Nene Leakes Mocks Porsha Williams and Kim Fields

Nene's post captioned "Real friends tell you real shit"

Nene’s post captioned “Real friends tell you real shit”

There is a whole lot of jawboning going on it the ATL these days (and nights).  As usual, Nene Leakes is right smack in the middle of it all. Things have been moving so fast, it’s really hard to explain everything. In fact when some of this was going down last night I said to someone I was discussing it with, “How do I even report this?”  So here is my best attempt.


The main event is between Nene Leakes and Porsha Williams. Already this is an unfair fight, right? It all began on the reunion when Andy specifically asked Nene to counsel Porsha on her need to curb her violent behavior that is way out of hand. Remember that one season where Nene was actually the voice of reason?   Did you notice how sane Nene seemed on the reunion? Was that desperation to return? Or has she finally decided to act like a grown ass woman? I

I digress.

Nene’s ghost writer told Bravo:

I certainly felt it was unnecessary for Porsha to say, “Didn’t you choke somebody?” I was purely trying to give her good advice out of love, as I was asked to do by Andy. I consider myself a real friend as long as you are one, and I don’t condone the B.S. I’m not the friend that’s going to lie to your face and tell you what you want to hear! I’m the friend that’s going to school you, but I’m also the friend that knows when my advice is not welcome. We all have made mistakes along the way, and we are all a work in progress at times, but I believe viewers tune in to our show for the shade and not the wrestling. Violence is wrong! Three physical fights clearly say something is wrong here. No one should laugh at, uplift, support, or encourage violent behavior.


Porsha was feeling some kinda way about Nene’s advice and responded on Dish Nation.  You must see the video of that below.



Porsha says , “I deal with energy and you have to understand when someone is trying to speak a curse upon you and somebody is trying to encourage you and speak blessings into your life. And all I got from what I felt from what was so called a friend was basically trying to cast curses upon my career.”

And then all the Dish Nation folks start talking about the THOT One  outfit that Porsha was wearing when she beat down the girl in the alley. None of her good friends at Dish Nation seemed to have anything to say about Porsha’s violent ways. When she goes after that lady with the afro puffs one day, they may change their mind about that.

Nene’s blog and Porsha’s Dish Nation comments all happened on Monday. Also on Monday Nene went to DWTS. She has posted support of Kim Fields prior to attending. Remember that. Because it will be important when we discuss the undercard.

RHOA Nene Reunion

So Nene is in LA doing her Fashion Police thing ( I’ll post about that separately) and going to DWTS and apparently didn’t hear about Porsha and Dish Nation until last night.  But when she did, she took to Instagram.

It began last night with Nene posting two videos on Instagram full of maniacal laughter.  The first she laughs hysterically and says “You mad?” and then laughs some more. The second she is laughing and says, “Bye Bitch !”  Now some people are taking that to mean that the mission to get Porsha off the show has been completed.   This was a very different sort of response than “Girl, bye!” which is Nene’s usual form of dismissal. I think it is way too early to call anyone not being asked back for RHOA. And it might have been directed at Kim Fields.


It would seem that Nene ran into Kim Fields at DWTS and something went down between them. Because Nene was encouraging people to vote for Kim this week and then after going to DWTS she posted a clip of her mocking Kim at the reunion saying “What happened to the Class?” with the Nene face.

Apparently Nene didn’t receive a warm welcome from Nene after Nene saying that Kim was not a good fit for RHOA.

Kim is not clapping back at Nene on social media. Something they should all take a lesson from.

Now, I shall direct you to Nene’s Instagram.  Because if you have never seen Nenetards and Porshatards fight? You’re in for a treat.




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56 responses to “Nene Leakes Mocks Porsha Williams and Kim Fields

  1. Rose

    At work so can’t view Dish Nation video until later. I knew that woile I’m a changed kinder gentler supportive NeNe was BS when I saw her all chummy chum chummy with Kim Fields at DWTS on Facebook. She knows she was there strictly for the publicity and not supporting Kim after just reading Kim as not being a good fit for RHOA. Total BS. I’m shame to say I don’t know how to read the Instagram link provided since I’m not on it. ruh oh

  2. bria

    Sad but I have to laugh. Hilarious video. I will love to see some Nene & Porsha squabble. I think Porsha has met her Match & I am all in for the train ride.

  3. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Tamara, that woman with the afro puffs is a rapper named Da Brat. She used to be real big in the late 90s/early 2000s. And I don’t think Porsha wants it with her. She has done horrible things to other women, including pistol whipping a random woman in a nightclub and also disfiguring another woman with a bottle in another incident. The last woman got a more than $6 million judgment for her injuries and suffering at the hands of Da Brat. Both women are disgusting, but Da Brat might permanently mutilate Porsha if she tries with her.

    • Minky

      You took the words right outta my mouth! Porsha only plays her “tough chick” game when she’s pretty sure she’s not gonna get any push-back. She’s certainly NOT gonna go all the way over there with Da Brat.

    • Jane Grey

      Great Information, thanks for the context. It is nice to know what kind of woman it is that supports Porsha so hard.

  4. QueenB

    Please note that the woman with 2 afro puffs on Dish Nation is Da Brat. She was sentenced to 3 years in prison for beating up a waitress in Atlanta (attacked her from behind with a rum bottle). She was released just 2 years ago. So consider the source of Porsha’s encouragement on Dish Nation.

    Actress LisaRaye is her sister if that means anything to you.

    I know it’s wrong but I find Nene’s antics amusing when they’re not directed at my favs HW, Kenya and Kandi.

    • Minky

      ITA!!! For once Nene’s doing the Lord’s work. Porsha should have kept her mouth shut. Not just because it’s Nene, but also because she’s past the point of no return when it comes to making an ass of herself. She has no room to be critical of anybody anymore.

      Kim’s denying Nene on DWTS is also a dumb move. She needs to at least pretend to be civil with her cast mates for the purpose of bolstering her PR for potential future projects. It wasn’t just Nene who said that Kim’s not a good fit, it was EVERYBODY!!! Including Sainte Phaedra Parks.

      • QueenB

        I don’t understand why Nene shaded Kim. She thanked Nene on twitter and took a picture with her. I wonder what else happened. Never mind, I don’t like Kim either.

        I agree with Kenya. Kim is condescending and thinks she’s better than the other ladies. Which is fine but don’t make it so obvious when you are on the same show and collecting a check.

      • Matzah60

        Absolutely and Andy set it up that way so all the HW could say what he didn’t want to say to Kim Fields; that she was boring and not a fit and he wouldn’t be inviting her back (although she quit before he could). Andy sat on that couch and asked each HW to state whether they felt Kim was a fit for the show knowing full well he would receive a resounding no from all.

      • SayWhat

        You are right. A lot of people thought Kim was not a good fit. Everyone on the couch thought it. In fact, their reasons behind their decision was spot on. Their reasons were the truth and not vindictive. Kim fans thought she wasn’t a good fit. Wendy Williams thought she was not a good fit. I thought Kim was not a good fit. Kim, knows she wasn’t a good fit.

      • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

        Amen Minky! And I concur with Matzah – if the cast hadn’t told her she wasn’t a good fit, Andy would have by means of firing her. (Re:Kim)

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      Lisa Raye who recently admitted it was she who got Stacy Dash fired from Single Ladies… Porsha should get a clue.

  5. Erica

    The way this season went down… I would take it as a complement that I wasn’t a good fit with the cast.

  6. LondonVoid

    Personally, I like Porsha a whole lot more than I like Nene. I see nothing wrong with Porsha responding back to her. And personally if I was Kim Fields I would have given her the cold shoulder as well. You don’t think I’m a good fit, yet you are coming to support me dance??? Oh please. Kim doesn’t need Nene’s support. And with friends like Nene, who needs enemies. She’s not the hot actress she thinks she is and that’s why she’s back on RHOA. Nene acts as if the show was created in her likeness. She can’t depart from the show, because she doesn’t have anything else.

    Oh and Heyyyy TT. It’s been a min since I have posted in here, but I come here daily to read your thoughts!!!

  7. While i have no luv for babboon Leakes, porsha is just a dumb garden tool who has gotten too full of herself. I hope she doesnt return and that she tries her violence on Marlo. LOL the porsha show will be over then

  8. Karen

    Trust me when I say Porsha will never physically attack Da Brat…afro puffs wearer…as she would beat Porsha badly! LOL!

  9. Matzah60

    There are so many things wrong with all the people involved above in the story that Tamara posted.

    I don’t think Nene gives a rat’s ass about Porsche or about her rehabilitation from her violent behavior. Nene was asked by Andy to preach to Porsche about how destructive her violent behavior is to her image and future casting on the show. Even if Nene’s advice didn’t come from her heart or concern (and I don’t think they did), Nene’s words were true, non-combative, and meant to warn Porsche that she needs to change if she hopes to continue on the RHOA. So what does stupid Porsche do, she gets on her national radio show saying that Nene is “cursing” her career, whatever that might be, and states Nene gives her curses, not blessings.

    Porscha, this is called defensive, denial, and deflection. Instead of acknowleding what you did and continue to do, you make yourself the victim instead of all of the three people you have physically assaulted on the show. Who knows how many other people she has assaulted off the cameras or on her own private time that we don’t even know about it. Porsche is 30 years old and has the impulse control of teenager. She is incapable of seeing what is wrong with her because every morning she checks in to work at a place where her cohorts support and co-sign her behavior.

    I firmly believe that Sheree and Nene are forming a business alliance that would assure Sheree a peach so she can finish building her house and assure Nene a place back on the show so she can pay her bills. I think they’d like to divide the alliance of frick and frack because that would further diminish Phaedra’s influence on the show. In fact, that would leave Phaedra all by her lonely self. Boo hoo!!

    • Miguel

      By any means necessary, Matzah60! I’ll do a jig of glee the moment Porsha & Phaedra are off my TV screen!!!

      • Matzah60

        I second that emotion, Miguel! ?

      • Minky

        I can see Andy balking to pressure and letting Porsha go, but not Phaedra. Phaedra’s gonna keep coming back to the show like a boomerang until the fat lady sings. And when I say fat lady I don’t mean an opera singer, I mean a corrections officer in a women’s prison.

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      I am dealing with a similar situation with a younger friend who thinks I’m chastising her when giving her pearls of wisdom in regard to how to speak to people and conduct herself like a grown lady. Her response? Play the victim, hang up on me before I can make a point and even “unfriend” me on FB. Now I check FB literally once every 3 or 4 months- I’m too busy and too grown to be posting my business all day… That FB move made me laugh hysterically because something so petty and junior high means nothing to an almost 50yr woman. I’ve finally decided I’m done. I’m old enough to be her mother and have lived through some things so if she doesn’t want to listen, so be it. You gotta leave some people to take their own lumps. I totally get that post NeNe made because it’s true. Someone who had your best interest at heart will tell you when you’re screwing up. People who don’t give a shit about you will just let you continue to make an ass out of yourself.

  10. 25

    I’m glad for Nene if she’s seen the light, but she sure was singing a different tune about violence when Porsha physically attacked Kenya. There’s hope for next season if it’s Nene, Kenya, and Kandi all calling out Phaedra’s bs, while Phaedra is left with no one to twerk & grind bare asses with.

  11. Matzah60

    Sorry for the double comment, but I did read many comments on Nene and Porsche’s Instagram to see what all the Nenetards and Porschtards that Tamara was talking about. I was floored to read comment after comment about how Porsche’s attack on Kenya “did not count” because Kenya provoked her and Kenya deserved what she got. Some commenters even said that Cynthia started the fight by kicking Porsche. Porsche’s supporters are a completely different breed of animal who seem to feel that Porsche is justified and further progress the belief in Porsche’s mind that she has not done anything wrong. All I can is Wow!!!

    • 25

      I recently found out that my own sister is a Porsha fan. I’m praying for her.

      • Matzah60

        Fingers crossed!

      • Minky

        Oh dear! I wonder if you can order holy water on Amazon? Hold on, lemme check…Yes! You can order holy water from the river Jordan. 200 ml for $22.50 in a pretty bottle with a little wooden cross on the cap. Be strong 25. May the good Lord be with you.

      • 25

        Thank you, Minky! I’ll need to get one for each member of my family, because everybody knows that one rotten apple can spoil the bunch #fixitJesus

    • Sabrina

      I have been following the ups and downs of neither of them, other than through the weekly shows. It’s been more than enough- but this sounds like fun,

      I saw the link TT posted but not lots of commenters- Where can I find these words of “wisdom”?

      • Matzah60

        I just signed up for Instagram to see what the commenters were saying. At first glance, it appears like there are only several comments below the videos and pictures, but just like on Facebook (I don’t know if you use this for social media or Twitter), there is a little message, ‘see more comments’ or ‘more comments above/below’…..Initially, I only saw a few comments as well, but then I went back and finally found the little message noting there were more comments if you clicked the link for additional comments on the picture or video. Hope that helps. It’s my first time using Instagram so I’m just getting accustomed to it.

      • Matzah60

        Oh, forgot…..The link took me to Nene’s Instagram, I believe. I then did a search for Porsche Williams and there is where I found lots of people defending her.

  12. Lisaj

    I’m sorry but that behavior from them both deserves some Phaedra ? & a big “Fix it Jesus”.

  13. Ugh. Porsha is on a spiritual kick where if you agree with her and kiss her ass, you are a blessing, BUT, if you say something she doesn’t LIKE, then you are cursing her. Good lord, she is so immature and ignorant she just doesn’t get that constructive criticism is a good thing. She better get it though because she’s going to tangle with the wrong person and she’s going to get her ass kicked…I’m not cursing her (although she would think I was) it’s just a simple matter of you reap what you sow, or what goes around comes around, or karma, or whatever you want to call it. She’s been real blessed so far that someone hasn’t beat her down, but she’s really pushing the envelope.

    • Minky

      Porsha, as our Tamara might say, has trouble counting past potato, so she’s sure as hell not gonna get the logic of what you wrote Gingersnap. That’s a weird word to use too. “Curse”?! Is this the damn Dark Ages?

      She and Phaedra subscribe to a very peculiar kind of Christianity where being a whore is a bad thing, until you yourself are called one, whereupon you immediately summon Jesus and his work with Mary Magdalene. A.k.a. The Church of the Holy Hypocrite. Ewwww!!!

    • Pat

      I agree. And, immaturity and ignorance in a 34/35 year old is a dangerous combination.

  14. Wait isn’t that Da Brat who went to jail for stabbing someone? Hahahahah yeah um Porsha knows who to go after and she ain’t the one! I’m just appalled by how nonchalantly they talk about Porsha fighting someone! Da hell?

  15. Edward

    OK Tamara.. Coach me..Nene was not in the cast this year but it seems like her opinions because of a few appearances overshadows THE PEACH HOLDERS.. If I were Kandi.Kenya.Cynthia.Phaedra.Porsha I would be pissed. I am not a fan of all of them yet they earned it. And yes. I did not include Kim..I grew up watching her and wish she had never signed up.
    Tamara. Does this Nene input mean she is back next year? I thought the ratings held fine without her..wrong?

  16. DW

    I am no Nene fan by any means, I was disappointed she appeared this season tbh I was so looking forward to her being gone
    But with that said, she ain’t wrong. Being a thug on TV may get Porsha a bigger check for the next year or two they keep her on the show, but when the Bravo check dries up she’s not going to be able to do anything else because nobody will want to work with somebody known for assaulting their cast mates. McDonald’s wouldn’t even hire her with that reputation.

  17. hannahkingrose

    OMG why didn’t someone tell me that HELL HAD FROZEN OVER? I checked. It’s not posted on Facebook or Twitter on in the news but it must have. I would have sworn I would never be saying nice things about NeNe or her being the voice of reason or that Porsha would be stupid enough to cross one of the few people who have been her allies in the past. I think NeNe has come up with the best way to regain her peach for next season. She’s aligning herself with Kenya, Cynthia, and Kandi, denouncing violent Porsha in a motherly way and distancing herself from Porsha and Phaedra. She must have hired a new PR person who convinced her if she wants to keep her house and possibly furnish it from somewhere other than Rooms To Go that she needs to revamp her whole persona. She’s happily taking advantage of Porsha’s ongoing stupidity.

    Porsha’s violent nature and the fact that the rest of the ladies are sick of her has given NeNe a hole in the fence that she can just walk through instead of crawling and I think Porsha has figured it out. Ok ok somebody told her then but that’s why she’s snapping back about NeNe “cursing” her life. Since Porsha hasn’t had that one person who is bigger and badder to beat her ass yet either literally or figuratively, she doesn’t realize it’s coming apparently. When someone messes up her face what is she going to do then because she sure can’t fall back on the brains department.

    Can’t wait to see if Porsha has cut off her own nose to spite her face.

  18. Cheychey

    I don’t know this all just seems too fake to me. All of the sudden Nene and Cynthia have made up. She is cool with Kenya. Her and Kandi agree to coexist. Then you have her giving unwanted advice to Porsha, who last year she probably would have taken up for when she did all the crazy stuff she did. Of course the interaction with Phaedra is also strained. Last season Phaedra was singing her praises that she was the only one that was there for her. I just think this is all just a little to suspicious. Bravo is setting up story lines for next year.

  19. Cat

    I am not buying the “new and improved” Nene, either. But it will be fun to see how this plays out.

    Sounds to me like Porsha is following in Nene’s footprints. In that case, Nene’s advice was correct. Nene seems to have killed 2 birds with one stone. She seemingly repaired her image with Bravo, and sent Porsha on a new quest. Reverse psychology. I imagine Porsha will reject Nene’s advice, and push herself into oblivian. It’s like Porsha is “Nene: The Sequel”.

    Then, Porsha will blame it on a “curse”. The Dish Nation guys are enabling her behavior. But WHEN Porsha turns on them, no doubt they will turn on her, as well.

    Porsha is not the only bitch in this situation. Karma is a bitch, too. And Karma hits harder.

  20. Anastasia_Beave

    Seriously, Fashion Police again?? I thought we were done with that mess..

    • Minky

      Check out Nene’s IG. She’s got a pic of her and Brad and Giuliana posing blue steel style. I guess the message is that they get along like a house on fire now. There’s even one of Brad making a kissy face towards Nene! Whatevers.

  21. Justasportsnut

    Tamara, I read your blog several times weekly and for the most part, enjoy doing so.

    As a former health educator, I worked with people with congenital developmental disabilities(e.g., Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, etc.,) and genetic disorders(e.g., Maple Syrup Urine Disease, Friedreich’s Ataxia, hemophilia, etc.) that affect their cognitive and sometimes intellectual abilities. People with developmental disabilities either congenital or acquire, have spent a significant amount of their lives, being verbally taunted by junior high and sometimes senior high students who view them as “retards, and without human emotions.

    I am disappointed that you, “a grown-azz” woman,” who asserts above average intelligence, would indulge in school-age mocking of people whom you view as developmental disabled(e.g., Porshatard, NeNetard, etc.).

    As I previously stated, I enjoy your blog most of the time, but in this particular one, you were not unlike Phaedra and Porsha in their insensitivity, inhumanity and lack of compassion.

    Now, I won’t be surprised if you curse me out…NeNe style because you clearly you two have some things in common…

    • tamaratattles

      While I find your career as a “health educator: (whatever that is) working with people with Maple Syrup Urine Disease (sounds like Yolanda’s next disease, I’m sure those two foot parasites get thirsty) simply fascinating, I find your work policing to be quite offensive, insensitive and inhumane. There are many medical terms for those with IQs several standard deviations below the mean. There are three distinct groups, morons, idiots, and retards. Somewhere along the way, these three terms were picked up by those outside the medical community as a identifier for someone who is not that smart. In the past ten years ago, some fucktards took offense to retard (but not idiot or moron) and have been cruising the Internet with a mouth full of spittle screeching that RETARD is not a word we are not allowed to say,

      I find this hysterical.

      I laugh at the hypocrisy of your arrogance in thinking that you can enforce some random rule about what words others can and can’t say. Can we still say “tardy” even if we use it thusly, “That kid looks a little tardy, don’t he?”

      There will always be terms for stupid people. Retard, moron, idiot, are the old school medical terms. The PC police generally convince the doctors to jump on a euphemism treadmill as if changing the name, changes the intention of those who use it. It is a ridiculous concept thrust upon us by liberals in the 1980s. No matter what would you would like to use to identify stupid people, they will still be stupid. There is of course a movement to stop the use of the word stupid as well.

      I find your collection of maladies rather laughable as well. I am not aware of any intellectual deficiencies caused by blood and urine diseases. That just sounds retarded on your part. But I think the best term for you would be a special flavor of fucktard that trolls the internet attempting to correct people.

      I suggest you stay off of the Internet and away from people who freely partake of all the words in their lexicon with wild abandon.

  22. angela

    This all seems like a setup for next season. Apparently Porsha will be the one getting the brunt of the attacks. Each season they all gang up on one person and now it is Porsha’s turn.


    She is such a passive aggressive BULLY!

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