Project Runway All Stars Recap: I’m “Fusstrated” Too, Ken

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I am so behind on recaps this week and I normally would hold this until tomorrow but comments keep coming through moderation and I am afraid I am going to get spoiled, so let’s get right on this!

Also, I saw Alyssa on The View yesterday and she looked amazing from head to toe. Her style issues seem to be restricted to this show. She was on there pushing her athleisure wear line. I am not excited about a sweatpants episode. But I fear we shall have it nonetheless.

Asha seems to think that athleisure means something you can wear to someplace nice. That’s not really it. Then she says she is going to make a crop top. Sam is doing a circle skirt. It seems like everyone is just making whatever and calling it athleisure. I’m very cranky today.  And all of the morons’ stupid ideas are particularly annoying to me. I am trying to eat something to see if that helps. Kini and Sam are both working with mesh, Please let Sam go home this week.  He’s a huge distraction to Kini.

Layana has a really good concept but she is making a lot of work for herself. She may have time problems. Sam just said if he doesn’t land on top this week he might as well just go home. Please let that be foreshadowing. Kini and Sam have the exact same mesh material.

The Work Room

Sam is actually using the same mesh he had left over from the last challenge for the front of his dress, and black lace in the back. It is hideous.  I am not sure what the hell Kini is doing. Jeans are not athleisure. And can’t grasp his coat concept just yet. The judges are gong to love Dom’s dress. I don’t. Sheer polka dots are not athleisure. I think I am going to like Emily’s look.

Ken is very “fusstrated.”  He says this several times and then he leaves the building. If Ken quits and we don’t get to send Sam home this week, I’m going to be pissed. The next day, Ken shows back up chipper and ready to go.

Kini's coat

Kini’s coat



Dear GOD just when you think they could not make Aylssa look any worse, they somehow  manage to do so. Who put all that greasy product in her hair. I’m pretty sure on The View she had a short dark hairstyle. Her makeup is just crazypants this week. There really are no words.

Emily let Zanna totally ruin her look. She initially had a cowl neck that was much more athleisure and Zanna didn’t like it so now she has this long flowy scarf thing happening. There is nothing wrong with this casual look, but it is not going to go in the Touch collection of T-shirts and sports logos.

Kini’s coat is perfect for athleisure. And if they just were to make the coat the item in the Touch collection it fits right in. I am thinking that is why he made jeans to go with it. It is something you could wear to a game and still be okay in an upscale restaurant afterward. That said, Kini’s love of denim is becoming more of an obsession. I’m not loving the fugly mesh accent, but it does sort of say baseball.

Sam made a much too short mesh cocktail dress with black lace sleeves.  It looks just like it sounds. He calls it athleisure couture. I call it retarded.

Ken’s look is tacky.  Ken calls it downtown. I don’t know why so many of these fools decided to use sheer materials and lace for this challenge. It’s so very wrong.

Layana’s look is the winner. Blue pants and a black and white top that are actually the only athleisure on the  runway. She is far and above the rest.

Dom made a dress. I love the dress. It is not athleisure and once again there are too many fabrics competing for attention. I wish the back had matched the front.

Asha’s look didn’t come out the way I would have hoped. I liked her concept but the execution was poor and the skirt need to be more than just black. I would like it better if it was black and gray.

These things were on the runway so briefly if you blink you missed it. I am just going to call Layana the winner and sadly Ken may be the loser.


Emily is safe.

Top Three: Dom could win, her dress is detachable and can be worn at two lengths,  Kini is in the top. Asha is also on top I guess.

Bottom Three:  Ken, LAYANA!!!! HOW IS LAYANA ON THE BOTTOM? Sam.  However those blowjobs Sam allegedly gives Isaac continue to pay off because Isaac love the dress.

Even in the waiting room the designers are not sure who is on the top and who is on the bottom. Kini is overconfident. But he does win. He had the most marketable design that would fit with the Touch label.

They send Layana home. That is just ridiculous. For some reason the judges never liked her.

Do you agree with the judges this week?

Next week: Ken continues to unravel.


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24 responses to “Project Runway All Stars Recap: I’m “Fusstrated” Too, Ken

  1. I liked Layanna’s pants. The work she put in sewing all those pleats was remarkable
    And the fit looked perfect. I didn’t actually like her final top. I think Zana talked her out of her original top by saying it was too”‘safe”. It was an all white cropped tee. I could be wrong in description but not color. It would have looked much better and during her critique the judges told her a plain white tee would have been much better. It’s starting to seems that Zanna’s suggestions to change something you’re destined to loose. Those pants were so well tailored. I don’t know how she managed to complete the pleats and put the pattern together . The waist line went one direction, the top of legs were vertical and the inner thighs were on the Diagonal. If you dint see the work it’s hard to understand. I’m not making it any easier with The description I tried to give.

    I cannot take Sam. His personality .sucks and he’s just a smidge over confident. He always gives Isaac his special twinkly smile. It looks like he’s blatantly flirting with him. Isaac returns in kind. I could absolutely believe he is blowing him. In ,”one of the early episodes someone said he ws always flirting with Isaac. Can’t remember if they said it right to is face.

    • Lime Brain

      Alyssa was right when she said she would be laughed out of the ball park if she showed up in Sam’s dress. He should have been sent home for that thing he created. He wasn’t even in the bottom two. smh.

  2. Sequoia

    I wish they would bring back the button bag/ model pick and get rid of all the petty bickering. I would call this show the P.R. Also Ran’s rather then All Star. It’s often quite dreadful.

    • Pip

      I wish they would give them all the exact same fabric and say “make a dress”. That would be interesting. When Asha won for the beach towel skirt (I really loved that look), Layanna was bummed and said “she won with MY fabric”. But Layanna would have probably done something completely different. The way Asha wove those pieces together was really cool.
      Anyway, I’d like to see them all work with the same materials.

      • Lime Brain

        I’m pretty sure it was Valerie who said it and she was sent home that week.

      • Pip

        Oh shoot! I bet you’re right. i knew it was someone, just didn’t remember who.

      • alp

        I believe it was Dom who won for the “beach towel skirt” with Valerie’s fabric (I loved that look too). I agree it would be very interesting to see the designers all work with the same material as it would really speak to the deign and construction aspect of the challenge. The judges would actually have to judge on design and quality of workmanship rather then getting hung up on the fabric choice.

  3. Katherine 2.0

    I don’t think they sent Layana home based on this week’s design, but with her history of being in the bottom compared to Ken’s record. Someone said it at judging.

    Poor Alyssa. I figure whoever is dressing/styling her graduated from the same fashion school as Teresa Guidice. Or, they just hate her. She’s so cute, it’s a crime to see her dressed like Forever 21 meets Marshall’s clearance rack.

    • I agree that the decision to send her home was based more on her cumulative work than this one outfit. That said, although I thought the pants were great, I agreed with the judges about the top.

      I think that if she’d stayed with her original concept for the top, she’d have been in the top three. It just goes to show that second-guessing yourself in creative endeavors is rarely, if ever, good to do. It’s more often the project’s undoing.

  4. Jim

    This is the first I’m hearing of “athleisure”. And after watching this episode, I’m still not sure what it is, lol. The samples from the “Touch by Alyssa” line looked like nothing more than old T-shirts that you saved from high school and washed too many times.

    • What? You mean you’ve never seen those Fabletics by Kate Hudson commercials that run on TV every 10 minutes? (FYI she’s in love with her purple romper and kind of obsessed with her splatter pattern!)

      If you truly haven’t, consider yourself a lucky man.

      • GirlMe

        Funny! You forgotv”i think I’m going to live in it”. Wonder how her company is going since that commercial is on all the time.

      • Jim

        Lol, I don’t follow women’s fashion (or men’s, for that matter) but I have watched every season of PR. I have seen Kate Hudson’s commercials but I thought it was just yoga wear. And I only know about yoga wear because I had a brief ‘encounter’ with a guy a few years back who worked in marketing for LuluLemon.

  5. Pip

    I didn’t love Layana’s look. But it certainly should not have sent her home. Sam made a fucking cocktail dress. WTF?! He should have been sent packing.
    I love absolutely EVERYTHING Dom does. Her clothes are so cool! She kind of reminds me of Armondo the way she combines patterns so cleverly. I think Dom is going to win the competition.

    • Margarett

      Yes…what Pip said! I love PR (and I know this is different), but I still long for the days of really good designers making pretty clothes that everyone would want to wear. Sigh….

  6. KidsRkids

    I’m over Sam and wish they would send him packing.

  7. TT I agree with everything you said. Sam’s dress looked like a kiddie’s target dress. Alyssa was right – he did what he wanted and said f-you to the challenge. I LOVED Layana’s top and pants. There is a huge market for women who want some added curves on the bottom and the lines made the model’s chicken legs look curvaceous and sexy. I am sick of isaac’s infatuation with the twink. Why invite the guest judge if you are going to ignore her. I hope they don’t manufacture Kini’s pieces other than the jacket.

  8. My daughter is a huge Alyssa fan and gets mad when I snark – but even she was like WTF at this weeks atrocity.

    I don’t get it.

    I also don’t get that even if Sam and Isaac are in the safe room of Mood playing 50 Shades of Gray Mesh, why the editors are allowing us to see the favoritism?

    Hated that Emily was just “safe” and for the second time allowed Zanna to mess with her neckline ideas.

    Sam or Ken should have been booted.

  9. Cheychey

    Sam’s dress was just ugly. They called it a cocktail dress. Well it was ugly for a cocktail dress. Who wants to wear a mesh and lace cocktail dress. Go home Sam. Loved Kini’s coat. I think that will be the only piece that will get reproduced for Alysa’s line. The jeans and red shirt were just average. I liked Dom’s dress a lot also. The thing is when Alysa described what it was about she references trying to go into a baseball stadium store to find clothes for a game. I don’t think Dom’s dress would fit the bill for that. It looks more like leisure wear than athleisure. I actually liked ken’s for jr dress. It would definitely be urban wear for like he said a bulls game for the younger crowd. But I know they hate when you design for juniors.

  10. alp

    My thoughts were all over the place with this episode…

    Athleisure? What?

    I guess I now know that I have Alyssa Milano to thank for the tacky, tissue paper thin “sports” wear available in the pro shops of my favorite sports teams. Sigh…

    I am an avid live sporting events fan, football, basketball, hockey, baseball, even soccer. If I have an opportunity to attend a sporting event live and in person, I am there. With that said, what brain trust thought it a good idea to ask seven designers, more than half of whom would not know a baseball from a tennis ball or a football from a soccer ball to design clothing that can be WORN to a sporting event? And after looking up the definition of athleisure — what female would go from a work out at the gym or a yoga class to work, dinner or anywhere without showering first? Call me crazy, but I would think at minimum a spritz and change of shirt is required.

    So, my guess is that this challenge is less about the “athleisure” and more to get free publicity and a free design for Alyssa’s team logo/sporting goods label.

    If this were strictly an athleisure challenge then Layana’s outfit should have won hands down, even with the ill fated decision to change her top design, she nailed this challenge (based on my googled definition of athleisure anyway). Layana’s pants were awesome and I do believe if she had kept the white top she would would have been in the top, or at the very least safe.

    For me, and I think most women who attend events in outdoor sports venues, there is a certain amount of function that needs to go along with (and sometimes supersede) the fashion, so I agree that Kini’s coat was the perfect winning choice. It looks easy to mass produce and can be worn at spring and fall baseball games, fall soccer games and football games, and as shown on the runway looks good over jeans to be worn in a restaurant before or after the game. (this coat is available to ship BEFORE November 2016 so get your orders in early)

    I agree with Kristin regarding Ken’s look. I too think many young women would wear that outfit (sans black pockets) to a basketball game. I really liked his hooded top, and while I know the judges hate juniors looks, I can see this being worn on high school and college campus’ as well.

    While I loved Emily’s look, I don’t really see that being worn to a sporting event — unless of course one is sitting in a luxury box. That much white would be dangerous in the cheap seats — I am thinking over exuberant fan spilling beer or dropping a yellow mustard smeared hot dog would instantly ruin any game.

    As for the rest — Asha’s look was a rehash of her winning Zandaya boyfriend shirt skirt from Under the Gunn, Dom’s was beautiful but again, only to be worn in the luxury boxes and Sam…UGH…I agree with you Tamara — retarded. In fact, Alyssa was spot on, Sam considered the challenge, stuck up his middle finger and said “I don’t care what you asked for, I am making what I want” and for THAT VERY REASON he should have been sent packing.

    As an aside I simply LOVED when Ken said that Sam picks flats because he knows Isaac loves flats. I also LOVED the eye roll when Isaac commented on Sam’s choice of flats. As far as a “girl” “loving that dress” the only girl I can see wearing that dress (other than Isaac) is an eight year old girl attending her first Father/Daughter dance.

    Tamara, your comment about Alyssa’s styling this week made me laugh out loud. I just love Alyssa, she truly appears to be such a lovely woman but seriously — how can the producers let her go on television looking like that? I thought this week would be the lowest point for Alyssa, but based on the previews, next week is worse — during the judging I swear Alyssa is channeling Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard or Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane — truly a mess. Poor Alyssa.

  11. JoJoFLL

    Mitchell told me the very first thing they teach you in design school is how to make a circle skirt.

    Sam can’t even make a circle skirt.

  12. BeetsWhy

    why the hell is Alyssa Milano on this show… who is she! And who says fashion FOOOEEwird??? and gets to judge fashion?…

    • Lime Brain

      She scored points with me this week because she was the only on who spoke the truth and said Sam’s dress sucked. :)

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