Team Mom 2 Recap: Iced Out


For some unknown reason a new episode of Teen Mom aired last night at 6:30 p.m. I almost told the DVR not to record it thinking at such and odd hour it must be some sort of social media version. But it looks like a real episode that will repeat tonight at nine before the new episode at ten. This makes no sense to me, but that’s the situation.


Chelsea has filed a court order to raise Adam’s child support. He has been paying the minimal amount allowed by their state since Aubree was born.

Chelsea and Cole are thinking of buying a house. I wonder what Cole’s job is. He seems a bit on the immature side. Later in the episode, they put an offer on a house.  Chelsea tells her mom about the offer in a later scene. And she gets word that the house went to another buyer. I don’t recall ever seeing Chelsea’s mom before.

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Jo is still doing his Eeyore impression.  He needs some therapy or medication, or both.

Javi says he is not allowed to say where he will be deployed. I wonder if that is just because of the cameras. Kailyn says she doesn’t think it is going to happen. I’ve never heard of a deployment only being for six months. Well, sometimes they tell you that, but my guess is he will be gone longer.

They have a birthday party for Lincoln’s second birthday at one of those kid’s places. All I can think about is the germs all over everything. Ew.

Javi got official word of his deployment and Kailyn is a bit upset but she is trying to look on the bright side. Isaac doesn’t take the news very well.

Teen Mom Janelle

Janelle told Barb she is not going to Ashville for Christmas. Janelle is hungover or something and has a huge abrasion on her chin from some sort of fall. The bun is screaming bloody murder and Janelle is in bitch mode because she let Jace and the new convict’s kid and his sister and her kid sleep over and the kids drank coke all night. Barb advises Janelle, “When Jace comes over, you’ve got to hide the coke!”  Barb gets Jace the hell out of there. He is ill as a hornet because he was up all night drinking coke.

Barb is not taking Janelle’s calls. She doesn’t seem to want Jace over there with the new criminal and the random overnight guests. Meanwhile, the donut is eating corn and microwaved mac and cheese with his hands in the high chair. None of these girls feed their children properly. Janelle is blowing up Barb’s phone. Barb eventually returns her call and tells her she can’t have Jace for the weekend.


Teen Mom 2 Leah


Corey has the girls and he makes them breakfast and gets them dressed and brushes their hair and teeth. This seems confusing to them. Then he takes them to school on time.  The girls don’t seem to be adjusting to the structure well. Grace cries in the car with Leah saying she missed her. Ali seems to be happier with Corey, so Grace tattled that bit of news to Leah.

Leah takes the girls to the pumpkin patch. Grace loves the warty pumpkins.  Corey is such a good dad.

Ali doesn’t like the new custody arrangement either. Leah says she misses doing the girls’ hair. When have we ever see her do the girl’s hair? Ali slept in her clothes on the couch.  It looks like Ali is going to school with wet hair. SIGH.

After school, Ali has her first chorus class after school. Leah shows up with the youngest kid and FORGETS HER IN THE CAR before turning around to go get her.

There didn’t seem to be a whole lot happening on this episode. Maybe that is why they sort of buried it in a weird time slot.

On tonight’s episode, Chelsea gets officially engaged and Kailyn confesses that she had a miscarriage.


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19 responses to “Team Mom 2 Recap: Iced Out

  1. Laura

    TT, you’re the only blogger that noticed Leah left that kid in the car…good grief. I hope Corey still has the girls now. Also, did you see Leah texting and driving. Seems like the dads should use the MTV videos from Teen Mom to get custody.

  2. Allison

    I cannot, for the LIFE of me, figure out how Leah has any kind of custody of any child. I wouldn’t give her custody of a fish. At least she wasn’t nodding out this episode-but I’m sure we’ll be treated to that soon enough.
    Janelle had to have fallen down drunk. Shocking . I cringed a little when Barbara was interrogating Jace though.
    Kail was at the MTV awards and looked HOT. The Brazilian butt lift, lipo and boob job made their debuts, her makeup was spot on, she looked ahh-mazzzing.
    Chelsea’s mom has been on a handful of times before, not many. I don’t get their relationship. I like Cole! He’s good w Aubree it seems, and is just goofy. Maybe he’s not used to the cameras.

    • Meggie

      She didn’t get her breasts done which was pretty evident by her choice of attire at the awards. I agree about Leah. As a mom to a child the same age, it makes me feel anxious and ANGRY when I watch her scenes. I feel like the camera crew has some legal obligations to step in and help those babies but do nothing for the sake of ‘good television’. Leah texting and driving, her OBVIOUS drug use and neglect, Jenelle’s constant lashing out and neglect towards both of her unwanted kids… It makes me ache for those who have wanted children for years and years, yet these are the piss stains who have been the ability to have babies…so many babies.

      • Allison

        Oops-youre right. She had everything done BUT her breasts. She looks great though. Jenelle has zero patience for donut, and if she calls him “dude” one more time I might scoop out my kidneys with a spoon. Everyone is “dude” to her-it’s so..classy-white-trashy I guess? She shows more affection to her dog than her “dudes”.

      • Allison

        If I’m not mistaken, Leah’s attorney was able to get footage from the show considered inadmissible in her court case saying that it can be “edited” to show her in an unfavorable light. Look, editing or not, she’s either nodding out or she isnt, she’s late or she’s not, and she’s texting and driving or she isnt. You cant make that shit up, if it’s there, it’s there. But well played, Leah’s lawyer, well played. But Jenelle-she has some psych issues. Her affect so so off, it’s bizarre.

    • Meggie

      You’re right about the footage being inadmissible. I agree that things like the opiate nod, the smoking in the car with her children, not belting them in their seats, screaming/cussing/shit talking Corey, and the mountain dew pigsty cannot be faked or falsey edited. They may edit scenes in an order that wasn’t time sequential (Jenelle has a fucked up chin in the 1st episode when she was on the phone with Nathan, while her pretty friend watched horrified from the swing..I couldn’t stop staring at the sudden cluster of mole looking things on her Leno) but they don’t fake what happens. She has a huuuuge history of blaming others for things that she has done. Her addiction was claimed as stress and anxiety. Her nodding off last season was due to a new diagnosis of narcolepsy (I was PISSED at that one). She lost custody BC she was late getting her babies to school once or twice. Corey and Miranda are keeping the babies from her. It’s all so baffling but it seems like MTV is protecting her and not those sweet little girls. It just hurts to watch sometimes. Same with donut and his apparent lack of hugs, kisses, snuggles, vitamins. Just terrible.

      • Allison

        @Meggie that was well-played by Leah’s attorney because that footage is damning as hell. Barbara doesnt seem to have any interest in raising the donut (she shouldnt have to-Jenelle shouldnt be having babies that annoy her so much and she clearly has no time for) but for the love of God, someone has to Save The Donut!

  3. Dee

    So happy Leah doesn’t have full custody. She needs to watch her own show so she can see what we see, ugh!

    • Ralee

      That’s exactly what I’ve never been able to understand-how they can watch even 1 episode and not see what the rest of the world sees-even if only a fraction. Surely, someone in their lives sees it-you’d think they’d be able to translate what others see in to a language they could understand. It is just hard to comprehend that kind of stupidity and self absorption! I’d change my name and move if Jenelle or Leah were my child and could never see any wrong doing within theirselves and on top of that, insisted on sharing with the world!

  4. Lindsay

    This is funny on so many levels. Sweet Jesus it’s awful. But hilarious. Barbara, you are my queen.

  5. Weirdiskate

    Leah needs serious help! I can’t believe she forgot her, I’m glad you said that because I noticed it and was shocked. For AirForce deployments they can be six months because they’re going to that place for job training, either to receive or give it and he is not allowed to say on camera, just like they’re not suppose to put on Facebook the exact location they are in. Janelles boyfriend seems scary as fuck and I like Chelsea the most.

  6. loriflack

    the whole hiding coke thing is pathetic on so many levels, imo ~

  7. Ruthie

    I noticed Leah forgot Addie too! Leah’s mother, Delta Dawn, showed up, but I’ve read that she arrived in a second vehicle and not with Leah. Corey is an amazing Dad. I thought it was strange that Ali was clapping after Gracie’s little tantrum. I kept wondering why she was clapping.

    I loved Barb’s hide the coke comment…priceless!

    Isaac is so sweet. I gloss over Chelsea’s segments.

  8. Twilly

    I agree that Janelle is all kinds of awful but I give my 13 month old mac n cheese for lunch or dinner that he eats with his hands. He’s not quite dexterous enough with a fork yet.

  9. Isayeww

    I feel like “Janelle hide the Coke!” Is something every boyfriend she has ever had, has shouted at her at one point in their relationship. Probably before one of the many visits the cops have made to her house….so I feel like she should be great at hiding all things Coke related. I love Ali…..maybe I’m biased cause I’ve worked in special Ed most of my life, but I think she is so sweet!!

  10. MyraS

    Did you notice Ali doing the slow clap for while watching Grace’s theatrics in the car? Hilarious!

  11. Nila

    Alina’s headphones on, I assumed she was clapping to the music. My heart broke for Ali having her mother jumped down her throat about something she said to her dad. Of course the girls worry about being late, that causes kids a ton of anxiety. Corey manages to get them there before Leah and they have been fed. I hate that Leah puts them on the spot asking them if they like being at Daddy’s house and would they rather be with her. It puts so much stress on them. She totally left that baby in the car and if you notice, she was not even in a car seat.

    Love Chelsea and Cole.

    I just can’t deal with Leah and her being so unhappy and mopey.

    No words for Janelle.

    • Ralee

      It’s painful to watch them all lead these children on to get certain answers they want by asking their questions in just such a way…as if the audience will never pick up on their real agenda. They’ve ALL actually gotten worse rather than better at it as time has gone on. It’s almost as if they’re so blinded by dislike/hatred of the person they’re “secretly” trying to show up, and are only picturing in their heads, “Well, just you wait until Corey or Leah/Jenelle or Barbara/Cailyn or Jo/Chelsea or Adam sees this on film”,( each of the pairs can be plugged into either side of the convo, each of them is guilty of doing it to the other one), or “wait until everyone’s talking about what my kid says about_____ on nat’l tv”. I feel like I’m watching little cartoon bubbles above their heads, with some version of the above, while the poor little kid gets grilled until he or she gets it right! Again, another example of how can they possibly watch the episodes back and not see how obvious they are, or how stupid they sound!
      Of course, I probably shouldn’t talk about “their stupidity”, when I’m the one who’s been watching since the beginning! At first, I wanted to watch with my daughter, who was almost 14 AAat the time-hoping we could enjoy a show together and help us talk about the subject and hopefully, avoid that reality for her(a horrible fear of mine!). She quit watching before a full season! Sadly, I got hooked!(it does make me a bit better that there are other actual adults still watching this, too!)
      I’m very happy for Chelsea, she seems truly happy, and he seems like a nice guy. Also, Jenelle’s baby is pretty darn cute-nothing better, to me, than a big ol’ fat baby!

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