Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Do You Believe Pinky, or Everyone Else?

RHOBH Pinky and Rinna


I find it so difficult to understand the venom surrounding this show this season. It began with uncovering the layers of Yolanda’s illness. Before the season even aired, we had a lot of questions and doubts and concerns about what is going on with Yolanda. I have to agree with Lisa Rinna who says that there is no way to look good when you are questioning someone’s illness. On the heels of  the Brooks Ayers Cancer Saga on #RHOOC last season, where I was the dead last person to admit he was faking cancer, I think I was more willing to question Yolanda.  You just don’t want to question anyone who says they have cancer. But Yolanda’ has been claiming “Chronic Lyme Disease” a diagnosis that is not accepted by the CDC or the vast majority of western doctors.  It’s an arbitrary syndrome for whatever ails a large percentage of women at of a certain age.  The waxing and waning of symptoms, the myriad “co-infections” including two foot long parasites and  bogus heavy metal toxicity labs, the neverending sick selfies which seemed a plea for sympathy and a crafty public documentation of her “condition” to use in order to nullify a prenup. Then finally the by proxy component coming into play by announcing that the two NotGigi offspring were also infected. That was just beyond.

It would have been impossible for every single person on the cast not to have discussed the Yolanda situation. It seemed clear to those who knew of Pinky’s feud with Yolanda, that has simmered in ever season the two have shared, Pinky was going to be pulling a lot of strings this season.  Apparently, Rinna missed that memo and didn’t understand that neither Pinky nor Kyle were going to get their hands dirty.

What I was not prepared for was the vile nature of the Pinky fans. After LVP wrote the nasty blog about Eileen, whose only crime this season was being a bit naïve and sensitive during a time when her beloved father in law had died, she was still grieving her sister’s death and her marriage was being tested one presumes in the natural way that happens when a patriarch of the family dies and the siblings and survivors begin to lash out in the ugliest of ways. With Kyle and Eileen going though such major trauma at this time, Rinna became the best foot soldier to fight LVP’s battles. Now at the end of the season, everyone seems to be comparing notes about LVP and her strategic manipulations behind the scenes. And EVERYONE (except Katherine, who is a nonfactor) realizes that LVP was using them all.

Lisa I don't want to hear it

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And pointing  this out is bringing horrific Internet trolls descending on Eileen and Rinna in large numbers. They are unrelenting. They are delusional. They are brutal. And they firmly believe that LVP who they call their “queen” with complete sincerity is being bullied. Because she played the bully card in her last blog.

So last night, I did something I very rarely do. I tweeted a housewife. I sent it to Rinna directly with no front character to publicize it. It was a brief and heartfelt attempt to let her know there where people who see what is happening. And she responded with some heart emojis. And the the LVP idiots came for me.  Where is a picture of you, Tamara? How dare you bully our queen? dozens upon dozens of them coming for me for being kind to Rinna. There are a LOT of psychopaths on Twitter and most of them are LVP fans.

Moving on, the show is starting and as we watch everyone agree that LVP was the puppet master of the Yolanda storyline, I can already hear the banshees wailing and the pigs rolling in the mud on Twitter. And it just boggles my mind.

Kyle’s Party

Thank God we are back home and get to see Kyle and Portia at the Palm Springs house where the final party will be. Everyone is downloading a spouse or a manager about the drama in Dubai. Yolanda is thrilled that Rinna called LVP a liar. Yolanda says she saw LVP do this to Kyle, Then to Brandi and now to Rinna. Interesting. Ken calling Rinna all sorts of names quite on par with a guy who lost a hostile work environment suit to woman claiming sexual harassment.  Ken used to be my favorite house husband and now I just see a mean, misogynistic old man.

As everyone is coming in Kyle gorgeous house, Yolanda and Kim are sitting together on the couch. Yolanda says to Kim, ” I can’t wait for Rinna to see you!” And she laughs and laughs. Because sick people love to be around drama.  I should point out that Yolanda is in full glam squad mode tonight.

Rinna beelines straight for Yolanda to chat with her. Oh God Rinna, is this going to be another apology? Enough with the apology tour. Rinna apologizes for saying that Yolanda is more manipulative than LVP.  Rinna then tells her that LVP is the manipulator behind the Munchausen stuff. As soon if LVP walks in the first thing she sees is these two talking. Rinna is doing herself no favors right now talking to Yolanda.  Kyle has the best idea in not getting in between the clash of these two self-perceived Titans.  Just because you figure out the game, doesn’t mean you have to announce it.  Meanwhile,  Katherine is fetching drinks for LVP. Both Richards sisters flank Pinky.

Eileen shows up with Erika to stop the Yolanda conversation. Kyle makes the hostess rounds. Yolanda wants a drink. Something with lemons. I’m not kidding.

RHOBH pinky Kyle Yolanda


Then Pinky and Yolanda conspire. LVP denies starting the Munchausen’s rumor. Which I believe. I do think that LVP planted the storyline of Yolanda in general with Rinna. Kyle shows up and takes LVP’s side.

Kyle, Camille and Erika talk about LVP three feet away from her. Erika says in a talking head that Katherine as become the spokesperson for the Vanderpump Kool-Aid brand.

Rinna and Kim’s conversation is pointless. Kim is still actively in denial about her addiction. Rinna had a sister who died from addiction. She doesn’t want to be around Kim until she gets better. Kim won’t even acknowledge that her life is “complicated” at the moment. Rinna just keeps saying, “I hope you get better.”

LVP does her usual routine of fleeing with Ken when she is under fire. Yolanda realizes that LVP is leaving before she can make her dramatic exit. LVP actually APOLOGIZES to Faye Resnick. I think hell may have frozen over.

Yolanda’s Divorce

They play a montage of the happy couple. All of “the love of my life” stuff. LVP is really trying to sell her position that she though they were a great couple. She has to know all the drama and how David’s kids don’t believe she is sick other than mentally.   Erika seems to genuinely believe that Yolanda is sick and genuinely is disgusted by the doubts of others.  Yolanda says her best days are ahead of her and she deserves them. That is a telling statement.

I am so glad that Eileen and Rinna’s true friendship has survived the season. I really want to flat iron the back of Eileens head in this restaurant scene.  Rinna thinks the divorce contributed to Yolanda’s illness.  I think Yolanda’s illness was all part of her divorce plan.

And that wraps a brutal, negative, season of lies and manipulations all around.

Endnotes: Lisa Rinna has a new talk show and a new line of lip gloss. Eileen is trying to get Erika a small part on Y & R,  really wants to be in Erika’s next video!  Kyle’s pilot about her childhood begins shooting this summer. LVP and Ken are thinking of opening another restaurant. I doubt that will happen.  Erika has a new single out with the line, ” How many fucks do I give? Zero.”  Kathryn and Donnie have purchased a Chateau in Normandy. I’m not sure I believe that either.  Yolanda feels the best she has felt in three years. She plans to attend fashion week in Paris this June.


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155 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Do You Believe Pinky, or Everyone Else?

  1. bellabee

    Anyone notice how everyone was wearing black at the party–except for LVP and Yolanda? I feel so sad for Kim and pray she gets better. Erika seems not only smart but intuitive, so how can she not see Yolanda for who she really is??

  2. So glad this season is over. It’s a miracle! Yolanda is cured! It’s seems the two main story lines were LVP’s evil ways, and Yolanda’s illness. I didn’t care for either. That party at Kyle’s was so very odd, guess it was just a way to wrap up the season.

  3. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Sorry that happened to you with the Twitter thing TT. I was reading something recently that internet trolls score higher on the psychopathy spectrum than your average normal human…you can sure tell!

    • Nicole

      I love this blog. But dayum I see Lisa rinna and Eileen so different. Gossip is gossip. And rinna is not owning up to gossiping. Lisa vanderpump put everything In her head and made her the mouth. ……F*ck that. …If she feels bad about what came out of HER mouth so be it… But blaming someone else. … Is stupid. Eileen, I adored her. But if your happy who gives a flying f*ck what was said about your affair…that led to marriage and an awesome family. That was dealt with last season…and done awesome. and then rehashed this season. For a the whole season.

    • tamaratattles

      I am well seasoned in the Twitterverse and the Internet in general. I use my block (psychopaths) and Mute (just dumb) buttons liberally. I literally block more people than I allow on Twitter. It’s a constant joke as I try to reach 10K that I want 10K in followers who like my site and can leave literate comments and my frequent blocking each day moves that number downward.

      I’m not averse to people who like LVP BECAUSE I LIKE HER JUST FINE as someone who entertains me on my TEEVEE! I am averse to her coarse, mindless posse who come from stalking Rinna’s site and start in with creepy questions about what I look like. And where they can find a photo of me online. I still have deranged Sheree Whifield fans stalking my house from the that situation, I don’t need to add LVP fans to the mob. Thanks to Sheree I have friends and foe alike sending me random shit in the mail (that I never open) and threatening to show up at my house if I don’t respond to them. I don’t even hear my phone ring anymore and am desperately trying to move. Mostly because I would like to get out of the ghetto. But also because some people that I have communicated with via this site, even in a positive way, have crossed personal boundaries that make me uncomfortable.

      This whole blogging thing comes with a lot of complications. I’ve made some poor decisions with regard to opening up to people in my darkest moments. I’ve broken my own phone rule several times that I regret. My land line is never answered unless I have made an arrangement with someone to check it in advance. I do not ever answer my phone or know who is calling. I don’t open mail from anyone I don’t know. It’s all a very surreal experience.

      This is my workplace. I do not want to see fucktards and assholes and shitheads here.Or on my social media. I have no idea why they would read here if only to spew negativity every day. It’s absurd to me that people who don’t know the difference between bias and biased or the meaning of either would come to a site making multiple nics to tell me NOT that they don’t like my opinion. Or that they have a different one, but that I should stop blogging mine.

      I don’t understand the anger toward any “housewife” that requires them to contact them and spew vitriol. THE INTERNET IS A VAST PLACE. FIND YOUR FUCKING HAPPY PLACE. It’s really not about squashing sane opinions, it’s about keeping the psychopaths out of my space. And this is my space. And for now this is my house and I will shoot you if you show up here. Or the new owners will. Fair warning. Castle Doctrine.

      • Sharon

        TT I saw the mean things they said to you and I had posted a couple of your articles that I thought were funny and accurate and they came after me too. Basically calling me stupid for reading your blog and that I am stupid for having an opinion they don’t agree with. It is scary.

      • Cat

        I hate Twitter.

        And I have always liked Lisa Rinna. Sue me.

        As for LVP, I’ve noticed she will put things out there…just planting an idea. And then people run with it. I used to do this at work. It’s a clever manipulation tool, to keep the focus off of yourself. If you start a rumor…quietly, then people have no time to gossip about you.

        Damn, TT. I hope you can find some peace. I wish you could come out to KC. You would like it here.

      • Katherine 2.0

        I am sorry you are having this experience, TT. Sounds as though you are taking positive steps to get out of a tangle and I wish you the best in those endeavors. Take care. Your blog is all the better for the weeding and pruning.

      • KatherineNola

        TT , I feel so bad for you hat you out or a blog with so much joy for me and I believe many others from the readers comments. It’s unfathomable these crazies are trying to call you, mail you shit and make your life miserable for your livelihood. So sorry you are dealing with all of the lunatics. Hang in there, we love you! Xox

      • KatherineNola

        Wowza my typos in post to TT. Sorry all! Clearly I need more coffee stat!

      • Jess

        Mann, those people seriously are scary!!! I really can’t imagine what is making them follow a reality star so madly. Like zombies. Seriously. I really like Erika, I like Yolanda and Eileen and Rinna too, but I’m no threatening the people that dislike them. It’s so weird. I’m just to glad I found this blog that is so sane. Thank you Tamara! I’m just hoping for a day that LVP finally slips, like really slips, and her trolls are left in shock. But I’m probably naive.

      • Jesus Christ this is scary. WTH is up with people thinking they deserve to have this much access to you and in such a threatening way ??? You be safe over there, TT, and keep Banjo CLOSE. The internet is making a lot of sick people sicker. I’m not down with people in cyberspace getting reckless and crossing boundaries into people’s personal lives: if Banjo ends up taking off someone’s testicle or t*t in the interim, well…

      • Dee

        ManTamara! I recently opened a Twitter account. I had no idea people were this crazy! I thought it was something fun to do. Wow!

      • Dee

        Umm, this is my Happy place…alledgedly

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        You know I left a comment on the internet the other day, on an article. Someone disagreed with my comment and so left a picture of a noose with the caption “suicide is always an option”. And this was not from a troll, it was from a legit commenter who simply disagreed with me. It was truly bizarre. The internet makes people crazy.

      • Miguel

        Blessings, blessings, blessings TT!!!

  4. LaLa

    There needs to be some type of revamping of this show, either with the cast mates or the orchestrated storylines. This whole “I’m a 50 year old manipulated by another 50+ old woman” is so corny, repetitious, and unbelievable.

  5. Karinap

    I felt a variety of emotions watching tonight. Can’t really pick sides. We are all human but some things did stand out enough for me to comment. I don’t like to hear a man calling a woman nasty names as Ken did about Rinna. I actually thought Kim’s eyes looked good and less bloated as if she had not been drinking. Something very sad got me about Yolanda. Divorce is brutal is what we kept hearing tonight and it was telling some of the things that she said about her safe place and how she deserves the rent of her life to be the best. I’m not sure about what prompted her illness but im hoping she feels better and gets the divorce behind her soon. If lisa is apologizing to Faye resnick she must feel pretty guilty. I hope for much better stories or journeys as they say next season. And bravo to Erica for keeping us on the edge of our seats watching every move she made. Love her sass. Cheers til the reunion!

  6. Perception is a hell of a thing…people view things differently, Im def over everyone else accusing the woman of doing exactly what they do!!! Most people question Yolanda’s illness and we the viewers don’t even know her personally and we question it. Erika accuses Kathryn of drinking the Lvp koolaid when she is drowning on Yolanda’s. Eileen’s attitude towards LVP is def influenced by Yolanda. Lisa Rinna is wishy washy, confused sometimes downright crazy. Her story has changed several times over the course of the season. I’m yet to see what Lisa has done to either Eileen or Erika to warrant their distaste for her. Kyle up until recently was in my opinion a c*nt she has to own the fact that any issues she had with LVP was based on the fact that they were both nasty to each other in the past!

  7. Naike

    Totally, agree re Ken being a mean and misogynoiristic. It’s one thing to support his wife, and quite another to call LR out of her name.

    As for Kyle maintaining a friendship with LVR says volumes re her self-worth.

    • Minky

      I think Kyle’s sense of self worth is just fine. Her thing is aligning herself with the most powerful cast member and then throwing that person under the bus when shit gets thick. Kyle’s no angel either. She’s very shift-eyed.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Minky I couldn’t agree more. All the poor-Kyle hand-wringing is getting to me. Kyle is very manipulative herself. I mean, COME ON. She goes to Yolanda’s lyme gala and suddenly she’s seen the light? More like she saw the shit was about to hit the fan and wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to be blamed for the gossip about Yolanda. Just in time, Kyle!

    • Shae

      Yea, I was a bit put off by that. I 100% understand her husband should and would defend her and take her side, but given that he has known and liked Rinna for a very long time, maybe not attack her so quickly and throw her out with the garbage. He could’ve said he was really shocked/surprised she’d act like that and he was pissed, he didn’t have to call her all those names. You can’t take those back, especially if the two ladies make up, it will always be known he pulled a 180 on his and his wife’s friend almost immediately over one issue. I thought it was a bit hasty.

      • microop

        Both of them can be so nasty. LVPs blogs are completely uncalled for. what she says about Eileen? Seriously, so much vitriol for a woman who simply wanted an apology?

    • Meg

      I have no problem with Ken. Sometimes you just need a guy to call someone a bi^ch and a wanker to make you feel better.

      • I know! I wish my boyfriend would stick up for me like Ken does. Eileen is gorgeous but her taste in clothing, furnishings and men is just bleh. I’m an LVP fan and the storyline that wrapped up the season was just ridiculous.

  8. Naike

    Oops. meant *LVP

  9. T

    Did anyone else realize that Rinna’s manager is also Nene’s? He was on her wedding show and also the one scene where she refused to read a script cuz she was “too busy” lol…. Interesting!!

    • Lime Brain

      Well, hopefully he can get Rinna to take Kim Zolieks place the, on the bus and she and Nene can drive off across America together.

      • SaraSally

        That’s all we need…. Rinna mucking another barn of bullshyt, only this time it with’ be Nene’s. Just can’t do it… One can only take so much stupid.

      • Lime Brain

        Yes, but we don’t have to watch their new show and they will be of their Real Housewives shows. It’s a win win!

  10. Frosty

    I would love to know the behind the scenes machinations of these ladies, way more interesting than anything shown on camera. The first time I read someone use the label Munchenhausen on Yolanda was over the summer; it wouldn’t be surprising if the ladies picked up the term online. This is the first season I could really observe a symbiosis between the cast and the boards; even LVP has been pandering. Ridiculous her self-appointed protectors attacked you on Twitter. Twiddiots. Shame on them. So much vitriol in the air, last few months especially more people seem on edge, aggressively defending their politics, religion, votes, guns, and LVP. Maybe it’s the election season.

    • Librarygirl

      Frosty, was thinking the same thing, about this being a season of extreme emotion. The LVP followers are a rabid bunch. They have become blinded to the fact that this is just entertainment and much of it is production driven. These women take home nice paychecks to act the fool, I don’t have feelings for them one way or the other. It comes down to who is more likable on screen, who plays the game better, and LVP has created a very nice image for herself beyond this show. No need to go crazy over it.

    • Donna

      It’s the Climate Change…..

  11. Mark

    Noooo, say it isn’t so, TT! A TRUE LVP fan would shit butterflies and rainbows, riding on a unicorn, tell you you look fabulous and then manipulate your opinions. Not these amateur haters. They don’t deserve our Evil Unicorn Queen. You’re supposed to be mean while being charming, and offering up rosé and diamonds!!!

  12. Betty

    Ken has always been subtly rude, and now he just can’t control himself. I see LVP reducing his TV time so we all don’t see the “real” Ken. The only reason LVP apologized to Faye is because Faye is Kyle’s best friend. She does not want someone whispering anything negative about her to Kyle. Lisa should really go back to being the Svengali to the coke heads that work in her restaurant.

    • Mm in OC

      i think ken is over this stupid show.

    • Friday'smom

      No, Ken has only been behaving like this since all of the ad hominem attacks started on his wife. I would expect my husband to defend me and I’m sure you weren’t offended when Paul defended Adrienne and Maurcio, Kyle. He is clearly done with this show.

    • pocketbooklover

      Does anyone else remember Mauricio calling LVP a bitch in San Juan? (I think it was San Juan) When BG said LVP told her to take the tabloid to Palm Springs. (Which was a lie and confirmed to be a lie by Yo and Carlton)

    • Jane Grey

      “Lisa should really go back to being the Svengali to the coke heads that work in her restaurant.”
      So true!

  13. pocketbooklover

    You missed Rinna’s comment when she saw Kim. “What is she doing here?”

    • Lindsay

      Yeah, I didn’t care for that. She was real snotty to Kim too.

      • Shae

        I think she was nicer and more patient to Kim Richards than she could’ve been expected to be. Active addicts are the most vile/infuriating people (I know, I am in recovery lol) so if I was Lisa Rinna I would want to do a lot more than be snotty to Kim after everything she pulled last season. But compassion can prevail to a degree, and being a bigger person, so I think Rinna decided to keep it civil and just speak truth…she hopes she gets better. Nothing fake, they’re not friends and she doesn’t like her. Why pretend to? Also, she doesn’t want to be around Kim’s toxic instability because she’s clearly not working any type of program. keep that shit at arm’s length or further. Lisa’s gut has been right and is now, something is off so stay away.

    • Yes def…how rude of her to ask why Kyle’s sister is at Kyle’s house for a party, the nerve!!!!

  14. Still at work, so I haven’t watched it yet. Maybe I won’t-sounds painful.
    I hope we have seen the last of Yolanda, but I doubt it. Actually, without the 2 foot parasites and My Love, it might be interesting to see if there’s anything else behind those scary eyes. No. She is vile. I never want to see her on my TV again.
    Thanks for the recaps, TT. I am sorry you were trolled. We have our disagreements, but I always respect where you are coming from and I am very grateful for your blog.
    I am not looking forward to the reunion. I think it will be a painful rehash. I am curious about next season, though.
    I feel sorry for Ken, frankly. I think those hip surgeries left him a senile fragile old man. Lisa V has her hands full. This might be her last season on HW unless they are desperate for the money. I could see her thinking Vanderpump Rules in enough, thank you, and walk away.
    I totally disagree about Eileen. She ruined every dinner and the Dubai trip with the incessant whining. I am sorry for her losses, but come on–let it go.
    The whole Munchausen thing was so frustrating. I kept wishing for one housewife to say, There is something wrong with Yolanda and it’s not getting bitten by a horse fly. Frankly, I don’t think she was ever sick. This was all about David’s money and her narcissism.
    I hope Lisa Rinna gets tougher next season. I like her. She makes me laugh.
    I know I am in the minority, but I like Kathryn, in the end. She’s not over dramatic, but she is sweet.
    I am still on the fence about Erika. I hope Yolanda doesn’t return, so we can see more about who
    Erika is.
    I love Kyle. If one can call a housewife a winner for the season, it’s Kyle. I hope she can continue to create boundaries that keep her safe and happy.
    Anyways, those are my subjective opinions. I know some will disagree completely and some will say well said. Housewives are kind of a Rorschact Test. :)

    Thanks again, TT.

  15. blaine

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on this shit show this season, TT! I cancelled our tv so rely on you for recaps before going through the effort to find an episode. (Haven’t felt that need this season)

    I wish Vanderpump would just own being a manipulative c*nt! This fourth wall BS doesn’t work anymore on reality shows with so many people talking about what goes on off camera.

    As for the “Chateau”, you can actually find one “with potential” for approx 500K EUR… so possible… unlikely, but possible!

  16. BKSweetheart

    You know, I never thought I would say this, but I actually feel kind of sorry for Yolanda at this point. She seemed almost genuinely sad/disappointed about all the conflicting information she was getting about who said what, who did or didn’t say the actual word Munchausen, who insinuated, etc. Almost as if she was caught off guard and thought Kyle’s party was actually going to be a nice evening.

    I’m probably wrong though – we all know she has a flair for the dramatic and loves to be a martyr.. She was probably secretly overjoyed everyone was still gossiping about her weeks later.

    But I could have sworn I saw the tiniest glimmer of sadness in her eyes. She’s probably getting tired of keeping up the Lyme charade when all this time it was probably the leaky breast implants.

    • Jay

      …and Menopause!

      • VioletBlue

        Actually, if you look up the dx for Malingering, I think it makes a lot more sense than Munch or Meno!
        Especially in regards to her divorces!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Malingering isn’t a personality disorder or illness though. It’s a characteristic of, say, narcissism or Munchhausen’s – people may malinger as part of those.

    • If you saw a glimmer of sadness, then I detected some smugness when she told Andy Cohen on WWHL that Mohammed and Lisa hadn’t spoken in 8 months. Congratulations Yo, on finally ruining LVP’s long-term friendship with your ex-husband — the one that existed before your first marriage. Now, all you have to do is go after his fiance. Run, Shiva, run.

  17. Mm in OC

    All this bs is producer driven. They get the hw’s worked up in those talking head interviews. They put seeds in their tiny brains to grow into petty little grievances. Andy, you need to hire a more creative production team. Im over these dumb storylines. I dont care about the conflicts. I want fabulous trips, clothes and houses. dinner parties where people get drunk and have fun and fall in the pool.

  18. Micheal

    How did this season end with people either team Rinna or team LVP? The true winner is Yolanda.

    She gets off with no one calling her out as faking her illness (even Rinna backtracked with heaps of bs).

    They are ALL liars except for Erika. They ALL know Yolanda is full of shit, yet NONE of them say it and own it. Including Lisa and Rinna. I just feel bad for Erika, when it dawns on her how Yolanda lied about everything, I hope she comes back with a vengeance.

    So stop bitching about Rinna and LVP and focus on the real manipulator, that is Yolanda. Who managed to fully dupe Erika into becoming her mouthpiece this season when we all know she is full of bs.

    • Minky

      Very true, Micheal. Yolanda in BH can be compared to Phaedra in Atlanta in this regard. BH can’t really entertain the notion that Yolanda’s a lying piece of shit with her Chronic Lyme just like no one in Atlanta can say out loud what’s really going on with Phaedra and her jobzzzzzzz.

      It’s like an enormous, obnoxious, farting elephant in the room. We can see all of the cast members’ nostrils flaring, and their eyes tearing up, but they all stay mum about the stench.

      • “It’s like an enormous, obnoxious, farting elephant in the room. We can see all of the cast members’ nostrils flaring, and their eyes tearing up, but they all stay mum about the stench.”

        Pure poetry, Minky.

      • loriflack

        …exactly what my dog just did while I am reading this in bed…gaaag.

    • Normalg

      How do u figure Erika isn’t one of the liars? With her being closest to Yolanda it would be hard to imagine she doesn’t know Yo is full of shit. It’s possible she doesn’t ask too many questions or covers for Yo because she knows fully what it’s like to marry for money and understands the fear of instability in the event of a divorce

      • Micheal

        Maybe it is wishful thinking? It really does look like Erika has drunk the yolo-koolaid and believes Yolanda has Lymes (or whatever it is now), but I could be wrong.

        I hope Erika isn’t in on it all. That would be sad.

    • KatherineNola

      Thanks Michael! You nailed it.

    • Librarygirl

      Yo got all of the attention that she was angling for with her ridiculous social media posts. Good or bad, the focus was on her and her need for sympathy, all of the time. Who started the munch story? Yo did, by being a first class conniving nutball.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Agree Michael. Yolanda wins here. They all think there’s something other than Chronic Lyme and Rinna said it, now she wants to back out. They’re all going back on things they’ve alluded to and it’s very annoying. LVP is the scapegoat. I don’t mean to say I don’t believe that she encouraged Rinna to bring it up on camera, but it was something they all felt (except maybe Eileen and Erika). I’m not entirely convinced Erika really thinks Yolanda is sick though – jury’s still out on her.

      • Alex Quimby

        I really believe Yolanda is a narcissist and not in the psychobabble way that Rinna means it. I think she meets the criteria set forth for a narcissist in the DSM 5. I was caught in a narcissist’s web and thankfully found my way out. I learned a lot from the experience and I have become good at spotting the red warning flags. Warning flags have been going off for me since Yo’s first season. I find it so interesting that Erika used the term web to describe Lisa VP. I really feel like it is projection. Erika seems to believe Yo’s lies and manipulations. Many times I have thought that Erika was caught in Yo’s web. Then something happened that made me rethink that. There was a moment on Erika’s plane after she picked Yo up after her surgery. She rolled her eyes when Yo was showing her the photos of her leaky implants. Yo was going on about how they were “the worst” implants her doctor had ever seen in her life. I remember thinking–hmm, Erika may have just given a “tell” that she doesn’t really believe Yo. So, maybe Erika is caught in Yo’s web and drowning in her Koolaid (as someone posted here earlier) or maybe she is cunning as heck and is using Yo to get on RHOBH and promote her Erika Jayne alter ego. How many of us had ever heard of Erika Jayne? Now, she has a broader audience, broader fan base, Rachel Dratch is making a “pat the Tush” video, etc. Erika has benefitted from going on the show as Yo’s bestie. She also has seemed to have it out for LVP since the beginning of the show as if Yo had been in her ear. All of this leaves me feeling ambivalent about Erika. I wonder sometimes if she is the real “sniper from the side.”

        I find it interesting that I do not feel ambivalent about Katherine. I have not always liked everything that Katherine has done (e.g., telling everyone what Erika said about LVP and her behavior at Erika’s party) but, she has really grown on me over the course of the season. I see real chemistry between Katherine and Donnie. She admitted what she did to Erika and did not pull a Rinna and run around making excuses trying to weasel out of what she did. She apologized to Tom for behaving the way she did at his house (I have a feeling she may have apologized to Erika off screen but I could be wrong). I also appreciate the compassion she brought to the subject of Kim (and I am not a Kim fan by any stretch of the imagination). I actually would like to see more of Katherine and hope she is back next season.

      • Oh my gosh have we found yet another manipulator in Erika? This count keeps going up lol!

    • Well we’ve seen Erika is capable of lying too! They all lie!

  19. David Foster is a piece of shit husband.

    • Micheal

      And Yolanda is an amazing person? Realistically they probably both deserve each other.

      • Minky

        Yolanda’s a sainted being. Stevie Wonder could see that! That’s why she wore “Virgin Mary” blue, a.k.a. periwinkle, on WWHL tonight. Hahahahaha!

  20. Oh, please. LVP only apologized to the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick because she owed Kyle one. Like maybe for not switching sides during the whole Munchausen imbroglio or something…

    • OMG you’re so right… and it was a quickie insincere apology too.

      • Larry

        It’s how I plan to apologize to people from now on, a quick comment as I leave sealed with an “I’m happy,” like it matters that the apologizer is happy.

      • Cat

        Yes! Remember the movie “Tootsie”? Do and say what you want, and simply apologize for it later.

    • hannahkingrose

      See I think Lisa V’s apology to Faye Resnick was a calculated one. Kyle only asked Lisa to be nice to Faye, not to apologize. Lisa V made sure that was caught on camera and mic. By doing that she shows that she can apologize for being mean and rude to people. She can maintain the reason she didn’t apologize to Eileen is because she only asked a question about a subject that had already been introduced. Lisa’s position now is if she had any intention of hurting Eileen she would have said sorry. After all if she apologized to the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick, she would apologize to anyone if she was in the wrong. She will never feel the need.

      • Zaoli

        I wonder if there are plans for Faye to be a regular next season, and the story line will be a Katherine Faye feud. LVP will be on Katherine’s side, Kyle on Faye’s ultimately pitting Kyle and LVP against each other. LVP has to faux apologize to Faye to set the Faye acceptance ball rolling.

    • Of course! That’s what she said!

      • Miguel

        I thought the same thing, Zaoli! TT, can you she’d any light on that? Also, was Kim there to derail Rinna and any pending attack on LVP?

    • swizzle

      So true. These people live twisted lives. I could never keep track of all the BS going on.

  21. Xanadude

    There is no “good” or “bad” any more on this show. There is only “who is the least awful person THIS WEEK.”

    …and I think the shit will really hit the fan when the inevitable Erika/Yolanda breakup happens.

    • “…and I think the shit will really hit the fan when the inevitable Erika/Yolanda breakup happens.”

      That is the only reason I would want Yolanda on the show next season.

      • Minky

        Ditto Lisamia. Erika put her ass out there for Yolanda this season. Would Yolanda return the favor? I highly doubt it.

        I bet they all miss Brandi now. She was THEEEE villain and she had no problem being it. All the rest of them want to come across as Mary Poppins.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya


    • Micheal

      I can’t wait for that. As Yolanda is sowing the seeds of a miraculous health recovery soon, I’m sure the penny will drop for Erika soon and she will remember all the moments that Yolanda was in her ear “call her out on her comments as I’m too sick to go to that dinner party…please”.

      The wrath of Erika will be amazing. Her gays will totally clue her in in the off-season and make her see reason.

    • Judilu

      My friend thinks Erika is a paid friend…he says we have never seen old pics of them, they don’t have chemistry … We watch together and he is Convinced she is on the payroll…I say no because she has lots of money already… We have massive play fights over this!

    • I like their friendship though! I’d be shocked! Erika can really take a lot and I love how she gets so much Botox that she shows little to no emotion! I hope she and Yo are back next season!

  22. pfffttt

    LVP’s fans are just as bad as Nene’s fans. They worship her no matter what she does. Kyle, Brandi, Lisa Rinna and others have all made the same allegations RE Lisa Vanderpump being manipulative and plays the other women like chess. I can understand if it was just drunk Brandi, but not if ALL the other ladies also say the same thing.

    Come on. We’ve seen her do it while watching the show. How many times has Brandi blurted out personal information about one of the other HW’s. Brandi even said Lisa would spend hours on the phone with her talking about the women. She knew Brandi had a big mouth and she knew Brandi would blurt it out while filming.

    Since Brandi was no longer on the show, she needed someone else to blurt things out on camera and Taylor Armstrong and Lisa Rinna both did.

    It is crystal clear. LVP wants to be seen as perfect and classy, so she doesn’t say these things and uses the other women to stir the pot.

    That is the difference between Kenya Moore on RHOA, that is why I like Kenya. Kenya will openly stir the pot herself. Vanderpump uses others. Vanderpump needs to OWN IT.

  23. Lime Brain

    Thanks for the recap!

    I was upset because I missed the first half hour of the show. Now I know I didn’t miss anything. So, I guess the preview of Rinna telling Yolanda that she was more manipulative than LVP was all bs.

    I got the vibe that the party was thrown after the filming was finished to wrap up the story lines and nobody wanted to be there. They filmed what they had to, and left as quickly as possible.

    I think LVP apologized to Faye because she’s going to need a new ally next for the next season if she comes back.

  24. Auntie Velvet

    It’s kind of distressing to see people who don’t believe Yolanda’s diagnosis — and I don’t, myself — decide that she is completely craven and a liar. If she does have Munchausen syndrome or something similar, it must be pretty tormenting.

    You don’t get your breasts and teeth removed, and take all of those wild remedies, just because you’re mad at your emotionally absent husband, or are preparing to come out well financially in the divorce.

    It really must be hell. I believe that’s why Erika remains supportive — because she knows, one way or another, that Yolanda is suffering.

    • Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the lengths some people will go just to garner attention or perhaps more money. All I have to do is look at my own Sister (sad, but true). I’m not saying that’s the case with Yolanda because I have no way of knowing the real truth – none of us do. I do however, understand all of the questions and skepticism surrounding her ‘invisible disease’ or whatever it is she’s calling it on any given day.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        It may seem like something any “normal” person would not do unless they were genuinely ill and suffering, but the personality disordered will go to extreme lengths that the rest of us would probably not consider “worth it”.

    • Ktina

      I agree – no one would go through all of that.

    • TAT

      She didn’t have her teeth removed – she had the amalgam fillings replaced. Breast implants aren’t a one and done. They have to be replaced generally ever 10 years or so. At least that’s what my surgeon says. All her wild treatments were self induced and for all we know she ran around the world getting vitamin infusions and massages. And yes – if your profession is marrying well and your latest marriage isn’t working, you refine the goods and prepare for your next phase of date and snag. Her boobs were halfway to her belly button before the replacement. She knows she has to compete with the Brandi’s of the world so you get a tune up. She is absolutely as manipulative as LVP and has all the girls flocking to her now out of misplaced guilt for calling a spade a spade. She flits from one diagnosis to another to the point that anyone with a functioning brain cell can see she is either nuts or so arrogant and self absorbed that she truly thinks everyone will believe her just because she says it today. She never goes back and corrects the misinformation she puts out there. She just moves on. That smells of sheer audacity and arrogance to me.

      • FarFromPerfekt


      • You forgot the cold immersion therapy. Brrrrr.

      • OMG I love this! Thank you, TAT!

      • Minky

        @TAT “if your profession is marrying well and your latest marriage isn’t working, you refine the goods and prepare for your next phase of date and snag” THIS!!! That’s precisely why some believe that marriage is nothing more than an elaborate form of prostitution.

        @TheArtistFormerlyKnownasYoya My only problem with the personality disorder thing is the issue of accountability. Granted, I have very little knowledge of how personality disorders are diagnosed or characterized. But if a person has one does that mean that their bad behavior is simply attributed to “being sick” or is malicious intent also recognized in situations like this here with Yolanda?

      • Dee

        Yolanda posted a lot of teeth on Instagram which she said were hers. I guess when having fillingstaken out she also had crowns with metal removed. That is a lot to have done. And mucho money

      • Queen of the Nile

        You nailed it, TAT! For me, the ultimate audacity and arrogance — and which Yolanda never corrected — was the claim that she broke her back giving birth to her son and ended up bedridden for a year. TT has posted a smiling picture of Yolanda, sitting outddors with her girls and the back-breaking baby in her lap. Outrageous!

      • Miguel

        Hey TAT, did you notice how she had her phone handy for Gigi’s call in the middle of whatever bogus treatment she was having? And, Gigi seemed bored vs concerned?

      • janet

        Youre right. The thing with Yolanda is her stories dont match up to the facts. If I were her friend I probably wouldnt question it but I also wouldnt be as close as I might normally be. I wouldnt care to be too solicitous and all in, when Im suspecting shes mentally ill or conniving. Some posters have gotton really mad about things ive said about Yolanda before and called me stupid and idiotic. She may have a condition but she lies about stuff too much, thats what I notice. Why do that? People do alot of crazy stuff and you dont know what drives them to do what they do. Some people will go to great lengths to garner attention or to score medication or get a prenuptial disallowed. Who knows? Her stories dont match up. She says she cant do things we see her doing. And yes ask any woman with breast implants they will tell you they have to be redone or lifted after awhile. Some women get tierd of having them and regret the size of them too.,

    • Karina

      I totally agree with everything you said.

  25. Cherry Bomb

    So Rinna thinks that by telling her truth ad nauseam that it’s okay if that truth does harm to others. She seems not to care if her truth or version of the story were to have come between friends or by causing friends to now have issues or disagreements with each other just as long as her truth is out there. That’s just pretty selfish and self serving. It seems to me that she told her truth and whomever wanted to believe her and / or ride her crazy train would have already hopped on board and whomever chose not to would have or should have just told her to just STFU already and move on to something new. To quote Taylor “enough already “. It just seems she didn’t want to take the fall by herself but it’s rather odd since all of this need to tell the true version of what was discussed with Kyle and LVP happened after she had come clean about the houshenmoushen story when she met with Yolanda and blamed her hairdresser…. Just seems like she needed a storyline and a reason to be on everyone’s lips.

  26. Larry

    I can’t judge too much because I talk about this crap like it’s serious. But I hope I never get to a point where I feel I have to defend a reality TV show character by attacking someone who doesn’t show unconditional allegiance. Until I’m on someone’s payroll they can fight their own battles. For my entertainment.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Yes, Larry. Some folks take things much too far. This fluff is supposed to be a distraction from all the real mayhem swirling around us, not a replacement for all the fear and insecurity in the world. Some people lose sight of that and overindulge.

    • iloveearlgrey


  27. Toni Lee Gildea

    Yolanda looked great on WWHL. I want that outfit she was wearing. Do I need to get Lymebrain ?
    Erica’s boobs looked amazing!

    • Librarygirl

      Erika’s books should look amazing. She said that she paid a lot for them. Interesting that Yo needs Erika there to answer questions for her.

    • I don’t like Erika’s idea of sexy and could have done without seeing almost all of her pendulous breasts revealed. Isn’t it better to give a hint of what’s under the wrapper, instead of leaving nothing to the imagination?

  28. Shae

    I am so glad you tweeted Rinna. For all her flaws, which aren’t even that bad at all, she is just trying to stand up for herself and is quick to cop to her mistakes when they happen. That is FAR more than most of the housewives can say. I believe she’s speaking the truth and I completely agree with how she handled Kim. She doesn’t owe her anything and frankly Lisa’s being angry over the IG photo with Yolanda is non of Kim’s concern either. They are not friends or in each other’s lives.

    If Kim were working a program she never would’ve approached Rinna that way nor gotten her back up when Lisa said the only true thing she could muster to Kim Richards,”You’re in a complicated place and I hope you get better”. Truth.

    I don’t see why there has to be so much hate. I see LVP for who she is and what she’s doing, I still like her, but it’s obvious what she’s doing. Why channel hate toward Eileen and Rinna for shining light on it? Cmon. I just don’t get the vitriol.

    • Dee

      Why did Kim want to speak to Lisa R? Did I miss that part?

      • She’d heard that Rinna was ‘enraged’ by the lunch date and wondered if it had something to do with her which it did but Rinna deflected because she wasn’t prepared to answer for that behavior!

  29. Gracious

    I wonder how Yolanda is going to vie for HBIC without being able to introduce next seasons “Andrea Bocelli”?
    I’m not on Twitter, I’m just not sure how you do it TT. I love your blog though and read it several times a day. I have withdrawals when a day goes by without a new post.

  30. Katey

    I find it interesting that Bravo didn’t hide LVP’s drunkeness this season. I think she’s a lush. I never cared for Ken, he struck me as a mean little troll who carries a dog around.

    • Ktina

      I never cared for Ken either. He looks foolish carrying that poor dog around behind Lisa. It’s degrading.

      • Katey

        I totally agree. But Giggy has his own contract with Bravo so I guess someone has to carry him around! :)

      • janet

        I agree. The thing with Ken is, he is just a mouth piece or attack dog for his wife. He doesnt even consider the idea that anyone else’s feelings or angle matter or that his wife isnt allways right. I know alot of people like that, but I think its a bit much. My husband isnt afraid to tell me if he thinks im out of line or did something not so great. None of us is perfect .Ive allways gotton the creeps from the couples who come on so aggressively and lose all rational thought when it comes to their partner when its not really called for.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      When was LVP drunk?

      • Katey

        The first time I noticed was when the Lisa’s were at LVP’s house, returning from the Ohio trip. Also the Hamptons, San Diego, and the finale. Didn’t really notice it in Dubai or the Moulin Rouge party.

  31. ZenJen55

    I’ve personally been attacked on Twitter for being a fan of TT blog, they was aggressive. I was a newbie to Twitter and had no idea how vicious and threatening they was. I was horrified and can’t imagine what it’s like for Tamara.

    Yo ruined the BH housewives for me, the life of the rich and famous is so complicated and superficial. I prefer my quite life and will stick to only reading TT blog! It’s better than the show, oh if only Andy used a purple pen :)

    Hope you get a Chateau Tamara in the near future, yes you and Banjo needs out of the ghetto. Seriously, I’ve worried about you.

    • Cat

      I completely agree with everything you’ve said.

      For me, Twitter is like going to a crowded party where you don’t know anyone. As an introvert, it’s intimidating. I’d rather be here.

    • Lol Twitter isn’t that serious! Just laugh it off

      • Cc101

        I feel like you, but it is serious to a lot of people. I was shocked that Eileen blocked me. I have never tweeted her. A couple of times I have liked a post that is pro LVP (not one that is rude because I did not like LVPs blog last week and I would not go there) and now I am blocked. Based on liking a couple of tweets that are pro a housewife she doesn’t like. It is clearly very serious to some people.

      • Cat

        Laugh it off? Nah. I’d rather just not go there. It’s not like Twitter is part of my job, or something. Why subject yourself to hostility if you don’t have to?

  32. Judilu

    I am so glad you brought up Dick Van Patten’s death, I think Eileen was going thru some serious grief and she handled it with a lot of grace..I was not her biggest fan but I admire her greatly for the way she handled herself. She has been surrounded by loss and we have not seen her fall, I think she she has a lot on her and has to be strong and she has really been upbeat thru that for her family.

  33. Karen

    Has anyone read LRs blog where she changes her timeline of events YET AGAIN, claimed she told Kyle of the Munchausin’s convo, and says she had discussions by phone with LV but doesn’t say LV told her to say anything on camera.

    Gotta hand it to Kyle for looking so shocked when LR spoke of Munchausin’s on camera, abd also clearly explains why LV would say some iteration of “what about Kyle?” LR is neither as innocent nor is LV as guilty as we’ve been led to believe through LRs own words!

    • I think thats why Lvp thought she would have thrown Kyle into it too because Kyle was the first person LR brought the munchausin argument to…I still believe Rinna is a snake and needs to get a life!!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Perfectly said – LVP is not as guilty and LR is not as innocent as we’ve been led to believe. And Kyle, how did she slime her way out of this one? Quite amazing!

    • Shae

      I thought that was exactly what she’s been saying all along. That Kyle and LVP talked quite a bit about questioning yolanda’s health and LR brought the munchausen’s bit to them first, and was encouraged by LVP to say it on camera. Whether she told kyle privately first and kyle told lvp, or she told lvp, the point was, the three of them knew about it and discussed it…and LVP encouraged her to bring it up.

      Frankly, I think LR is the only one who ISN’T playing innocent. She has copped to being the first one to SAY that word “munchausen” since day one, apologized, and accepted it. She accepted responsibility for having the convo and for everything subsequent. The only issue is how the rest of them pretended they had ZERO part or knowledge of the issue of yolanda’s doubtful health issue and LVP’s flat out denial of certain things she said.

      I don’t see LR’s comments as an attempt to say she isn’t at fault, but rather that she isn’t ALONE in this, the others are bullshitting, and it’s not right LVP is flat out lying.

      • Sharon

        Amen Shae – I agree. LR in her blog is just clarifying further not changing the story.

      • Lime Brain

        I still don’t see the need for Rinna to bring LVP and Kyle into this mess and ruin a perfectly good Dubai trip.

        Unless the producers wanted her to, so they would have something to film about over there. Not to much for the women to do there when you have to you have to worry about going to jail for cursing or drinking or whatnot.

        The scene on the beach with Rinna spilling it all to Eilene seemed like a production set up for the trip.

  34. Katherine 2.0

    I don’t think I can handle this reunion if it’s just yet another rehash of the same old stale stew.

  35. Lovie

    I’ve finally come out of the shadows to respond to this blog. I couldn’t even make it all the way through the blog once I read you’d been attacked on Twitter. TT, I see the situation exactly the way you see it and am totally bumfuzzled as to why others are blind to LVP’s manipulative nature.

  36. Nila

    What is weird to me is it wasn’t Yolanda going from person to person to try to find out who brought up Mauchesen (sp?) first, it was Rinna. It seemed as though Yolanda accepted Rinna’s apology when she first have but then Rinna went on some weird crusade to prove others said it too…as if Yolanda was going after her about it, just weird and I actually like Rinna.

    Part of me wonders if Yolanda felt David slipping away from her so she became “ill” to try and keep him…I’ve seen women who decide to have another baby for the same reason.

    • Minky

      Yolanda should count her lucky stars that they chose to couch their suspicions and disbeleif in language that still makes her sound like she’s ill rather than just a greedy and devious. She’s smart, but if she was smarter she’d be content with letting good enough alone.

  37. jen

    I hope Yolanda is gone after this season!

  38. Miguel

    Bravo TT on the completion of some wonderful posts about a confusing and deceptive season!!! Looking forward to your Reunion posts and the light you so naturally shine upon the dark/mirky…

  39. Lime Brain

    Is the reunion going to be 3 episodes?

  40. I don’t believe LVP, but at this point it’s semantics for me. I think Rina agreed to be the “these lips are made for talking” with producers this Season, and then had buyers remorse. Just as she agreed to go after Kim Richards last Season. “I had a sister on drugs” bs excuse, didn’t work for me then and to have the audacity to ask what Kim was doing at the party (ummmm at her sisters freaking house really?) sums up how far Rinna will go to be on this show.

    None of them can obviously blame production, so another “out LVP” Season came about. It’s also ridiculous that none of them knew what Munchausen was – that whole thing was so scripted, I lol’d the whole reading from the phone thing.

    Been a huge fan of Eileen Davidson—more of the Ashley/Victor years, but also the Days of Our Lives DiMera years too. Like Rinna, she did herself no favors this Season. (Altho’ I think I’m in the minority loving she tried to bring back blue jean overalls, lol)

  41. EngineerTakingABreak

    Tamara, have enjoyed your RH blogs for some time. Especially appreciate the speed with which you post them! I zip right over the occasional typo (anyone can figure out what you mean :) Just this one time you may want to make a correction: “Kyle had a sister who died from addiction”.. Of course you meant Rinna’s sister and you were not foreshadowing.. Caught my breath for a second. Thanks again–don’t always agree, but remain intrigued by your opinions and impressed by your detail.

    • tamaratattles

      So I reading along muttering at the screen, “it’s not life or death dude, it’s a fucking typo…” and then, it kind of was life and death. :) Fixed it. Thanks.

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