Will Nene and Kim: The Road To Riches Ever Get Made?

Nene and Kim


TMZ has another crazy post up today speculating that Kim and Nene are back in talks with Bravo about resurrecting their remake of Paris and Nicole’s The Simple Life.  Before we get all excited, let’s try to use a bit of common sense here.

First of all, I don’t believe that Nene and Kim ever pitched this show. I believe that it was Bravo’s dumb idea.  The two divas started in with their demands, and scheduling availability and it became a mess. It’s just not doable.  Then, Nene decided she was an A list celebrity and tried to play hardball with Bravo over her RHOA check which resulted in her not being on the latest season.

Once she realized she needed her Bravo check she is ready to come back. She really wants a spinoff and will drive across country or ride a bike across the state or whatever they want her to do for a spinoff.



Kim Biermann on the other hand has a successful spin off already. Remember she quit RHOA because Kroy didn’t want her dealing with all the drama and stress while she was pregnant. She is now the mother of six children. She turns down almost all of those ridiculous rip off events disguised as “Women’s Expos” for the most part because she doesn’t like public speaking and she doesn’t like being away from her kids. And yes I know she did one for her show. It was in Atlanta. And I doubt she would do it again.  BTW, Nene, Cynthia, Kim Fields, Teresa Giudice and one of those Married to Medicine people will be “keynote speakers” at the event next month.

I digress. Kim is actually a stay at home mom.  All day every day she is on social media talking about one thing. Her family. She has a beautiful house and beautiful family and plenty of money. She is not going to go on some long road trip with Nene.  She just completed filming HER FIFTH SEASON of Don’t Be Tardy !  There is a marathon running on E! as I type this.

In addition, Kroy is a free agent and there is a good chance that he will be playing for Tampa Bay next season. As much as she loves Florida, I’m sure she will be making that quick flight often during the season if Kroy ends up leaving the Falcons.

If this show were to happen, and I doubt that it will, the filming would have to start very soon for it fit with everyone’s schedule.

If you ask me. It will never happen.


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17 responses to “Will Nene and Kim: The Road To Riches Ever Get Made?

  1. I agree with your version of events. I really want to see this show though, it’d be amazing. And Kim and Nene have big fanbases so I think it’d rate really well

  2. Tulsateacher

    I agree that it won’t be made but I would watch it if it were…

  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Kim have some one-woman show or something that she was going to do? I think I remember something from a while back. Sorry- menopausebrain.

    • NanZee

      I think you’re referring to her Ask, Believe, Receive tour. She was going to be a motivational speaker is my recollection. It seems to have disappeared.

      • Minky

        Look, I like Zolciak, and her family is perfectly darling, but she would make a terrible public speaker. Every other word out of her mouth is “bitch”. That’s so, totally, no bueno for public speaking before any kind of audience. Even her hardcore fans.

  4. 25

    Damn TT, are you snorting adderal this week?

    I’d tune in for Nene riding a bike across the state while Gregg jogs along behind her.

  5. kym

    Kim and Nene don’t even have much in common anymore. What will they talk about? I hope the show doesn’t see the light.

    • Tulsateacher

      I think that’s what could make this show interesting. How will they handle being together with so many life changes and the history they share? I imagine Kim will be firing up Newports, with her red solo cup in her hand and Nene with a scarf tied to her head… They ride off into the sunset and gun the motor as they hold hands and fly over a cliff to their deaths… But that’s been done I suppose…

    • getreal2014

      Me either. I don’t find either funny or amusing in any way.

  6. tamaratattles

    Oh I would love for the rumor TMZ started to be true. But it’s not. And I REALLY Hope I’m wrong. Because I would tune in, DVR it and watch it ten times. I don’t think KIM really ever wanted to do it. She LOVES being on TV but she has the EXACT set up she wants. It’s all about her, her fambly and filmed on her property. She doesn’t have to film with anyathem bitches. She could be lure by a dollah bill, (old habits die hard) but it’s hightly unlikely.

  7. T D

    They should do a makeover show called Flip this Wig. Kim can help Nene first then move on to Donald Trump and Lisa Rinna, the entire cast of Potomac ’cause those wigs are so ugly they’re tryin’ to escape off the backs of their heads.

  8. Don’t they both need the extra paycheck.

  9. Rach

    I bet Kim returns to RHOA or at least makes a guest appearance next season. And I’m still not used to her new face.

  10. Jo

    TT do you have some inside info to support the Kroy to Tampa Bay?? Hadn’t heard that. Know he visited the Bills but no contract yet.

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