Lisa Vanderpump Was Silently Bullied By Her Cast Mates, Y’all

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump inflatable swan

Now comes Lisa Vanderpump, victim of silent bullying and accuser of all to explain to you one more time how nothing is her fault. Poor dear.

Her long whiny blog was a bit too much for me so I’m just going to purple pen the most egregious parts.

“Now then, we should now revisit and remind ourselves of Amsterdam, how she smashes a glass, goes to strangle Kim, tells her she loves her, then sends “f— you up” texts. These are all the rantings of someone who is not playing with a full deck.”

Perhaps LVP has forgotten that she was firmly #TeamRinna last season and had her own dealing with Kim Richards who was actively using while filming.  And if you are going to harken back to past seasons, we should recall the Paris trip where Lisa made it a point to call Kim out for popping pills while claiming sobriety.  It was this 20 year friendship with Rinna that you decided to use to your advantage in your ongoing war with Yolanda.
So, she turns her attentions to me. She is obviously motivated by Soapy, to funnel her aggression in my direction,”Come on LR…attack!” Soapy in the wings, salivating with LR center stage, trying desperately to deflect from her own actions and Sudsy prompting her.

Now I know why some of you are using initials for people other than LVP making your comments incomprehensible. I wish you would not do that. And LVP’s stupid derogatory names for Eileen are becoming ridiculous. It has been evident for two seasons now that LVP wants to be on a soap opera. Each time there has been an instance of running lines, from Vince’s script to Eileen’s LVP gets all grabby and demands to read the lead.
But the real issue here is the importance of two words and how they can radically change the meaning and inference of a sentence. I want to kill you, I DO NOT want to kill you…I wish Kyle would’ve understood that, or even given me the benefit of the doubt and drawn her opinion from my sentiment all season, that I was firmly by her side.

NOT is actually one word. And the sentences at issue were not changed by a negating word. It is interesting that all of the example sentences in the world you choose a very angry pair.  Kyle has been dealing with your on screen strateegery for years. She’s exhausted. She’s chosen to acknowledge the manipulation and let it go. Because it is nothing new, and she finally understands that you will never acknowledge your behind the scenes actions or apologize for upsetting anyone. She’s chosen just to ignore it.

RHOBH lisa swan 2
So two months later, two months…WTF? LR has clarity, she reiterates a conversation that at the time was apparently innocuous, obviously propelled by somebody who has another agenda, somebody that evidently no amount of apologies will ever suffice. She…being ED.

She knew much earlier. She just wasn’t going to call you out on it until she was left holding the bag and feeling like a moron.
I apologized to her once more as I was tired of her nasty accusatory assertions. I was still mystified as to where her anger came from–the initial conversation in the Hamptons had provoked no reaction until 36 hours later.

It provoked a reaction immediately. You just don’t pay anyone around you enough attention to notice such things.
At the time I liked Eileen, found her a little boring and certainly didn’t take her to task for leaving abruptly in the Hamptons, but it was never my intention to hurt her when I mentioned casually “the affair.” It had been discussed last season, and I didn’t believe it to be particularly sensitive. Now I have a vastly different perspective as I have witnessed the venom that has spewed from this woman as she tries to manipulate LR to attack me.

Wow, if that is how you treat people you like. Oh speaking of venom, here comes some of yours.
With hindsight, after seeing so much nastiness where I have never retaliated, I would have asked her how she felt screwing some other woman’s husband. That actually, in retrospect, speaks volumes.

Now that was some nasty venom. All Eileen has ever done is pathetically plead with you repeatedly to understand that you hurt her and look for some nonexistent glimmer of regret in you.

I can’t begin to explain how those days felt. Many tears were shed on the phone. I did not want to get on that boat, even the journey home (26 hours) being ignored, is all a form of silent bullying, something I would never be a party to. I have tried to reason, tried to remain calm, tried to make sense of a senseless situation.

So when people finally give up on any expectation of remorse from you, or acknowledgement in some conspiracy against Yolanda and just stop speaking to you at all, that’s bullying?  What a ridiculous  appropriation of the term.

Now I realize I gave too much credence to their antagonism, just by virtue of the fact that I sat their and endured it.

I’m not sure if it is the word credence ( acceptance as true)  or the word antagonism (opposition) that you don’t understand but that makes no sense. But you don’t give credence to something by enduring it.  And saying “I sat there and endured it” sounds just like Yolanda’s “suffering in silence.”

Guilt of their actions with regard to Munchausesn and infidelity is their motivation.

You clearly have no guilt about anything, because that would mean that you have to do accept responsibility for your role in this whole mess. Something you not only refuse to do, but continue to angrily deny.

And now we will hear from the Pinky worshipers….


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134 responses to “Lisa Vanderpump Was Silently Bullied By Her Cast Mates, Y’all

  1. Laura

    Ugh! Pinky is always causing trouble. She asks everyone about their lives but never shares anything about her own life. I think Kyle needs to stay close to Pinky because of Mauricio and their business relationship with Pinky and Ken.

    • Kyle is such a desperado. She learned that due to Plumpy being a fan favourite with one of the most vicious fanbases of any Housewife and the support of Bravo who airs her successful spin-off that going against Plumpy never works out well. Pretty much anybody who has gone against LVP has been run off the show. And Kyle is so desperate to stay on the show and in the fans’ good graces that she will basically stick by Plumpy through anything even though they appear to actually dislike each other and have a friendship that is little more than an on camera alliance

    • Betty

      Lisa is such a boring old lady. So is Ken. She is jealous of Yo’s looks and the success her children have found modeling. Both Lisa’s kids have to work for her to make ends meet. I also think she is jealous of Kyles lifestyle. Mauricio is doing great and Kyle is still young enough to be raising young children. Lisa is stuck being (grand)mother hen to her waiters and waitresses. Sad.

      • Jim

        I hardly think that Lisa V is jealous of Yolanda. Yolanda’s only success is from her ability to marry rich, successful men and to bear gorgeous children. Lisa has actually created her own success and wealth.

      • Jaana

        Jim, Lisa married an already rich and established Ken. She helped him expand his businesses, if anything.

      • Betty

        Exactly Jaana and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ken was married when Lisa met him. It’s so long ago, it’s hard to check. Lol In addition, it’s better to be a successful parent than a successful(by relation) business woman. That, Lisa is not. She still had to sign her kids paychecks or give them allowances.

      • Ummm no!! That is just so laughable! Seriously! If she needed to be jealous of anyone it could be Erika!

  2. One thing I’ve noticed this evil witch doing is planting the seeds that Lisa Rinna is crazy/has mental issues so she can line up the storyline for next season.

    I think Rinna probably does have a screw loose (Brandi said it multiple times in interviews during and after last season) but it’s just typical of master manipulator LVP lining it up for a storyline.

    I don’t really have anything against the other wives conspiring to take down others and manipulating storylines as it’s the nature of the show, but after six years I’m tired of LVP doing all her dirty work off camera then playing victim whenever she’s called out. It’s a reality show, she should reveal her life instead of the fake image she’s successfully sold to the masses. Bravo needs to put their foot down and stop her doing all this crap off camera already.

    Also, what she said about Eileen in her blog was disgusting. LVP is a real piece of work, she’s no better than any other Housewife. She’s every bit as petty and trashy and mean. So over her throwing shade in all her confessionals and blogs but then playing the cry baby victim on camera.

    • FrostyTheOG

      I have to laugh. Plumpy. Really? Why? Super curious on what brought you to that nic-name for LVP. Oh! Brandi is the official shot caller on loose screws☺

      • tamaratattles

        SOMEONE must be knew and didn’t bother to read the commenting rules regarding stupid nicknames.

    • JustJenn

      Umm..Yolanda is the one who put bi-polar out into the world about Rinna, but I guess she’s sick so that’s okay.

      • JustJenn

        Bipolar. Autocorrect fail.

      • Sweet T

        Yolanda did put bipolar out there and lvp thought it was wrong to do so. Now rinna is talking against lvp and lvp is supporting the bipolar idea by making little quips.

    • But Lisa Rinna is mentally unstable! If Lisa is even guilty of any of this she has no proof and she is acting crazy!! Nut!

      • tamaratattles

        Wow that is buying the Yolanda Kool-Aid. Rinna was right about Kim. Rinna was right about Yolanda and Rinna is right about LVP. And she’s the crazy one? PUHLEASE.

      • Ummm Lisa Rinna just like the rest of the cast knew what was going on with Kim they just chose to ignore it! She chose to address it and her behavior in doing so left a lot to be desired! It was erratic and vindictive! The same goes for the Yolanda situation! If she wants to take someone down she better learn the game! She looks stupid too since she was ‘manipulated’ to do all of this! Get some better evidence! By the way I have to say Tamara you are doing an exceptional job at manipulating us into discussing this ?

      • amisteree


  3. Auntie Velvet

    I like LVP; hate her post this week.

    • Meg

      I like LVP and I LOVE her recent blogs. They are amazing. Eileen and Rinna – they are both a piece of work and deserve everything what they are getting. There is only one queen and it’s LVP.

  4. blaine

    Someone sure likes her shift-F7! Sucks when you pick the wrong synonym though.

  5. Cat

    How does one casually mention “the affair”? And why would you want to, unless it was your spouse that was involved? Mind your own business, LVP!

    • FrostyTheOG


    • Dee

      So true Cat! One would only bring it up to hurt someone. There is so much guilt coming from Eileen. Now I wonder if LVP told Brandi to bring it up. That would explain why Brandi would get so upset that they could say hurtful things (off camera) but she couldn’t say same (on camera) she must be obtuse not to realize she was being played. Yolanda had to point it out. It’s all making sense. Ugh!

  6. JustJenn

    I think silent bullying is a bit strong, but I get where she’s coming from as it’s never fun to be isolated from the rest of the group.

    Eileen should have accepted that LVP doesn’t give a shit if she offended her just like Eileen didn’t give a fuck that she had everyone leave LVP’s subpar Hampton hotel. What a way to drag out redundant bs and ruin my favorite RH franchise. Just think we get to listen to them rehash it again at the reunion..yay.

    And Rinna makes my head spin. I would not trust her with any of my personal info or tea.

    • Mm in OC

      I hate the bully term. Way overused by housewives. I think ostracized would more accurately describe what they were doing.

  7. Meredo

    I don’t worship LVP, but she is my favorite HW (much to my daughter’s chagrin). She is the only HW I have liked every season whereas other HWs make me want to scream at times, even those that I have liked previous seasons. Maybe it is because she knows how to play the game better than the others? I don’t know, I just know I find myself on her side and usually agree with her in all these “wars” that happen every season.

    • Meredo, you and will have to sit together in our own little corner, I suppose.

      • Espi

        Got room for one more? Party of three?

        Her ‘game’ is on point. I see it. I’m not blind. Still… The others are much more annoying.

        Eileen is killing me this season with being consumed with truth, fairness, and accountability. Reality tv is dirty play, fake, and social exposure to the art of deflecting, lying, etc. Eileen is messing with my reality tv entertainment.

        Lisa Rhinna,man. I love the madness.

        Ericka says everything I’m thinking

      • You had me at Party, Espi. :)

  8. Bullying, silent or otherwise, is a word that should be banned from all housewives shows. These women participate voluntarily and are compensated well.
    I usually like the drama and conflict LVP’s ways bring to RHOBH, but this blog was just downright ugly. Might be time to retire the pink pumps.

    • Minky

      Pinky doth protest too much. She’s way too concerned with figuring out who cast the first stone. And, as my daddy always says, the best offense is a good defense. That’s what Pinky is doing here. But she’s got it a bit wrong. She should’ve done this before her fuckery was revealed.

      Was it bullying, for example, when Pinky loosed Brandi on everybody that one season? You can’t tell me that Brandi wasn’t doing Pinky’s dirty work with the Adrienne fake pregnancy mess. When Pinky uses “bullying” here I really believe that it’s a classic case of projection. Especially the “silent” part, as Pinky is very well known for being stealth and damn near undetectable in the way she fucks people up. She’s like a ninja, by the time you see her you’ve already been all sliced and diced.

      • I’ve always thought LVP played the reality TV game very, very, well, so the overt ugliness of her blog this week makes me think she has already decided she won’t be back next season. The LVP character on the show is much more effective when she provokes a “he said, she said” scenario (e.g. tabloidgate, munchigate, etc) while inspiring visions of diamonds, rose, and swans. I just don’t see her effective in the victim role.
        Maybe Yolanda will prove that Lymebrain is catching, and the whole cast will have an out for their behavior!

      • Dee

        Thank you Minky! Thank you Tamara! I’m on the slow side so I just got it.

      • Minky, Adrienne gave birth to her first child, the twins were carried by a surrogate. When they were talking about their pregnancies, Adrienne had every right to talk about hers. Please proofread before you post, helps your credibility. No disrespect intended since your posts are very good.

      • tamaratattles

        You need to shut your stupidpie hole, there Spunk. It’s one thing to make numerous ridiculously moronic comments here, but you inability to understand Minky just takes stupid too far. Aside from the fact that you are not the GODDAMN PROOFREADING POLICE, you’re clearly a fucking retard.

  9. You know I love LVP TT, but I did not like this blog at all – It must be nice to live in a world where you are always right – maybe I need some swans? Actually scratch that, can’t stomach what the cats would do to them….

    However note to Andy, I’m interested in seeing a unique lifestyle of the rich and famous in a particular city, not your piss poor on manipulated female aggression. If I wanted to study relational aggression, I’d head back to university and get another degree.

    No more misanthrope Cohen – you had such a chance for great things in Dubai & instead we got 8th grade recess.

    Pinky, your feline side is showing, is that why no cats in Villa Rosa?

    • Minky

      “piss poor on manipulated female aggression” You are just toooo right rufustheragdoll!!! It’s like the Stanford prison experiment with the college students in the 70s. Chilling.

    • Calipatti

      Yes, that is what I expected, rich women living crazy but great life styles.

      Tootsie, I agree with your assessment of LVP, she did play this game very well for many years, not so much this season.

      • Well, they all have great life styles. And they all acted crazy this season (although I fear some weren’t acting). Does that count? :-)

  10. Haven’t posted in long time, but still reading regularly. You are still on fire, TT & congrats on your success!

    I am down to only watching Bev Hills & NY… The others have just worn me out & make me feel dirty & more stupid after watching. I also do not plan to EVER watch any of the new ones, ESP Dallas as it looks fake as fuck! Tired of production driven drama turned into wratchetness.

    I’m really looking forward to this reunion. I hope Pinky gets her just desserts. Sadly, I think Andy will be a pussy again with no moral compass. Was disappointed to see Yo even filming with Kim or Brandi. I am soooo disapointed in Pinky since I took my blinders off!!! I feel I won’t be able to tolerate this show in the future & that makes me sad too. She is just a horrible person and so is Andy Cohen. I refuse to set my DVR for WWHL as to not give him viewership & come to read here instead. The entire franchise is about to get the same treatment from me. Please don’t let NY be all about Ms. Morgan’s drinking problem; so sick of this storyline! I just cant with any of them anymore!

    Thanks for putting in the hours to watch all this crap for us, Tamara!

  11. FarFromPerfekt

    That was an excellent and spot on ‘purple read’. Made my night – SQUEEE!

  12. Rose

    LVP put the final nails in her coffin with me when Kyle admitted it and when she told Kyle (using Kyle’s example of an apology) she only apologized to Eileen to keep the peace. She wants to know everyone’s business but never reveals her own.

  13. Jaana

    Lisa is one nasty woman and a coward. Even Vicki is a better person than her. I am not sure why I said Vicki lol.
    Love you TT!

  14. Jim

    Bring back Taylor! So we can hate on someone who actually deserves it. Lol.

  15. FrostyTheOG

    LVP equating silence and or cast mates not speaking to her (for a 26 hour travel day?) after such a trip, too Silent Bullying… IS too much! As usual, this is Lisa’s point in the “Game” where she has zero straws left to reach for. And, is strictly reaching! Lisa is one of the Housewives I actually truly enjoy watching, but this Blog she posted was too much. Too much.

    With every last fiber of my being, I wish Bravo/Andy wouldn’t of ever EVER EVER revealed this ridiculous “Pinky” BS! Seriously. If I had a Million dollars, I would pay to have the word wiped out?
    Please tell me that there is at the least, one of you that feel the same way??? ?

    • tamaratattles

      Sorry Frosty, when there were two Lisas, I had to go with either LVP or Pinky. Since LVP herself uses Pinky I don’t consider it an rule violating stupid nicknames. But I agree it is a stupid nickname nonetheless.

  16. Lime Brain

    Ugh! I just realized we have one more episode to get through before the reunion. Bravo released a preview so I was thinking it was starting this week. I can’t imagine how much lower the blogs will get next week, if they blog at all.

    On the upside, Lisa R will go after Yolanda about being more manipulative than LVP. Though it will probably go nowhere.

    I think this season was supposed to expose Yolanda and her quackery ways and it backfired horribly.

  17. Yamoah Asiedu

    Great insights TT and thanks for the purple pen experience. Here’s my 10p commentary. I still like LVP, probably for superficial reasons, long steady marriage, successful businesses, great lifestyle, loving husband and lovely children. But her latest blog is way too much! My BS meter is off the charts. In the blog LVP comes across as very selfcentred, self righteous and self pitying without a shred of compassion for poor, offended Eileen.
    I hope that LVP has real friends outside of the show, people who will ‘check’ and challenge her because she doesn’t have any support (not that she needs it) on RHOBH. She appears to be surrounded by Yes People, including Kyle and EVERYONE on VR. That’s very toxic. You cannot always be right and everyone else wrong, it’s just not possible! She’s not used to being questioned or criticised. How have she and Lisa Rinna been friends for 20 years? How?
    Oh yes, Hollywood friends:
    Hello darling, that’s a fabulous dress. Oh darling your hair looks gorgeous. Mwah, air kiss, Mwah
    Harry…Ken…Harry…Ken…Harry..Ken..the girls…the gala…my clothing line…Harry…Ken…Pandora…the girls…Max….darling…wonderful.. the girls…fabulous…wonderful..gorgeous…Mwah…see you later darling…

    Just vacuous, empty and inconsequential for years and years until the cameras roll.

    This maybe why LVP is careful around Erika Jane. Erika appears to have seen right through her. Yes, Lisa is manipulative and does her best work behind the scenes. I think Adrienne was the first person to say this at Brandy’s Malibu party when Taylor went ballistic against Camille. “Lisa stirs the pot…”
    Whatever the case, Lisa makes for great reality TV, she’s far more interesting and entertaining imho than all of her cast mates put together. They’re no match for her. Andy, get her a match!
    Roll on the reunion where they rehash everything. No doubt, Kyle will do her infamous tearless cry (an inner cry aka Tiffany Pollard) and make the situation all about her. Yolanda will really cry as the previews show. Eileen will get her righteous indignation on (yes you had an affair, yes this is your third marriage and no, LVP will not give you a sincere apology, move on dear) Lisa Rinna will stand up at some point and give us a soap operaesque soliloquy and Erika will say that it’s been a great season and she has learned a lot, while taking passive aggressive shots at her castmates. The other one will say she ‘speaks her mind’ and has moved into LVP’s butt crack, next to Kyle. Just my impressions.

  18. TT nailed it for me on what’s been on the fringes of my thoughts on LVP this Season “It has been evident for two seasons now that LVP wants to be on a soap opera.”


    Wish I would have thought of it, lol. THAT’S what that whole finger point/are you really sure @ Eileen was about! With a dose of making fun of Eileens soap career? If it was a “silent” dig, kinda makes me like LVP.

    Just a general fan of the show and this cast btw – I’ve never liked LVP enough to get through much of Vanderpump Rules at all. *But* Lisa Rinna started losing me on the trip to her hometown and my disdain continued to the point I was actually taking sides with Kim Richards!

    I like this cast and hope they all stay, but it seems there really does need to be someone or something they can have story lines about other than the ones they tried this Season. Bleh

  19. susan

    Lvp is the most intelligent and funniest BH housewife period

  20. Josie

    I truly believe we are getting Brandi back next season. Yo loves her. Erika said she liked her.

    LVP was a fan favorite. It would make sense to get everyone to hate her so she is not missed from the show. Doubt she will be back.

    Eileen is fangirling Erika and seems to have forgiven Brandi. Now Eileen has Rinna on board.

    I feel hypocritical ganging up on LVP since I was glad Rinna was going after her whether, according to Rinna’s blog, it was her hairdresser or LVP who “suggested”, “encouraged” and now “manipulated” her….so all I can say is….welcome back Brandi! ☺

    • tamaratattles

      LVP will play the victim to the extreme after this reunion. She will cry, she will wail, she will say she is not coming back, because she is tired of all of the abuse, and she will be right there on the show next season. LVP and Ken both DESPARATELY need the money.

      • Josie

        Thanks for the response TT! I sure hope you are right. I thought you reported that Cohen and Bass has to talk her into coming back…

        Do you think we are getting back Brandi? Yo seems to be pushing for it.

      • Agreed. She will say she doesn’t want to come back as a contract negotiation ploy, but she will NEVER walk away from all the free publicity for her businesses.

  21. T D

    Way to putple pen a pumpsatchel.

  22. Mary

    I think your whole article is crap. I loved LVP blog. All I can say is, the truth hurts.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh look at the blinders on this one. I’m going to give you guys something to play with while I’m off to the Farmer’s market. You’re welcome.

    • I loved it too but the one with the wax on a dirty carpet was better!! I still maintain if someone has such power then shoot that is something to be admired and those people going along with it are idiots! They should get real evidence not Rinna trying to scream over someone! They all playing games on that show Rinna included! Why single out pinky? Because she succeeds?

    • Mary, I guess we’re hitting nerves today with our comments.

  23. David

    Love LVP’s blog! Think Lisa R is delusional. Eileen is boring and she wasn’t bothered by the questions in the Hamptons, Hell Eileen didn’t look too uncomfortable, the next day in the limo. She manipulated Lisa R and they’re trying to make LVP look bad. Create Soapy drama in prime time. It’s not workingIs LVP an angel? NP? Oh and i think the phone logs are from the pony venture. Nothing in reference to her lies. I honestly think Lisa R made all this up from snippets she hears. I also doubt her sanity so does Star Jones lol

    • tamaratattles

      One might take pause when one finds oneself in agreement about Starr Jones. In fact, even being aware of Starr Jones opinion on any issue should cause one to take a deep, personal inventory of oneself.

  24. CoBe

    Couldn’t disagree more with your assessment, TT. I thought LVP’s blog was spot on and well overdue. Eileen has a screw loose and was itching for a fight. She finally got one.

    I am in the camp that Rinna was telling the 100% truth. However, conversations held in private are just that–private conversations. It is a betrayal of a friendship to go blathering on about private conversations held OFF CAMERA, especially knowing that the consequences of that blathering would be incredibly high for LVP.

    Planning out a storyline for a reality show is not manipulation, it is good TV.

    LVP just trusted the wrong person. Again.

    She may have many good qualities, but her friend meter is seriously broken.

    • tamaratattles

      There is a reason that LVP doesn’t have any friends other than Mohammed, who is quite the piece of work himself.

      And private conversations off camera about filming and storylines and attempts to direct people to do your bidding have been brought up regarding Lisa EVERY SEASON. There is a reason for that. LVP’s blog was a rare glimpse at her cuntiness.

      Ellen and Risa are sane people who do not have years of experience with the machinations of REALITY TV and are expecting LVP to treat them like a normal human being with compassion and empathy would. LVP lacks compassion and empathy and considers her cast mates, Kyle included, foot soldiers against whomever dares to give her any pushback. Eileen and Rinna’s naiveté with regard to reality TV does not make them “crazy” and those sorts of implications are reprehensible.

      • amisteree


      • Dee

        Tamara…. I’m in awe!! Well done!

      • Friday'smom

        I think you take it a little far. I’m sure you don’t know who all her friends are. Your level of bile would suggest that she has personally attacked YOU, not just a couple of soap actress/ 2nd season reality stars who I am sure understand how the world works…

      • I guess the person who picked up the Todd’s in a helicopter is not a friend. Lisa has friends who don’t care to be on a reality show. Lisa also has quite the celebrity following too. Just another moronic comment in the land of TT.

      • tamaratattles

        Jesus Christ. You really do believe every single production manipulation. What an idiot you are.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        ‘A rare glimpse at her cuntiness’ Her cuntiness TT? Ouch, ouch ouccchhhh!
        Do you really think she doesn’t have any friends besides Mohammed? That would be very sad indeed. I think Ericka has got her number. She’s accurate when she described the ‘levelled’ relationship. Poor LVP. I hope she gets Ken to read her this blog,

    • theartistformerlyknownasyoya

      CoBe you said it. I think Eileen IS manipulative and I also think Rinna 100% believes what she’s saying. I don’t think she’s crazy at all but she is a pushover and a people pleaser and everyone knows it including Eileen. Eileen was a c u next Tuesday about the hotel and maybe LVP was exacting a little revenge. I don’t think there’s any reason for Eileen to care so deeply about this apology from LVP. If someone’s apology is lackluster perhaps tell them so once, but move on. Come on.

      • tamaratattles

        I really don’t see Eileen as manipulative. I do agree however that she should not give a shit about an apology from LVP. Clearly her apology was mocking. I’d never ASK for an apology once. let alone ten billion times.

        I don’t think she was a cunt about the hotel LVP was not there when the construction was going on at what clearly was a MOTEL.

        It was the NOISE not the accommodations that were the issue.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I can’t recall did Erika arrive later with LVP? I remember her thinking the hotel/motel was just fine. LVP is very sensitive and easily hurt as Kyle said.

        Agreed I would not usually ask for an apology. But if I did and someone clearly didn’t think they owed one, I’d accept that for what it is. That may be disappointing but you can’t make someone else see it your way.

      • JustJenn

        Eileen cited the motel as being a party motel with no room service as her reasons for leaving. She was kind of a bitch about the whole thing, and I just read the recap to refresh my memory.

        Erika said if it was good enough for LVP it was good enough for her..not sure she’d still feel like same way now though.

  25. Yahoo, I found the right place to vent, because those LVP fans are everywhere. They defend her and claim she is the victim. Lisa used to be my favorite, but I started to notice her manipulation, the way she would ask too personal questions, or try to use another housewife to get back at a housewife she did not like. She would also bring up things at lunches, dinner parties etc. instead of talking about it later. There was one time Yolanda was having someonething and she mentioned let’s talk about it later, but she said let’s do it now, but Yolanda called her out on it. Poor Kyle would do anything to be LVP friend, even when she continues to throw her under the bus. Is it the accent? I like Eileen, she has the b*lls to confront LVP. Sorry to agree with Brandi, but she warned us about LVP.

  26. Gapeachinsc

    I think they are all clowns, LVP included. I wouldn’t trust Kyle as there is too much emotional dysfunction there. Rinna is weak and allows herself to be manipulated by anyone and everyone. Eileen has guilt over her choices of long ago and at this point, should own it loudly and proudly. Can you imagine if she had said “yeah we were cheating with each other, what about it, Bitch?” I mean at what age is she gonna gain some strength? There is no way in hell I would continually look for an apology from someone who doesn’t wish to give it. It’s not like they are business partners or family. Consider yourself lucky you know what you are dealing with and move on. She (Eileen next to Yolonda) looks to me like the biggest manipulator of all. And Rinna is so immature she allows herself to be played by anyone, including her so called friend Eileen. Eileen is not Rinna’s friend.Honestly, at their age I find their drama cringeworthy. I’m tired of hearing about all their damn feelings. Have they not gained any strength or wisdom as we generally do as we age? Lack of personal responsibility on all their parts is what I see.

    • Lisanna

      I think Eileen looks like the biggest manipulator in this whole scenario. She is behind the scenes fanning the flames and pushing crazy LR to confront LVP. What is tragic is that Lisa Rinna is an easy target. It is appalling that a woman her age blames others for her actions. She is too old for that defense and I find it disgusting. I keep screaming at LR her own words “OWN IT, BABY!!”

      Eileen has gone absolutely crazy over LVP’s comment “how did your affair start?” ED did have an affair and it is obvious that LVP viewed her relationship as positive and didn’t understand that ED was ashamed and guilty. For someone who claims to love the truth so much, ED sure does go insane when the “truth” is mentioned.

      ED has completely wrecked her relationship with LVP by continually bringing up the affair comment. What a stupid strategy. Why bring the unpleasantness of the past into the present, over and over and over and over again? It does not resolve problems, it just makes them more bitter. Since when does rehashing every hurt feeling every resolve problems?

      I hope LVP leaves the show and tells these bitches to climb right up her ass. I can’t stand to watch the piling on of LVP anymore.

      • Something Clever

        Eileen is not trying to put her own words into others’ mouths. She is trying to hold Rinna accountable for her hypocrisy, in that Rinna complained several times to Eileen about LVP but then Rinna would act like all was well when LVP was around. Eileen wanted Rinna to act with integrity. That is the opposite of manipulation. That is what a therapist or a good friend would do.

  27. Twilly

    Dammit TT! I want to like LVP and think she’s just a a fun, successful woman, like she wants to portray, but you and your facts keep getting in the way of that!!

    • tamaratattles

      You can still LIKE LVP. I STILL LIKE LVP! But she does a lot of manipulative things both on the show and in her restaurants.

      What you should not do is be one of the ignorant sheep who holds LVP blameless in all things because she has an English accent and some swans.

      • Friday'smom

        Clearly you don’t like LVP. You talk about her in your blog with such venom that you don’t use on the others.

    • dayle ann

      I agree. All this fact crap is too hard to watch. It took the fun out and put the mean in.

  28. Dizzy

    There is no way that “soapy” was ever going to accept LVP apology. She was so mad that a reference to her having an affair was made by LVP.

    So instead kept referring to LVP apology as insincere. All of her apologies were fine, but she was so pissed off about it, that she was definitely not about to forgive her.

    I really believe that LVP could apologize a hundred times, and that “soapy” would still say “it’s not heartfelt enough”, or something else to that effect. All stemming from her still being so mad.

    Maybe the exwife, or exhusband of them both are still upset too. But then she doesnt want to deal with that i bet. How many time did she apologize to the exwife, or “soapy” husband apologize to “soapy” exhusband” for their actions. I bet those apologies never happened to this day.

  29. Twilly

    Pandora seems to be doing very well for herself *gasp* working! Max is just a kid who will find his way. I don’t see anything Yo has to be jealous of, by LVP or anyone else for that matter.

    Lisa is quite beautiful in her own right and I think Lisa would prefer her children get actual careers that will last a lifetime over a few years of modeling.

    I don’t get jealousy at all from that.

    • tamaratattles

      LVP has one kid that is a bus boy and one that married well and has been given an “honorary CEO” title by her mother for a company she has nothing to do with other than on TV.

      • spunky2015

        Very smart having Max start from the bottom if he is going to own the business one day. Eileen made a big deal out of it because she has no story line and hubby doesn’t want to film. Think we saw him once this season. LVP comment about Eileen was inappropriate but so true and realizes Eileen is the real troublemaker. Funny how people follow like sheep on this site.

  30. Lisanna

    I don’t understand why there has to be a grand conspiracy about some bitterness between Yolanda and LVP? I don’t see the connection. Of course LVP wouldn’t like her. She is not a likable person! She has been nasty to LVP at every opportunity.

    What does that have to do with questioning YF’s bizarre behavior on social media? Most people who follow YF on social media question her sympathy seeking behavior. LVP told Yo to her face there were questions about this. It is ludicrous of Lisarinna and Eileen Davidson to conjure up some grand “conspiracy” when this was all out in the open.

    It seems to me like these women are grasping around for reasons to justify their attack of LVP. The conspiracies and the exaggerations about LVP’s “intentions” are laughable.

    • tamaratattles

      LVP and Yolanda’s hatred for one another is from BEFORE Yolanda got on the show. It is integral to understanding what is really going on. And despite all the folks who think that the conversations off camera are personal and to be discussed on camera, when the conversations are about FILMING and cast mate relationships, of course they come out on screen. LVP’s relationship with Mohammed has everything to do with LVP calling out Yolanda this season. That entire family knows that Yolanda is insane.

      Blind Item:

      Blind Item

      • Lisanna

        Thanks Tamara, it does not suprise me a bit that there was bitterness between YF and LVP before she came on the show. As far as Yolanda’s illness, LVP was up front with her about her questions about her all her sickie selfies. I don’t believe anyone put a gun to Rinna’s head and made her bring up munchausen. She is grown ass woman who needs to “OWN IT.”

      • Fucktard here. What you’re saying makes sense and commendable on LVP’s part to step in and expose Yolanda in hopes of helping Mohammed and the kids.

  31. Josie

    TT, do you really like LVP?? I am surprised because you didnt seem to hold the rest of the cast’s feet to the fire this season for their nonsense. Just the Lymenator. Not a criticism. Love you and this blog. Just an observation…

    • tamaratattles

      LVP is not someone I’d want to be friends with, but I love her as a HW for my viewing pleasure. She’s quite good at moving all the other folks on the show like pawns to get what she wants. Though she does get caught, it never seems to phase her adoring fans.

      For once I love this cast and hope they ALL Come back.

      As for Brandi, Andy has been saying he wants to bring her back, but he was responsible for firing her in the first place. I have given up on trying to determine his wishy washy ways. It wouldn’t surprise me either way.

      I do think it likely that Yolanda is gone though.

      • Friday'smom

        I didn’t really have an issue with Brandi… She had her side of the story and I thought she was protective of Kim, if misguided. I thought Adrienne got treated badly and wondered if it contributed to the end of her marriage, for some reason I felt LVP was wrong in that instance and not a good friend. I like and I know others don’t, but I enjoy seeing her home like… Love the ball obsessed dog. I like LVP but I don’t believe anyone here is innocent so she can protest all she wants. As for Yolanda, I’m sure the truth is stranger than we know…. She should get some real qualified help.

      • I would strongly prefer if Yolanda would sell her delusions elsewhere, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. I wouldn’t care to see Kim or Brandi return, although the precedent has been set on other shows for bringing back former housewives.

      • Josie

        Thank you for your response Miss TT, I appreciate it. ?

  32. Lisaj

    LVP team period. All I SAW and HEARD was ED and LR gossiping about LVP. We didn’t hear what was not shown. IMO LVP was mild.

    • tamaratattles

      GOSSIP: casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.

      RELATE: give an account of (a sequence of events); narrate.

      One would think someone as fond of LVP as you are would have seen what LVP did ON CAMERA. I failed to see anything other than two people relating their experiences with LVP to each other up until the mandatory production scenes in the luggage store that would be the set up for the Dubai trip storyline. Where EVERYONE (except perhaps LVP) knew that the natural ending of the season had to be everyone acknowledging that LVP hates Yolanda (but not so much vice versa for some reason) and to attempt to get LVP to admit that she was leaving everyone, including KYLE out to dry.

      • FrostyTheOG

        Damn T, you’re right (once again), some people are straight up LVP Fan Pumpers! One of my favorite things about the HW’s (and your blog) we are all watching/reading the same thing and take away something completely different from it. At least I think we are all watching the same shows??

  33. LaLa

    I loved this blog from LVP and I love the one from last week too.

  34. Pip

    Okay- well here is my 2 cents.
    I like LVP. I think she is witty and I enjoy her English humor. But she does bring shit up that is none of her business and especially at inappropriate times. She always asks Kyle in this “concerned” voice “how is Kim doing”? All while there are other people around listening like vultures. Don’t do that.
    I have a good friend whose sister is a mess. (She was my best friend in childhood). I haven’t spoken to her in at least ten years. But I would NEVER ask him how she is doing. Why bring up a painful thing for him? If he wants to talk about it, he will. Not my place to remind him of it. A good friend does not remind people of their pain.
    As far as Rinna goes, I DO like her. She is a very likable, relatable person. But she does not let shit go. Same with Eileen.
    The thing about these shows is that so many people are up in other people’s business. I don’t like that. But I get it. It’s a show. It’s why they are on tv. But it’s lame.

    • Something Clever

      Yes, yes, yes!!!!! LVP is all about the shit of others and never reveals her own. She uses others’ pain as an opportunity to bring that to the forefront of the camera crew, present herself as caring (though she strikes me as insincere), and she also purposely embarrasses her cast mates. Examples of the latter include asking Kyle about rumors of Mauricio’s affair in front of Portia and Kyle, asking Eileen about her affair in front of the whole cast, repeatedly asking about Kim, etc.

  35. Frosty

    I feel like LVP is super confident of her position on the show and that with this blog her mask finally fcking SLIPPED. LOL

  36. Kmc

    Lisa V is a good at manipulation, she hears only what she wants to hear and the rest will be turned around in many ways that it gets complex. However we the audience know what we saw and heard. Even with Bravo running the play backs and you hear verbatim what was said by Lisa V and Lisa R. Lisa V will still deny ever saying or thinking that. Yes she throws it back on you and now it goes back and forth. The only thing this time is Lisa R. Won’t hear any of it from Lisa V. Rinna refused to allow Vanderpump to but in. Rinna got everything out including the evidence of the 10 phone calls made from Vanderpump to Rinna. What would have been even more laughable is if Rinna could have saved those conversations, then played them back. Vanderpump then would have no exit, she would be forced to own what she said. No one can trust Lisa V . She’s truly a good manipulator , who preys on people she knows she can control. 8n problem was it that is people who have been a victim to being manipulated, after a while will see it all, and BTW as when the ship hits the fan , as what happened this past Live with Andy Cohen. And the rest is history. To be continued!

  37. I enjoy LVP immensely, but I’m no fool. I just wish she would come out and say how much she hates Yolanda and that she wanted to cast doubt on her “journey” without pissing off Mohammed. He’s already pissed off now anyway so just come the fuck on, Pinky.

  38. After reading the comments, all I can say is, I’m SO glad I don’t have my head so far up LVP’s ass, that I can’t see the forest for the trees.

  39. tamaratattles

    Welcome to the WLS, Man Spunk!

    Here is some literature for your to read once you find your seat.

  40. It’s too bad the reunion was filmed so early. None of the latest developments will be discussed during the reunion (including Yolanda’s miracle cure).

  41. Shae

    Bullying my ass, cmon. LVP is many things but vulnerable to “bullying” is not one of them. Let’s be realistic, this woman knows how to play her cards, her strengths and weaknesses. Like anybody, she isn’t perfect and got caught regarding playing Rinna and Kyle to her own ends, etc., but she does nothing without angling ten steps ahead.

    While I don’t doubt she has feelings and they can be hurt, she is not a people pleaser and doesn’t get overly distressed about conflict. Nobody “bullied” LVP, it was just convenient for her to play up a victim type role after getting her ass handed to her in dubai about her comments. It serves her purpose to seem sensitive, vulnerable, etc and claim the other ladies are ganging up on her.

    All this being said, I like her very much, but you have to call a spade a spade. Rinna placates everyone, Eileen is direct but very polite, neither is capable of any “bullying” in the first place. Ridiculous.

  42. CanadaCat

    Wow, what a narcissist.

  43. Krie

    So glad to find a blog that shares my views! I was reading EDITED TO REMOVE NAME OF WEBSITE before and they’re all bowing down to LVP like crazy, and blindly, like robots. It’s so insane….
    A breath of fresh air here, thank you!!!!


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