Shep Rose and Brandi Redmond on WWHL

WWHL with  Shep

Shep was on with Brandi from RHOD. I sort of watched that tonight. I think I might like it but I am trying to pass the recapping part off to the interns. They keep getting fucking lives. Is it because I don’t offer college credit? Because I’m sure I could probably work something out with that Alabama Community College that Phaedra went to. They should just be grateful they don’t have to live in my ghetto shack with me an bring me breakfast in bed!  Mostly what I took from it is that I’d like to screw Tiffany’s man Aaron in numerous super slutty positions. I’m just saying…

How old is Shep now. He needs to get married before all his pretty is gone. Because he’s living a bit rough.

They play a clip from next weeks RHOD and Leeanne, who I have been hearing about since filming this shitshow began is attempting to cause a rouge shortage in Dallas by wearing the entire available allotment to Dallas of Wet and Wild Raggedy Ann pink all at once.

Sidenote: there is an ambulance with sirens blaring coming to pick up a meth head in the hood, it’s pouring rain and Banjo is having his little issue where he simply must eat grass and puke. #FML

Andy just said, “All y’all.” While he did use the term correctly, just stop Andrew.

I know why Shep has sunglasses on in every scene...

I know why Shep has sunglasses on in every scene…

Speaking of sad… oh Shep. Babe, I’m still trying to love you but there is a whole whoredom in adulthood thing you could be doing without acting like a frat boy.  And a checkered shirt is fine. OCCAISIONALLY.  Not all the damn time. And that jacket looks like something they make the poors wear when they show up at a fancy restaurant.  Was that Shep’s bar that caught on fire on the show tonight?

Shep sees clueless that Landon would like for him to be a mature dateable person and not fuck all of her friends. I could see Landon and Shep but they might just be too similar. Someone has to have some level of responsibility.  But is Shep has the money he claims, they could just travel and do artsy shit and drink and talk about paintings and shit. That would be cool.

I try not to like anyone named Brandi. Especially with a fucking “I” but this one could change my opinion. We’ll see. I kind of like her so far.

Shep says his bar is still crispy since the fire in January but he is working on it. Andy continues to call Shep, Sheppy. You can’t afford Shep, Andy.

A caller asks Shep if he thinks Landon and Thomas are doing it. He says they both deny it. Shep says he has no evidence either way but he thinks everyone should hook up.  I don’t think they have, I think it’s just storyline. I’d like to think more highly of Landon.

A caller asks Shep if it is hypocritical of him to be judging Craig for not having a job when he is allergic to work and doesn’t have a job? Shep did not like this question. Shep blathers on about he is just trying to help his friend out and that men razz each other that way. But his real answer is that Craig is a poor and he is not so rules do not apply to him. I mean that is basically what he said on the golf course last season. Oh, Shep dear. You are like the Leona Helmsley of Charleston without nearly as much wealth, dear.

They ask Shep if he has been with Landon. He says they just made out and she ended it because they are such good friends. Oh, he is such the southern Gentleman. And a terrible liar.

Andy plays a ridiculous game of southernisms. They both sucked at it. I got them all right except for some bullshit about possums and pigs which has never been uttered. Andy is such an idiot. Andy gives everyone clean britches. Even the large drag queen who points out she can wear them as a bracelet.

That was sort of painful. You’re welcome.


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26 responses to “Shep Rose and Brandi Redmond on WWHL

  1. Theresa

    In that photo, all of his pretty is gone. I see it on occasion, but mostly he’s just not. He used to be my favorite on so many levels.

    • tamaratattles

      I agree. I felt the same way. He is NOT aging well that second photo was like two years ago. HUGE difference. He’s got like 15 years before his dick stops working consistently. He needs to marry FAST. lol.

      • Theresa

        I snortn laughed. I’m constantly surprised that Thomas managed to make those babies considering how he’s almost always drunk. Figured he’d have permanent whiskey dick. Seems he’s a high functioning alcoholic or maybe coke helps with a woodie.

  2. tamaratattles

    Does coke help a woodie? I barely remember the 80s…

    • Theresa

      Dr Google says it causes erectile dysfunction. Then I discovered that my bruised elbow will lead to a certain death. I must avoid Dr Google at all costs.


    Andy definitely can’t say” all y’all” !

  4. “Sheppy.” Stop, Andy. Just stop.

  5. bellabee

    Shep used to be so hot! He’s looking rough these days. I wonder if he tried to hook up with Brandi after the show?

  6. Cheychey

    I agree picture 2 is really hot, but long gone. Being a man boy is cute when you’re in your early 20’s but he truly needs to stop the skirt chasing settle down and get a job. Even if you have money it’s not going to last forever especially at the rate he is running thru it.

  7. That was so uncomfortable. At the poll question Sep seemed a bit peeved. He gave Andy the side eye. Andy is so embarrassing to watch. He reminds me of Reza trying t be all cool. Ugh. Dallas went right for it out of the gate. Whoop!

  8. gluedtothepc

    Funny that you mention the LeeAnn Rouge! because I was a little embarrassed for her as a fellow Texan – so ironic that she points out that she doesn’t have big Texas hair while wearing the clown makeup. I will say, though, that it wasn’t on the scale of Katie Rost’s raccoon eyes from the RHOP reunion, which I know must have been a fashion statement of sorts, but it wasn’t a good look on her. A final random comment pertaining to the RHOD premiere is that I kept trying to figure out who Stephanie Hollman reminded me of, and it dawned on me that it was Whitney Bischoff of Bachelor fame.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I didn’t recognize Katie with that insane eye makeup. I’m a makeup lover and can get with a lot of looks others don’t seem to like (I was living for Cynthia’s talking heads last season! EVERY LAST ONE!) but that was wack.

      • gluedtothepc

        Re: Cynthia, I did too! Even if I didn’t love all of them, I liked them all or was fascinated by them at least.

  9. The drag queen was The Lady Bunny, who is legendary in NYC and has been for decades.

    Oh, Shep. If I were going on TV, I hope I’d bother to shave and I dunno, maybe wash my hair. Few men over 30 can pull off the stubble look, and Shep isn’t one. He just looks dirty. I wanted to introduce his face to some soap and hot water.

    I noticed that Shep’s disposition changed visibly after Andy read Craig’s tweet, in which he said, “nice jacket”. That was pure sarcasm and clearly Shep knew it.

  10. JoJoFLL

    I’ve dated SC guys just like Shep a million times. Old, SC money, has never worked (except for some bullshit internship in college), drunks, hunts whatever is in season, close to his momma, never marries.

    Shep goes by many names in SC.

  11. PopcornAndVodka

    Re: Brandi from RHOD, I liked her against my better judgement when the episode first started, but by the time it ended, She’s MY FUCKING GIRL. The show will be worth it if it’s just Brandi vs. LeeAnne through the whole season.

    • gluedtothepc

      I really thought it was sweet that she married her Junior High sweetheart! He saw her through DC Cheerleader fame, she saw him through building up a successful business, etc. And her impression of LeeAnne was hilarioius! (I like LeeAnne too, though, the LeeAnn Rouge! not withstanding.) I just hope Brandi doesn’t fixate on the fart jokes all season – that can get old fast.

  12. Cat

    OK, I read this twice.


    • tamaratattles

      That caption was left over from this story That leads you to an outside story about sunglasses and clothing companies sending him tons of free stuff hoping he will wear it on his Instagram and other social media.

      Now explain to me why the crazy is hitting today. Weird bursts of the sads, panic attacks, random outbursts at the damn dog. I tried walking the dog, Hydrating, Eating a sandwich. I haven’t felt this batshit in fucking MONTHS! DO NOT WANT CRAZY RANDOM EMOTIONS BACK! ARGH!

      • Gapeachinsc

        Ride it out… I find it comes and goes a bit but it’s never as strong as before. Of course I don’t know for sure. I think of it as residual “feelings” and they will taper off. That’s what I tell myself anyway but it makes sense in a scientific way.

      • Cat

        Hmmm…I’ve been feeling really anxious and agitated lately. I just thought it was too much caffeine. Maybe there is some kind of planet alignment, or lunar effect?

        Or maybe it’s just been a build up of less than normal comments here? I have noticed lately, you have been attacked quite a bit. And some just don’t bother reading your commenting rules. The rules are really quite easy to follow. There are other blogs out there that would not allow such attacks on the owner.

      • susan

        Sounds like hormones

  13. Margarett

    I have tried not to love Shep, but I just can’t help myself. And you’re right as usual about Shep telling Craig straight up on the golf course that he (Craig) can’t afford to live the same lifestyle that he (Shep) enjoys.

    The baseball game is on early tomorrow, so I can catch up on Charleston, Dallas, NY, and 60 Days. Your recaps keep me watching the shows I still like, and they sometimes alert me about shows that I would have missed. I thank you for that!

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