Real Housewives of Atlanta Secrets Revealed: “Skate on Outta Here Tootie!”

I am gonna miss you, girl

I am gonna miss you, girl

Okay something tells me that there will be few secrets revealed and I am in a hurry to get to Shahs of Sunset that premieres tonight. So I am going to blow through this with a quickness.

Phaedra and Porsha want to give Kim a makeover. Who in the holy hell would want two THOTs to give you a makeover? I love Kim Fields looks. Except for that crappy silver dress for the opening scenes. Kim is way prettier than the Ps. I know the I am the only one, but I am going to miss Kim Fields. There. It feels good to admit it.

Cynthia and Mallory talk about Cynthia’s crappy marriage.  ICYMI, CDAN posted a crazy blind about Peter hooking up with Porsha so I am looking at any hints by production that it happened because surely they would have caught wind of something like that, right? I think if it did happen it was early on in the SportsOne process and that is why Kordell is gone from that venture.  Anyway, people are blowing me up on Twitter like this is my blind, and it is not. I am torn to pieces about whether to believe it or not so I just had to bring it to my people. It would explain some things. I’m just saying.  Peter and Noelle got for a manipedi? Why? Noelle saw the video of Peter and that girl.  Noelle says he looked sloppy.  It’s clear that Peter lived in Charlotte except for filming. This is actually a good episode. Lots of new footage. Worth a watch.

I forgot about Porsha’s speech to high school kids. So disgusting. That principal got a lot of backlash. Who brings a THOT to a high school? She breaks into her preacher mode. But she is giving a speech about I dunno what. The audience shots are hysterical. She tries to have three steps and she LITERALLY cannot count to three.

Gif by RealityTVGifs T.Kyle

Gif by RealityTVGifs T.Kyle


AND THERE IT IS. I now believe this blind.  Cynthia sits down with Marlo and Mallorie to talk about the fight with Porsha. Cynthia says that Porsha always wants to bring up Peter. So very interesting in light of new information. Cynthia says that Porsha’s obsession with Peter is borderline scary at this point. Cynthia had to sit down and talk to Noelle about Porsha attacking her on the boat.

I can’t with Phaedra and the mortuary shit. No one wants Phaedra to be their undertaker. True story my first kiss was with a twin and both of these guys were fucked up and older. The other one (and yes I did. allegedly) was a huge psycho but I was 17 at the time and my brain had not fully developed. Anyway he ended up getting a job at a funeral home (because deviant) and I told everyone I knew if anything happened to me do not take me there, do not take your family there, do not go anywhere near there. And that is exactly how I feel about Phaedra being around dead bodies. She’s a sociopath in my opinion. And this whole scene skeeves me the fuck out.  And just like that there are sirens all over this hood in real life. Sigh. I really need to move.  Oh holy hell. The dude just said that Phaedra walked in as “that little student from Jeff State Community College!”  I am DYING HERE. Check out the link. This is the best show of the season!  This is so creepy. I can’t.

There was some stuff about Kandi and Todd and Todd’s sperm. Lost footage of the made for TV baby shower. God I am so glad to be past the stupid baby shower games stage of life.

Footage of the THOT and Duke “shopping for places to live.”  Porsha says Duke is ready to settle down. He filmed for TWO DAYs. So deusional.

Then random scenes of Kenya dating. Kenya sets up an online profile. And supposedly that is how she met Matt. But there were apparently many fake scenes. This one guy looks very familiar. He looks like a long lost Wayans brother who is not funny. And I would have run at the finger licking while eating.

I can’t take Sheree and Porsha trashing Kim. Enough. She’s leaving. I think Kim is a great mother. Sheree NEVER ADMITTED SHE HAD TIERRA ON THE SHOW and then she used her to hid assets in court? For some reason, Sheree called Kenya to talk about Kim. Kim is suddenly saying she was fine in Miami? SHE LEFT THE FUCKING HOUSE BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T FEEL SAFE!

So Kenya and Sheree meet to talk about Kim. Sheree invited Kim  to join them. I will not choose between Kim and Kenya. I so wish they would have been friends. It does seem like Kim has an attitude with Kenya.  and holy shit this is being filmed at The Palm Atlanta and I see people that I know! Someone should have called me!  It ends with Kenya saying “Skate on out of here, Tootie.


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50 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Secrets Revealed: “Skate on Outta Here Tootie!”

  1. 25

    I’m not a mother, but even the slight thought of my unborn, unconceived, nonexistent daughter having Porsha do a motivational speech at her school INFURIATED me. There is no reason for impressionable young women who yield so much potential power in our country’s future to be exposed to that violent thot as though her brand (of prostitution) is a route they should consider.

    This episode should have come with a trigger warning. Blood pressure^^^

    • Porsha was a speaker at the Chicago women’s expo yesterday where she opened her speech with a prayer. Later that night she was hosting at Risque nightclub in her THOT attire with #teamhennessy. I’m confused…

      • 25

        Ugh. I guess I’ve seen TT mention these speeches before, but actually seeing it really sickened me. The best part of her speech was when she mentioned the Bible which you CAN’T DO in a public school.

      • tamaratattles

        Of course you can mention the Bible in a public school. I even took an elective on the bible in high school. I do think someone had to sign a form. It was call the Bible as Literature. or something.

      • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

        TT, I took that class in high school too!
        Catching up on this show now. I would’ve preferred some of this content to what was shown during the season.

    • I remember getting very upset when I read about her speaking at a school. Seeing it onscreen was hysterical. What an idiot! At the very least she should have had someone on her team write something for her. She could have practiced all of the big words ahead of time.

  2. PaganChick

    You aren’t the only one TT, I really like Kim too.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I didn’t watch RROA that much anymore ( love the re-caps though ) but I like Kim-I’m not sure where all the hate comes from..

    • Meri

      Kim has the most maturity and common sense of all of these ladies. and she is wise not to return to this fiasco of a show.

    • Suzanne D

      I thought Kim’s normalcy was a refreshing change to all the others’ bullshit. I love how she handled herself, and even more so when she refused to engage. That pisses people off more when you don’t care enough to fight with them.

  3. Akachic

    From a rich African to a broke Jamaican? I don’t see any reason why Porsha would get with Peter.

    • Home

      If Peter can bullshit Cynthia into believing he’s the man …then TRUST Porsha wouldn’t be hard to convince! Peter is a FANTASTIC con artist who spews a load of bullshit to get what and who he wants…..Porsha has the mind of a 16 yo….I can…alledgely see her falling for Peter’s line of crap! Then when she found out that she fell for Peter’s WEAK game she got mad and started trash talking! Kordell disappeared for a reason and IMO it wasn’t because of business! #trust. Peter will be exposed…and I can’t wait! There’s no fool like an old fool…..

    • Dracla Dunning

      Porsha screwed Peter because she can. Simple.
      Besides her lack of smarts, Porsha lacks a soul. She is vacant on the inside, a hollow person with nothing to offer but a hollow hole between her legs and the men she hooks up with are as empty as she is.
      Cynthia probably stopped caring for Peter sexually long ago. I think there is more to that marriage than meets the eye with both of them doing their own thing. She knew the nature of the beast when she married him. Peter is a liability to Cynthia’s image. She needs to dump him, pronto.

    • Suzanne D

      I’ll bet Peter tried to get him some of that, and even Porsha has standards. She isn’t going to let his broke ass touch her for free.

      • Home

        Oh…she got something out of it but it was way below the level he had her believe he could do…When she found out he didn’t have THAT much $$$ she got mad because in her THOT mind,,she felt that she really wasn’t getting that much out of it and now she was just having sex with an old guy…That why on the reunion she made a comment of “women fucking for dicks”..that was her way of telling him he didn’t have enough money

  4. Minky

    Why did Cynthia ever apologize to Porsha? Why?!

    No Nene secrets? Okay.

    • Dracla Dunning

      Unfortunately the altercation was filmed so Cynthia knew it would be viewed by millions and she has an image to protect. If there had been no cameras I doubt that Cynthia would have apologized but she needed to look like the bigger person. Also she has a daughter she needs to set an example for and this was before the Porsha/Peter rumors.

      • Minky

        Very true Dracla. Porsha needs help. Not just in spelling and math, but also spiritual counseling. For Pete’s sake (pardon the pun), she uses her puss as a weapon to hurt other women that she doesn’t like. So frikken weird. It seems like she did this with Peter (allegedly) purely out of spite. It’s patently malicious.

        And when I think about “The Return of Nene”, is there a chance that Cynthia enjoys the fact that the rest of the cast hates Nene? Especially Kandi?

  5. AahnV

    Hi Tamara! I’ve been in trials and settling cases but I have been keeping up with your site:) I’m in Argentina now on a much needed break. ohhh I believe the tea on CDAN. I think Porsha thought Peter could further her career somehow; he was a promoter back in the day and I think she is dumb enough to believe whatever bill of goods he sold her. I was hollering as I read your recap of Phaedra.

    • Calipatti

      How great, a Argentina vacation. Wish TT had special place we could all go and talk vacations.
      Share info and live thru each other.

  6. Edward

    I think Kim and Kenya friends and this was show because Kim had no storyline and Kenya helped out. Kim one and done and Kenya is smart enough to pull it off with Kim.

  7. Edward

    I think Kim and Kenya friends and this whole thing made up for the show. Give Kenya credit for being the bad girl.

  8. Realityjunkie

    What really stood out for me is Porsha’s words when she was being held back by production on the boat ” I have to tell her what he’s doing to her”. Why? Why does she need to tell her anything? Why is she so aggressive about it? I believe the rumors.
    Ecergine keeps saying that Peter has nothing yo offer Porsha and this may be true. However i believe she would do something like that out of sheer spite.

    • Realityjunkie

      Forgive the typos etc. I am getting over a terrible cold and just rushed through this post. Also, my phone seems to believe it knows what I want to say.

      • Minky

        Unfortunately I didn’t watch this episode, but Porsha’s comment is quite telling. I remember Cynthia saying that Porsha isn’t as dumb as she portrays herself. Wow.

  9. Calipatti

    I liked Kim, thought she was a little kookie but refreshing. Kenya went for Kim episode 1 or 2 at her house. Kenya out of nowhere began with Tootie shoes being in a museum. It was uncalled for and Kim never forgot. Kenya also kept at her.

    Phaedra from her first episode was a little off. Remember the big over the top baby shower with her in the big hat? Ridiculous and ugly.
    Phaedra praises God then a few minutes later is extremely vulgar. She is the only woman vulgar applies to.

    Porsha apparently is just loose everywhere, difference.
    I don’t care if she had sex with Peter, I doubt Cynthia really cares either.
    It won’t mean a thing if they leave it alone.

  10. Rach

    My gut feelings that Kim will be back next season, yes I know she said she won’t be returning but Nene says that all the time haha.

  11. ingrid

    loved Kim, but Noelle is the wisest one in the whole bunch. She is NOT falling for Peter’s crap, or Porsha’s for that matter

  12. Yeah, ok

    Its ironic that Porsha and Phaedra were giving Kim advice on how to dress and be attractive considering that kims the only one with a husband. Porsha and Phaedra’s detachment from reality is embarrassing.

  13. Meri

    I don’t know if I am the only one, but I can’t stand Kandi . She is a snob and thinks that she’s better than everyone else. Her eye rolling is annoying and I am tired of her and Todd. I used to like him but he has been corrupted since he first appeared on the show and is now a big mouth jerk. Most of these people are difficult to watch because they are so fake but Kim was the least offensive, imo. Great recap as always.

  14. Your undertaker 1st kiss has me lol TT! Brought back the memory of going all through school with my small hometowns now only mortician and COUNTY CORONER oddball. Deviant. My brother that recently passed would always say if he was in charge of my funeral he was going to lay me out for 5 days with 2 changes of clothes per say (afternoon and evening wear)…I’d always say I got married just so Bro wouldn’t be in charge.

    I’d rather have Ole Paulie than Phaedra.

    I was going to skip this footage, but now want to watch. Especially the Porsha/Cynthia dynamic. I have no problem Porsha responded to Dawg Peter…without a lot of thought, as another poster mentioned. It’s just how she would roll. Like an ego thing for her.

    I liked having Kim Fields in the cast and wished she would return. She’s savvy enough to realize she picked the wrong team and I think she would have corrected that in a 2nd Season. Kenya and Kim would have been great TV going against NeNe.

    • tamaratattles

      The first kiss was with the undertakers twin brother. The undertaking twin was always scary. The twins were older than everyone else that went to choir practice and training union on Wednesday nights. The would work there way all the naïve little church girls. The undertaker would pursue the sort of normal twins dating pool. Something very creepy happened with the undertaker and I seem to have blocked it out. Maybe he died or got fired, something happened at the funeral home. That was a lifetime ago but I still think about his creepy ways every time I see a funeral home. Now I have the creeps all over again! BLECK!

      • 3rd thru 6th grade…ever play a game called “7up” when recess rained out? Head on desk, eyes closed guess who tapped your head? Paulie had square toed harness cowboy boots, the kind with metal click clack clacking up and down the rows (even though he lived on Main St. nowhere near a cow, horse or farm) He had a way of actually hurting you with a finger to the skull – nothing that would be notied – but like a hard flick tap. So if the clackety clack didn’t give him away the ensuing headache always did.

        Ok back to blocking that memory…lol!

  15. Rose

    I’m going to miss Kim too. She’s the only rain I stick around for this season. Porsha as motivational speaker/preacher wtf. I believe the Porsha Peter thing. Noelle gets big props for telling him he was sloppy. Oh Sheree, gotta be in everything to get that peach back

  16. Ms.Minnie

    The problem is the behind the scenes manipulations from the producers. Andy/Carlos and Bravo f$!#%=: this season up. Tammy and her weirdness and kenya made this season entertaining for me because in my opinion they kinda carried these episodes. Phaedra, Porsha, Kandi and Cynthia brought the same boring mess they do every season. But thank God for kenya, tammy, sheree and kim fields for giving us a little something to laugh and work with. I would love for season 9 to be Nene, Sheree, Kenya, Kandi, Cynthia and two new women to make the show fun again. I would even take Phaedra as friend to the wives over porsha. And lastly this show used to be nominated for awards so get it together bravo, we need new wives and a new production team.

    • tamaratattles

      LOL This show was not nominated for awards.

      • JennLovesAndy

        Yeah that’s funny…

      • Ms.Minnie

        They were nominated for an NAACP image award.

      • tamaratattles

        The NAACP “image awards” have been a joke for years. Things like nominating the RHOA is why.

      • Dee

        Wow, NAACP Awards?

      • ShyGuy

        Tamara is a known racist so of course the NAACP would be a joke to her, that committee has done a lot for the black community and advancement. But I shouldn’t expect much from a woman who made nasty comments about Amber M. (Rhonj) cancer and reported Bobbi Kristina’s death before the girl was even gone and refused to retract.

      • tamaratattles

        Why would you still post here with my rampant racism and horrible reporting??? I’ve reseated you in the WLS because I’d had for you to be associated with the likes of me, and you don’t seem to be able to stay away!

      • Dee

        Shy Guy…why? Why would you disrespect Tamara like that? I’ve been here for quite awhile. I’ve never seen what you are saying.

  17. QueenB

    Porsha’s “speech” to the kiddies was beyond ridiculous. But Bravo did it justice by showing a clip of Porsha and Cynthia fighting shortly after. I wish we could’ve heard more Porsha’s crazy ranting the producers broke up the fight. I suspect it would have been very informative about her state of mind if nothing else.

    If they bring Porsha back next season, I hope the other cast members give her the cold shoulder and refuse to film with her. One religious hypocrite (Phaedra) on the show is enough.

  18. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    I still don’t believe the blind. I’m sure Porsha knows women Peter’s slept with though.

  19. Amy V

    This is for my girl Kenya after viewing the RHOA Reunion part one today for the first time. You put the food in the bowl or else you get the hose again.

  20. gapeachinsc

    Poor Newton County schools!!! Porsha speaking at the school is pretty indicative as to why Georgia is at the bottom of the list for education. Un-freaking-believable. I remember when it happened but damn!!! That was all kinds of wrong…

  21. Tasha

    My biggest takeaway from this was that Noelle is a stunning and well adjusted young lady. Obviously great parenting by her parents. Not Peter, of course.

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