Watch What Happens Live with Yolanda and Erika Jayne

WWHL with Yolanda and Erika


Andy is so excited that Erika out to NYC on her plane that she is on the show. I can’t remember who else was going to be on but, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Erika. I’m glad she is though. Erika says she has her boobs out to suck up to the boss and she always has a jump suit to wear for him. Erika just did a show in Palm Springs and Yolanda just got back from Tahiti. Yolanda says she should have just moved to Tahiti. The color of blue Yolanda is wearing looks stunning on her. Her tan is fabulous. Both ladies look fantastic!

Andy starts right off asking what they though of Ken calling Rinna vile names on tonight’s RHOBH episode.  Yolanda says she has heard it before. He’s called her a bitch. It’s no secret Ken doesn’t like Yolanda either. Yolanda says she wasn’t happy about it.  Erika says the reunion was everything she was told it would be.

The poll is who is the biggest shitstirer of the season. I can see the LVP fans sputtering spittle while rapidly texting for Rinna.

Andy asks Yolanda if she is still “Fonda” each housewife. Rinna,”no”. LVP, “not really”. Kyle, “Medium.” Eileen, “Yes.” Kathryn “Yes” Erika.”Yes” Ken “Yeees. I don’t have a problem with Ken.”

The very first caller wants to know why they believe Lisa Rinna over LVP. Yolanda says she thinks they are both to blame. Erika says that she believes Rinna heard about the topic of Munchausen from someone and LVP encouraged her to bring it up on camera. I hope this is the last post I will have to write about explaining this because some people just don’t want to understand the situation.

A caller asks Yolanda what she has in the vault. Yolanda says just experiences that she has with the women. She feels strongly that there are things you don’t speak about on national TV.

RHOBH Erika pissed


A caller asks why Kyle is so loyal to LVP. Yolanda says as the middle child Kyle is used to being in the middle of situations with woman. She says from a business perspective, they are the two stars of the show and began the show together and have a financial interest in the show’s success.

A Pinky fan wants to know why Erika was judgmental of LVP right away and didn’t give her a chance? PUHLEASE.  Erika very sternly  says that she gave her a chance, but she knows what she felt and she knows what she saw.

Someone asks Yo if she believes Erika’s theory about Kathryn drinking the LVP Koolaid? Yolanda says she has seen LVP do this with people every season, so maybe yeah.

I am simply mesmerized by Yolanda’s outfit. That color of blue is just everything. It looks very expensive and yet so simple.

Ugh now they are showing her reunion looks and it is God Awful. What is worse than the one shoulder housewife dress? An illusion mesh one shoulder housewife dress.

Yolanda says she didn’t know the marriage was over until November 15th when they had already finished shooting. Oddly, I knew almost three  years before she did.  Funny how that happened. The way she said it indicates that the rumors are true that David left her over all the extravagant medical bills from quack doctors.

Do you think LVP dislikes you because of your relationship with Mohammed?  Yolanda doesn’t think LVP dislikes her (eyeroll) she just thinks they never had an intimate friendship because her loyalties lie with Mohammed. So their friendship has always been “very superficial.”  Andy says he gets the feeling from Pinky that she thinks they do have a real friendship. Because Andy is an idiot.  Yolanda says it’s a “Hollywood friendship.”

I'm so sorry, I was pretending you were Lisa Vanderpump!

Sorry, I was pretending you’re Lisa Vanderpump!

Yolanda drops a huge bomb and says that Mohammed has not spoken to LVP in 8 months since she made the statement that the kids are not sick. Yolanda is not very good with months. And I think I have seen LVP out with Mohammed up until the show AIRED. Then there was some drama between those two.  That was during the very last month of January, less than three months ago.

Andy  remains mesmerized by Erika Jayne’s boobs. They really are the best boobs I’ve ever seen.

A caller asks why LVP seems so allergic to apologizing. Yolanda says it is just her personality and apologizing is a really hard thing for her to do.

Yolanda says she didn’t write “How Many” so it’s not about RHOBH.

Kyle tweeted to point out she is not a middle child, she’s the baby.

Yolanda is asked if she signed a prenup. Her face lights up and her eyes glimmer and she says, “Of course. Hollywood, baby!” And she is the queen of getting those things thrown out.  Andy asks if she regrets the deal she made. She says no, she married for love not for money. She does throw a “you know in there” and that’s her tell.

Who is the biggest shit stirrer? According to the poll, Rinna at 51% But VANDERPUMP came in second with 16% .


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50 responses to “Watch What Happens Live with Yolanda and Erika Jayne

  1. Aerin

    Erika was perfection tonight.

    • Betty

      Yolo looked fab also. No jewelry, shirt not buttoned down to her belly and way too tight (ala LVP). Yolo’s kids can also support themselves, and not have mommy sign their pay checks. THATS why LVP can’t stand Yolo. She always steals the limelight, even if she is just wearing sweats. LVP, as hard as she tries just looks old and outdated. Very 1980’s. She Williams to financially support Max and Pandora forever.

    • Librarygirl

      I always wonder where Erika’so air valve is located. Tonight it looked like she had a couple of pounds more pressure than usual. I understand that the woman has a brand, but her persona is a bit much for me. I see fembot all of the time.

  2. Mark

    Erika SHOULD look really cheap, tacky and classless. My eyes keep telling my brain to judge her deeply. But then my brain completely ignores this and says, “Dang gurl. You fine, hunty.” Why???

    • Mark

      Is it because I am A Gay?

      • Minky

        No I don’t think it’s just because you’re gay. An eye for beauty is universal, even though a lot of gay men are aesthetically gifted. Erika looks very pretty. The outfit suits her nicely. She’s good at combining sexy and classy and making it look like she’s not doing too much somehow. Not everybody can do that. I wish I could pull that look off.

    • iloveearlgrey

      I think it’s the way she carries herself. She has a quiet confidence that makes her look almost regal.

  3. Thanks, TT. I might try to watch this, but fast forward Yolanda, because she makes me physically ill. Kyle’s tweet was perfect. :)

    • I too suffer from the “Yolanda makes me physically ill syndrome”. Is that one of those chronic invisible diseases that results in invalidating prenups and receiving mega spousal support?

      • It’s our journey, tootsie. :)

      • Oh, I think may have it, too. Is excessive smugness one of the symptoms? I’m also excessively fond of lemonade.

      • Minky

        This is soooo weird. I just got through squeezing like a hundred lemons from my garden and freezing the juice for future lemonade, Arnold Palmers and perhaps a few Patron cocktails.

        Sweet Baby Jesus! I can feel the brain fog coming on! Lord! It’s got me! Now I have to go find an alternative medicine practitioner who can hook my snooty ass up to some IVs! AAAAAAAAAAH!

  4. redbluegreen

    Kyle isn’t the middle child. She’s the youngest.

  5. More Tea Please!

    I haven’t watched the show yet,was there any discussion of Yolanda’s health? How is she magically able to survive a grueling long trip to Tahiti? Did a health switch flip as soon as she got a financial settlement from David?

    • Amy V

      More Tea are so on point.

    • puppylove

      I couldn’t have said it better, thank you for that. Is it just me or is it just my imagination that Yolanda got better when she had all that old silicone removed. I saw reports many years ago that the old silicone implants can really mess you up. Does the silicone cause the illness she said she had?? She doesn’t seem to admit that could have been the cause. But that would mean she wouldn’t have a story line all season, so I guess she has to stick to it. Of course getting a bunch of money from David would be a pretty good reason to stick to that illness too.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        She’s alluded many times to feeling better and being on the recovery, yet strangely has not shared her cure for chronic lyme with her “lymies”.

      • natalie

        yoha, you have to buy the book for the answer.

      • Minky

        Good Lord this woman is awful. She makes Brooks look like such a basic bitch. I bet he (and Vicki) wished they had thought of writing a book.

        And I can’t believe that Andy openly asked Yolanda about the prenup! He must read Tamara Tattles. Or has an intern scour this site.

  6. JustJenn

    Yolanda has a surprisingly good memory when it comes to LVP considering the fact that she can’t remember the last time that she wiped her own ass.

    I love LVP, faults and all, and I think this will be her last season. She doesn’t need the show and her army of fans will support her no matter what.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I like her too but every season, all her fans say, “This is it! This is her last season”. I don’t believe it-I think she needs the show – for multiple reasons both personal and professional. She’ll be back..

      • JustJenn

        You’re right..she likes to play that game where she keeps everyone guessing. I wouldn’t do it again if I were her,’d be too emotionally draining and a waste of life.

  7. Josie

    Erika says she has been friends with Yo for 10 yrs and that Tom and David intoduced them. However, Yo says she has been with David 6-7 yrs (btwn dating and marriage) so how can that be? Calling bullshit.

    Did you see how gleeful Yo looked when she said that Mo hasnt talked to Lisa in 8 months? Her hatred of Lisa has always been about destroying their friendship. If she had anything else that she could pin on Lisa she would have.

    I still believe Mo and Lisa are friends. Calling bullshit on that too. I think Mo is trying to appease Yo on her “journey” by saying that and laying low for PR so he can look like a good ex and father for the Yo fans.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      @Josie it’s sick the way she hates LVP. I understand not everyone can get along but who tries to “get” someone all the time, destroy their relationships with others?

      Anyway I believe Yolanda and David were together 7 years or so before getting married, so that would make about 10 years altogether.

    • Dee

      So weird Yolanda said that! Mohammed was on the show recently, I saw him bring Lisa VP the horse barn. Then again I don’t know when that was taped.

  8. Shae

    Gorgeous outfit on Yolanda, best she’s looked in a while.

    • Dee

      I agree! Yolanda looks great! Was she in Tahti when the housewives were in Dubai? So confused how she can go to one place, not another?

  9. Barbara R

    Wasn’t Marie Osmond supposed to be on tonight?

  10. Just Saying

    I love your blogs but I’m sorry I just can’t with Erika. It’s so obvious she and Yolanda wanted to take over the star of the show spots from lvp and Kyle but they just don’t have the right stuff no matter how far out eriks lets her plastic tits hang.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I kind of agree with this assessment. Yolanda’s wanted to be HBIC since day one. However if LVP leaves I think that may go to Erika…will be interesting to see Yo’s claws come out for that.

    • iloveearlgrey

      I agree about Yolanda, but I’d choose Erika over LVP & Kyle. She has that certain something, in my opinion.

      • natalie

        Her character reminds me of Kyles, gorgeous, rich successful husband, snooty, shallow but somehow relatable

  11. Yolanda looked lovely tonight and so did Erika…Yoly’s my fav always has been. If she sick or not it doesn’t matter. I still like her.

  12. ELLENO

    Do you think Andy had Erika and Yo on last night for the finale because they kind of “won” the season? It seems that way. And I kind of agree. I didn’t buy one iota of what Rinna or Eileen were selling this season, BUT I think LVP seriously misplayed her hand all season. She miscalculated the whole Yo/Lyme/sickness thing, failed to cultivate relationships with anyone but Kyle and Katherine (who was desperate for friends) and totally underestimated the damage Rinna and Eilleen could do to her. LVP took a beating, but I still like her. I wonder if she will be back next year.

  13. JoJoFLL

    Just like Camille, Yolanda has lost her rich, famous husband. She’ll be gone next season.

    Bring back Erika, LVP, Lisa Rinna, and Kyle without Kim.

  14. oh sheila! you a good judy

    i love Yolanda (always have) and i love Erika!
    last night’s WWHL was THE MOST honest episode that i’ve ever seen! and it’s because the two guests were (are) quite candid and direct…probably the chief reason why i enjoy them both so well.

  15. Jane Grey

    That is a major bust that Mohamed has not spoken with Lisa since the episode where LVP claimed Mohamed said the kids weren’t sick.

  16. marc

    I cannot stomach Andy anymore ; if Kenya had claimed to be ill ( as well as other multiple inconsistent statements ) he would have called her out on every single one yet Yolanda who hid the real truth going on in her life ( marital problems etc ) gets a pass & Andy would have read Kenya the riot act. Andy is so consistently consistent with his favorite housewives he has made himself IRRELEVANT on his own show…His empty chair would have asked Yolanda better questions. Rant over.

  17. Amy V

    I love Erica Girardi because she love being in her own skin and she is up close and couldn’t give too fuck about the negativity. Y??? Because she has a fabulous life more than most. Andy boy included.

  18. Yolanda looks fab…love that outfit/blue too!

  19. zoemonster2

    Thx for the recaps. I finally caught up.

  20. Alwaysafan

    Don’t believe for one second that Yo and Erika have known each other that long. I do however believe in their time as “friends” yo gave Erika her opinion of LVP. Erika DID NOT give LVP a chance. Eileen and rinna can’t move on and call Lisa V a liar. What about erikas outright lie when rinna asked who told yo about the kids conversation? Seems they let that whopper slide. Cant recall if Erika apologized but I’m thinking no she didn’t. Why wasn’t she hounded all season about that? Because she’s not one of the main characters in this play. The ” I wish you hadn’t told her that” or ” this should have been discussed between us” HELLO! There is no “us” when you have millions of viewers! Yo does hate LisaV and Lisa V hates Yo. Rinna hates Kim and Kim hates Rinna. Fans have their favourites and will go to bat for them. Sometimes going too far in my opinion. This ridiculous petition going around to get Eillen fired from her soaps? Come on people, you don’t fuck with a persons income. If you’re that invested, seriously consider getting treatment and maybe some friends. I have my favs, also have those I’d rather not see return. LVP and Kyle aren’t going anywhere if it’s up to Andy. Guess we will keep guessing unti next season.

  21. Finally saw this yesterday. I just had to talk about Erika’s jewelry for a minute. Another set of giant princess-cut ear studs, this time yellow, the huge heart-shaped pendant (looked grayish/greenish/yellow to me), and then THE BRACELET. It’s a crime there was no close-up of it. It looked like giant square-cut yellows. She was wearing easily $5 million (at least) in diamonds. I would really love a tour through Erika’s jewelry vault…

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