Teen Mom 2 Recap: No Access

Teen Mom Kailyn

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We just had a birthday party for Lincoln, on the last episode of Teen Mom and now we are having one for Isaac. Kail and Javi seem fine at the party, I’ve seen the previews so I know something is coming. Kail is super emotion about the birthdays though.

Later Kailyn has a miscarriage and felt like Javi was not supporting her and was being insensitive. So they are taking a few days apart. Kailyn goes to see her friend in New Mexico. Kail tells her friend about her miscarriage. She’s just been very emotional. She and Javi planned for the baby around her school schedule and were looking forward to the baby. Javi didn’t seem to have a reaction to the miscarriage the way she did.  But Javi really wanted that baby, so I think he is just keeping his grief inside.  When Kail gets back she and Javi talk. Javi says that he got angry with Kail, even though it was not her fault.  He apologizes for being mean to her. He says he was just so upset by losing the baby he just lashed out at her because he had no place to put the anger.  He did sort of blame her and he is sorry. Javi and Kail both cry.

On the aftershow, Kail is still very emotional. She says people think that she doesn’t have feelings and this season she has been very emotional. Kail says as soon as she started to heal, she has to relive it all on the show.  Kail says then when Javi took her home from the hospital he asked her if she wanted to go with him to get a haircut. She says Javi just shut down afterward.

Teen Mom Chelsea


Chelsea and Cole are going to Puerto Rico for a trip. Sounds like Cole will be officially popping the question.

Well the engagement seems to have happened before the trip. It sounds like a really thoughtful proposal out in the woods. They just want a nice small outdoorsy wedding. I like how normal these two are.

Adam takes Aubree and Paisley to a kid place with his parents. He tells his friend he has 50/50 custody with Paisley and he wants the same deal with Aubree. Again. Why? The kids are not even with him?  Meanwhile, Chelsea goes to show her dad the ring. I love the scenes with Chelsea and her dad. She’s got a good dad.

On the aftershow, Chelsea talks about how she and Cole got in a bit of trouble for not bringing the cameras to the proposal. Chelsea is glad they were able to keep that special moment private. Chelsea and Cole both want to start on babies right after the wedding. Chelsea wants to keep the wedding off camera as well. She hopes her fans will understand.


Teen Mom Leah



Leah drops Addie off at the drop off point with Jeremy and mentions as an afterthought, “She ain’t got shoes.” She also wasn’t buckled into her car seat.

Leah goes into a full on rant against Corey and his wife blaming them for her losing custody time. I can’t with this one. Corey’s wife had the baby a bit early. Leah sees this as an opportunity for her to get the girls back. Then she is pissed that Corey and Miranda didn’t want her to keep the twins.  Just like with Janelle, we see Leah whining about not having enough time with the girls to someone while the girls read and write quietly together in another room. I am constantly amazed at their attention spans for amusing themselves with reading and writing.


Later, we see more cringe worthy driving by Leah who is late taking Ali to choir practice because she can’t find her shoes, and then she forgets her tie. Leah just cusses all the way to the school. Then she screams at Ali as if she was hiding the tie the whole time. Ali starts crying hysterically while Grace runs out of the car into the house and gets the cat and puts it in the back with them for comfort. Leah doesn’t notice any of this happening. The girls conspire to hide the cat from Leah and giggle at their secret. The girls go home with Corey, and the cat goes home with Leah. Chances are high that Leah will forget the cat in the car.

On the aftershow, Leah looks extremely thin.

Teen mom janelle mugshotJanelle

I don’t understand why Janelle has such  fit about Barb keeping Jace with her and away from David. Jenelle seems to be highly irritated by the donut she has with her. We see her putting the screaming kid in the crib and closing the door to the dark room so she can hang with her felon of the month.

Janelle wants to get a certificate in surgical assisting. I think everyone who lives in North Carolina needs to make sure that Janelle is not an employee of any medical facility they could possibly end up being taken to. I suggest making sure you don’t live in a 200 mile radius of Janelle.  In this two minute scene the Christmas tree goes from nekkid to fully lit and decorated.  Such weird editing. I am also confused by the fact that some of the girls are decorating for Christmas and others are going to the pumpkin patch.

Janelle invites the latest loser to officially move in.  Now it is time for her latest assault charges. She doesn’t have to go to court. It sounds like the medical school did a background check and are denying her entry. She thinks it is because of the current charge. I’m hoping that it is because of her massive collection of mugshots and charges of drugs and violent crimes.

The new dick seems to really push Janelle to fight for custody of Jace and the donut.

The old dick is preparing to file for custody for the donut. Janelle has not seen the donut in almost a month.

Janelle’s attorney called and said that she asked for a jury trial to buy some time in their case to attempt to settle. She says that Janelle is in a bad spot because she assaulted the girl in the driveway and not in her house. I don’t think that has anything to do with the legal problems. The real problem was that Janelle was not defending herself (or her property) she just randomly assaulted the girl for daring to show up on at a child custody exchange.  The lawyer said she talked to Nathan and the girl and they seemed very level headed about the whole thing. She says that Janelle is going to be found guilty of third degree assault. She suggests that the girl she assaulted would drop the charges if Janelle would agree to a reasonable custody agreement for the donut.  Janelle has a shit fit and hangs up on the attorney. Janelle has taken the whole conversation as her attorney siding with the opposing side.  The lawyer did go a bit overboard singing the praises of Nathan and the girl Janelle assaulted, but Janelle needs to actually consider the option of having the assault stay on her record. The new dick goes into Janelle’s room and stokes the flames of her anger. He’s a real winner, this one.

My DVR did not record the first couple minutes of the aftershow. Was there any explanation about why Janelle was not there? Does she still claim to have some mystery illness?


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19 responses to “Teen Mom 2 Recap: No Access

  1. Laureen Spina

    No mention of why Jenelle wasn’t there. On Twitter when she was asked she said to ask MTV or the Exec. Producer, Morgan Freeman.

  2. Bridgett

    I can’t handle seeing Jenelle drive with the kids in the car, so scary. Making it even worse is that she has the baby facing forward when it is to be rear facing to age 2.

  3. Kymyb

    I just can’t with that god awful hairdo Chelsea and Kail keep trying to rock! It makes me angry it’s so terrible. I vote to keep Teen Mom OG and replace Farrah with Chelsea. Watching Jenelle and Leah’s kids just makes my heart hurt!

    • Ralee

      Have to agree with you about these girls’ hairstyles, but sadly, both Chelsea and Kailyn are practically hair doubles for Jennifer Anniston compared to Leah’s home perm, home color and home cut! At least theirs appears to be clean most of the time, unlike Leah who may believe she lives in California(as high as she is, no telling where she thinks she is) and is helping conserve water! Talk about a rats nest! I nearly choked when she mentioned on the previous episode how she misses “fixin’ the girls hair”! They should be grateful for every day she forgets!
      Love the suggestion to replace Farrah with Chelsea-she is truly a vile human being who is past any hope of ever being helped. Really think it’s too late for her, and her daughter is just doomed,(she gave the kid $1000 from the tooth fairy, for god’s sake!) unless and hopefully, someone in her life(maybe a teacher) will take her under their wing.

    • JustJenn

      I agree! I like OG better and Chelsea is the only tolerable one on Teen Mom 2.

  4. marc

    T.T a new T shirt slogan :I suggest not living within a 200 mile radius of Janelle…You are absolutely on point & I am hysterically laughing out loud on the bus home from work

  5. Allison

    My parents live within a 10 mile radius of Jenelle. They do not watch MTV. I’m afeared that they may uses a medical facility that would employ Jenelle. That would be bad.

  6. rainidaze

    TT, the word on the street is that Jenelle wasn’t on the After Show because she threw a fit before they taped. She was hung over, got to the set, said she was sick, and insisted production call her an ambulance. They basically laughed at her, offered her an IV and had a nurse standing by to give it to her (I guess a few of the girls needed those services on a prior taping trip to NYC), but she refused so they went ahead and taped w/o her. I thought it was great that they didn’t even mention her on the show. lol

  7. jen

    Janelle is so fucking delusional it’s just crazy to watch.

  8. Nila

    I feel like Chelsea is the best role models for girls who need to turn their life around. I remember her crying about Adam and taking him back over and over then she just grew up, kicked him out & focused on bettering herself for her child, it paid off big time in her favor. Very refreshing to see things turned themselves around.

    Leah…Miranda is just not some “woman”, she is the mother that stepped in to care for your children when you weren’t able to. Corey didn’t want her help because well just like Gracie, he doesn’t trust her! I feel so bad for all three of her children. Gracie is basically the mother of them, including Leah. The girls seem to want to keep peace with their mom and go along with whatever she wants to hear, that has to be so much stress on them. I don’t understand the no shoes, or not having Ali’s stuff ready, it wasn’t morning time?!?

    Janelle has no idea how to pay for her mistakes. You cannot assault someone then be furious when the charges aren’t thrown out. I do not care for Nathan or his girlfriend but assault is assault.

    I will
    Never figure Kail out..

    • Bridgett

      The horrible way Kail was treated by her own mother explains most of her behavior. I don’t always agree with her, but Isaac is definitely a loved and cared for little boy…by both his parents…so she is also doing a good job.

      Chelsea has had the best ally in her father. Glad she finally took those Adam blinders off.

      • jen

        I will say that. I feel pain for Kail. I think she is a great mother. I wish therapy would work for her. I hope she and Javi don’t break up.

  9. Nila

    They have iv’s just sitting around MTV LOL?!?

    I thought Leah looked about 45 years old on that access thingy.

  10. Amy

    Don’t forget that Leah FORGOT THE BABY IN THE CAR. And then had to go back to get her.

    • jen

      Oh just a little forgetting the baby in the car….its just her anxiety that made her do it Amy! Duh. What’s the big deal?

  11. Shay

    Just me, or was that engagement sound like a horror story?
    “He took me out in the middle of the woods. He said it was his favorite place. I looked around and hanging on the trees were pictures of me. Of us. I ran to the truck and locked the doors, but Cole was right behind me. He stood there next to the driver’s window and lifted up the keys and pressed ‘unlock’….”

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