Big Brother’s Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd Have TWO Big Announcements!

Jeff and Jordan proposal

Jeff and Jordan proposal BB16

Big Brother’s sweetheart couple  Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder have two announcements!  According to an interview with Us, the pair made an unexpected trip to the court house last month to get married! After getting engaged back in September of 2014 on a very special episode of Big Brother, I had stopped looking for an announcement regarding their nuptials.

It seems they were finally planning their destination in Mexico but they got a bit carried away in January when they went down to went to check out their wedding local at the all inclusive resort.  Jeff blames the unlimited alcohol and beautiful destination for the unplanned pregnancy!

Jeff says, “It was early in the morning, and she woke me up crying. I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ And she’s like, ‘I think I’m pregnant.’ So, I was kind of relieved that it wasn’t something tragic.”


Jeff Schroeder proposes to his girlfriend Jordan Lloyd, at the BIG BROTHER house, where they met five years ago. They were joined by their family, dog and current Houseguests for a celebration. This will air on BIG BROTHER Sunday, September 7 (8:00 -- 9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Lisette M. Azar/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved


So it seems that Jordan Lloyd is finally Jordan Schroeder!  The baby is due on October 2oth.

I assume they waited until now to announce all of their news so that Jordan could get through her first trimester. She says that she did have some morning sickness but that it was easily remedied by eating bread.

Jordan is still working and Jeff makes dinner for her every night when she gets home. He does draw the line at rubbing her feet.

From Jeff’s perspective, he jokes about her mood swings saying that it is just like every sitcom with a pregnant lady he has ever seen and everyone thinks it is funny but him.

So Jordan finally landed  her man.  I think they will be great parents!.


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15 responses to “Big Brother’s Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd Have TWO Big Announcements!

  1. Erica

    Aww… that baby will be a cutie!

  2. loriflack

    Congrats for real ? ❗️

    …I’m still guiltily curious about Austin and his twin lover…

  3. I think that baby & t parents will be perfem. Mazel tov!

  4. Nila

    I have always loved loved loved them! Congrats:)

  5. Deb in SF

    Undoubtedly one of the very best reality TV couples ever! Wishing them and their bambino the very best!

  6. Miguel

    Still love theses two & wish they’d get a reality show!

    • jen

      No because I would hate to see them break up as so many early married couples do when they do reality shows based on thier “real” life. Kim Z seems an exception, which is great.

  7. Teresamo

    I adore this story! Love them!

  8. Rose

    I always loved them! Great news

  9. bravocueen

    I adore this couple!! They were hilarious on the Amazing Race. Once when they couldn’t complete one of the easiest tasks, Jeff looked right at the camera and said “we really shouldn’t reproduce.” I about fell off my chair laughing!!

  10. SpaceyLacy

    Is it weird I only remember her?

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