Blind Item: Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes wide shut


Tamara Tattles has been contacted by someone who claims to know a male identified as a love interest for someone on reality TV. The source claims that he met the love interest, let’s call him Chase, through a website for those “seeking an arrangement” a few years ago.  The source and Chase hooked up half a dozen times in NYC and the source flew him to Florida twice for a long weekend. They are no longer in contact.

The source contacted a mutual acquaintance after reading a post here to inquire about this “new relationship” that Chase has become involved in. According to the mutual acquaintance, Chase met the reality TV person (RTP) around the winter holidays in 2014 via Grindr when the RTP was in town for an appearance. At that time a “no strings attached ” hookup occurred. Subsequently, some sort of arrangement was agreed upon. The sources are both surprised that Chase would be so open about the arrangement that ensued. Chase is known for his insistence on discretion. It is presumed that this sudden publicity will not be welcomed by him.

There was more information than y’all need about the sexual dynamics. Let’s just say that Chase is a submissive bottom who gets off on the relationship being all about the other party.  This seems like a perfect arrangement for an RTP with a large ego. The presumption is that this is a well-defined, non-exclusive arrangement that both find satisfying and not an emotional relationship.

I continue to be amazed by the range of folks who read here. Obviously, I have no way to verify this source; however, there were enough details for me to find his accounting of his experiences believable. YMMV.


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29 responses to “Blind Item: Eyes Wide Shut

  1. Sonjas Intern

    Was gonna say Andy but thinking it would’ve said talk show host not RTP

  2. No clue, but looking forward to reading the comments.

  3. It Is What It Is

    Andy, although I would have thought he would be a bottom kind of guy.

  4. Miguel

    Delicious tea – I hung on every word! Is it the Countess?

  5. GildedLily

    Andy had appearances in the Boston area December 4/5, 2014. That could be when Andy and the Harvard Fellow first met up through Grindr. I think the blind item is about them.

  6. KelliAnn

    But, if it was Andy, why now? Why are they saying something about this now? Andy’s been a public figure for awhile now. I’m thinking its somebody newer to Reality TV.


    • rainidaze

      I think it’s definitely Andy and the Harvard fellow and I think the reason the source contacted TT now is because of her recent blog about the guy.

  7. GildedLily

    Andy was on tour in the Boston area December 4/5, 2014. I think this is about Andy and the Harvard Fellow.

  8. ZenJen55

    Jax is my guess

  9. jen

    So much tea today!

    You get a scandal and you get a scandal.

    Love so much. TT I hope you get a rest!

  10. Twilly

    If it’s Andy’s new friend I almost feel bad for him. This kind of publicity would hurt his Fellowship/future endeavors. He was careless to let himself get exposed like this.

  11. Matzah60

    Going to go with Jax because of the comment Andy made to him at the reunion that for Jax, “a hole is a hole”…, still can’t believe Andy said that on national TV. Andy is a pervert

  12. Auntie Velvet

    I had the impression while reading it that it was all so “discrete,” that it had to be someone who is closeted. If it’s Andy, is that a big deal?

  13. Matzah60

    “I continue to be amazed by the range of folks who read here.” Tamara, that is because your blog provides reliable and accurate facts. The fact that you provide a fair and reliable account of the shows and their corresponding cast of characters, you have become the compass by which others are compared to by readers, players, and reality players. This is not an ass-kissing comment, but something that I have witnessed.

    I see mentioned in many other blogs and sometimes I see what you wrote written in other blogs without giving you fair credit. In either case, you are the go to for the real facts, fair treatment, and accuracy.


  14. If “Chase” wants to be discrete, why did he bartend on wwhl? I guess there’s a difference between being on tv & having your personal “arrangements” put on blast. I think I just answered my own question…

  15. tamaratattles

    I have removed the offensive posts that some idiots decided to make that were COMPLETELY Wrong in the first place and offensive as well.

    The purpose of a BLIND ITEM is not just to be a fun guessing game. Bloggers use it as a legal issue for things they cannot or should not say.

    So when you just rush in and randomly guess something so obvious without DISCUSSING THE FUCKING POINT. It is so offensive to me I just don’t read the comments. Because there is never any discussion of THE TOPIC. Y’all just want to be the one who guesses correctly something I have gone to GREAT LENGTHS to make obvious. And when those idiots then decide to make pissy comments about a straight man, at least as far as we know, is revolting.

    So thanks for letting me know of the issue in comments. If this were an outright post there would be a lot of comments about what is going on.

    It is annoying as fuck to me that you guys do not read what others say in comments and just start slandering other people. I am back to not reading this shit until someone makes me aware of fucktards in the comments again.

    IF you think I like homophobia here you are at the wrong fucking site.

  16. tamaratattles

    I am ready to end comments on this.

    This is not let’s guess who is gay.




  17. tamaratattles

    I am shutting this post down and will refrain from giving you any info about gay men in the future. I keep forgetting that y’all don’t talk about the FUCKING TOPIC here and cause me to chase down slanderous comments about straight men.

    I won’t make the same mistake again. In fact, Blind items are SO ANNOYING I should just stop them all together.

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