Teresa Giudice Has Not Taken The Girls To Visit Joe In Prison Yet!





The oddball lawyer , James Leonard, who has sidled up to Joe and Teresa Giudice has sold another story to People Magazine.  He went to visit Joe yesterday and say that Joe is doing as well as can be expected,  “I would say that he is adjusting very well. I know that he misses Teresa and their four daughters immensely, but Joe will get through this, just like Teresa did.”

Joe’s mother elderly mother, Filomena and his sister Maria were also at the prison visiting yesterday. That must be a long day for his mother with over three hours round trip of travel time, and the time it takes to get checked in, and then the actual visitation time. Leonard’s arrival probably ended their visit.

Teresa has applied for a waiver of the rule that prohibits felons from visiting inmates and that paperwork is still in process. In a spouse situation like this, it is usually just a formality regarding the paperwork. Leonard says, “Teresa will be visiting with the girls as quickly as she is approved by the prison, which should be within the next week.”  I think that is probably an optimistic guess on when she will be allowed to show up, but I do feel confident that Leonard will contact People again with any minor development.


In other news, a week or so ago a ridiculous site made up two stories about Joe showing up drunk to his self-surrender and being booked in to “maximum security” and also that Apollo got 18 months in “maximum security” for having a cell phone.  Both stories were complete horseshit. Fort Dix is a low security facility.  There is no “maximum security” there, nor would either Joe or Apollo’s white collar crimes be appropriate for an actual maximum security facility.  There were so many other errors in the stories that they were laughable.

RHONJ good or die DanielleLeonard confirms this calling the story pure fiction. Leonard says, “I was with Joe all morning up until the time he was taken into custody and I can tell you with absolute certainty that he was not drunk.”

Joe and Apollo appear to be in the same pod at Fort Dix. Leonard says, “Joe said Apollo was an absolute gentleman and helped him get acclimated and that they had a nice talk.”  Well isn’t that special.  It’s so nice they have a friend in each other.

Somehow this Danielle Staub gif seems quite appropriate.

Don’t you agree?


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15 responses to “Teresa Giudice Has Not Taken The Girls To Visit Joe In Prison Yet!

  1. PopcornAndVodka

    A Danielle Staub gif is never NOT appropriate.

  2. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    You know, I thought Danielle Staub was the devil at the time. Not that I liked Teresa AT ALL. I should go back and rewatch that season because I have a feeling I’ll view the whole thing quite differently now.

    • Minky

      I felt really bad for Danielle that season. They treated her like shit and they were really vicious about it. That whole issue made me think that the cast was basically chock full of mob molls and that they were all focusing on Danielle’s past in order to throw the scent off of themselves.

      • FarFromPerfekt

        I hated it when Caroline said Danielle’s daughters looked “Dead in their eyes.” Looking at her own kids, she should know better than to say something like that. I think that disturbed me more than anything that particular season.

      • Matzah60

        Agreed! Caroline Manzo chewed her up and spit her out. Caroline was like a rabid dog. I know that many people felt Teresa’s table flipping was entertaining because it was so over the top, but I think I would have been terrified if she did that to me. When I first started teaching back in 1975, I taught 12 kids with learning disabilities/behavior problems and aggressive behavior. I had a 7th grader grab his desk and hurl it towards me. I was absolutely terrified.

        I have never seen any adult behave like that until I watched the HW of Atlanta reunion.

  3. Miguel

    I never get tired of the prostitution whore comment! Teresa’s antics always crack me up – she’s amazing at playing the fool.

  4. Gapeachinsc

    I always felt sad for Danielle – especially in the beginning. From what I remember she always tried being friendly with the other women and they just weren’t having it. I think that’s when I decided I didn’t like Caroline. Ha! And that was when I liked Jacqueline – cause she was the only one who continued to be kind to Danielle…and now I can’t stand her. I think I like Teresa cause she’s so entertaining. For me she’s a composite of a couple of folks I know in Boston mixed with a family member. Like A + B + C = Teresa. The thought of Joe and Apollo hanging out is hilarious!! What would they talk about and how would it sound? Too bad Andy can’t make that a show – at least one episode.

  5. Cat

    I don’t know…I get the feeling Teresa and the girls will not visit unless the cameras are allowed, too. Teresa has to profit from this, somehow.

  6. loriflack

    Yeah, it had to have been a rough trip for Joe’s Mother to be forced to endure❗️

  7. Cheychey

    I personally don’t think that she should be able to go to the prison. If there are rules in place place prohibiting felons I don’t think you should be able to amend them. That’s part of your punishment for your crime. You get certain rights to do things taken away that other people have because you’re a criminal. Not that it’s a big privilege to go to a jail or anything but she shouldn’t get to go see her husband she messed up and that’s the rules of the game. Someone else in the family could take the kids.i really don’t have much sympathy for them. Lots of people live paycheck to paycheck trying to make it barely keeping their heads above water. Then you have people like them that are reckless with their own money and the money they have stolen from others and they want a break it’s sickening.

  8. Matzah60

    Tamara, I am confused about Leonard’s role with Joe. Is Leonard representing both Joe and Teresa? I know he is an entertainment attorney, but he used to have a satellite office in Atlantic City which is around a half hour from my home. I don’t know if it’s still there, but at the time, he was a big criminal lawyer. So is he helping both Joe and Tre navigate the legal system or is he serving as public media whore? Why is this man constantly with Teresa….even on the red carpet for the opening of Envy by MG?

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