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Sorry for the delay but WWHL right after RHONY is just too much at once. I need that hour in between to pee and freshen my drink, and well, things got out of hand after that.

Bethenny gets bleeped for referring to Jules as “JAPPY”.  She is referring to the term Jewish American Princess (JAP) a pejorative term for Jewish women who marry rich men and life a life of leisure. Jules also happens to be part Japanese which makes it all even messier.

Andy ran a clip of Luann and Sonja talking about Luann’s bony mouth with references to Grey Gardens. I still don’t think Sonja got that shade when he said it directly to her face.

Next he plays the montage of Bethenny insulting everyone over a tower of seafood.

It looks like this season is going to be heavy on the storyline that Dorinda’s boyfriend John is kind of a dick.

Bethenny is asked why she would insult someone for being  skinny given her brand.  She says “watch what happens!”

Bethenny says that Carole and Adam are the unexpected couple of the century. It sounds like the real deal.

On Wednesdays we wear black.

On Wednesdays we wear black.


Everyone on the show has their arguments but at the end of the season they all leave in a good place.

Bethenny has been bleeped at ease for times in the first twenty minutes. That was a loooooong bleep. Andy asks what is going on with the divorce and Bethenny randomly  starts talking about health issues with her vagina. After much bleeping of both of them,  Andy asks the divorce question again. Bethenny says it’s been three and a half years and she feels like it is on the 18th hole.

A caller asks what advice she would give Luann about getting married. Bethenny says that we will have to watch the season. I don’t think Luann is really going to marry this mediawhore dude.

Andy is totally into drag queens lately. We always seem to have a drag contest these days.

If there were a housewives All Stars series she would want it to be herself, Kim Zolciak, Nene, LVP and Kyle. She says “I don’t know that there is anyone from Orange County I need to talk to.” She also completely forgets about RHONJ.

Bethenny is not making a lot of sense. Andy brings up the divorce again and Bethenny says that she thinks Jason will be moving out of the old apartment soon. Then she says she likes her new apartment. So why is Jason moving out?  Andy asks if she will return to the new apartment. Bethenny acts like she just explained all that. I have a feeling they are going to sell the original apartment and divide up the money. I think Bethenny just doesn’t want Jason to able to live there.

Bethenny’s tag line was voted fan favorite. Which is odd because the only one I can recall at the moment is Jules’.

Is it just me or was Bethenny kind of all over the place even more than usual?


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30 responses to “Bethenny Frankel On WWHL

  1. She’d had a super long day plus had been out the night before and woke up with a hangover according to her snapchat. Plus, super exciting day on top of that so you get out-of-her-mind-Bethenny by WWHL time. She reminded me of me when I’m running on adrenalin fumes.

  2. Erica

    You are not the only one – I think she and Andy hit the bar before the show aired (I think that is a common occurrence, and if you are a guest who doesn’t mind hanging out in Andy’s office or in the clubhouse with the staff, you could really get your drink on. Just the impression I get from people on Radio Andy who appear on WWHL and Deep and Shallow with Andy Cohen)

    I think the really long beep – I rewound – was because she started talking about her surgery, etc. and that is a major storyline, isn’t it? Usually the HW are really good at keeping those under wraps when on WWHL (or Sirius radio for that matter – Amy Phillips has a show twice a week, and Jenny McCarthy has some of them on, esp. Lisa Rinna and Heather DuBrow because she’s been friends with them for years)

    But she was a bit all over th eplace, and her lips were loose for sure!

  3. Cat

    Why would anyone want marriage advice…from someone who was divorced?

    • Erica

      To be fair – she wasn’t offering any. But good point. (Although – if someone went through a nasty divorce like that was my friend, and she said “He totally reminds me of my ex” about my boyfriend/fiance – I’d be taking a second look at said boyfriend, esp. if it was a seemingly whirlwind relationship. Luann hasn’t been dating this guy very long, as she?

    • To learn from someone else’s mistakes.

  4. Nila

    I kept thinking is she this self obsorbed that she can’t even understand a question or is she so use to running shit, she feels she doesn’t need to answer the question? Loved how she tried to embarrass Andy, when it was her who got the question wrong and even then didn’t answer it or explain the weird answer she gave.

  5. Same old Bethenny. I’m not sure I can deal with another season of Skinny Girl stuff on display.

  6. Xanadude

    None of the drag queens were particularly good or even remotely like their RHONY counterparts. If you do Runway Ramona, the last thing you do is pile on so much black eye makeup your eyes aren’t visable – the entire point of Runway Ramona is to have the eyes as wide open as possible. The others were just forgettable – as if someone pointed at some random drag queen, gave them three lines to memorize, and pushed them onstage when the damn bell rang.

  7. Mrs. Strib

    I really think B suffers from drug addiction, anorexia and low self esteem that she spews onto anyone ne she considers to be a threat. I used to love her so hard because of her quick wit but now it has turned into speed insults and it’s pathetic.

    • Adeline

      I agree with the eating disorder and low self-esteem/worth not sure on the drug addiction?? Her behavior? B is jealous or something over Jules but how did Bethenny and ramona share dresses??

    • Minky

      Yeah, her appearance is worrisome. She’s too tiny and sinewy. Like a malnourished person who works out way too much. The hollowed out cheeks and sunken in eyes can’t be hidden even with makeup. And it’s obvious that she drinks and self medicates too much. At least it looks that way to me.

      Emotionally she’s basically a teenager who’s experiencing hormones and relationships for the first time. Too much crying and carrying on. And when she does have one of her frequent, bawling, hysterical breakdowns she acts surprised that people notice, and orders them to carry on as if everything were normal. Like, what?

      And did she seriously call Jules too skinny? SMH. Does Skinny Girl make a line of flavored Ipecac syrup? I’m asking for a friend.

      • Dee

        She is jealous of Jules, she has everything Bethany wants and owns her own company. It appears Bethany also had some work done. Maybe during her health emergency?

  8. Ricky Lee Jones

    It’s pretty obvious she hates Jules and is utterly jealous of someone who’s happily married and doesn’t need validation from being a mogul. The saddest part about Bethany is how much validation she craves and how she will pass on all of her demons to Brynn. Jason may not have been the best husband but he should get a medal for putting up with all her crap. As for Andy, no one ever said he was a good person. No wonder these two narcissistic a-holes “love” each other so much.

  9. bellabee

    Geez, it’s like she’s got a motor inside her body–talking a mile a minute and not making much sense. Phew, she is exhausting! Also she was so rude to Andy when he was asking about the apartment (not that he isn’t usually an ass to every Bravolebrity). He looked like he was thinking, seriously, you’re gonna diss me on myyy show?

    • gluedtothepc

      I found it a little interesting when the apartments were brought up that Bethenny whined to Andy about him not having come to see it. I don’t know how long she’s been in it, but it brought to mind the candy drawer that Kelly Ripa keeps for him at her home because he drops by so often.

  10. Calipatti

    I like Bethenny and so glad she is back. She does over share.
    Just because Andy or anyone asks a personal question does not equal her needing to answer.

    I talk fast, just like Bethenny. I can talk even faster. On my phone is a note that reads, slow down. I wore a tight rubber band in public, I became accustomed to it. No drugs, no crazy, nothing else. Its a result of past stuttering.

    If Jason is moving out then she might not want to jinxes it. I’m guessing Bethenny is tired of divorce talk.

  11. Gapeachinsc

    Brynn (and all children) can also learn from her parents mistakes as well. It happens. Maybe not as often as we would like but it does happen. Especially in situations where there are a lot of other people around to model different kinds of behaviors. She may learn a lot about life and choices and the price we pay for things in life and end up living a great life. I want to say everything in life has a price. Even leading a great one. Sorry if I seem to digress.

  12. Laura

    Bethenny made perfect sense when Andy asked her about the apartment. Andy asked her if she was going to return to the apartment after Jason moves out. She had just said how much she loves her new apartment so why would she move out of it after spending so much time and money buying and renovating it? The old apartment is a remnant of an unhappy time in her life.

    Bethenny purchased the first apartment for $5M. It’s unlikely that Jason would be able to afford to keep it after the divorce is finalized. Skinnygirl was already a going concern when they met and they weren’t together long enough for him to claim any sort of ownership interest in the company so he might get a few million dollars to get lost but it’s not going to be enough to meet the mortgage and carrying costs. They should just cut their losses and roll.

    • Calipatti

      He will probably recieve support for a few years if he wasn’t working and child support until Bryn is 18 unless there is a signed prenup.

  13. DJFL

    @Adeline – When Bethenny had her talk show, she had Ramona on as a guest. She let Ramona borrow a dress to wear on the show, and Ramona never returned it.

  14. Jim

    I usually love Bethenny and her manic and witty ways. But this was too much even for me. I don’t think she’s on drugs, quite the contrary. I think she’s off her meds… the kind that smooths out her peaks and valleys. If you know what I mean?

  15. tamaratattles

    FYI None of the random comments about the divorce settlement, Jason’s holdings in Skinny Girl, Jason’s financial abilities, prenuptial agreements or anything else have even the remotest basis in reality. In fact they could not be more wrong.

  16. I think Bethenny must have overindulged in those Skinny Girl cocktails during the show!

  17. Cheychey

    Looks like Jules landed herself a pretty good gig to me. Her and her husband seem to really be in love. He looks like he worships her the way he looks at her. She gets to stay at home and spend time with her kids and husband and is not bothered by pesky stuff like cleaning and laundry. Sign me up.

  18. I wish they would warn us when drag queens are going to be on. It’s the only thing that could get me to watch wwhl.

  19. JustJenn

    I like Bethenny’s Allstar line up, but she doesn’t want to take anyone from RHONY with her? Lol

  20. Shae

    I don’t begrudge Jules being a stay at home mom with a full time nanny and housekeeper, but as a more solitary/private person, I would hate having staff/people in my house 24/7 lol

    I think you either love Bethenny or you hate her, she def has the personality to get under your skin easily. I happen to love her. Others may think her self promotion is a bit much, but that’s how she made and sold her brand, so more power to her. I respect anyone who works hard to be self made and it’s criminal about it.

    She is pretty unfiltered, but if everyone watched what they said our reality tv would be so boring! lol

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