Double Dance Moms Recap From David Bowie to Michael Jackson

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Things have been so busy that I am somehow two episodes behind on Dance Moms.  First we have an episode where they perform in Vegas which I see as sort of a filler episode. Then we have a new competition. Oh wait, it is a dance competition in Vegas. That’s cool.

Viva Las Vegas

Abby is crazy as a bessy bug lashing out at Kira and Ashlee one second and then being perfectly kind five seconds later. This is always the mark of a good episode with a high likelihood of binge eating in the parking lot.

They manage to get it together to have pyramid. Brynn is welcomed to the group. Ashlee brings up the fact that Jill and the other moms immediately tried to dispute the fact that Brynn’s trio won.  Jill loses her mind and starts screaming at Ashlee who says that Jill is just mad because Brynn is having a better season than Kendall. Kendall has reached that angsty teenage stage and is crying and screams at Ashlee and flees from the studio. Kendall is turning into her mother.  The entire pyramid goes all to hell with everyone leaving and Jill screaming that it’s her or Ashlee.  Brynn is crying and tells her mom that she wishes she could scream in Jill’s face and tell her how mean she is but she’s not a brat.

The girls are all in a tizzy for the group rehearsal which is a tribute to David Bowie. I can’t believe it had been two months since Bowie died. I thought this might have just been a coincidence but they actually had time to film this since he died. Time is just going by so fast.  Brynn, Mackenzie and Kalani all get solos. All the other moms are total bitches about Brynn getting a solo. Why are they such bitches? Kendall is really turning into a royal pain in the ass.

Kenzie has a solo inspired by J-Lo.  She has never seen J-lo dance. How is that possible. Kalani is doing a Fred Astaire inspired solo that she will be doing in heels. Brynn is doing something inspired by Princess Leia.

Dance Moms Kalani

Kenzie’s dance wasn’t all that “J-Lo” but it was good. It was full of acrobatics which is he strong suit. She did well and her facial expressions are maturing.

Kalani’s dance was great. She has been looking kind of clunky lately and she was light on her feet for this. She danced in heels like she had been doing it all her life. She looked like an adult. The choreography was quite basic though. Probably because she inexperienced in those heels.

Brynn’s dance was good. The music will really help her scores. I hope she wins but it wasn’t that spectacular. I was distracted by her bones sticking out of her white leotard. I get that top dancers don’t eat much, but a darker colored leotard would have helped me focus more on her routine.

The group dance was really good. You can tell that Abby is not doing the choreography anymore. This was not the same old, same old we have grown so tired of. It was contemporary and elevated and it will win. The whole David Bowie concept was genius. It looked like Jo Jo was struggling to keep up.

Results: Brynn won first place over Kenzie who came in second. Kalani got second place in her division. The group won first.

In the second episode, CHRISTee shows up.  The other moms walk in like they like just love CHRISTee. WTF? WE hate CHRISTee !  The pyramid was based on people who sprayed her with silly string in Vegas. Brynn is top of the pyramid. The big news is that Abby got laid in Vegas. Let us hope this improves her disposition.

Brynn and Sara are doing a duet, so are Kendall and Maddie.  Kendall is beside herself with glee. She has been waiting to do a duet with Maddie for ages. Unfortunately, Maddie has another obligation that will keep her out of practice for a day. The group dance is based on Abby’s belief that Michael Jackson’s glove means he likes baseball. Or something.  I don’t get it.

Jo Jo practices the duet as Maddie with Kendall. Abby considers giving the choreography to Kendall as a solo. Kendall is completely hormonal. She crying and having fits because she just wants to dance with Maddie.  While Kendall is off attention seeking, Jo Jo runs the routine as a solo. And Abby gives her the choreography as a solo. Good for Abby. Kendall has been a brat for most of this season.  Jill and Kendal storm out for the second episode in a row.


Dance Moms Jo Jo


Jo Jo’s dance was great. The fake music we heard was not. If we would have heard the MJ music that the judges heard it would have been fantastic. This is right in Jo Jo’s wheelhouse anyway. I thought she was great. The judges didn’t give the best feedback.

Brynn and Sarah’s duet. I didn’t like it. These two girls are both kind of wet dishrags. That sounds worse than what I mean. They are both oatmeal. There is not much personality there. They are just sort of there. I was bored. The judges seemed to like it. The judges were a big hard on Sarah.

The group dance was cute. It didn’t seem very clean to me, especially in comparison to last week. They weren’t as cohesive as they could be. One judge called out Sarah for being behind on her turns.

Jo Jo was robbed. She did not even place in her division. That is all kinds of wrong. Sarah and Brynn won first in their division. I doubt there were three duets at this competition. The group also did not even place.  I don’t recall that ever happening.

Next week: There will be three duets. I am convinced Abby does this when she doesn’t think her solos will place.


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13 responses to “Double Dance Moms Recap From David Bowie to Michael Jackson

  1. margroc

    I caught up on the last 2 episodes tonight too.I think Kalani looked beautiful during her solo. She has grown in to a lovely young lady. I thought parts of Kenzie’s solo looked a bit too mature for her. I think Ashley is a bitch but I think Jill is one too. When they were fighting you could tell they weren’t giving a thought to their kids and that was just sad.

  2. Xanadude

    Abby unashamedly paying for sex is like the first time I’ve agreed with her in quite a while.
    That being said, the weird justification of the MJ/baseball thing was just wrong. Just admit you thought a baseball routine set to MJ music would be interesting instead of trying to give it a backstory.

  3. Xanadude

    …and the fact that Abby sent her rentboy A SCRIPT beforehand is…well…its so Abby. She even stage manages and critiques her male hustlers.

  4. Cheychey

    JoJo looked much better doing the routine in the studio when they practiced it then Kendall. Then Kendall’s little outburst sealed the deal. I don’t often agree with Abby but she was completely right taking the solo away and giving to the dancer that was willing to do what she was told by the teacher respectfully. Kendall has turned into a teenage drama queen this year. JoJo was robbed in the judging unless there were some fantastic dances we didn’t see. The judges always love lyrical dances so maybe that was what she was going against. In past seasons most of the drama has been around Maddie getting all the attention and Mellisa not addressing it. That has not happened at all this season. Mostly because she hasn’t been there a lot. I also think that producers already knew this was their last season and we’re setting up a new drama to take that place which was Jill and Ashley.

  5. Male hustler or not, have not seen Abby this nice in ages so whatever! Ha! CHRISTee and Sarah should head back to PA. I agree with WTF re all the moms so happy to see her?!I get that it’s time for Maddie to move on. I get that it’s a hard transition for everyone. I don’t get why Melissa is being so shady about it. Is she planning on taking Mackenzie out, too?

    Who is doing the choreography these days? Does Abby still pick the music? Just curious… Because Bowie and MJ in one week was awesome! Oh, and agree Jojo was robbed.

  6. Cheychey

    You know what JoJo’s outfit was giving me Janet in Rhythm Nation. Just made me think I would love to see them some kind of remake of that.

  7. Mississippi Queen

    MJ and his brothers grew up playing sandlot baseball on a field near their home. The brothers quit playing early because Joe would make them come home and practice. Once Joe discovered MJ’s talent, he was not allowed to play anymore. The glove might or might not be related to baseball, but he and his brothers did enjoy playing growing up.

  8. Miguel

    Did anyone notice Kenzie trying to out Jill for saying the competition was rigged, much to Melissa’s and Maddie’s chagrin? Bless her heart for trying to be honest; while her mom and sister put all the blame on Ashlee. Nonetheless, it was sad to see them silence her in the car, as she couldn’t successfully play the delusional game. Also, what’s up with Holly joining the herd this season?

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