Andy Cohen’s Latest Boytoy Causes Internet Stir!


Andy and Clifton

Andy and Clifton


Gay Media is all abuzz over a guy named Clifton who has been on a few vacations with Andy Cohen. Yesterday, Queerty went so far as to say that Andy Cohen is “off the market.”  Pish Tosh! Clifton was a bartender on WWHL which is probably not where they met. He was most likely a bartender because they had already met he wanted to be on the show.  That was the first public sighting of the two together and according to Queerty, that happened sometime last summer.  Clifton is a 28 year old doctoral student and a Fellow in Environmental Science and Engineering at Harvard. That makes him almost 20 years younger than Andy for those doing the math.

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Andy Clifton beach (2)Andy goes on a good half dozen vacations a year and each one generally involves a gaggle of gay men and at least one or two include Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.  Clifton has been spotted with him twice.  Most recently on the yacht that hosted Bruce Bozzi’s 50th birthday party that began in Miami and then went pretty much everywhere in the Caribbean  including St Lucia, Dominica, and the Grenadines. Not a bad cruise if you can get it. Kelly Ripa and her family joined the festivities at least for the final day.

It sure looks to me like Andy is wearing one of Clifton’s Boston T-shirts. And there were reports on Queerty of these to being spotted out together stateside here and there as well.

However, Clifton is receiving a $75K stipend as a (junior?) Fellow at Harvard that has many requirements and stipulations that keep him tied to the campus to work like a dog during the term.

So while Clifton may be taking the Acela Express to Penn Station on the regular, I don’t see this as some sort of serious long term relationship.  He actually seems like more of a hostess gift he brings to vacation parties. So breathe easy my Andy lusting friends. I’m sure he’s still doing his thing in NYC. I’m sure there is still a chance for all of you to get your, um…shot.  Andy isn’t know for his ability to form long terms relationships. So having this hot young item less than four hours away is probably his dream relationship.

Meanwhile, dry your tears while enjoying some Andy on vacation photos from over the years.

You’re welcome.



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39 responses to “Andy Cohen’s Latest Boytoy Causes Internet Stir!

  1. newjerzeyboy

    I’m more curious how the heck you get a $75k stipend to attend college? The last I remember is I had to pay the college, not the other way around. Please get back to me on this TT.

    • Discipline-specific fellowships/scholarships, probably.

    • Swizzle

      Quite common for PhD students. Covers tuition, housing and offers a little income.

    • tamaratattles

      It ain’t easy that’s for sure. He is either A.B.D. or just finished his doctorate and has been accepted as a member of the Society of Fellows at Harvard. It’s sort of like a think tank for post doc students across diciplines made up of about three dozen total new members each year. They are paid for their research (that will belong to Harvard) for three years and it provides them entry into the elite realm of academe. It’s uber prestigious and somewhat like a fraternity in that anyone in the “Society” will have access to all the alums and any connections they have. It’s worth way more than the $75K a year ( that is this year’s figure, it actually increases every year and there are other little pockets of cash they also have access to. It’s a good gig if you can get it.

    • One of my kids is a finishing up her sophomore year as an undergrad pre-med student. She got accepted to a medical internship over this upcoming summer through a medical school. They will be paying for all of her room & board, including meal plan plus paying her a pretty decent stipend. I’m just saying that it is possible & does happen. (most often in science/medical/research/academia fields)…. Not unheard of or extremely rare.

      • tamaratattles

        That’s lovely for your daughter. However, The Society of Fellows at Harvard is not a scholarship ( they are done or very close to done) when invited to participate, nor is it a tradition fellowship, like a teaching fellowship, or an internship. It’s a very prestigious group of academics who studied a varied spectrum of subjects to come together and make some serious advances in their fields. It’s also very hoity toity. With three dozen people across all Phud programs a year being selected it is quite exclusive and while the commitment to serve in research is three years the membership is lifetime and the alums and the current “junior fellows” on the payroll meet regularly. The 36 x 3 active junior fellows meet ONCE A WEEK on Mondays for dinner and deep intellectual discussion. It’s a really big deal. They no longer live on campus or have “room and board” but the $75K helps pay their bills and student loans. Most people at that level have adult homes and cars and even families. (though they rarely see them).

      • tamaratattles

        He is actually not on the list of Fellows on their site, but lists himself as one on the Harvard Site so perhaps he has already been accepted for 2016/2017.

    • JK

      No one pays for a PhD in Engineering in the US.
      Virtually all PhD students are covered by their professor’s research grants or fellowships from NSF or other agencies. The same is not necessarily true for liberal arts students .

  2. A Harvard student? Andy Cohen has stepped up his “faguar” game.

  3. Adam Sandler’s doppelganger is enjoying the life…

  4. Lime Brain

    I don’t know why, but I worry about Andy and would like to see him in a nice, stabile relationship. Maybe because I figure he’s gonna end up getting involved with an Andrew Cunanan‎ type one day.

    And maybe if he’s in a happy relationship he won’t be so douchy towards women.

  5. Cat

    I’m willing to bet the only long term relationship Andy will have is with his dog.

  6. Someone is lusting after Andy?? Wait how does a student get a $75000 stipend?? And when did Andy get so muscular I’m checking out his legs there?

  7. sarcasatire

    Now I get why Andy said the Househusband he would most like to sleep with is Apollo… Cohen likes the light skin brothas!

    • tamaratattles

      It by light skinned brotha you mean Italian, they…um okay.

      • sarcasatire

        Italian is a nationality, not a race.

      • tamaratattles

        And your point is? On what planet does “light skinned brotha” not refer to black folks? He’s Italian. Falsely parsing words does not make you look less stupid.

      • sarcasatire

        What makes you look stupid is using his last name to automatically disqualifying him from being ethnic.

    • tamaratattles

      Everyone is ethnic you fool, but you seem to think “ethnic” means black.

      • sarcasatire

        You seem to think that people from Italy can only be white. That was the reasoning you gave for why he wasn’t Black.

      • Minky

        OMG!!!!!!!!! I just can’t with this here. Yeah, in middle-America, and maybe Orange County too, “ethnic” means anybody who is not white, not blonde/red headed and blue-eyed, and also not of Northern European ancestry.

        I’ve been called that too. I’m brown haired and brown eyed and I tan well. But I’m totally a caucasoid. Like, totally! Hahahahahaha!

  8. Dracla Dunning

    They have opposite wonkey eyes!
    If Andy is happy, good for him. Generally love or lust brings out the kinder, gentler part of a person and I haven’t seen that in any of Andy’s recent behavior so I am willing to bet this squeeze is a passing fancy.

  9. ShyGuy

    I was nervous for a minute, that’s my messy sugar daddy ? lol.

  10. Frosty

    Well Clifton’s very cute, although I can’t with the hat. I watched an Andy Periscope the other night, he was shirtless in his bathroom (?), trying to get rid of his mustache or not. I’m not really an Andy fan, and even I thought he looked hot.

  11. Jim

    That is some heavyweight group of friends… Barry Diller, Diane Von Furstenberg, super-agent Bryan Lourd and others I don’t know. Where’s David Geffen? That would fire-up the homophobes with their Gay Mafia conspiracy theories. Lol.

  12. jen

    He reminds me of “The Situation.” He just looks too close to him to make me not laugh.

    • Minky

      Andy’s boyfriend is much cuter than “The Situation”. And he looks a lot smarter. I hope Andy doesn’t ruin this kid.

  13. God that toy boy is GORGEOUS, friends with Andy Cohen, and educated. And he’s my age. How is he who he is and I am who I am… It’s not fair!

  14. Xanadude

    I was under the assumption that all of the male bartenders (and a good deal of the men who have been on the couch as guests) have enjoyed the host’s…largesse.

  15. Erica

    I wonder if Ev and Lou have met him yet!

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