Vicki Gunvalson Posts Photos Of Her Recovery After ATV Rollover

RHOOC Vicki neck brace


Vicki Gunvalson as posted the above picture to her Instagram today to let us know she is still recovering from her accident in the Glamis dunes last weekend.  And boy is the Internet talking about this picture.

The latest update say,  “Tamra was driving the sand buggy. Vicki was in the back seat with [new castmate] Kelly Meza-Dodd,” a source close to Vicki told ET. “Tamra was driving at about 65-70 MPH and must have hit something. They flipped five or six times…Vicki is home now, and is incredibly sore and has severe whiplash.”

Recovering at home but so thankful my guardian angel was watching over us (thank you Mom). To all of you that have sent tweets, emails and have called, thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.”

Vicki also replied to a snide commenter on her Instagram saying, “What’s so funny about a neck brace? Have you ever had a severe concussion or neck injury?? Nothing to laugh about!!”



RHOOC Tamra eddie


Meanwhile, Tamra Judge was back in the gym preparing for her first major fitness competition at the end of the month. She certainly looks none the worse for wear.  She has been very quiet on social media lately though, she hasn’t posted on Twitter since the accident. Her Facebook account is downright odd lately though.  Tons of articles about pregnant women.  Please don’t let her have baby fever. The last thing she needs is more kids.  She’s no Janet Jackson.

I have tried several times to find the social media for the newest orange holder, Kelly.  It seems like she is avoiding social media after her embarrassing drunken rant (NTTAWWT, hello last night on Twitter!)  where she came off as racist and terribly rude to her beleaguered husband.

Here is the reason the Internet is going a little bit crazy.  According to ET’s source the dune buggy was going 65-70 miles per hour. Let’s think about that shall we? There were four people in the ATV.  Vicki was on the back right. Kelly was (presumably) on the back left. Tamra was driving on the front left. A crew member was front right.  If the ATV rolled several times at 65 miles an hour, you would expect everyone to be injured right?

Vicki seems to be the only one seriously injured. I am sure she was the oldest person in the vehicle. And it’s only been five days since the accident, so I am sure she is a bit sore still.  But some on her Instagram are suggesting she is gearing up for a lawsuit. You know that they had to sign liability wavers at least for the ATV rental. But can she sue Bravo? Would she?

What do you think?


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56 responses to “Vicki Gunvalson Posts Photos Of Her Recovery After ATV Rollover

  1. Siohban

    I bet she has great insurance for a situation like this lol

    • Pinksupergrl95

      Siohban, hahaha Didnt think about it but I bet she does! She could use this as advertisement. Shes always telling people how they need insurance now she can say “See, I was right?” Lord knows, shes nevef sone that before LoL

  2. Minky

    Okay, lemme think about this for a second…. Vicki? An ambulance chaser? Or a litigious gadfly? Noooooe!!! I don’t believe it! Hahaaaaaaa! Oh my damn! It feels good to laugh like that.

  3. Wallace

    Too many people in my life have been the sole death, paralysis or survivor of a wreck. Weird stuff happens and it can be the toss of a coin as to who is injured and who is not.

    Wishing Vicki well.

  4. ZenJen55

    Wow, isn’t that a little too fast and reckless, 65-70 mph is crazy for a dune buggy? Yea I would of been screaming too!

    Thanks for the update TT and any good luck that has blown in your way, I say congrats. I’m proud to be part of this ride, any fruits you bear is well deserved.

    My brain is foggy from Southern Lyme xxxx

  5. Jim

    I have no opinion on the dune buggy accident. What surprises me is that Vicki is apparently still holding an orange. I thought for sure she’d be fired for her involvement in the Brooke’s cancer scam. The way the season ended and her “apology” tour seemed to spell doom for her future with RHoOC.

    But that’s Bravo!

  6. MaryWanna

    Considering her behavior in the Brooks cancer scam, I really doubt if she needs that neck brace.

  7. I am guessing she will sue Tamra. :)

  8. Matzah60

    As soon as I saw the picture, I thought that Vicki posted that because she’s going to sue. I am not a doctor, but my ex and brother in law are orthopedic surgeons and I gotta tell you, those neck braces are bullshit. You always see ‘victims’ wearing them when they are involved in a personal injury lawsuit.

    I’ve just gotta say, I can’t with this picture. I don’t like when people are litigious for the purpose of making a good pay day. Auto insurance is meant to cover medical expenses for those who are hurt. In NJ, you have the option of signing for a limited tort which means you won’t sue for pain and suffering. Yes, your insurance co can still sue for your medical expenses, but you can’t sue for unspecified amounts of money that jack up everyone else’s insurance. In exchange for signing up for the limited tort, you get a reduction in your insurance premium.

    Shame on Vicki if this is her motive for posting on Instagram.

    • tamaratattles

      You and your sister both married orthopedic surgeons who think neck braces are bullshit? And here I have always been told to pick a Jewish doctor. Wow.

      • Matzah60

        I kind of regretted writing that after I posted it. I should have really stated that I had my doubts about Vicki in particular. If I was hurt from being thrown around like that in a car that had rolled over several times, there is no doubt I would be in a lot of pain and sore. I just wouldn’t post a picture of myself in a neck brace cuddling next to my grandchild. It appears to me that it is a call for sympathy and a prelude to a lawsuit forthcoming. I made a stupid, cavalier comment and I apologize for that.

        On another note, my ex is Ukranian and Orthodox Catholic. Maybe I should have gone for the Jewish Doctor….lol. I married out of my faith and we celebrated both religions. My kids haven’t embraced either of our religions as my oldest married a Hindu of Indian descent and my youngest son is living with his girlfriend who is Muslim and or Arabic descent.

        Sorry for the stupid comment. It was insensitive.

      • Matzah60

        I also should have stated that my reaction was to her neck brace which appears to be a soft cervical collar verses current treatment for severe whiplash with a hard collar which stabilizes the head and cervical spine which effectively immobilizes the head and spine. My post was a reaction to what I perceive as a soft collar which you can buy in any drugstore.

    • Jim

      Apparently mahtza60 hasn’t heard or read the details of the accident yet. Frankly, it’s amazing that anyone survived the crash. If the details are true, having just a relatively minor neck injury is astonishing… and lucky!

    • Dee

      Matzah, I also wondered her motives for posting the photo. You’re not alone. I’m sure the accident was terrifying. I question Bravo’s motivations for a continuing to tape. I could see a sound mike hovering over Vicki as rescue personnel applied neck brace. I’m wondering if she was wearing a seat belt.

      • Matzah60

        Thanks, Dee! Good point about the seat belt. It seems she sustained the worse injuries and Tamra is unscathed!! ?

    • Suzanne D

      As a former EMT and ER RN, that is a bullshit collar. For those that did sustain a neck injury, a severe strain(whiplash) or tearing of the muscles, we would send these patients home with a Miami J collar. It’s a blue hard plastic cervical collar with soft padding velcroed on the inside for comfort. For minor neck injuries, a soft collar would do. A soft collar doesn’t offer as much support as a hard collar, but you will get some support. The fact that she is in a soft collar tells me that she is exaggerating again. I believe she was injured, and I certainly believe she hurts like hell. But we all know how Vicki is. I can’t believe how big Troy got!

      • Matzah60

        Many thanks for explaining this so well and more accurately than I can, Suzanne!! I made the mistake of saying that neck braces are bullshit, but what I meant were those soft collars that you can buy in your local drugstore. I do believe you hit the nail on the head about Vicki exaggerating. Maybe she isn’t going to sue and perhaps it’s just the attention she wants.

  9. JentheAUBURNfan

    Okay so Vickie will sue and previous housewives wronged by tamra will be the ones incourt for previous tamra near death experience. Gretchen because tames got her naked wasted. Jeanna for the throwing of wine and ” cease and deceased ” hand delivered thrown at her eyes. Alexis for pain and humiliation of “Jesus jugs”…I can’t think of more right now but Vicki has her character witnesses down!

  10. Well, I need four cervical discs removed and replaced with plastic after being hit head on. I was going 0, stopped, and a motorcycle hit me head on at 90 mph totaling a 4 door Audi sedan…. I was thinking a brace may help me, because I get severe cervical spine migraines. Anything for relief, since insurance is a mess now as an hmo instead of ppo… Just sayin. My 2 cents. Which is more than what it’s worth.

    • RebeccaBartholow

      Just wanted you to know my husband had cervical disc replacement a couple years ago–yours certainly seems much more severe–but his recovery was much easier than we though it would be, and he did have to wear a neck brace for about 2 weeks post surgery. Good luck!!

  11. Voyer II the sequel

    I am originally from Southern California and was lucky enough to go camping at Glamis a few times in the early seventies. My dad and brother had motorcycles and my cousins had sand rails, a type of dune buggy. It was really fun! We spent a lot of time driving the dune buggies in the sand bowls and on the dunes near Competition Hill. I am having a hard time believing that this dune buggy was going 65-70 mph at the time of the rollover.

    Wouldn’t they all be wearing more serious looking neck braces and have more injuries? (Tamra doesn’t look hurt in the gym pic.) I could be wrong. I have been wrong before. This is just the opinion of a slightly older woman who camped & buggied in Glamis when the general store still had a crank phone. (I had never seen one before!)

    TT, I really love your website! I so enjoy coming here to read. You recap many of the shows that I watch, as I watch a lot of Bravo. I enjoy reading the comments, as well. A lot of the commenters seem to be faithful supporters of yours, which makes it a nice, comfortable place to hang out. I wish all positive things for you. Thank you!

    • Matzah60

      @Voyer II. I think you stated more eloquently what I was trying to comment on above concerning the soft cervical collar. I asked my brother in law to explain it to me and this was his explanation.

      After trauma from an auto accident when a patient has neck pain, the conventional approach is to give the patient a soft collar. While it minimally helps stabilization of the head and spine, it is thought to do little for long time recovery and diminished pain. While it used to be standard care after a traumatic car accident, the current protocol is a hard collar that immobilizes the head and cervical spine coupled with physiotherapy to increase mobilization and to diminish pain. Since whiplash results in soft tissue injury which doesn’t present itself on an x-Ray or MRI, it is often difficult to prove in court. The soft collar does nothing for the cervical spine (verses the hard collar) so it is often viewed as controversial ‘therapy’ when presented in court for a lawsuit (if in fact Vicki sues) and a somewhat ineffective course of action used primarily as a show of grandstanding.

      It would seem to me that if Vicki had severe whiplash, she would be on bed rest, flat on her back with a hard collar that would provide lumbar support. Her head is also cocked to one side against her grandson’s face which makes it appear that she has some neck mobility which contradicts her story of severe whiplash.

      • Lime Brain

        I figured she’s wearing the neck brace to hide her neck wrinkles. ?

      • Matzah60

        Lol….I may need a neck brace pretty soon!!

      • Someone just needs to go behind her drop a phonebook and see if she turns her head.

      • Matzah60

        Lol….This gave me a good laugh. I remember a very old 60 Minutes I was watching and a private investigator was trying to see if he could disclose that this plaintiff was faking his injuries. He didn’t drop a phonebook, but I know he did something very similar. Good idea!!

      • amisteree

        LOL, smilingmomma, reminds me of a Brady Bunch episode regarding a fender bender Mrs. Brady was in. Mr. Brady saved the day by dropping a brief case in the courtroom, exposing a neck-brace fraud. xoxo

  12. Cat

    This may be a stupid question, since we ARE talking about Bravo Housewives, but was there alcohol involved?

    Too often, drunk drivers walk away without a scratch. And sometimes, people actually survive by being thrown out of the vehicle on the first roll. Weird things happen.

    I’m not going to accuse Vicki of faking. Because I don’t know. And I am not her doctor.

    But I hated the photo. It’s too much like something Yolanda would post. And I am seriously over all the Bravo antics on social media. I am SO glad I cancelled my cable.

  13. Seriously? All Vicki wants to do is repair her image. This is perfect. People will feel sorry for her and they won’t give her any more crap about how horrible she was last season because she has a booboo. Surely someone will bring her a casserole and all will be right with the world.

  14. jen

    I think Vicki loves attention more than money. She is desperate for attention any way she can get it. So maybe she was hurt, maybe not. I don’t know but I do know she is desperate for attention.

  15. Calipatti

    I’ve nothing about Vicky, never enjoyed watching her.
    That park is well patrolled, drivers are checked for licensing as are vehicles for proper seats, seat belts and helmets. DUI checks are common. Usually you sign that you won’t hold park or state liable.
    I don’t know anything so !

  16. FarFromPerfekt

    Doesn’t surprise me at all considering all of her histrionics for how many seasons now??? Nailed to the cross, indeed!

  17. Cheychey

    Hope Vicki feels better. No judgement from me. I think she has been thru enough in the last year.

  18. Sweet T

    I am glad Vicki is documenting her journey on social media to raise awareness for chronic neck pain sufferers.

  19. PaganChick

    Honestly, I don’t think that Vicki is planning to sue. I don’t think that she posted that picture for any other reason than to give an update that she is at home recovering and for attention from her “fans”. I don’t know anything about Housewives contracts with BRAVO, but I would assume with the table flipping, chasing through country clubs, glass shattering, crutch hiding and finger in the face pointing that has happened, BRAVO has safely covered their ass from litigation. I also think that Vicki needs Tamra too much to sue her personally.

    Obviously, time will tell, but I really don’t see her suing anyone over this. I see her using it more to garner sympathy, which I do sympathize with her for this. It had to be terrifying to be in an accident that required you to be airlifted to the hospital.

  20. PaganChick

    I hope I am not duplicating my comment, my last one got eaten. I don’t think that Vicki is planning to sue. I think she posted the picture to give her “fans” an update that she is on the mend and to garner some sympathy/attention.

    And, I do sympathize because that must have been terrifying to experience. I have only had one major injury that required EMT assistance (when I broke my ankle – but the silver lining was I discovered TT’s site while recuperating), the ambulance ride heightened my fear and anxiety, I can’t imagine being airlifted to the hospital.

    I would also think that BRAVO has protections in place to prevent litigation as would the dune buggy place. Plus, she needs Tamra too much to sue her personally.

  21. Sammie

    I think the damage Vicki has done to her reputation and character during her time on RHOC is absolutely obvious with this accident and photos.
    She was introduced as a wealthy, successful business woman who worked hard and played hard. I at one point thought her kids were growing up relatively normal (when Briana was going to college and working in the ER).
    Now I look at these pictures and wonder about if it is a sympathy play, or a possible lawsuit or some other ploy. I try to give everyone lots of leeway because I understand people do crazy things for lots of reasons and would others to do the same for me. However based on past behavior I question the motive for posting the pics and completely get why so many are doubting and questioning the details.

    • PaganChick

      I’m not sure how the accident reflects the damage she did to her reputation. From what I have read here, she was a passenger and the dune buggy flipped. I have no doubt she is looking for sympathy – who wouldn’t want at least some sympathy after something like that happened to them. I just don’t see how a law suit would help her reputation at all. At least I don’t see her trying to sue BRAVO or Tamra because she needs them both.

      Now whether she tries to use the accident to get more sympathy from Tamra during filming will be interesting. But, I wonder what kind of terms they were on before the accident happened? If Tamra invited her to the party in the first place, I would assume they are on good enough terms to film together again.

  22. Rose

    Vicki wants attention more than money. She’s going to be touting things like this are why you need insurance blah blah blah. Besides her injury doesn’t look that bad since she’s in a soft collar.

    • Minky

      Okay, I don’t know jack about this kind of thing. But I remember reading that soft collars are not the preferred treatment for MINOR neck injuries anymore because limiting neck movement after a minor injury makes it worse because the muscles actually should be doing their normal movements so that the neck will get back to normal sooner. A serious injury obviously requires immobilization, but a soft collar is not the way to go for that.

  23. loriflack


  24. jen

    #findacure #journey #fellowneckies

  25. Mike

    Just saw the video. They were going 25 mph tops!!!

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