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These days on realty shows, you see a flurry of people enlisted to get the talent together.  There are glam squads, masseuses, interns, assistants, managers, social media teams, ghost writers and so much more. Last night I had the opportunity to see a schedule for one reality TV personality’s team member whose role sounds a lot like a personal slave. I can only imagine all the tea this person has on a certain “lady of the manor who apparently needs someone to do everything short of wiping her ass and hold her hair back during her morning hangover purge.

I thought you might like to take a look inside the daily routine that begins from the moment one opens their eyes and ends only when one falls into bed exhausted.

These are just the general requirements of the day outside of the persons actual assigned role.  In addition to all of this, the team must all sign releases with production that basically give away any rights one has as well as ownership of anything that the person might produce during the filming and some things are literally signed away in perpetuity, like confidentiality.  That part really sucks because I would so love for people to write books about their experiences.

The tales that could be told about the odd spending habits alone would be fantastic. Though I wouldn’t know anything about that. I do have sort of a day in the life thing for you after the break. From refilling water bottles with tap water, to picking up dog poop, it certainly doesn’t seem like the glamorous situation that applicants are expecting. And if you listen very closely, you can hear murmuring of the disgruntled team here and there about town.


personal assisstant


Daily Morning Routine

Always text Lady of the Manor  (LOTM) prior to entering her bedroom, or knock. Place an index card with the following day’s schedule copied from the printed calendar each night.

9 a.m.  Present LOTM her tea with hazelnut non dairy and NY post. Leave on the red dresser.  Text LOTM to let her know tea and paper are there. Ask if she needs anything else.

9:30 a.m.  (unless otherwise specified)  Bring up Breakfast of Irish oatmeal with berries and almond milk on tray.  NEVER walk in without knocking or texting first!!! Be sure to include, VITAMINS, RX Weight loss pills, and Testosterone.

Pack her purse according to the detailed, typed packing list provided. Always take business cards out of wallet & enter into contacts.

Open door to balcony so dogs can go out to pee. Leave door open for dogs. Make sure their food and water is filled. Also refilled empty water bottles on bedside.

Mondays Remember vitamin D capsule.

Tuesdays Take trash to curb. Water plants. Give orchids one ice cube.

Thursdays Remember vitamin D pill. Leave estrogen patch on dresser with tea and NY Post. Water plants. (not orchids). Take trash to curb.

Sundays Take recycling to curb.

Receive all packages and text  LOTM when packages arrive.
Don’t forget to put the gates down every night. (not sure what that means)

This is just one actual list that team members must follow out of several. Someone surely gets a LOT of texts.  That would drive me batshit. Hmmm maybe I’m on to something there.


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73 responses to “Blind Item: Lady of the Manor

  1. Tracyeau

    My first thought is Sonja and then Bethenny. And would they get paid or is this an intern’s job

  2. therealdeb

    Jesus, this sounds like Sonja to me. The whole lady of the manor thing…

  3. therealdeb

    Shit, or Ramona!

  4. Siohban

    Morgan Manor

  5. So many to choose from. Do the Dubrows still have that dog–dogs?

  6. 25

    I badly want to say this is Patricia from SC, but the “manor” & mention of multiple applicants smacks of Sonja

  7. beth

    Which HW has a red dresser? I want to say it is Sonja, but I don’t watch anymore …

  8. Lime Brain

    Poor dogs have to hold it til 9:30 am. No wonder they piss all over Sonja’s apartment (allegedly).

  9. Matzah60

    I think one would immediately say Sonja, but her interns seem timid and I haven’t seen any of them yell at her, let alone obscenities. It must be someone @50 because of the estrogen patch and testosterone. I am thinking Bethany based on the dogs and balcony, but then the gates down would like indicate that someone has a street level front door (Sonja) where a pull down iron wrought gate over the front door.

    Still, the red dresser indicates to me it’s Bethany as just about every accent and pieces are done in red in her new apartment which is the color branding for Skinnygirl

    • K Slay

      Its Sonja. One of her interns have been discussing a lot of private stuff about her and said that she takes a LOT of vitamins and the weirdest thing she takes is testosterone.

      • Matzah60

        Thanks K Slay. The larger, main photo looked to be Sonja, but I thought that the red dresser might indicate it was Bethanny since so many things in her apartment are Skinnygirl Red.

      • Skeeter

        @Matzah60 – The red outfit above I took as one of SonJa’s “caberlesque” outfits, I’d say pardon my spelling but I guess you can’t misspell an imaginary word!

  10. Twilly

    I’m sure it’s Sonja and I’m just sad for her at this point.

  11. The Edie Beale photo makes me want to say Sonja.

  12. I knew this was Sonja the moment I saw the picture of Little Edie as Andy has been referring to she and LuAnn as Big and Little Edie. As far as the list of tasks to do, man….I thought my job sucked!

  13. KatherineNola

    I’m thinking Sonja. I was on estrogen and testosterone at 42 as a random fact so it could be a younger chick!

  14. How can someone with so much help be in so much chaos? Sonja’s home is a direct personification of her mind, and it is sad. It would be cool if Bravo was wikileaked.

  15. Deb in SF

    Well. I must be off because I thought this screamed LuAnn, especially with the “knock first” edict.

  16. Frosty

    Hm, vitamin D 2x a week – wonder if that’s a heavier supp for osteopenia or something. Now the estrogen and testosterone is interesting – usually it’s estrogen and progesterone plus testosterone, maybe. So estrogen alone might suggest she’s had a hysterectomy and doesn’t need progesterone, and the testosterone is really to help shed fat and build muscle. The blind doesn’t say whether the personality is currently on a show, but I’m going with Camille Grammer.

    • Dracla Dunning

      Testosterone is also used to ramp up the female sex drive.

    • I am on some pretty heavy vitamin D all the time. I am Native American and it’s common for us to not absorb vitamin D from sunlight properly – that made me think of LuAnn but this HAS to be Sonja.

      • Lime Brain

        I read in a book recently that if you stood naked in Times Square all day during the winter months your body wouldn’t be able to produce enough vitamin D. It has to do with the angle of the sun. So, I don’t think it’s a big deal that she’s taking it.

        Now the testosterone is curious…

  17. I’m most surprised that Sonja waits until 9a.m. to look for her name on page 6 in her NY Post. If only to find out exactly where she was the night before.

  18. Minky

    Um…didn’t Carole mention that she “experimented” with testosterone for a while? You know, for, um, research?

    Of course, Sonja does have ALL of those interns. I can’t imagine working that hard for free. Who knew that she was such a slave driver?

    Dammit, now I want an intern or two. Sonja named one of hers Pickles. I’ll just get a couple of short interns and name them Gherkin and Cornichon.

  19. FarFromPerfekt

    I could never work for the ‘Queen’. I would be too tempted to play dress up in her closet all day. I do love me some Giggy though, just not at the dining table. ?

  20. Nicole

    Sonja Morgan

  21. FarFromPerfekt

    Okay, it’s probably Ramona! Was much more fun thinking it’s LVP.

  22. Calipatti

    Not Bethenny, she doesn’t seem like the type for texts, drive her nuts.
    Sonja #1 or Ramona #2, both would take hormone therapy.
    Who else has dogs?
    Luanne did not bring dogs to Sonjas and why is Luanne homeless?

  23. Sharon

    Has to be Sonja especially given the pic of Little Edie from Grey Gardens.

  24. Cat

    Testosterone? Really?

  25. Lolagyrl

    Also. I would dearly love for someone to make me breakfast, clean out my purse, & leave me a note with my schedule. All while not talking to me. Although I get up at 6. The early hour might dissuade the unpaid help. Also. I’m nobody. So. Making my own breakfast!

  26. Are you trying to make me extra thankful for my radiator? It worked. Poor Pickles et al.

  27. Xanadude

    First off, the mixing of all those medications (PRESCRIPTION weight loss?) Along with the binge drinking – And then the faux healthy eating is showing some severe dissociative behavior.
    Second – packages? Interesting. Product for personal use or legit business?
    Last – is said person so debilitated either through addiction, narcissism, or just plain special needs that she cannot function without help?

    The splurging on nonessentials while scrimping on things like water bottles sounds an awful lot like you, though, TT. :-)

  28. RealityBites

    So Sonja. I do so love her re-using her water bottles. And the incessant texting, and if only I had someone to clear out my purse!

  29. Superfly

    I thought the pic was Erika Jayne!

  30. Fizz

    Kim Z. or Kenya? Refilling bottles sounds like Sonja but. I do remember Kim’s assistant showing her cook the printed calender in her kitchen. Kenya cause Moore Manor.

  31. Marzipan

    Wow, Kenya is even more demanding than I imagined. How does Matt stand her?

  32. Dandy Lion

    When I read about the red dresser, I though “Bethenny” but then overall it sounds like Sonja. Except I’m still stumped because Sonja has interns. I guess you could fire unpaid interns. Ack! TT, who is it?

  33. Wasn’t it mentioned (I think in relation to Sonja and her interns) that they were getting college credit? I can kinda see doing this as part of a film/production type course work. What a hoot!

    • jen

      I do not see Kenya doing this lol.

      • Marzipan

        I obviously need to reinstate my “eat before doing things that require reading comprehension” rule. Yikes.

        But yeah, the texting thing is odd – Sonja doesn’t seem to be the sort of person to insist on much privacy.

  34. jen

    New guess!!

    Patricia from Southern Charm.

    I thought she actually resides in NYC but films in SC.

    Anyone else?

  35. jen

    All I know is the text before you disturb me thing is hilarious

  36. Toddy

    The dogs pee on the balcony. Gross.

  37. Will

    You guys, it’s clearly Sonja. TT’s blinds are purposely VERY obvious, and Sonja has been called the “lady of the manor” like 1000 times on RHONY at this point. What’s crazy here is that she has always claimed — rather adamantly — that she cares for her interns and is giving them great work experience. But unless they are preparing for careers in crazy-person-management, she’s paying them (PSYCHE, they’re not paid) just to make her feel pampered and sane.

  38. Rose

    Sonja. What’s the testosterone for?

  39. Xanadude

    I wonder if the instruction texts have just boiled down to emojis now, to eliminate any unnecessary communication.

  40. Jim

    I’m laughing at the posters who think a tiny to-do list that takes 20 minutes to complete is “working too hard”!

    Also, rinsing and refilling water bottles with filtered water is the right thing to do. I reuse the thicker bottles by refilling and freezing them. I top them off with water and put them on my bedside table so I have cold, refreshing water throughout the night. I live in the desert so it’s an absolute necessity or otherwise I’d be a dried corn husk by morning.

    • I had a boss that made me fill her Neutrogena bottle with dollar store soap. I think that’s closer to how Sonja functions than how you reuse water bottles.

      • Lime Brain

        And I get the image that she passes these bottles as new ones to guests and those bottles have had her lips all over them. Ugh!

        I also saw on the bravo page a tour she gave of her house. I was looking for the red dresser but didn’t see it.

        Anyway, she was showing off her bidet and she says she uses it to wash all her delicates in it. I’ve never had a bidet, so I was wondering if anyone else does and if so, have you ever washed anything in it and why?

        I wonder if washing underwear in a bidet is part of the interns job.

        Speaking of interns, with all her heating and plumbing problems, why doesn’t she find one that is capable of fixing these things? Forget about painting my outdoor furniture. Fix my water heater! She needs to get her priorities straight.

      • Lime:

        My last house had a bidet. Washing things in it is tantamount to washing things out in the toilet. If it’s kept super-clean, I guess it’s alright, but why not just wash things in the sink? I mean, a bidet is basically a sink that you sit on.

        That said, I highly recommend them. You are just-out-of-the-shower clean each time you use the bathroom.

        I’m thinking Sonja was saying that to make sure everyone knows she has a bidet!

    • tamaratattles

      Jim, I don’t think it is working to hard exactly as it is being a slave during all waking hours. Those are duties unrelated to their assigned roles such as social media coordinator, webmaster of her “lifestyle site”, “wardrobe coordinator” etc.

      Also, there was no mention of rinsing anything. Just growing bacterial in the plastic bottles. There is some controversy that the plastic bottles break down over time and release chemicals that cause cancer. There is not research to support or dispute that claim. I would think if one was more Lady of the Manor and less broke, one could simply purchase bottled water or purchase a steel container to hold filtered water.

      Also, how old are you? I need to set my respect my elders gage.

      • Jim

        51 and feeling every year! I looked and felt like I was in my 20s until about 45. Then I aged 10 years in 6 months. Getting old sucks.

  41. Dee

    This is so funny! Thanks for the laughs 😉

  42. T D

    She doesn’t need interns, better suited to a Drill Sargeant. He could hit her with the rolled up Post and make her pick up poop. Are they going behind her portrait yet?

  43. LC

    I was actually expecting worse. I can also understand the knocking before entering. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I was reading the list and expecting it to say, daily staff beatings or something horrific. This is nothing compared to 1/2 the celebs out there.

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