New Report: Peter Slept With Porsha?

One is hot, the other is a THOT.

One is hot, the other is a THOT.

Well this would certainly explain why Cynthia Bailey went HAM on Porsha

February 17, 2016

This Southeast Housewife finally pulled the trigger on her marriage. Apparently it was not just the non-stop cheating by her husband but she also found out how much of her money he spent over the years. Oh, and that he slept with at least one of the other Housewives from the show. I say two, but she thinks just one.

Cynthia Bailey/Porsha Williams

RHOA Nene Mexico

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I believe there has been a change of ownership at Crazy Days and Nights so I’m not sure whether to believe this… but I can totally see Porsha and Peter hooking up. Peter and Porsha went after each other WAY TOO HARD on the reunion for it not to be personal. But that’s just my opinion and the first I have heard of this rumor.

What I have heard on the streets of Atlanta is that Peter and Porsha are both THOTs. Most of my Peter intel on that front comes from Charlotte though. And the abundant discussion regarding Peter is that he has an “assistant” or one particular person he spent a lot of time with when he was in a hotel.

If the rumor is true, I’d imagine he had to pay for Porsha. Because the word on the ATL streets is she is for hire. ALLEGEDLY, according to rumor. Though she might have reduced her rates for Peter.

Peter is pitching a “Vanderpump Rules” type show to Bravo now for Sports One or one of his bars… (um how does he have three?)

If the blind is right and he has slept with two, I am going to go with Nene Leakes. Just a guess, but remember how close those two were and then Nene went HAM and called him a little bitch? And then Nene and Cynthia broke up and now she is divorcing Peter? I don’t think Cynthia would make up with Nene if she knew Nene slept with Peter.  But … if this is to be believed….

And now Nene hates Porsha?

I’m  just guessing along with everyone else. Allegedly.

What do you think?


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107 responses to “New Report: Peter Slept With Porsha?

  1. Oooooweeeee! That’s some real tea! Explains a lot.

  2. Antoine S

    And Nene is hosting an event at his SportsOne after her One Woman Show in NC. Awkward

  3. ShyGuy

    I been trying to tell yall but there’s more tea to come.

    • tamaratattles

      Shyguy reminds me of watching Wheel of Fortune when I came home to visit Mama. Bless her heart. After all the letters were turned around she would say, “I knew that!”

  4. 25

    In my whitest white girl voice: shut UP!!!

    • O.O

      @shyguy . I agree it does make you look stupid,and comment following stating you’ve emailed in tips in that we’re used makes you look super petty. How old are you? Who cares if you’ve mailed in tips ? Every gossip site says “if you have a tip mail it here ” I hope you’re put in the window section because you’re super annoying and take the joy out of gossip . If you want adoration and credit, start your own blog.

  5. It is hard to gauge Peter’s true feelings because he is so thirsty. His dramatic flip outs on Nene and Porsha could be pointing to additional underlying feelings or just Peter grabbing for that peach. I can see Porsha falling over and landing on Peter’s dick.

  6. 25

    Okay now that I’m over my first reaction. Peter was cool with Kordell though, so I’m surprised by this. Maybe it happened after Kordell dropped him? Bless their hearts, I hope they used protection for both of their sakes.

    • Minky

      Hmmm. Maybe that’s WHY Kordell dropped him? Would you want to do business with someone who’s doing it with your ex? That, in addition to Peter’s connections to Apollo the felon. Just speculation on my part.

      And wasn’t it odd at the reunion when Porsha started throwing around “dick payment” accusations and Peter dared her to say who he was allegedly rolling around with? That sure did shut her up.

      • tamaratattles

        mmmm hmmmm, ALLEGEDLY.

      • Minky

        Sorry. I forgot the “allegedly”. I did say I was only speculating though. Which I am. ?

      • tamaratattles


        I have been trying to figure out why Kordell bailed. VERY interesting idea.

        And now I feel like I understood “dick payment.”

      • Leelee

        Porsha is a sneaky snake. She is so ugly and scank looking. She can’t be trusted by any means possible. She is so dirty, I bet she did sneak around Cynthia’s back and have sex with that awful and nasty looking Peter. Peter dared Porsha to bring the name of the women that he has been with because he know that Porsha would not tell on herself.

  7. Sweet T

    I don’t believe nene slept with Peter.

  8. Minky

    I KNEW IT!!!! Don’t ask me how or why. And I also was always side-eyeing Nene and Peter. If someone EVER flirted with my man right infronna mah face I would not let that shit slide. And I sure as HELL wouldn’t have a damn friendship contract with the hoe!

    @ShyGuy You are so right baby! This is probably just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the foochiness of this bunch.

    Is everybody on this cast fucking each other? Except maybe Kenya and that’s another reason why they don’t like her? Are Nene and Cynthia more than friends? Did Kandi and Todd sleep with Phaedra. Did Porsha sleep with Phaedra? DID PETER AND APOLLO GET DOWN???!!! Good God Almighty!!! And where was Gregg while all of this was going on?

    And what’s Porsha gonna do now with that empty dick bag Peter gave her?


    • Uncle Sigmund

      This right here is more than Ain’t that Hello Pete! For along time that heffa flirted with someone’s else’s man right infronna the other heffa’s face and the thing about this shine/sh-t kept on slipping and sliding right into sommore shine/sh-t!

    • hannahkingrose

      Minky, my guess is that Gregg was sitting there holding all the pocketbooks lmao.

      • Katherine 2.0

        @hannah Now that shit is hilarious! Don’t know that I would trust Greg not to snoop through a purse.

      • beth

        L.M.A.O hannahkingrose

      • @hannahkingrose ~ While he was yet again, banished to the basement.

      • Minky

        @hannahkingrose You’re comment reminds me of a line from “The Golden Girls”. Blanche says: “You know what I like to do after a party?” And Rose, guilelessly, replies: “Look for your underwear in the big pile?”

        Again, imagine this bunch and their underwear pile: Ewwwww!

    • LOL! Imagine if all of that were true. I’d be laughing for days.

    • Calipatti

      Greg was watching! Maybe!

      • Minky

        Dozing off in the corner, more like. Hahahahahaha!

        Who can do the lundry? Gregg Leakes can do the lundry. That’s who!

  9. Allison

    In have a feeling that Peter has a LOT more dirt that will come to light. Cynthia is better off without. And porsha? P4P? Allegedly…not surprised. Girls gotta make a living, and being superThot, how better than that? There have been whispers about her being P4P for a looong time and where there’s smoke, usually some fire. Jus’ sayin.

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      I lived in ATL for over 20 years… There is much, much P4P going on. That’s how a lot of pseudo celeb chicks there get the so called “come up”. It’s super common there unfortunately. I used to work at the Ritz-Carlton downtown. I couldn’t believe what I saw on a regular! It was an education to say the least.

  10. Rach

    TT you outdid yourself here. I’m literally going back to bed because of this. Too early for such juicy tea. My Sunday morning just had the ultimate start lol

  11. Lime Brain

    Ugh! It’s to early in the morning for my brain to process this.

    Maybe Porsha did Cynthia a favor, if this was the straw (allegedy) that broke the camel’s back and caused Cynthia to finally leave him.

    • Dee

      I’m with you LimeBrain. I’m on my first cuppa. coffee. Gosh first the LVP lightbulb moment, now this. Lots of tea Ms Tamara. Really good tea too :)

  12. Cat

    Porsha screwing Peter? Allegedly?

    I would think it would be less shocking to list the names of who she ISN’T screwing. Allegedly.

    And I’ll bet it’s a very short list. Um, allegedly.

  13. Chanel

    Not true. The reason why porsha & peter fight is because he is still friends with her ex husband cordell. Remember when she was going through the divorce how he would tell cordells side the divorce.

    • tamaratattles

      Except that Kordell disappeared from Sports One a LOOOOOOOONG time ago and hasn’t been seen there since…

  14. No way did *NeNe voice* PEEE-TUH pay Porsha. She’d do it for the spite.

  15. Home

    Well I can believe that Porsha and Peter hooked up…allegedly..There was definitely too much energy between them! I don’t know what happened in Porch’s life but passing her self around…allegedly..for bags, dollars and cars can only last so long..smh. I used to live in a city about Atlanta’s population and there was a woman that was Porsha’s twin After awhile the men would openly talk about her bad..she had been passed around so much her shine became a DULL, DULL penny! If she wants to eventually marry, have children and settle down…she better watch it!

    Cynthia stayed in this marriage much too long! I believe Peter had an agenda from the beginning and now that all the points are checked off..he is checking out. I just hope Cynthia can salvage her finances. Also I pray that she can heal emotionally and fine TRUE love. Divorce can be so damn destructive in many ways…After my divorce..I had to go through the pain of paying my cheating ass ex 5 years of alimony, paying off HIS back taxes and use to sit a think of ways I could murder him without getting caught! It took my a LONG time to date again…so I definitely can relate to her.

    I don’t know if NeNe had a twirl with Peter but she definitely had a crush…about three seasons ago it was disgusting how she would flirt with Peter..smh

    One the divorce proceedings start all of the dirty laundry will come out…It will probably all leave of shaking our heads and looking at several RHOA characters in the worst light!

    Thanks for this tea TT…I know you will have more on this fiasco in the future…

    • Calipatti

      Yes Nene had a crush on Peter but I doubt Peter would do Nene. Peter is into thin young looking women, Nene’s to big for him.
      Then again some guys will do anything that is still warm.
      I talked myself out of a opinion.

  16. Rach

    I’m still not over this tea. I can see Peter hooking up with that Shamea girl as well.

  17. AprilTea

    Perhaps Peter got it on with one or two of Porsha’s friends, but the media or sources believe it is Porsha. She talks like she really knows his dirt. Sounds like a friend is messing/sleeping with him or slept with him. I can’t imagine Porsha letting Peter get that. Not enough money.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      No way was Cynthia mad enough at Porsha at the reunion for this to have happened. I don’t believe it. Your scenario seems much more likely.

      • Home

        Cynthia is VERY good at hiding her feelings and she doesn’t like confrontation…wish is VERY unhealthy! She would have never let it out at the reunion…but IMO..she’s got her antenna way up! Porsha knows something and I believe she is directly or indirectly involved…It will all come out in the wash if not…definitely the rinse!

      • Minky

        Oh my goodness Yoya! Do you not remember Cynthia being a dishrag and saying that she would totally understand if Peter cheated on her because of her fibroids and the lack of sex life they were having?

        I wanted to reach through the TV screen and slap some sense back into that poor woman. As devastatingly gorgeous as Cynthia not only was, but still is, you’d imagine she’d have at least a smidgen of confidence. But no. Peter played her low self-esteem ass like a fiddle.

        (As an aside, my spidey sense also tells me that Peter has maybe also slept with Mallory. Mallory’s objection to Cynthia and Peter’s marriage was waaaay too vehement to have not been based on some personal shit. Again, I am just speculating.)

        To me, Cynthia’s behavior indicated that she knew Peter was being a lad about town and she maybe also already had known about Porsha for a while. Porsha was accusing Peter of being a rabid philanderer at last year’s reunion. So the length of the possible Peter/Porsha affair is anybody’s guess. When Cynthia cunt punted Porsha on the boat that was a very symbolic physical Freudian slip, if you ask me. She could have aimed for the stomach or the knees. But no. She got her right in the puss!

        I have one thing to say to Cynthia: Leon! Leon! Leon!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Minky I remember that. It made me sad for her. I don’t doubt she knows about Peters cheating but I just can’t see it with Porsha. One of Porshas “colleagues”, perhaps. Porsha knows something, but then again it’s quite obvious to anyone isn’t it.

        Mallory and Cynthia’s mom’s distaste for Peter I just chalk up to him being such an obvious cheater slimeball.

  18. Guccinara

    So this is a complete non story – a fake report of something that did not happen, but well done for making me click on it all the same. I always believed that Cynthia should never have gotten with peters broke ass in the 1st place and he may well be as faithful as Apollo was to Phaedra. And can believe Porsha is willing enough to sleep with folk for cars and handbags. But she’s absolutely nothing to gain from sleeping with peter. There are rumours and blatant lies- this is the latter.

  19. SpaceyLacy

    Wooooooow. Just wow. Way too much info to process. TT you are ahhhmazing!!!

  20. Not enough ham on this bone to even gnaw on.

  21. Philly Finest

    That would explain why Porsha seemed angry.

  22. Cheychey

    I think Porsha knows about a lot of Peter’s cheating because those are probably the kind of ho’s she hangs out with in Atlanta. I don’t really think she slept with him herself. Not that she wouldn’t sleep with a friends man but I don’t think Peter has enough to offer her and isn’t her type. I just imagine her with more like atheletes and rappers then Peter.

  23. susan

    Why during the reunion show would Porsha talk about Peter’s infidelities if she was party to them? She can’t be that stupid. Allegedly

    • Yes she is that stupid

    • 25

      Yup. She’s that stupid. Just like she came for Kenya over a one-eyed African “who’s married”!!! When we all know damn well that banging married men is Porsha’s whole MO. Allegedly. She’s too stupid to think one step ahead when she brings up a topic that implicates herself.

      • Miguel

        Exactly 25! In Kenya’s wise words, “Porsha… doesn’t even know what she’s saying, unless there’s a d*#k in [her mouth]!”

    • Twilly

      She’s the kinda hoe that thinks sleeping with a married man makes her a winner over the wife.

  24. howicit

    Remember porsha is not smart.


    So classless and common.

  26. T D

    Thw consummate jerk and twerks for perks? And another in these dirty works? A skeleton in the closet lurks.

  27. More Tea Please!

    I wouldn’t put it past both Porsha and mean having slept with Peter. Porsha because she’s a skank and would like to get back at Kordell for rejecting her. I uldn’t ne surprised if Nene slept with him because she did have an attraction to Peter early on in and flirted with him openly. For her the conquest would have been a power thing not a matter of lust. Most likely this would have happened while she was divorced, if that really happened.

  28. jen

    Whoa! The tea! I don’t think Nene would sleep with him but Porsha yes. Just opinion though. Wow! Poor Cynthia.

  29. This one is too far-fetched for me.

  30. FrostyTheOG

    Talk about a plot twist! This would make for a great next Season… but, I would need both to be true. Especially Nene and Peter! How insane IF this did really happen?!

  31. 90210chick

    Hahaha – Greggy holding everybody’s pocketbooks while standing on the sidelines !

  32. T D

    Pigs in a blanket.

  33. RealityBites

    I would guess Kenya for number two. I love her, but think she has major boundary issues. My guess would also be that it was very early on.

  34. Gracious

    Gross!! Both Peter and Porsha. Nene too.

  35. tamaratattles

    I’m not sure what to believe about this. In a way it could explain a lot of things, ESPECIALLY the disappearance of Kordell which I was assuming was about um… Peter’s “association” with Apollo. I’m not sure how much Kordell would have cared if Peter hooked up with Porsha way back then.

    CDAN used to be on the money way often than not, but there have been some changes going on over there and things seem a lot different.

    If this is true though, it’s a HUGE deal.

    And neither Peter nor Porsha has any impulse control…

  36. JustJenn

    Cynthia has always been and will always be too good for Peter. Porsha is more his level, but I wouldn’t even wish that on her.

  37. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Just imagine! If Bar One had been wildly successful, and Peter wasn’t a man whore, he and Cynthia would pretty much be Karen and Ray from RHOP??????

  38. Katie

    CDAN has been sold at least five times since a couple years ago. I stopped keeping track after that. When that nypost article came out in 2012 it was already on its third owner. Sometimes the original enty will pop by with some actual, legitimate blinds and his style is very easy to spot: distinctive and long winded. 90% of the blinds on the site are either bs or written so vague that it’s easy to fit any number of people in them. This blind wouldn’t surprise me but that entire site is hoaky.

  39. QueenB

    I don’t think very highly of Porsha but this accusation is waaaay below the belt. I’d have to see receipts to believe this tea.

  40. Ddiana

    I think Porsha must know a friend or two that have been hanging out with Peter. Don’t think Porsha ever did though.

  41. Miguel

    OMG, TT – the tea’s spilled! Let me pick my jaw off the floor… I turn my back for a few days; and this!!! Methinks you’re onto something – perhaps, Phaedra may have loved her some Papa Smurf, too???

    • Cat

      Ew. Peter and Phaedra? Ick and double Ick.

      • Minky

        Didn’t Phaedra call Peter “Papa Smurf”? Now imagine her moaning “Oh, Papa Smurf!!!” loudly during an orgasm. And “The Smurfs” theme song playing in the background as lovemaking music. ?

        I swear, this post has been too much fun!

  42. MaryWanna

    I believe that Peter is a cheater, but I don’t think he’d sink as low as Porsha. Chances are he met a “classier” whore in Charlotte.

  43. I just can’t see Porscha going for dusty old Peter. First of all, he’s broke, and Porscha doesn’t do scrubs. And while another Vanderpump Rules show would be fabulous, one with Peter would not. I hate Plumpy but she’s charismatic and her role works well on VPR. I’d rather a VPR clone from a New York wife like Sonya or Bethenny or Queen Ramona.

    • tamaratattles


  44. Twilly

    Gross. Both of them. I wonder if he paid her.

  45. Dee

    Wow! Tamara you have a lot of FB shares on this!

  46. Yamoah Asiedu

    It’s very hard to believe this but if Peter and Porsha really did hook up… Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
    This might explain why Kordell withdrew his financial support and the underlying antagonism between Cynthia and Porsha. Again I say Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
    Is Atlanta really that small? Aren’t husbands and wives meant to be off limits? SMH

  47. When I read this title my first thought was, “Peter can’t afford Porsha!”

  48. Wow. Just wow. I can totally see this with Porsha. Even though I’m not exactly a Nene fan, I find that part hard to believe. Remember, “Close your legs to married men”? I’m just saying…

  49. i bet peter slept with nene, porsha and phaedra. do you remember the man-crush he had on kordell too? maybe he swings both ways.

  50. SaraSally

    Perhaps Porsche sabotaged Kordell’s investment & relationship with Peter by underhandedly providing him a BJ. That way she could cut Kordell at the quick by humiliating him while hitting him in the pocketbook. Revenge is best served cold.

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