The Mother Daughter Experiment: Is This Thing Still On?

Mother Daughter Kim


This show keeps changing nights and disappearing off the line up. I am not sure if I missed any episodes or if they will ever air them all. It looks like I haven’t missed a thing.

I was never interested in hearing about Krista screwing her daughter Courtney’s husband. I don’t mind Courtney so much but her vocal fry is unbearable.

I wish Natalie’s mom could be Josie’s mom instead.

Heidi and Natalie have started their day drinking at 9 am. They have been wasted every single night. I get they think this is some kind of a Girls Gone Wild Vacation, but even I would have held off on the day drinking until after the group therapy crap.  Plus they are being filmed! Shouldn’t this be their best behavior?  The two drunk girls are pissed that their third drunk amigo, Jessica, is dissociating herself from them.

Speaking of alcoholics, I have yet to see Kim this episode. Time for group!  Wait, Heidi’s mother is an addiction counselor? During group, Heidi’s alcoholism is brought up, but her mother refuses to say it. Kim Richards who looks AWFUL with a face as red as a roasted beet starts ranting about everyone bringing her up all the time. Kimberly has to explain that no one is talking about her.

During the Courtney/Krista portion, which I shan’t bother to recap here,  Kim and Kimberly’s confessionals are interspersed with Kim mocking them.  It’s kind of funny. Kim is actually spot on with her Krista impersonation and seems to have been paying close attention to the conversation. So that’s good I guess.  Kim said that Courtney keeps bringing up all of these underage boys that her mother had a crush on during her childhood and she kept expecting Krista to deny SOMETHING and she just kept nodding in agreement.

Mother Daughter Kim Richards

Next is Kim and Kimberly. Kim interrupts the therapist before she can even start with them because she wants to say something to the group. Um, okay. Kim says that the discussion of alcoholism (she barely could say the word) was upsetting to her and Kimberly (because, codependent) because she is in recovery. The therapist was like, um yeah, so the issue is also part of the situation with other pairings so it will be discussed. It is difficult to believe that Kim has ever gone to an AA meeting. Which reminds me, she was supposed to go before a judge last week.

OMG, Josie Canseco, the nicest girl in the room says that Kimberly has explained that there are a lot of things that aren’t okay to talk about with her mother. So she is wondering why they spend so much time alone in their room and why they came on the show if there are so many things they don’t want to discuss out in the open.  I never expected THAT from Josie.  Maybe production suggested she ask since she is seen as the young, sweet fragile one. Kim makes an odd face. Kimberly steps in to answer for her mother saying that she didn’t even do the housewives this season because she was not prepared to go on. She just did it a couple of times. Um, Kimberly seems to be delusional. Her mother was in and out of rehabs and jail when the season first started filming. The therapist points out that any time Kimberly talks she looks at Kim to make sure it’s okay for her to say what she is saying. The therapist (who I am starting to like better) points out their codependency without using the word. Kim mutters something about her life being all over the tabloids while sitting on an V list reality show.

Later that night they have a daughter swap. Kim gets Courtney and Shar gets Kimberly. Kim talks to Courtney and tells her to mend her relationship with her mother and shares that she was upset by her falling out with Kyle, who she does not mention by name. It might have been one of her daughters actually.

Next Week: Or whenever they show it, Kim and Natalie get in a very heated argument where physical aggression comes in to play.


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9 responses to “The Mother Daughter Experiment: Is This Thing Still On?

  1. JustJenn

    Thanks for the recap! I’ve only watched the first two since they keep moving this mess around. Have you been watching Family Therapy on Vh1? New York’s Mom is a trip.

  2. VioletBlue

    You didn’t miss anything. It wasn’t even on last week! It’s crazy! The semi-normal daughters have the not-so-normal moms and vice versa!

  3. sandra

    Thanks for the recap. I can never find this show on so, I thought they stopped showing it.

  4. JoJoFLL

    Is Kim working a plan? Isn’t part of recovery admission?

  5. Atl hater

    Kim is now hooked on reality tv. Just hoped she traded this new addiction from another one instead of adding it. I just wish she’d go away because I don’t like that she feels so entitled and she’s now dragging her kid into the mix.

  6. Miguel

    This show doesn’t do your recaps justice, TT – thanks, as always!!!

  7. Jane

    Ditto on the Natalie’s mom and Josie comment.

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