Tamra Judge Has An Extra Four Weeks To Prep For Fitness Competition

RHOOC Tamra fitness comp


tamrajudge  @mia_finnegan teaching me how to walk and pose on stage today. SUCKED! Harder than working out! I’m so proud of my progress but not exactly where I need to be yet. Still sculpting and reducing body fat . #musclemania #fitmom #48 #nevertoOld #motivationmonday #Sunkitten

Tamra Judge has been on a super strict diet and exercise regime to prepare for a fitness competition that was supposed to be at the end of this month in just a couple weeks.  So Tamra has mixed emotions about the date moving to the end of next month. On the one hand it is more time to prepare, which she seems to think she still needs.  On the other hand it’s six more weeks of hard work and no alcohol!  Poor Tamra. She thought it was almost over.

Tamra Judge RHOOC

Am I the only one wondering where all this hard work and dedication to fitness came from?  It’s so anti housewife to put in the hard work and strict diet necessary for a hard healthy body!  Good for her.  Actually, now that I look at this photo from two years ago, it seems like she has always been fit.

While this muscle bound look is not for everyone, I have a feeling Eddie is loving it!  It’s great for the marriage to have a common interest and all that exercise has to be good for keeping the crazy at bay!

Who has abs like that at 48?

What do you think?



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22 responses to “Tamra Judge Has An Extra Four Weeks To Prep For Fitness Competition

  1. Cat

    Good for her!

    My body hasn’t looked like that since….Oh. It’s never looked like that.

    Oh well.

  2. JoJoFLL

    I’ve done those bikinii competitions before (15 years ago) and it is a nightmare. For the last six weeks you are living off water, egg whites, canned tuna, chicken breasts (boiled, no salt), and green beans while working out twice a day.

    All I did was dream about food: Big Macs, pizza, and Krispy Kreme.

    Go Tamara.

  3. Realityjunkie

    She looks fab

  4. Minky

    Good for her! Working out and sticking to a diet is not easy. I just started a low carb diet on Sunday and I’m hoping for the best. So far, so goof, but I still have some Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer and my favorite ramen noodle soup in the pantry and I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with them. Get out devil!!! Pray for me.

    • Aaah you will do great Minky! Just don’t forget to eat your good fats to keep satiated!

    • swizzle

      If you crave chocolate, google raw vegan brownie bites. Sounds weird, but they are yummy and help me with chocolate cravings. Very simple to make. And yes, good fats. I eat an avocado a day and that really helps.

    • Minky

      @janshell & @swizzle Thank you both for the encouragement. I wanna do this shit right this time. NO faltering! Last night I looked up a lot of low carb dessert recipes. I can’t believe how many there are.

      Basically I’m doing a lot of Chef/Cobb salad now. I also made “Crack Slaw” for dinner last night. Even though it’s name suggests that it’s very addictive it was’t that great.

  5. Positive move and maybe the sobriety will keep her sane. Hope we get to see the competition.

  6. I am the biggest anti-Tamra fan, but I gotta give it to her…she looks fantastic!

  7. Her body looked nothing like that when she was with Simon. Good for her.

  8. FarFromPerfekt

    Eddie ‘does a body good’. MEE-OWW!

  9. Miguel

    She looks amazing – good for her to sustain this level of discipline! I’m still staring at my running shoes and pleading for them to take me hostage/ for a long run!

  10. Katie

    She’s always been in really good shape. Her first season back when she was somewhat tolerable Vicki and jeana were kinda catty towards her at bootcamp bc of her awesome body. I think she got a little bloated when her divorce happened bc of too much drinking and going out but she got back into shape quick. Now she’s a little too shredded for my taste but who cares, it’s all subjective. Go Tamara!

  11. Rose

    I’m actually proud of her dedication. It’s not easy preparing for fitness competitions – physically or mentally.

  12. pfffttt

    A little too much… But good for her for sticking to a goal and going for it. Body wise, out of all the HW’s Kenya has the best. Just the right muscle tone, yet still feminine, curves in the right places. She is true #BodyGoals.

  13. Jessica White

    Good for her! To get that body at 48, after 4 kids, takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Owning a gym and being married to a trainer helps a lot too.

  14. jen

    Damn!! How awesome for her.

  15. AmyinLasVegas

    She looks f-ab-ulous.

  16. m

    Not a Tamra fan (her personality) but I think she looks great! I’m into weight training myself (not competitions or anything) and find the diet component to be… excruciatingly difficult. I find her photo quite motivational since I imagine after 4 kids and the older you get, the harder it is. (right?)
    My friend’s mom used to do these type of competitions, eating that very paired down diet @jojofll mentioned before competing and I noticed she looked far less ripped and more traditionally feminine once she returned to her normal (but still very healthy) eating habits.

  17. Mrs. Strib

    Fit girls ROCK! Go Tamara!

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