Eileen Davidson Tries to Explain Her “Manipulations”

RHOBH Eileen
I am just not seeing how some of you can form such derogatory opinions against Rinna and Eileen. To me they are just two people that have little idea of all the behind the scenes drama an manipulations of reality TV and had no idea they were walking into a lion’s den with LVP and Yolanda each trying to take the other down.  In fact, they had no idea of the simmering hatred between the two. So when the two original members of the show take you under their wing and explain that the storyline is going to be uncovering the truth behind Yolanda’s bizarre illness,  why would you not go along with it? Rinna loves to “uncover the truth” and  Eileen just wanted to make some money and do fun things.  I don’t see why there is such vitriol.
Let’s take a look at Eileen’s blog this week:

Just to clarify some confusion: I did not manipulate Lisa R. into saying the truth about Lisa V. I’ve been hearing what Lisa V. has been doing all season long regarding Yolanda and what happened the day Munchausen was brought up. Lisa R. came to me many times with information about Lisa V.’s attempts to “manipulate.” I did not want to be in the middle of it anymore. I didn’t like knowing the truth and either having to pretend I didn’t or be the only one saying anything. So I asked Lisa R. to address it with Lisa V. herself.

This makes a lot of sense to me. For one thing, much like Kyle, Eileen seemed to be wanting nothing more all season than to be friends with LVP. She made numerous attempts to get in her good graces. And then came the day when she realized that LVP was not her friend. LVP clearly wanted to make Eileen’s marriage a storyline. I believe that was the producers plan from day one of filming the season.  I believe that Eileen squashed it by saying that Vince would not be willing to film anymore once they realized what was happening. But at the point that LVP started prying, the topic was still on the table from a production standpoint. It was then that Eileen realized that LVP was willing to disparage her marriage on TV. Eileen was hurt. She wanted to be friends with LVP. She kept hoping LVP would apologize for hurting her feeling. She kept trying to give LVP an out and each time she made things worse and apologized for ridiculous things like asking her questions and laughing in her face.

RHOBH Eileen 2All during this, Rinna was playing Nancy Drew regarding Yolanda’s odd health claims. MUCH LIKE EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE INTERNET INCLUDING ALL OF US! (and Kyle and LVP)  So if Rinna is crazy so are we all.  As Eileen says “she didn’t like knowing the truth” about LVP. And that truth was that LVP was willing to harm Eileen’s marriage and out Yolanda for having Munchhausen for a good storyline.
Reading Kathryn’s blog post from last week, it is obvious she did not understand this. I don’t blame her; she came in halfway through the season and still hasn’t witnessed, or been privy to, what I have. However, after this episode, it would be a shame of her to continue her misunderstanding of what really transpired.   What is also so obvious to me, and hopefully obvious to everyone who watches this episode, is this: Lisa Rinna told the truth. Kyle told the truth. I have been telling the truth, shouting it from the highest rooftops, really. THE truth. Not mine. Not theirs. The one and only truth.

It amazes me that so many people do not get this point. Rinna, Kyle and Eileen all agree about what LVP said. Rinna and Kyle both heard the words straight from LVP’s mouth. LVP is trying to draw some distinction between “I thought you were going to bring Kyle into it.” and “Why didn’t you bring Kyle into it!” Both Rinna and Kyle were told some version of that by LVP herself. Both Rinna and Kyle said it was clear that LVP wanted Kyle to take the fall for the Rinna stuff. Kyle has known this forever and basically agreed to do it. You know that LVP told Kyle to ask her what Mohammed thought about the kids supposedly have Lyme disease. If you don’t, you’re an idiot.  Kyle clearly agreed to give LVP an opening to bring that up.

How any of this is Rinna or Eileen’s fault that causes you guys to turn like a pack of rabid wolves on two people who you all LOVED last season is beyond me.

RHOBH Brandi tosses wine on Eileen

And now that it’s finally out, I can only hope that people let the truth speak for itself.The problem with that is, that LVP fans are fans because of some perception that she is a good person and owns unicorns and farts rainbows. For them to see the truth, let alone accept it would shatter their illusions of LVP.  They feel like acknowledging the fact that she is not perfect and has been manipulating for seasons upon seasons means that they have to drop out of the LVP fan club. I don’t see why you still can’t be a fan of someone with some devious intent. I certainly can. I think Kristen Doute is the cats pajamas for example. But LVP fans seem to deify her in bizarre ways and demonize those she doesn’t like. Sorry, Eileen. But LVP has never had any affection for you. Or any of these women.  Kyle is convinced that she has emotions toward her. But she doesn’t. She just loves that Kyle is such a willing solider. That’s the most you could have aspired to. Even Kyle has never received an apology.

P. S. I told you Lisa Vanderpump was never really sorry

I don’t remember you telling us that. I do remember shouting it at my TV several hundred times as you continued to think you might get an apology from her. I’m glad you finally understand that.

As for Rinna, she’s in Mexico with Harry Hamlin and her spawn sucking down margaritas and didn’t have the energy to rehash the drama for her blog. Which basically says, “I’m on vacation so y’all can just suck it!”

Now you can all sit down and feel bad about yourselves for being so mean to Eileen and Rinna.


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144 responses to “Eileen Davidson Tries to Explain Her “Manipulations”

  1. Xanadude

    “So if Rinna is crazy so are we all.” Then indubitably she’s crazy. :)

  2. Holly Burnett

    AMEN!! Very rare for someone to actually speak up and see the truth! I’ve seen LVP manipulating for many seasons its clear when vanderpump rules premiered and clearly see she plays with the whole cast!

    • Betty

      LVP is seems so pathetic. She relies on her husband so greatly bc she really has no friends. She dresses so silly with her shirts always unbuttoned way too low. Nobody wants to hit that Lisa. Ugh. Way past your expiration date. Wearing a tiara at your daughters wedding? Desperate much?

  3. I don’t like LVP because she is a good person. I like her because she is entertaining. Would I vote for her for president? No. Will I continue watched RHOBH if she is not on? Probably not. The problem with Eileen is, aside from her amazing Jean jumpsuits, she is boring. She and Rinna almost ruined the Dubai trip. That’s unforgivable.

    • Minky

      I get how you feel about Pinky. And I can respect it too. Pinky’s like Alexis Carrington on Dynasty. So deliciously villainous. It just seems like she’s grabbing at straws here, and that’s so not like her. It’s actually hard to watch her flail like this. The fact that she’s resorted to such low blows is totally undignified.

      Eileen is right, Pinky was being a bitch when she mentioned Eileen’s relationship with Vince. But I also think that Eileen went about addressing her grievance with Pinky the wrong way. Too much nagging. And again, I want Rinna to stir the latrine with reckless, cackling abandon.

      I don’t hate anybody at this point. Well…okay, scratch that. Yolanda is pretty bad.

      • amisteree

        She really is a modern-day embodiment of Alexis Carrington. Yummy. Yolanda is not. She scares me.

      • pdt090

        Yeah, I feel the same way. I just don’t like that she always feigns innocence and tries to play the victim when shit hits the fan – and it stuns me how many people fall for that act when she trots it out.

      • Trish

        Omg Eileen is a bore void of a personality she has been a soap actress for a very long time and anyone who thinks she doesn’t know what goes on behind the scenes is pretty dumb 1 she brought up the M word to Yolanda 2 she brought up bipolar to LisaR 3 if your offended by something WHY do yo keep bringing it up or if you don’t want to talk about it just say enough that right it was you storyline 4Who are you Eileen to tell LisaR how and what she should feel 5 I’m sure Lisa vanderpump is very flattered that these weak feeble mind women think that she can control them . So funny

      • tamaratattles

        Trish. Please read the commenting rules. Especially the part about literacy. You also seem menopausal with just the one random period in that word salad.

    • Meredo

      As you know, I agree with you lisamia (happy to know I’m in good company! Lol♥️). However, TT is bringing to light some things I never knew about LVP and while I still like her (LVP) I don’t like everything she is doing to stay on top.

  4. FrostyTheOG


  5. LaLa

    So LVP is the devil and these two are angels. Puhleeze.

    • mizjanfen


      • Dontrel Fegans

        Correct LVP such trash, absolutely correct and fans of her need to own up when they know she is wrong.

    • For those who can only think in absolutes, yes. For those of us who can see the shades of gray in between the black and white, hardly. We can see and acknowledge the flaws in a person while also seeing their positive attributes. It seems that’s an insurmountable obstacle for many LVP fans though.

      • amisteree

        Well said, ericzku. The fact that these women are indeed multilayered makes it better (relatively, of course). I love watching, and listening to LVP, she’s mesmerizing. However, her obvious disdain for some cast-mates rubs me the wrong way, and her nasty blog burst my LVP happy bubble (it was unnecessarily cruel). I will still tune in, because this is tv, and she is thoroughly entertaining.

      • Librarygirl

        Agree with this completely. The fact that LVP has been caught out just makes her more interesting to me. LVP fans have somehow cast her as Crystal Carrington when she is in reality all shades of Alexis. I find it rather amusing to watch these silly soap stars get schooled in reality TV the haaarrrrd way.

  6. Friday'smom

    Here’s the thing…. We all watched Eileen in living colour manipulate Lisa Rinna, in many scenes and we saw how angry she got at the Fosters dinner when Lisa Rinna did not agree with her. She also aggressively forced other cast members to discuss issues and conflicts (Erika and Katherine) when they did not want too. This not her first season on the show and clearly both these women know how reality tv works. They’re just not that good at it. Neither ever hosts an event nor has a story line that doesn’t involve stirring up crap. If you don’t want someone to judge your behaviour just own it…. Isn’t that what Eileen says to LVP. She should take her own advise instead of deflecting it on to others.

    • LaLa

      Bingo! Their hands are not clean in any of this.

    • Well said. I hope Katherine brings up Eileen snapping at her on the yacht when Katherine asked Eileen to stay out of Lisa V’s and Kyle’s discussion.

      • tamaratattles

        Yes, because Katherine has every right to insert herself in what Eileen was doing but Eileen should never involve herself in a discussion between LVP and Kyle.

      • I believe Katheryn was objecting so Kyle and Lisa could talk it out by themselves–something the ever sensitive Eileen couldn’t understand. And it was kathryn’so birthday. Eileen snapping at her was rude.

      • Dontrel Fegans

        That’s BS, Eileen was simply trying to resolve the long over drawn out issue. That’s why she kept asking to bring it up. This Article just says that had u read it all.

      • Eileen kept asking to bring it up because she has no story line and she wanted to deflect away from her marriage troubles.

      • Sharon

        Completely agree Friday’s Mom. Also Eileen looked and acted ridiculous trying to eavesdrop, insinuate herself into Kyle and LVP”s conversation and snapping at Kathryn. However Rinna is actually pretty scary and knows she is losing fans so she is now backing away from the whole thing saying she is over it- her blog states, “I see you, I hear you. I agree with about this nonsense dragging in and on. This has gotten too confusing so I am done.” She needs to “own her own crap” about the Munchausen comments instead if desperately trying to blame others. I lost all respect for her with this nonsense.

      • Sharon

        Lisamia- yes, it seems Eileen lacks common courtesy but DEMANDS it of others. Eileen was trying very hard to control the outcome and wanted to get Kyle on her side and agree she has no storyline.

    • spunky2015

      Rinna has changed her story so many times who knows what the story is. At first it was her hair stylist bringing up munchies and ends up with LVP manipulating it because of a long-standing feud. All I’ve seen is that LVP is never allowed to finish a sentence. Rinna, Eileen and Kyle just jump right in. IMO LVP wants to stay far away from Yo and is done with these broads.

      • Agreed, spunky2015. I am hoping the producers will let Yolanda go on her journey elsewhere next season. I don’t mind the rest of the cast sticking around–even Eileen if she keeps wearing those jumpsuits. Seriously, it would be interesting to see the dynamic without Yolanda.

      • Phew! You noticed the sentence thing tooooooo!

    • Lime Brain

      Friday’s Mom, to add to Eileens manipulation, she just challenged Kathyrn to pick a side in her next blog with the paraphrased line, “I don’t blame her, because she missed half the season, but after watching this episode, it would be a shame if she didn’t pick my side.”

      • Meredo

        You all are bringing up some very valid points that I do agree with. I’m feeling like such a “flip flopper”and I hate it! LVP was the one HW that never compelled me to do that.
        This has been an exhausting season, even more so than Puerto Rico to me. I hope the reunion isn’t as bad as it was in season 4, (Puerto Rico) when Andy seemed against LVP and on everyone else’s side. That was hard to watch.

      • tamaratattles

        yer retarded

      • “I don’t blame her, because she missed half the season, but after watching this episode, it would be a shame if she didn’t pick my side.”

        I can hear Kathryn laughing at that one.

      • Meredo

        Haha, somewhat I’m sure. I try not to go “full on” though.

  7. I actually like Lisa VP as well as Elieen and Lisa R. But, we ALL know Lisa VP is an extremely smart and intelligent woman. She is used to people looking to her for support and advise as well as confiding in her. Now, what she is not used to is people being on to her game regarding the show. Lisa VP is a veteran of two realty programs and well aware of what makes a good show and what does not. Lisa VP did not expect Lisa R and Eileen to catch onto her game; oh, I might as well add Ericka J to the list of those who were not fooled by Lisa’s game to make a good Season.

    As I sad, I like Lisa VP; but, she should just owned the things she said to Lisa R and Elieen because they are not playing Lisa VP game — well, not this Season. LOL!

    • Sharon

      Princeesspr64 — good points. I had not thought that LVP would be irritated with Eileen for the bigger salary. Interesting

  8. Barbara

    Tough audience for sympathy for Eileen. The reason we like Lisa V is not because she is perfect but rather because she is imperfect, as we all are, yet continues to try to put her best foot forward and give us an entertaining show. She has been gracious beyond anything us viewers would likely be under the circumstances, particularly towards Yolanda, who dissed her at the first opportunity. As in Who is Lisa Vanderpump in dis world? I think from that moment, Lisa wanted to show her and us, who she is. The undisputed star of the show. Lisa is not above being vindictive when crossed, but I for one, believe that is not her core character. I think she carries the show and sees Eileen waltz on and get paid at a much higher level than the others did without bringing much to the show. Eileen and Lisa Rinna are very hard working and that is noteworthy.The problem is they are not inately interesting or charismatic. This is something we viewers readily see.Just my two cents.

    • Meredo

      Yes @ Barbara! This is exactly what I have been trying to explain to my daughters who are so annoyed with me for being a fan of LVP.

  9. Riann

    No !!! Eileen’s adulteress affair was maliciously put out there by Kim R & Brandi and she did nothing , said nothing …because she knew better than to go toe to toe with two crazy no shame having ladies, and Brandi threw wine in her Eileen’s face because she disliked women who cheated with others women’s husbands, Eileen just sat there and cried, now she wants to turn up on LVP because Lisa asked her about the Affair … Are you kidding me , if you don’t want any part of your life exposed then don’t get on reality tv!!!! Eileen is boring and has no back bone so she munipulates Lady Fish Lips Rinna to go after Lisa VP, One thing is for sure Neither Eileen or Lisa R will take down Lisa VP she is the Franchise of RHOBH and she nailed her recent blog it goes down as the best blog ever written in housewives history ….she nailed their flat tushes…,., now let the hate begin ~

    • mizjanfen

      Yes Yes Yes sudsy and soapy!!!!
      They need to get a life, people shouldn’t get so consumed by things that all in all don’t really affect them and she was spot on with her analysis of Eileen she def is the type of wife who would let her husband sleep on the couch for not taking out the garbage!!!!

  10. Sam

    These women are 50. I feel like, at that age, if you’re letting yourself be manipulated by someone you either 1) have no self esteem and are desperate for their approval and friendship 2) are not very bright or 3) know full well what they are doing, and go along with it because you choose to. So my question is, which one applies to Lisa Rinna and/or Kyle?
    Everyone wants to be queen bee. Kyle has tried and failed, and has realized it is best to stay on LVP’s good side. Lisa Rinna and Eileen are trying to take LVP down, something that has been tried multiple times and never with success. LVP fans either know that she is master manipulator and love her for it, or have blinders on and think she is a wonderful person being unfairly maligned. Either way, they rabidly defend her.
    I don’t believe LVP manipulated Kyle to ask about what Mohammed thought about the kids. She seemed genuinely beside herself when this line of questioning came up. I almost wonder if Kyle, knowing it would damage LVP’s relationship with Mohammed, brought it up as her own way of being manipulative or showing LVP she could control the narrative too. Like saying “you’re not getting out of this with your hands clean. You’re going to get a litttle bit dirty here, too…” I think Kyle is a manipulator herself at times.

    • tamaratattles

      No one who has watched am significant amount of RHOBH shows could possible think that LVP was “genuinely bedside herself” when Kyle asked what Mohammed thought. Who on earth would ever believe that Kyle, who is afraid of LVP’s shadow and acts like an abused spouse would attempt to damage the one real relationship that LVP has managed to maintain? You would have to be dumber than a box of hair to fall for that routine!

      EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS SEASON INCLUDING (except Kathrine who is sofa king boring y’all seem to forget she exists) including LVP’s only friend on the show has called her out for manipulating them into ganging up on Yolanda on her behalf. But they are all wrong. crazy lack self-esteem, and are not very bright. Seriously?

      • Friday'smom

        I think no one is innocent here, however, it’s not about whether LVP did something different or worse than the others. I t seems like the way this show works I that one group gang up on another couple or everyone gangs up on one. I think it’s ridiculous to assume she has no other friends….

      • Sam

        I’m not disputing that she is manipulative. I just think them blaming her for manipulating them makes me question why the hell they let her do it to begin with? Which brings me back to my original three theories. Not bright, aware but willing, or desperate to make her happy. Perhaps I should add “scared of her” for a fourth possibility.

      • So what about that time when yolanda said Lisa is full of shit and Kyle and Kim swore up and down that she said it and Yolanda continued to deny it? Didn’t Lisa believe Yolanda?

      • Meredo

        I think it’s plausible that Kyle asked about Mohamed and the kids as per LVPs bidding. But I don’t find her to be scared of LVP at all. She never misses a chance to take a dig at her even this season when she claims to love LVP .

  11. Pip

    Eileen is my favorite on Beverly Hills. She seems very authentic. Whatcha see is whatcha get. And when she made that little B movie for a friend, bringing those women to a Burbank movie theater for the red carpet, it showed me that she doesn’t care about what others think. If I had to choose one to be my friend, it would be Eileen.

    • She does care what people think otherwise she would get all hysterical about the ‘a’ word! I would choose my words wisely when in a friendship with her!

      • Minky

        If I had friend who met her spouse that way I sure as diddly wouldn’t ever bring it up. Let alone refer to her as an “a” to-the-dulteress. Because, you know, I’m her friend and shit.

        Actually, I would never be all up in anybody’s business like that. Consenting adults can do whatever the fuck they like. Also, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t like a good bit of gossip (shit yeah!) but I do know where to draw the line in the real world with real people.

      • I’m not disputing that! I don’t think Lisa had any right to ask that question and then she apologized in a nonchalant way! My problem is how all of this was dealt with by she and Rinna! They annoyed the hell out audience and ruined the season! Be direct, Eileen has no problem doing that! Trying to incite Rinna to go after vanderpump wasn’t a good look!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Janshell I agree. I’m still lost as to why Eileen didn’t come right out and say “what are you getting at?” AT THE TIME. She seems to have no issue speaking her mind on LVP.

      • Pip

        Yoya- there have been a million times I have walked away from a situation and kicked myself for not having the right comeback. I tend to be non confrontational. It’s only later when I’m like “Fuck! Why didn’t I say ______ “? Me and George… Always a day late and a dollar short… “The jerk store called! They’re running out of YOU!”

    • Katherine 2.0

      But Minx, here’s the problem with your example: these folks are NOT friends. Never have been, never will be.

      I agree with TT, and you get a sense of it at the beginning of the season, that Eileen’s marriage is in trouble, and she didn’t want a whiff of that out there. Lisa going there because either production is in her ear, or she’s irritated that Eileen gets to hold back.

      We have witnessed plenty of marriages tank on this franchise. It is reality, right? Or at least something akin to it. So why is Eileen given a pass, particularly after she reportedly gets so much of a paycheck, comparatively speaking?

      • Minky

        @Katherine 2.0 “these folks are NOT friends” You’re right Katherine 2.0. Absolutely. I was responding to janshell’s comment, which assumes that they are friends, or that being in a “friendship” with Eileen would require one to walk on eggshells.

        I figure it’s not really Eileen that’s getting a pass, but Vince. He probably put his foot in that storyline’s ass.

  12. QueenB

    When LVP revealed that her apology to Eileen wasn’t sincere, I laughed because I’ve been in that situation. Sometimes its easier to apologize to shut someone up.

    It must be exhausting to be friends with Eileen and Rinna. I’d probably need to give fake apologies weekly.

  13. FarFromPerfekt

    Looks to me like she also didn’t give a shit about her long time friendship with Mohammed. He couldn’t possibly have known what she was going to say on camera regarding his kids, could he? She’s a cuntsatchel of the highest order to involve them at all. ? Do you know if Mohammed and LVP are friendly again now?

    • FarFromPerfekt

      P.S. Yolanda involved their kids plenty all on her own = cuntsatchel #2.

    • Friday'smom

      Considering Yolanda raised the topic of the children first… I think if you put it out there, then people will discuss it and you cannot control that. I watched that scene a few times and I think it was driven by Kyle who pushed and clearly LVP didn’t want answer.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Seems people are forgetting what a manipulative back stabber Kyle can be.

      • FarFromPerfekt

        I saw it as just the opposite. Kyle brought it up right on cue just like Lisa prepped her to do. Kyle allows Lisa to continually push most of her buttons because she’s insecure and a people pleaser. Their attempt at ‘acting out the scene’ was all too obvious to me but I’m also extremely skeptical, so there’s that. Cheers!

    • Dee

      Mohammed gave LVP the horse barn pictured above her blog on here. He was shown in an episode bringing her the barn. I’m guessing that was to show they are still friends

      • Sharon

        I was curious to know when the scene with the horse barn was actually filmed. I may be wrong but I think it was before the episode with Kyle asking LVP what Mohammed says about Bella and Anwar having Lyme disease.

  14. Gapeachinsc

    The only thing I feel bad about is that Eileen thought LVP was her friend. She’s naive. Even last season I could see her kindness and her heart. That’s her mistake. She should have done her homework, watched past seasons and read some blogs. Had she done that, she may have been better prepared or may have made a decision not to appear. I do think she manipulates too because she’s hurt. I wish she didn’t show she was hurt. I wish she had owned the affair and called LVP a bitch to her face when she asked about it. I wish she hadn’t goaded Rinna all season. I wish Rinna had done her homework as well. At a certain point I have a problem with weak women. That’s one of my flaws and I’m not strong in all areas of my life, either. Maybe cause I’m in the business world but people are a trip and my philosophy is to always look for the motivations and “primal cause” for behaviors. It aids one in making good decisions. Not that I’ve ever been known to use that same philosophy in my romantic life…

    • Friday'smom

      I felt like Eileen behaved all season in way that seemed completely out of character for her compared to the previous season. I liked her in the first season, she seemed straight forwarded and grounded. This season she has been almost manic at times, agitated and manipulative of Lisa Rinna. She criticized LVP endlessly in scenes were she engaged in the exact behaviour that she accused LVP of.

    • Katherine 2.0

      The whole scenario could have been avoided had Eileen stopped LVP in her tracks in the Hamptons.
      Which makes me suspicious of the entire season.

  15. Laura

    Rinna isn’t new to the reality TV scene. She’s an old pro.

  16. Sharon

    AMEN TAMARA!!! I have been thinking – am I crazy! I can see it as clearly as you do and still like them all LOL

  17. Frosty

    Thanks for taking the pp to her blog, TT!

    I really like Eileen, she’s loosey goosey and open and that’s refreshing. One of my favorite moments from the season was in the limo when she was comparing handbags with Kyle, who said her bag was a gift – while flashing a $25,000 watch lol. Fan of Kyle’s too — I like all of them actually, first time that’s happened! Including LVP, even though I think she’s totally full of shit. At least she’s funny, which goes a long way with this viewer.

    As for Eileen’s blog, I believe her. On to Southern Charm :)

  18. Virgil

    TT your commentary everything! I’m a LVP fan (I think she’s so classy and smart) but I realize she’s anything but a saint!

    Also random…All the women on cast are always bringing on some super close girl friend from back in the day (Kyle, Camile, Kim, Yolanda, even Brandi) but I can’t recall LVP bringing on a REAL ride or die girl friend to back her. Not her Hollywood friendship with Rinna or her toxic relationship with Kyle. Well there is Mohammed…anyways I think LVP is just not a girls girl…

    • I don’t think she’s a girls girl either…she’s commented a few time that she’s a MAN. Which I think she means she doesn’t understand the more sensitive issues most women experience, even though she is a woman. I also think she would much rather be surrounded by animals than people, because animals are just what they are without any emotional complications.

    • Frosty

      LVP seems like a classic “man’s woman,” meaning, above all, she prefers the company men to women, but also that she reserves her best for men as well, and will undermine any woman she feels competitive toward. Which is all of them. Although the “man,” will never catch her at it!

      • Well said, Frosty. She was almost salivating when wealthy, powerful, Tom Girardi likened her to an alligator.

      • Matzah60

        I agree Frosty. Never thought she was a girl’s girl. She is cunning, savvy, and more comfortable in the company of her husband than any woman. Almost all her down time is spent with Ken which is quite surprising seeing that they also work together at the restaurant (thought I think Ken is sort of out of the picture now since his hip operation).

        With the exception of Lisa Rinna, I do admire and view LVP as the hardest working woman on BH. The restaurant business is very hard gig because it involves 12 to 16 hours days/7 days a week. You have to oversee the help, the chef, maintain the premises, oversee service and make sure everything is running like a well-oiled machine. It is hard to find anyone to take over in your absence that will care or be as invested as you are as the owner. It is also hard to find someone loyal and trustworthy enough to take over the reigns while you are not there. That is why, I believe, we have only seen her release control to Pandora when she can’t be there.

      • Frosty

        Thanks Gingersnap :) Oh that alligator comment was such a nice moment! A, top legal “predator” tipping his hat in way to another predator. Reminded me of that old joke, why didn’t the cobra bite the lawyer? Professional courtesy.

        @Matzah60 Agreed, LVP is a hard worker. Almost an excess of energy there (or maybe that’s just own laziness talking lol) And I’m glad the dislike (and rivalry?) between Yoland and LVP is out and being talked about now. It would nice to get some insight into what the real deal with these two is, since they go back so many years together. But that’s probably not going to happen. Not directly anyway. Plenty more meat left on that drama bone! Or is it ham?

      • lol…ham, it’s all ham!

  19. Meg

    LOL. You really are trying to find excuses for her nasty behaviour. She is not worth it. The whole season Eileen was drinking Yolanda’s kool-aid and was projecting her own marital problems and anger onto LVP.

  20. Cat

    I still like Lisa R. And I even kind of still like Lisa V. Eileen, I do not know, except for what I’ve read here. That being said, I think I like her, too.

    To me, it’s rather silly to get so upset over these people. It’s just a TV show. Although I have to admit that people like Yolanda are irritating. But still, she does not really impact my life. So I try to just roll my eyes, crack a joke, and move on.

    So, as my mom would say:

    “Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy .”

    “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”

    Maybe these women should adopt that philosophy, and stay out of each other’s business? It certainly makes life easier.

    • Pip

      “Not my circus, not my monkeys”. I’m going to remember that, Cat. Your mom is right on!

    • Minky

      Cat?!!! You’re Polish aren’t you. Jak się masz? That’s all the Polish I know.

      • Cat

        Yep! Polish on my mom’s side, Romanian/German on my dad’s side.

        The only Polish my mom taught me was:

        Idą do Piekła. (Go to Hell.)

        Yeah, mom had a sense of humor. :)

  21. Well, as Yolanda has shown us this season, the show has no basis in reality.
    I see no need to jump on the LVP snark bandwagon or defend Eileen and Lisa R due to this week’s blogs. I would rather maintain the right to be an equal opportunity snarker. :-)
    They are all well compensated for acting the way they do on TV, and I don’t think any of them are that invested in a true friendship with any of their cast members, no matter what they want us to believe. Some are just better “work” friends than others.

  22. Lisanna

    I have kept an open mind about the situation and at the end of the day, I have to go with what I do see over what I don’t see. What I do see is a perpetually offended Eileen pushing and prodding Lisa Rinna to go after LVP. I see Eileen overreact to an innocent remark about her affair and turn into a bully, obsessed with LVP. I see Rinna blame LVP for her own comments about munchausen and her “evidence” is not evidence at all.

    And yes, I have watched every show. I have yet to see anything that indicts LVP. I see plenty that indicts Eileen and Lisa Rinna.

  23. JoJoFLL

    I LOVE LVP but she’s as dirty as a garbage truck.

  24. JustJenn

    I still like Lisa Rinna as I don’t think her intentions are malicious, but let’s be real here..she’s not new to reality tv. Eileen on the other hand is a cunt who started out this season on team Yolanda and whoever can’t see that must have blinders on about their favorite housewives.

  25. Rinna has issues and she and Eileen ruined the entire season with their nonsense! You are just speculating and you have no real proof; I’m sorry Kyle can’t tell the difference in intonation and word association and Rinna…nut! If Lisa supposedly took them under her wing and explained what the storyline would be why go against it mid season? The fans didn’t care about that they care about YOLANDA falling on her ass! That’s what we tuned in for! Furthermore she is a terrible actress if she could play detective properly! Now Vince didn’t want to film? I thought you suspected trouble in paradise? We don’t cared for Eileen and Rinna because this season they were annoying and not entertaining!

    • Minky

      I have to disagree. I feel that Davidson and Rinna are definitely earning their Bravo check this season. If it weren’t for them two this season would have been mostly about leaky-assed swans and Yolanda’s beat-less face glowering at people.

      It certainly has been a roller coaster of sorts. I’ve been fluctuating between rooting for the Rinna-Davidson tag team and finding them to be too whiny. That probably means they’re doing a good job.

      • Earning their paycheck at what cost though? I don’t know what this season would have been about but Rinna should have done her job and outed Yolanda! Instead she turned into an inconsistent person going off on a tangent under the thumb of Eileen!

      • Minky

        ITA with you there. I hate backpedaling. And I wish Rinna would just pick a story and stick with it. Who’s she trying to protect? Yolanda or Pinky? It’s hard to tell sometimes.

      • Why in the hell should “Rinna had done her job and outed Yolanda” anyway? It was Pinky that outed her best friend Mo, on national TV, and said that he didn’t think the kids had Lyme. Why didn’t SHE finish the job when confronted by Yo? Chicken shit much? And the one backpedaling was Pinky after she dropped the bomb, and then got the vapors and didn’t want to talk about it anymore, and then blamed Kyle for ‘pushing her’. Bullshit…just another deflect and parry on the part of Ms Pinky, the Grand Dame of smoke and mirrors.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I think Eileen realized her marriage was to be a storyline and was desperate to create an alternate storyline to deflect. THAT’S where the “dog with a bone” behaviour came from, not some silliness over LVP calling it an “affair”. Eileen’s reaction to that has been very disproportionate. She was creating drama so her marriage wouldn’t be focused on.

    • tamaratattles


      You have ZERO concept of what is really going on and you can’t seem to stop repeating yourself about it.

      If you tune in for Yolanda,”falling on her ass” whatever that means. you don’t get it.

      If you think Eileen and Rinna “ruined the entire season. You don’t know what you are talking about.
      IF you think Eileen or Rinna is a terrible actress, You have no idea about their long, Emmy award winning careers.

      HAVE A FEW FUCKING SEATS and stop repeating the same things over and over get caught up on the site where most of us read THIS


      By your beloved. and explain how her star witness had a full Bravo wedding shortly thereafter.

      You seem to think you know what you are talking about but EVERYONE KNOWS YOU DO NOT.

      • I’m way over invested but you have me in a Facebook pool?? I’m honored! We all have different opinions but the moment that opinion differs from yours you get rude and start using expletives! Social media has given you negative social skills! Classy!

      • Oh good lord with the villa Blanca stuff which you keep bringing up! Lisa is not a saint!! She isn’t!! I never said that! Is she supposed to be a saint because every one of those wives have some kind of negative in their past! Every single one of them!

    • Sharon

      Well said! What turned me completely off Rinna is her flip flopping and changing her story so much. If she just “owned” bringing up the Munchausen thing (as we all saw she did on camera) and stuck with her original story I could respect her more. It’s weird how she tells Kim R. she loves her and then sends her crazy texts and then she tells Yolanda she loves her and hugs her and then flip flops the next week and calls her biggest manipulator of all. Rinna’s emotions are very labile and way over the top.

  26. So enjoying all the purple pen we are getting lately! Preach, TT! Preach! ?

  27. aemish

    THaNK You, Tamara! LVP irritates the becheesus out of me. Showing up for ski trips in Joan Collins old fur outfits from Dynasty then marching for animal rights — and even saying on camera, “I can’t believe I got all of these idiots to show up for this.” The high heels to Soul Cycle. The ridiculous press-on nails. She even manages to make jeans look stuffy. And how did we go from Season One bragging how little she boned poor Ken to now trying to make it seem like they’re all super hot for each other. Gurl, bye. She may be witty but acting catty is only making her look like that old batty cat lady.

    Rinna and Eileen are cute and fresh and FUN! And they have been GENUINE friends through their common profession for decades — total opposite of the phony baloney artificial assemblages of scripted friendships among their counterparts. Team Eileen & Rinna 1,000%

  28. aemish

    Tamara, I think you should start a petition to bring LVP’s former BFF-turned-stepson’s-wife onto the cast! That would certainly make her squirm considering she can’t shove her and Ken off the island fast enough whenever they come to visit!

  29. Matzah60

    I have actually never taken a liking to LVP. On a personal note, I find her pretentious, detached from anyone outside of the members of her family, i.e.. Ken and children, and I find her to be the most aggressive strategic housewife on BH. However, all this being said, even if she is wrong, I simply don’t care anymore and this is why.

    Rinna is her own person and needs to be accountable for her own actions. No one held a gun to her head. What we saw on TV is Lisa Rinna say the word Munchausen. If LVP wanted to throw her under the bus, she had the choice as to whether to introduce this theory on the show and she chose to do so. She always says to own your shit, so she has to own the fact that whether she was cajoled, heard it from her hairdresser, or did it to please LVP, Lisa Rinna is the only one we ever witnessed saying the word Munchausen and introducing to the viewers that there is a possibility that Yo had this disorder.

    Secondly, LVP’s attack was aimed at Yolanda, not the other ladies. Maybe LVP didn’t want to get involved for personal and/or selfish reasons or her close friendship with Mohammed. Everyone has their own selfish motives on these shows including Eileen, Rinna, and obviously Kyle. Kyle has chosen to form and maintain an alliance with LVP even thought Kyle has said often that Lisa is manipulative and never apologizes. It hasn’t stopped Kyle from remaining her friend. The friendship is symbiotic because Kyle remains in alliance with the Queen of the show which seems to ensure she will be a permanent fixture on the HW franchise.

    Finally, everyone on these housewife shows forms alliances off-camera. Eileen and Rinna shook hands two episodes ago like they were members of the Big Brother show. I’m sure much goes on off camera including texts and phone calls between the women and that is how storylines are created.

    The problem is the way that they go about cornering LVP and salivating at the mouth that they finally “got her” and holding her feet to the fire.It was pretty vicious and the punishment didn’t fit the crime. All of the women have an excellent way of taking a small “win” against LVP and going after it so mercilessly that the audience doesn’t even care anymore what she did. All they know is that these women come off looking like petty, conniving desperate assholes.

    • Gapeachinsc

      Perfectly said, Matzah! Thanks!!

    • Lime Brain

      Well said, Matzah. I was busy typing something similar and didn’t see your post. I could have saved my time. You said it much better. :)

    • Sunshine

      Matzah you just saved me a lot of typing. I agree with every bit of what you have said. Rinna and Eileen have ruined the show for me. I take bathroom breaks when they pop up on my TV screen. It’s like they think they are acting in a soap opera. Lisa Vanderpump cleaning up after a shitty pony or swan is 100 times more interesting than watching an Eileen and Vince scene.

  30. Lime Brain

    So basically, what this season boils down to is that Lisa R, Kyle and LVP were questioning Yolanda’s illness and her instagram posts along with the rest of the internet (no idea if Eileen did also).

    Rinna brings up the discussion with her hairdresser and the word Munchausen. She never said she had it. Eileen makes her go apologize to Yolanda about this. Even though Rinna never said Yolanda had it.

    Yolanda is convinced that Rinna accused her of having it and refuses to accept the fact that Rinna never says she had it.

    The few times Yolanda appears on screen, she is raving about Rinna saying she had munchausen.

    Rinna keeps tiptoeing around her instead of telling her to shut up and knock off the drama.

    Instead, she gets pissed off at LVP for putting her up to say the word Munchausen. Eileen eggs her on because LVP used the word “affair” to her and is pissed because she can’t get a proper apology from her.

    Everyone by now has forgotten about Yolanda’s craziness and are all attacking each other and it has spilled out into the real world with vile blogs and friendships that can never be repaired.

    Meanwhile, Yolanda is now instagramming pictures from Bora Bora and how beautiful it is.

    Yolanda wins.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes. This is exactly it.

      But somehow you and/or other people all blame Rinna/Eileen

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I just dislike how forceful Eileen has been with Rinna. Rinna is manipulable. Eileen is taking advantage of that.

    • tamaratattles

      This is actually the best recap on my site of the season.

    • Thank you, Lime Brain. Exactly!

    • Matzah60

      I cosign what Tamara stated. “This is actually the best recap on my site of the season.” Even if you hadn’t watched each episode this season, this recap eloquently explains what happened, who won and who lost. This season was a clusterfuck because of either a voluntary or involuntary communication failure.

      I always enjoy your comments, Lime Brain!! Very thoughtful and well-written!!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Go limebrain! 100% agree with this assessment.

    • T D

      Yet she is still the biggest loser. Who what’s to win a non stop metro pass on Yolanda’s crazy train?

    • Alex Quimby

      I agree. Awesome recap. My problem with Eileen is that she kept demanding something that she was not going to get–a sincere apology from Lisa V. Eileen is the type of person that keeps going to the hardware store to buy bread and then gets really irate when she can’t buy any bread there. She stands in the middle of the store screaming where’s my bread! How come you don’t have any bread and disturbing all the other customers who showed up to buy sandpaper or nails or paint. She’s mad at Kyle for winding up at the hardware store and realizing that there is no bread so Kyle decides to get her paint supplies there and then go to the grocery store for her bread.

      I respect Kyle for accepting Lisa V for who she is. This to me shows growth on Kyle’s part. She is accepting Lisa V for who she is and not trying to force her to be something she isn’t. For someone who has grown up with addiction in their family and appears to have taken on the role of “the fixer”, that is really healthy. Eileen just came off to me this season as controlling.

      My other issue with Eileen is that she is the one that outed Lisa R’s mention of the word Munchausen to Yolanda. Had Eileen not introduced the topic to Yolanda in the way that she did, the season might be very different.

      Yolanda is a master manipulator and yet Eileen refuses to see it despite the mountains of evidence. Why didn’t Lisa R push back against Eileen and say you want me to point out Lisa V’s manipulation? I’ll do that when you point out the other manipulative elephant in the room—Yolanda.

      Right now my sibling is divorcing a narcissist. Narcissists are so manipulative and cunning and Yolanda has clearly exhibited narcissistic traits on the show. Any therapist worth their salt would tell you what a danger Narcissists are to their children. We’ve seen Yolanda’s manipulation of her kids and her Mom on the show. (Yo tells her children that she would kill herself without them. She orchestrates a dramatic lunch to tell them she might die during surgery so here is where my will is.) It is sick and I simply cannot respect Eileen for choosing to call Lisa V out on her manipulation but not Yolanda. Eileen is choosing sides but wants us all to believe she’s just keeping it real. Give me a break.

      • Alex Quimby

        I also want to clarify, I believe that Lisa V can be manipulative. To a greater or lesser extent, they all can be. I accept that about her and I am not looking for her to admit it. It would be out of character for her to admit it so I am not going to look and wait for something that is never going to come. The season would have been more entertaining and less tedious if Eileen and Lisa R had accepted that.

      • Well said. Thank you.

  31. I’m just not feeling Eileen’s LVP histrionics. Here’s an idea, how about HEY Pumpy, this getting too personal and is none of your fucking business – I would love to hear more about your bestie marrying your step son, got any juicy deets on that for me???

    Eileen is to LVP as Kelly Bensimone was to Bethenny.

    A little too much hating the playa – can’t play the game.

    And Rinna missed the chance to be the break out super star of the franchise by simply stating that HEY, this Yolanda chick is bat shit crazy – maybe Munchhausen Syndrome explains it?

    “I am controlled by an evil genius” just ain’t working for me.

  32. K.

    Lisa V is so entertaining, smarter and funnier than all the others combined. The trouble with her ( which is the trouble with other top divas on other rh shows ie; Nene) she cannot take accountability. She does not have compassion for those she offends. People hate when you refuse to validate their pain, thus LVP is being attacked. The thing about watching the Diva fall down is its so painful to see them weak. I really like her but her emotional lack of intelligence is really starting to show.

  33. iloveearlgrey

    I love watching everyone on the cast except Yolanda and Kathryn. Kathryn doesn’t fit on the show, and Yolanda’s draining and needs to go. Sorry, but I don’t give two shits about her “journey.” I watch the show to be entertained by the rich and famewhorey. I seriously dislike Faye Resnick, but I would LOOOVEEE for her to be a regular castmate. She’s like Victoria Grayson. The way she shut down Kathryn was ART. Imagine Faye, Erika, LVP, Kyle, Rinna, and Eileen on the same cast. That’s a show I would love to see.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I LOVE Kathryn. I don’t know why exactly but I feel like she’s a good egg.

      • Kathryn grew on me. I really liked her by the end of the season. I am still on the fence with Erika. Hoping Yolanda is gone next season, so we can see an Erika not under the influence.

      • Lime Brain

        I like Kathyrn, also. She’s staying out of the fray while bombs are hurled. And she owned her shit when she was confronted about outing Erika to LVP about spider webs. “Yah, I said it. So what?”

        Of course my opinion is subject to change next season. :)

  34. Lisaj

    If I get WLS so be it but I think LVP is brilliant. She knows exactly what she’s doing and is the epitome of control. I think she gets she’s on a TV show and the other women are colleagues and not much more. Kudos to her. She’s a fan favorite and one of my favorite. I genuinely believe her when she says she’s got other stuff going on in her life. This could all go away tomorrow and she’d go back to her life with Ken and the animals and be just fine. As Katherine’s tag line says, don’t hate the game, marry a player. LVP is perfect as who we want her to be, she and Bravo have a perfect marriage.

  35. Dontrel Fegans

    I agree with this Article 100% Lisa even did the hat tilt at Kyle Richards after taking charge in the conversation about the marriage, and shwrong ittid also smile and half way apologize to Eileen.

    I’m Glad they are calling LVP out on her trash. There have been many times Lisa has been called out but everyone else was wrong. Faye Resnick was the 1st to call Lisa out on her trash but ppl just simply looked at Faye history and could be trusted.

    Taylor has called Lisa out including Brandy, called Lisa out for hating Adrienne Maloof. LVP used Brandy in a worst way to take AM down.

    Faye Resnick said it on 1st season that Lisa get everyone else to do her dirty work. LR is calling it, the point is that when Lisa is in the wrong its not a big deal, but when anyone else is in the wrong about anything petty LVP and Yolanda make big deals about.

    Eileen said it right LVP cant own her own shit

  36. Elleno

    I’m not buying the LVP as evil manipulator theme here. On ALL the RH shows, the rules of the game are to advance established conversations and plot lines using carefully measured and hopefully entertaining statements in front of the camera. When they are not in front of the camera, they are planning and orchestrating those on camera statements with their allys. If the plans don’t play out as expected, ally’s can and do change. All of them, every housewife in every one of these shows play this game by these rules. The things they say are not random, they are planned. The only reason the “LVP Manipulator” theme has any traction is b/c of the original “Bobby Fisher” chess comment made by good old Kyle seasons ago at a reunion, when they know they need to crank up the drama for peak season entertainment. This continued push to nail LVP against the wall goes back to that moment. Now anything she says to a cast mate that they don’t like can be dovetailed to this idea b/c it was said on camera. But the truth is that all of them, Rinna, Eileen, Lisa, Kyle, etc. do it.

    • RealityBites

      I’m somewhat in agreement here. The whole thing just seems like it all originates from behind the scenes agreements and alliances. But I do think LVP was expecting to have the allegiances of her cast mates, and is clinging desperately to a queen bee status that she believes she should be awarded. Her absolute refusal to abandon her carefully created image is exactly why I think f get as a master manipulator. She is very amusing to me that way, so keenly aware of her image, and so very adept at targeting the images of others. She likes to be the one that awards people their status… ( I.e. Vanderpump Rules, and Brandi and Cedric) and has never hidden that if she makes you, she will also break you…I like her, I admire her shrewdness, and she’s fun to watch.

      LR and Eileen just seem naive to me, clinging to an idea that things may come off as genuine at some point. That’s kind of why I like them. It’s refreshing.

  37. Gracious

    It’s a tv show, it’s entertaining. I love and hate them all at some point.

  38. Katey

    I feel bad for Eileen. In addition to the affair comment, which was unacceptably rude, Lisa V. Was a bitch to her at Bethenny’s dinner as well. For some reason Lisa V. blames only Eileen for leaving that filthy motel, when it was Kyle who got the rental and invited them to stay with her! I feel like Kyle and Lisa V made an OG pact before the season started.

    • tamaratattles

      Agreed, and Mauricio booked that house well before they arrived, I’m sure.

    • Matzah60

      Agree. I went back to watch that episode and somehow they had Eileen write and leave a note for LVP. LVP went with this and took out her anger at the girls leaving the hotel on Eileen. I do believe Mauricio got this house before the season started because one can’t book a house in the Hampton’s at the last minute. They’re all booked well ahead of the summer season, perhaps a year ahead.

  39. Rose

    Finally! I totally agree with this post.

  40. MzKRB

    I find it funny when people say that LVP doesn’t apologize. She does, sometimes she’s delayed in doing so but she does apologize. I think the problem is that her apologies are not full of warmth and sap that the other ladies want from the apology and that is something that they will never get because that is not her personality. She apologized to Eileen on multiple occasions but Eileen didn’t choose to accept it. I think Eileen is partially to blame for the apology she got because she didn’t articulate what truly bothered her in the first place. She see made mention of asking questions in front of others, well hell the entire Bravo audience witnessed the background of her marriage. She should have told her that she felt that LVP was being shady about her questioning and here is why…

    As far as Rinna to me she and Brandi were planted in the same forrest. If LVP did in fact tell her to bring up Munchie on camera when LVP and Kyle said they shouldn’t talk about that, Rinna has no chill she would have turned to her and said “well you told me to talk about it, now you’re acting brand new?

    I don’t proclaim to be a LVP stan, but find her entertaining to watch and her entertainment value supersedes the need to be e “enlightened/convinced ” why she’s this manipulative shape shiftter.

  41. Jackie

    Seems like everyone needs to give Brandy an apology. She was the first to spill the beans about LVP’s behind the scenes manipulations.

  42. I found this really late but I’m glad that I did. Finally, someone sees LVP for the fraud that she has been for seasons. Maloof knew it; Kyle knows it; Brandi, Cedric, Stassy & probably LVP’s mother, whoever she is (and if she’s still alive) knows it. This woman takes down anyone that doesn’t tow her line of BS. LVP has been pretending to quit since 2013, driving her rabid fans crazy. Aside from her sneaky, hypocritical tactics, she’s vengeful and controlling. Plus, she’s just not that interesting. Let’s think for a second how much more interesting she’d be if she revealed herself to her audience? She’d be as interesting as Mozart’s nemesis (forget his name) as he candidly revealed himself to the audience in
    in the play. We couldn’t really hate him;he was too entertaining to hate. He was also pathetic. But not as pathetic as LVP is revealing herself to be & all because she refuses to be herself. LVP sees this as another job. But it isn’t. It’s a reality show. She’s not an actress, no matter how much she wants to be one. But she’s refusing to let anyone know anything about her outside of her petting zoo and her butler husband. Why anyone finds her pretend self interesting is beyond me. Great write up, Tamara. You’re smart enough to know that LVP is really Lisa Todd–someone we know very little about.

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