that she has a new show coming up, she wouldn’t, in her right mind, want to antagonize the LVP psycho-fans. It IS a leveraged relationship between her and LVP.

  35. Lisa Rinna is 52 years old.

  36. Little Dog

    It seems to me that Rinna interacts with people in different ways depending on where she perceives them on her “social & power” scale. She laughs, giggles, shrieks, shimmys and basically sucks up if she thinks they’re on higher ground than she is. And if they’re not…well, we all saw the condescending, dismissive way she spoke to Kim at the finale. Now, I am NOT a fan of Kim’s, but she is a deeply troubled woman, and all Rinna could muster up for her were a few jabs and a couple of snide, insincere “well, I hope you get better.” Just imagine if she had spoken to Yo with that tone and those words. But she didn’t because she sees Yo as up here and Kim as down there. Compassion, my ass.

  37. Alwaysafan

    Ok,I NEED to say this. I’m pretty sure when rinna first relayed the story of LVP chasing after her she said LisaVs words were “I thought you were going to bring Kyle into it” now, one simple thing could clear this up for us fans of the show. Was there a question mark or a period at the end of LisaVs comment to Rinna? If it was a question mark, then yes, one would surmise that LisaV was asking her why she had not dragged Kyle into it, BUT if it was not a question, then obviously LisaV meant “WHEW! I was WORRIED you were going to bring Kyle into it!” Which would explain LisaVs later comments to Kyle. We know from RInnas past behaviour, that we can’t always tell for certain if her recollection of a story is 100% accurate OR its relayed in her high on emotion, amped up, over the top VIEW of events.we also know that LisaV has been known to twist and dodge when it comes to bring called out on things Not certain we will ever know what was said exactly during their conversation, Rinna and LVP have two completely differen takes on it. So as viewers we once again are left to draw lines in the sand and choose who we believe.

    As far as the rabid LVP fans, saying they are the worst on the Internet, I personally have been on the receiving end of the Brandi fans and I’d say they pretty much come up equal in the crazy department. I enjoy a great civil debate and discussion. I have a circle of friends on social media who provide that for me. As for the loons, blocking and muting are our two best friends. TT, I have a great deal of empathy for you in regards to this. Thank god for my friends & your blogs, I know I can come here and read and not have to see the pure insanity that comes with the chance we take on social media. Stay safe

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