Nene Leakes on Lip Sync Battle


NeNe Leakes  works the runway to RuPaul’s Supermodel (You Better Work) as she lip syncs for her LIFE against fellow Atlantan Todd Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best this Thursday, April 14th at 10/9c.

I had planned to try an recap Nene on last week’s fashion police this weekend, but it was basically unwatchable. The only takeaway I got from what I did watch was that Melissa and Giuliana were trying really hard to be nice to Nene so she would stop talking about how mean they are. Also, Margaret Cho isn’t the least bit funny.  She’s just crude.

I assume the polyester jumpsuit  that Nene was wearing was from her HSN collection. Are people really buying that stuff? They have to be because it seems like it is still going.

WWHL Stassi and Todd


As for Todd Chrisley, he apparently can actually sing and is trying to break into country music. He has a contract with BMI and recorded a song with Sara Evans. Todd has also been busy in court regarding his care of granddaughter, Chloe.  His son Kyle has had a falling out with his father and as a result is trying to change the arrangement they have where Chloe is on the show. Kyle battled drug addiction in the past and Todd has stepped in to raise Chloe and pay for her private education.

So do you think Nene will slay? Or will she have to sashay away?


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18 responses to “Nene Leakes on Lip Sync Battle

  1. Dana Bauer

    I watched 5 seconds of the video. That’s 4 seconds too many.

  2. Phil Andros

    I have to wonder why a very mannish woman who looks like a drag queen would call attention to this by emulating a drag queen. Oh, and she sucked.

  3. oh sheila! you a good judy

    Nene can’t do Ru. maybe she should’ve done Luther Vandross. i LOVE Todd Chrisley!!!

  4. Rose

    I love Todd Chrisley! NeNe in drag is not a stretch.

  5. Cheychey

    I love Todd’s show as well. He is so funny the way he deals with his family. The sarcasm is right up my alley. NeNe actually looks good. A lot of people do poke fun at her for being masculine so that was a brave choice. I’ve watched this show a couple of times when it had guests on that I liked and I’ll watch this one. Certainly any excuse to watch L.L. Is ok by me cause I find him very easy on the eyes.

  6. kcdabomb23

    L.L. as in L.L. Cool J

  7. JaneM

    I don’t think Nene was even trying to lip synch. Does she even know the words? She was trying too hard to strut without falling ! I love the Chrisleys also . I watch it with my 14 year old . Even though it is heavily scripted I love his parenting style .!

  8. FGF

    Considering the hot water RHOA was in for gay bashing, I think this was a strategic ode to get the gay viewers to tune in. She’s been called a drag queen for years so I think it’s funny that she’s able to laugh at herself.

    The jumpsuit she was wearing is actually Pucci and very high end and expensive. Unfortunately, no matter how expensive; everything looks cheap on Nene. I remember the Brazilian favelas top she wore a few seasons ago that was over $1500 but looked like a garage sale clearance rag on her.

  9. wistful

    If this were a lip sync for her life…smh

  10. Cat

    Haha…What a stupid show! I’ll pass!

  11. Lol y’all so mean she wasn’t bad at all! Quite frankly RuPaul cannot be copied but I found it an interesting choice! Same hair color, skin color, almost same height so there is a pretty good likeness! Go ahead and work Nene!

  12. Cheychey

    Sorry thought you’d watched the show before L.L.Cool J is the host.

    • Beverly

      L.L. IS his name. Right? But it is TT’s site so I guess she’s not going to respond. I guess her rudeness is what everyone likes

      • Cat


        There have been a lot of initials and nicknames lately in comments. I didn’t catch who LL was at first, either. I have gotten to the point where I just skip over those comments.

        This is a silly thing to focus on. Each blog has rules for commenting. The rules here are actually a lot more forgiving than other blogs I’ve been on.

        As for “rudeness”, I would rather have a rude response than to simply have my comment deleted without explanation. To me, THAT is rude.

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