Mercedeh Javid on WWHL

WWHL with MJ


They show us a clip with MJ’s mother saying that Tommy is not a good match for MJ because he lets her eat whatever she wants. Oh Vida, why must you be so mean?  Vida also brought a dog with her to the restaurant. UGH.

MJ says that the day of the wedding she found out about the cheating so she didn’t go to the wedding. There is no way that MJ didn’t know before the day of the wedding. She may have found out some new information, but the cheating has been brought up on and show and the extent of the cheating has been all over the Internet.  Right up to the day of the wedding I was asking sources to confirm that Jessica was actually going to walk down the aisle.

Yolanda will be on WWHL on Tuesday. That should be interesting.

Shahs MJ GGThey show a sneak peek of the Real Housewives of Dallas. I was not impressed. Ben is going to do the first couple of recaps and then Xanadude is going to take over if he can. I’ll be recapping  Southern Charm tonight and will put up RHOD as soon as Ben gets it to me. Or whenever I wake up. I am feeling kind of off today and may end up turning in early.

Andy, who is obsessed with boobs more than any straight man I know, comments that it looks like MJ has gotten a reduction. It doesn’t look like it to me. MJ says she has had one before and they just keep growing back. Kind of like Nene’s nose.

MJ says that Reza will give her the best wedding present because he is very generous and he loves to spend money. I think Sammy might give her a better present.

MJ says she is concerned about GG’s drinking that apparently is still ongoing.

The poll question was who is the hottest guy out of Shervin, Mike or Reza. Shervin won with 69% Reza was last with only 8%.

Not much happened on this show. They ended with a montage of Daisy Lewellyn who passed away this week.


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10 responses to “Mercedeh Javid on WWHL

  1. Chandler

    MJ looks good this season. The hair becoming and she has lost weight. For a women who carries a larger bust and upper body she sports nice legs- and no cellulite!

    • Matzah60

      @Chandler, I know. I am jealous of those trim legs of MJ. She actually looks very good in pants because of that. My mom and sister always had slender legs, but alas, I wasn’t blessed with slender legs.

      I like MJ a lot. I used to love Asa when the show started and she and GG weren’t allies. Since Asa has aligned herself more closely with Reza and GG, I don’t find her as likable, but perhaps that’s because I dislike Reza and GG so much. I get that GG has rheumatoid arthritis, but she is a serious smoker and drinker, neither of which are beneficial to a painful bout with RA. There are many NSAIDS that are used to decrease the inflammation. Drinking and NSAIDS can cause GI bleeding. The smoking constricts blood flow and her legs will ache and get stiff.

      Aside from Asa, do any of these people work?

  2. loriflack

    MJ’s mom is a special breed of cat…

  3. Cheychey

    My first concern with MJ’s new boyfriend is him having a boner when he met herin his gym shorts, just gross. Like she was impressed to walk up to him and see that as the first impression of a guy you met online. I would have ran for the hills. But if she loves him I hope he makes her happy cause she needs to be loved. Her mother certainly never shows her any. She makes the wicked stepmother look like Aunt Bee.

  4. SaraSally

    My first impression was that her mom lost a considerable amount of weight. Perhaps, this has given her mean streak new life. Also, I initially thought her new bf was the same one from last season. I guess she just attracted to white sassy mouthed bald guys.

  5. T D

    Will Yolanda wear a bubble or an iron(ic) lung.

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