Daisy Lewellyn Dies From Bile Duct Cancer at 36



Well this sucks. Daisy Lewellyn has died after a long fight with bile duct cancer.  The video above is from January of last year just before the season finale  of  Blood, Sweat and Heels aired.

TMZ reports “Daisy suffered from bile duct cancer, which attacks the digestive tract leading to the liver. She revealed her diagnosis to the cast during season two of the Bravo reality series.  A Bravo spokesperson said, ‘Daisy passed on in peace and filled with joy, surrounded by her family and friends. We are all saddened to lose this wonderful woman.'”

BSH Daisy and her Daddy


Daisy was always so full of life on the show and was very brave to show her fight against cancer on Blood, Sweat and Heels aired. On the show we saw her whimsical fashion stylings and her love for Jesus who she considered “her boyfriend” and how those things in addition to the loving support of both of her parents and most of her co-stars helped her to continue her struggle to beat cancer.

I am very sad to hear the news of her passing at such a young age.


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36 responses to “Daisy Lewellyn Dies From Bile Duct Cancer at 36

  1. So young. Horrible. RIP

  2. MomofAJ

    I liked her. Rest well beautiful girl…

  3. Alicia

    She had a beautiful spirit. May she rest in peace.

  4. TAT

    Oh I hate this. I liked her. She was like a ditzy little fairy. So cute and lovable. Just awful.

  5. Zazu

    Many blessing and much peace to her family and friends.

  6. BKSweetheart

    OMG that is so sad!!! I was really moved by her courage and strength she showed through her treatments. I literally in tears watching some of those episodes. Wow I am really sad about this. I thought she was getting better. RIP Daisy, such a beautiful spirit.

  7. Such a beautiful soul! She really brought the happy wherever she went!

  8. Katherine 2.0

    Nooooo…..too soon. Way too soon.

  9. RIP, Daisy! Such sad news, I thought she was getting better too.

  10. Cat

    Omg. Way too young.

  11. Rach

    RIP lady. This is sad. So young

  12. loriflack

    ?RIP lovely lady?

  13. This is devastating…God, please bless her family and friends.

  14. I am so saddened to read this. Daisy showed such strength, grace and humor thru her fight. Prayers for all her friends and family to lose her positive light.

    PS. Was this show ever renewed? Shame if it wasn’t; those ladies were at least fun to watch for the most part.

    Thanks for a great blog site Tamara! You deserve all the positives happening!

  15. RebeccaBartholow

    Thinking of her parents, praying for everyone who loved her.

  16. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    So terrible sad. Way to young. She had such a great attitude

  17. Wanda

    So sad…. She radiated positivity and optimism.

  18. Voyer II the sequel

    Too young!! She was such a bright spot on the show. I always admired how brave she was, especially going through early treatments without telling her co-stars (friends?).

    If the show continues, for me, there will be a large empty spot where she use to be :-( A couple of those women are so arrogant & into themselves. I will really miss this sweet girl.

    I send comforting & healing wishes to her family & loved ones.

  19. Sammie

    Sorry sad to see a beautiful spirit lost so young. May her loved ones find peace. RIP

  20. Margarett

    Oh…so sad. I loved her on the show. I’m sure she will be sorely missed.

  21. 25

    Wow. The world is worse for losing that positive, smiling spirit so young.

  22. edtitan77

    I stopped watching the show after first season but I always was drawn to her drive to be the next Oprah. So sad to hear of her passing. RIP.

  23. Laura

    Far, far, far too young. May she R.I.P. and her loved ones find comfort and solace during this difficult time.

  24. Carie

    Such sad news to hear. My condolences to all she loved and loved her back.

  25. Rose

    She was such an effervescent and beautiful person and my fave on the show. My prayers to her family.

  26. Twilly

    This is so sad. She seemed like an upbeat, positive person. RIP, Daisy.

  27. JackieB

    She was an inspiration to watch on the show. Loved her braveness and courage. Always sweet and positive. She will be missed deeply. Sleep peacefully in heaven lovely angel. ?? ???

  28. Onawin

    Such an Angel, I will miss her beautiful smile and the way she and Mica would cut up. Just thinking of those two warm my heart. A beautiful voice a beautiful smile Thank you Daisy for such great memories.?

  29. So sad.

    She was truly an example of someone who faced adversity with grace and courage.

    Given her persona, the first season of a flighty superficial woman, I would have never expected her to be a beacon of courage and light in the face of what was a brutal slap from fates.

    Big Ang and now Daisy – two lovely women in a sea of reality trash gone too soon.

  30. Matzah60

    I am heartbroken. Her father was barely able to contain his sadness and pain while he was with Daisy. She was so brave and had such strong faith in God. She was really making her way up as a stylist and had done a couple of segments on Kathie Lee and Hoda.

    So terribly sad. A life cut way too short. RIP, Daisy.

  31. ??God Bless you. You are in a better place. No more hurt, no more pain. My prayers are with you and your families.

  32. hannahkingrose

    So sorry to hear of Daisy’s passing. She was so brave during her fight with cancer. When you hear of something like this happening, it kind of makes you reevaluate all the petty problems you complain about in your own life.

  33. Karen

    I had wished that Bravo had produced a show thst centered around Daisy and her struggles with her health. The scenes she was in, her stress at her meds being delivered late, her mounting medical bills, knowing when to tell the people she loved as well as her cast mates, I thought were so important to see as she was shining a light into a phase of life few want to even think about or understand. I remember her sadness at never having married or having children. Her’s was a meaningful “health journey” that was both “invisible” as she had to continue to work, and yet very visible as she allowed us to see her remove her wig on camera, showing us one side effect of chemotherapy.

    Daisy made an impact in her lifetime, and will be missed.

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