Well, That Happened.

American Idol Spoilers after the break.


THE MOST SHOCKING WINNER IN IDOL HISTORY!  I never thought this guy was that good until last night’s performance.

Congrats, Trent.

The judges were mystified.



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12 responses to “Well, That Happened.

  1. Matzah60

    I can’t believe this is the end of American Idol. Kind of sad!

  2. BeetsWhy

    American Idol? Zzzzzzzzz?

  3. Calipatti

    It was rather nice seeing the winners from the past and Simon Cowell.(sp)
    I stopped watching the Maria Carey season and occasionally watched Stephen Tyler then Keith Urban.

    I did not feel either of the finalists this season were that good. None of them seemed special this year.
    I learned this was the first show to use text as a way to vote and interact with the audience. They had to teach most of the fans how to do it.

  4. The Shady Grove

    WTF ?! This was La’Porsha’s season but I’m not surprised. Trent is great but like most “winners” he’ll fade into the background and La’Porsha will reign. Even Kelly Clarkson said if she didn’t win this season, something ain’t right.

  5. Demeter

    I can’t believe this is the winner! I watched little videos of some of the singers but this guy is not appealing at all to me. Strange.

    • Paula

      Gosh, IMO, he’s going to be huge, huge star! I adored him from his first song. I love La porsha too. Glad to hear they’re are both getting recording contracts.

      Sad to see American idol go. *tear*

  6. bravocueen

    I honestly didn’t think any of the finalists were the best. I saw some people go home who I thought were fantastic. I wanted Trent to win just because I could see the judges pulling out all the stops to make sure LaPorsha won.

  7. Cat

    This was the only performance I saw this season. I thought he was brilliant!

    Then, I googled the other finalist’s final performance. She was good, but didn’t show much range or passion, compared to Trent’s “Chandelier”.

    But then, I only watched about half of her performance, before getting bored.

    • Dracla Dunning

      I agree with you, Cat. I only listened to the two finalists sing their final song and I felt Trent beat LaPorsha hands down. She is a good vocalist but Trent hit it out of the park! I loved his rendition of Sia’s “Chandelier”.
      Keith Urban nailed it when he made the comment about Trent’s vocal transitions.

  8. Calipatti

    I enjoyed the last few weeks of A. Idol. The flash backs were fun. I forgot this was the show that taught us to use text to vote and it was nothing like it is today.

    I did not think any of the contestants this year was a winner. They all seemed to be missing something.

  9. Cheychey

    I’m gonna miss this show. Watched since the beginning. I thought LaPorsha was the winner all the way up until the Wednesday night show. He did a better job than her. He deserved to win at the last minute. She will still get signed by a record label I’m sure cause she is hella talented.

  10. Rose

    The AI finale was fantastic. They really did produce a lot of talent. And they taught us how to text! Both Trent and LaPorsha will do very well.

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